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Bites of bed bugs in children

Что делать, если ребенка покусали клопы

Bites of bed bugs in children quite rarely cause a serious and acute reaction, limiting, as a rule, typical redness and small seals in the place of puncture of the skin. As a rule, children easily tolerate attacks of these insects, experiencing only an itch, like a mosquito. In the photo you can see how fresh bites of a child's bugs look when they are slightly affected:

Слабая реакция на укусы клопов

However, in those few cases where the child's body reacts to the bite of bugs, the reaction can be extremely strong. That's why parents need to know what to do if they bite bugs and how the bug's bite looks at the child in general.

What are the bugs of bugs for children dangerous?

The main danger from bites bugs for children is the occurrence of an allergic reaction to skin damage. If the child does not sprinkle with mosquito bites, then after the bites of the bedbugs, it is most likely not surrounded by a rash. Although there is no clear dependence here: the saliva secret of these insects is different and the immune system of the child's organism will react to these substances in different ways.

The specificity of bites of bed bugs is that the insect bites several times in one meal, leaving a well-marked path from bites. Usually, looking at the nature of the skin lesion, it is well understood when biting the bugs. The following photo shows well the characteristic appearance of bug bites in the form of a path:

Характерная дорожка из укусов

Of course, with multiple bites, they cause more itching in the child. This is especially true for infants and children of the first years of life: bugs in a crib even in small amounts do not allow the baby to sleep, he constantly screams and turns.

The very allergic reaction to bug bites is manifested in an increase in the area of ​​redness, external rashes and itching even on undamaged skin areas. The bites themselves become denser, harder with a distinctly visible blood stopper in the center:

Аллергия на укус клопа

Аллергическая реакция у ребенка на укусы клопов

Significantly less often - in isolated cases - a generalized allergic reaction may occur. In this case, inflammation and enlargement of the lymph nodes, fever, headaches and digestive disorders are possible. There are similar symptoms in children, especially susceptible to insect bites.

In some cases, bites bugs in children cause:

  • iron deficiency anemia - only a few cases of such a reaction were authentically registered. In all these cases, the child was bitten by bugs in a very large amount, and the volume of lost blood and the effect of enzymes from the saliva of insects caused a change in the total blood composition.
  • Anaphylactic shock is the extreme degree of development of an allergic reaction associated with loss of consciousness, severe swelling, impaired functioning of internal organs.
  • Infection of bite sites. It should be remembered that the bugs themselves are carriers of the causative agents of many diseases, they never transmit them to the person who is bitten. At least throughout the history of medicine, no such cases have been recorded. Infection is due to the fact that itchy bites are scratched with nails when carding, and bacteria get into the wound from dirty fingers.

Bites of bedbugs almost always prevent children from sleeping and resting normally. In impressionable children, the realization that in a dream someone can bite or that there are insects in bed can be the cause of nightmares and a depressed mood.

Bugs in the kindergarten are especially dangerous: here in one infected room they can bite dozens of children, especially in the winter, when it gets dark early and the group of the extended day remains in the kindergarten until the evening.


Nightmare, we are on the second day led a small kindergarten all bitten. And the teacher even said so sarcastically, they say, none of the parents complains. Has already written a statement in the SES, and until I receive a notification from them about the processing, I will not take the child there anymore.

Ekaterina Slobodyanyuk

Укусы клопа на спине ребенка

The bites of other types of bedbugs can be even more painful, but they are never numerous. Only living in tropical America, kiss bugs attack several pieces and carry the causative agent of the deadly Chagas disease. But in our country they do not meet.

Treatment and treatment of bites bugs: medicines and folk remedies

Knowing what to do if bitten by a bug, you can quickly heal a strong itch from bites and ensure a fairly rapid disappearance of the signs of the bites themselves. The main tips for handling bites are several:

  • if there is no acute reaction to bites, it is enough to wipe them with cold water with soap or alcohol. This will relieve itching and prevent infection of the wound.
  • In case of severe pain and inflammation, the child should be given an antihistamine. A universal remedy is Fenistil in drops - it can be given to children of all ages. A balm is also good. Children over the age of two can give a quarter of a tablet of Suprastin, Tavegil or Dimedrol.

    Средство от аллергии Фенистил в каплях

  • When the temperature rises, the baby should be given antipyretic and get plenty of fluids.

You can also use ointments from insect bites.

Фенистил гель от укусов насекомых

In any case, if the temperature after bug bites continues to increase or the baby has swelling, it should be shown to the doctor.

To the folk remedies from bites bugs include a decoction of chamomile and a solution of baking soda, which are smeared with the places of bites themselves. Also famous is the famous star since Soviet times, which is still being produced by Vietnamese. It should be remembered that folk remedies for bug bites are intended only for external treatment of the skin, and with a serious increase in temperature or edema will not help.

In the event that a bug predator bites or one of the water bugs, a child may have a very large and painful lump that can be easily confused with a bee sting. In case of side effects, the same remedies should be used as with bed bug bites.

On a note

Perhaps, nobody will tell about how to get rid of bites of bugs on the skin : if the skin reacts to bites, then within a few days these points will be clearly visible on the body. The best way to prevent the emergence of new ones is to start the destruction of bedbugs as quickly as possible, and if it happened on a trip, change the hotel.

