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Insect bites

Insect Bug Remedies: An Overview of Effective Options
Средства для защиты от укусов насекомых: обзор эффективных вариантов

Today, there are quite a lot of different means to protect yourself from insect bites: they are all kinds of sprays, creams, pencils, bracelets, and also repelling smoke bombs, spirals and even electronic devices. And all these tools can differ significantly not only in terms of their effectiveness, but also in terms of safety and ease of use. Let's see what the market offers today and what nuances it is useful to consider before buying this or that product ...

About insect bites and their treatment
Об укусах насекомых и их лечении

It is unlikely that in the whole world you can find a person who would never have been bitten by insects: throughout life we ​​are faced with a huge number of all kinds of their kinds, both in nature and at home. However, despite this, every new attack of insects is always unpleasant and unexpected, and in some cases - very dangerous. If the bite still occurred, you need to try to find out immediately what the insect attacked: this will help in providing adequate first aid, and after it - in treating the consequences. Of course, every insect bites in its own way, and therefore treatment must be different ...

Tumors and swelling with insect bites
Опухоли и отеки при укусах насекомых

The appearance of a moderately expressed tumor and edema is a normal reaction of the body to the bites of most stinging insects. Sometimes these symptoms persist for several days (while in the tissues there are components of the insect's poison and the products of the decay of cells), and then completely pass. However, there are cases when the swelling and edema at the site of a bite can be quite dangerous and require the adoption of appropriate first aid measures to the victim. We will talk about these situations in detail later, and also see how it is possible to reduce unpleasant sensations after a bite in normal, uncritical situations, when the swelling is small.

Bites of different types of insects and their photos
Укусы разных видов насекомых и их фотографии

Insect bites - especially with the onset of the warm season - invariably "please" the victims with a variety of symptoms and manifestations. And the attack of the same insect can end for two different people absolutely unlike each other in severity and force consequences. Next, we'll talk about how the bites of different insects look and what they can lead to, and also trace these moments in the relevant interesting photographs ...

What is important to know about the allergy to insect bites
Что важно знать про аллергию на укусы насекомых

Insect bites are often dangerous not by themselves, but because of the powerful immune response of the body to them. The allergic reaction, depending on the individual sensitivity of a person, can be either practically invisible or extremely pronounced. And it is actual not only for bites of hornets, bees and other stinging insects, but also in case of an attack of seemingly harmless mosquitoes. Allergies can occur and bites bugs, fleas, flies and many other insects. What to do with it and how to prevent the development of severe consequences - we will talk about this further ...

Choose ointment from insect bites to relieve itching, swelling and allergies
Выбираем мазь от укусов насекомых для снятия зуда, отека и аллергии

Insect bites are one of the most unpleasant consequences of being in the wild. Sometimes they are almost invisible, and they "claim" about themselves only with a large amount - like, for example, mosquito bites or fleas. In other cases - from the bites of other insects - a person may have severe itching, swelling of soft tissues, suppuration of the wound or generalized allergic reaction with an unpredictable outcome. Unfortunately, such situations are relevant not only for the tropics, but also for most climatic zones of Russia. Therefore, if insects are bitten on holiday or even at home (or simply planned to travel to nature), you should always have at your fingertips effective ointments that will help soothe the itch, reduce inflammation and normalize the skin at the site of the bite. What are the best means for this? We will talk more about this later ...

First aid rules for insect bites: what to do first of all
Правила первой помощи при укусах насекомых: что нужно делать прежде всего

Insect bites are never pleasant, but they should not be feared too much. Remember: if you correctly give first aid to yourself or your relatives when attacking an insect, then the risk of serious damage will be minimal. And here's how to properly render such help and what you need to do first - let's talk about it ...

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:


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