It is important to start using all funds as early as possible. If you wash the bites of bedbugs with cold water immediately after awakening, they most likely will not start swelling. And the antihistamine medication taken in time will ensure the absence of swelling and enlargement of the lymph nodes in the child.

The photo below shows an example of a mild allergic reaction in a child to bites bugs:

Аллергия на укусы клопов

How to determine that the child was bitten by bugs

Despite the fact that bites of insects in children are treated in general the same way, in cases with bites of bedbugs you always need to know exactly what they bitten. If you make a mistake and write off everything for mosquitoes, then the child will be doomed to suffer bites every night.

Постельный клоп в момент укуса


I never thought that these parasites could live in my apartment. When the child began to itch, he sinned at everything: allergies, malnutrition, kindergarten. Two doctors of a dermatologist drove us to the offices, suspected both chickenpox and rubella, but they did not say anything concrete. And the son literally could not sleep! But what will the one-year-old baby say? I met some insects a couple of times in the apartment, but I did not even suspect that it could be bedbugs. And only a doctor in a paid clinic said exactly that the baby is bitten by insects. And when the husband of the house turned the blanket in a baby crib, I almost puked. Then she almost got poisoned while they were poisoned with dichlorvos. But now, at least it's calm: this evil spirits is not at home, and the baby sleeps normally.

Alla, Kaliningrad

Клоп пьет кровь

The main signs of bug bites are:

  • clearly distinguishable chains of three to five bites each
  • the appearance of bites at night or in the morning, almost always - in a comfortable bed
  • itching, but not pain
  • the location of bites mainly on those parts of the body on which there was no clothes during sleep.

The photos clearly show the tracks from the bites:

Дорожки от укусов постельных клопов

The bites of other bugs are less specific and easier to confuse with bites of wasps or spiders. However, the definition of what bitten another type of bug is not so critical: these insects bite rarely and in exceptional cases.

But the bites of bed bugs are easier to warn than to suffer after treatment with the child. Therefore, in the end - a few tips on how to calculate the presence of bugs in the room:

  • bed bugs smell. In the room where they hide, you can catch a slight smell of sour raspberries or cognac.
  • On the bed, accidentally crushed at night, the bug leaves brown spots.
  • Before sleeping in the room, you should check the underside of the mattresses on all beds. Usually if there are bedbugs in the room, it is on the mattresses you can find several insects.

If such a check does not reveal the presence of bedbugs, then the child can be left here for the night. In the worst case of bites the next morning will be a bit.

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  1. Nasya :

    They called the disinfector, they came alone, they did not save the wounded, then the friends advised the other guys, they came all done and for almost a year now we have lived and do not know such problems as bedbugs, fleas and other rubbish, thanks to the great professionals.

    • Nellie :

      Advise us, who has poisoned you?

    • Roman :

      Hello, advise that the guys were baiting you. We are tired of these creatures, there is no urine, pliz.

  2. Irene :

    I wonder what makes bugs in the house? And why do they prefer beds?

    • Anonymous :

      Food itself comes to them when a person goes to bed.

    • Denis :

      Because, maybe, the room smells of smells, or you go to bed dirty, not washed and pastels absorb. And then absorbs a bed or a sofa, and the bugs are sent to the source of the smell.

    • Dianka :

      Bedbugs are started because they do not clean the house. And due to the fact that they bring the infection into the house.

  3. Vlad and the cat :

    And if bites are not a path, but solitary ones? Then who bites?

  4. Anonymous :

    We have all the signs: the child is all bitten. What to do, how to display them?

  5. Anna :

    We got wounded up this bitch, bite a little! We bought Raptor blue from bedbugs, I hope that will help ...

  6. Natasha :

    I thought the child had an allergy, looked at the photo, just as bugs bitten. What to do and how to find them? There is a bed and a wardrobe in the room. Plinth was removed, no one there. Everything is clear. Even the ceiling tension was removed, there is no one there.

    • Anonymous :

      If your furniture is old, then this is their home. And the books are old.

  7. Lily :

    We were also severely bitten. Even a couple of times I had to use Nekusaik.

  8. Aigerim :

    At my child after a sting the bug was itchy, and now he has an open wound. Tell me, can I wash it with soda or chamomile?

  9. Dunno :

    My child has a reaction to all insect bites, regardless of who bites. We suffer therefore. That from school is sent, although it arrived clean. They do not take it with bites, although they did not buy them at home. We are tired, how to be?

  10. Kisa :

    At us too such problem. There was almost 3 months and again appeared. Advise a firm that can rid forever of these creatures ...

  11. Mary :

    What did not you try: dichlophos, pastors, clean house, all sorts of sprays and even dust! Nothing helped! Stumbled on an ad on the Internet on the means of executioner, bought, processed and (fie, fie, fie) got rid of these parasites.

  12. Musilda :

    Mom told me that the neighbors came from above through the crack in the ceiling. And right into the baby's bed. Know where it is more delicious, creatures :( At night, as I saw a strip of black on the wall - it became bad. Old men lived there, they did not bite them, but they hung out in old furniture!

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