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Characteristic symptoms with bites of bed bugs

Познакомимся с симптомами укусов постельных клопов

Modern developed cities can not boast of the absence of human parasites. Traces from bites of bugs can be detected even by a person living in conditions of ideal purity and observing strict hygiene.

Especially often this problem is encountered in tourist trips. And in order to protect themselves, it is desirable to know the signs and symptoms of bug bites and distinguish them from the bites of other parasitic insects.

On a note

Today, the country with the highest standard of living in Europe - Sweden - suffers from bugs no less than the relatively poorly developed Burma and Mexico. Some areas of Oslo and Umeå are so infected that the local services already have a clear timetable for processing the same houses: after the destruction of the bedbugs from neighboring buildings, the infected are very quickly infected.

How biting bed bugs

Bed bug - a night hunter, the highest peak of activity is at 3-4 o'clock in the morning, when the person is most firmly asleep. Both the adult and the larva of the bug feed exclusively on blood - they are not adapted at all to the consumption of other sources of food.

The oral apparatus of the bed bug is a long, sharp proboscis, similar to a mosquito. They bug easily pierce human skin (especially likes those places where the skin is thinner) in the place where the blood vessel is located.

These insects have an excellent sense of smell, so they easily determine the optimal puncture site. In the photo, presented below, you can well consider a feeding insect:

У клопов есть специальный колюще-сосущий хоботок

Клоп проколол хоботком кожу

Фото личинки постельного клопа, напившейся крови

After the puncture, the bug injects an anesthetic into the vessel, which prevents the person from feeling pain and waking up. Then the parasite is saturated with blood, crawls a few centimeters forward and repeats the operation.

Such bites can make one bug up to 7, leaving a clearly discernible "path" of red dots on the skin. In the photo, such lines of bites are clearly distinguishable:

Характерная дорожка из укусов клопов

It is interesting

The larva of the bed bug looks almost the same as the adult, only smaller. It has one more characteristic feature: the larva does not know how to isolate the anesthetic secret, and therefore its bites are much more sensitive to humans. In addition, the larvae for active growth require more food and they go out hunting more often than adults.


"A few days ago I woke up at night from a bite. I thought that I had bitten a mosquito, I wanted to slap him and hit my body with it. To the touch it was not a mosquito, but some disgusting beetle! She turned on the light and was horrified: the whole bed was strewn with small bugs, and on the sheet small spots of fresh blood. It was a nightmare of some sort, she could not sleep any more, collected them in a jar and threw them away. In the morning I looked on the Internet and realized that it was bed bugs. Only one thing is strange: they seem to be painlessly biting, but I really felt it. "

Nastia, Krasnoperekopsk

Symptoms of bites of bed bugs

Most often, traces after bites of bugs are detected only in the morning, when insects already have time to hide. Look bites as red specks, necessarily going in a chain one after another.

Многочисленные укусы постельных клопов

The symptom of a bug bite is not always the desire to scratch an insect-stricken place - it is rather an individual reaction. For some people, bites do not bring physical discomfort, but someone really experiences severe itching.

Red spots look very unaesthetic and can be massive, hitting the entire open space of the body.

The characteristic symptoms of bites of bed bugs - the long hardness of the place of bite and its redness. This they are very different from mosquito bites: in the morning mosquito bites almost do not differ in color from the skin around.

On a note

It is the apartments of "hard-skinned" people who are the breeding grounds for bed bugs in the house. Such citizens do not feel bites, and bedbugs in their home multiply, constantly settling into neighboring apartments. And to calculate such a "breeder" is very difficult, since he never suspects that someone bites him.


"In my apartment bugs appeared with a new sofa, which was bought in the store. He was put in a nursery, after which every morning he saw red spots on his body and cheeks. Since it was summer, we sinned against mosquitoes. I bought fumigators and sprays, worked every evening. Everything was useless. When the summer was over and it got colder, it became clear that these were not mosquitoes. Have lead the son to the dermatologist who could not diagnose and has appointed or nominated infusion of a camomile. All this horror lasted until the niece arrived to sleep on this couch. The next morning she woke up in the same form and was taken to the hospital too. Then another doctor unequivocally declared: these are bedbugs. I feel terribly that I could not get to this earlier, because the bites are very specific! My problem was only that I do not know these parasites, although I used to sometimes see some bedbugs in the apartment, but I thought it was cockroaches. "

Alla, Zelenograd

In addition to bed bugs, other bugs can also bite: water cannons, predators, gladyses. To distinguish their bites from bites of a domestic parasite is simple - they bite in the afternoon and only once in order of self-defense. Meet with someone from these bugs can only be when traveling to nature, but not at home. Specific symptoms of bites of these bugs are not, they are very similar to bee stings.

In the tropics there live very dangerous triathom bugs. The trace of their bite has a pronounced form of kiss, for which these bugs are also called kissing. They carry the causative agent of the deadly and incurable Chagas disease, from which more people die in South America than from malaria.

What to do with bug bites

Bites of bedbugs and the accompanying symptoms are not dangerous in themselves, however they are very unpleasant.

Клопы покусали ноги у ребенка

There is no special reason to treat them, however, the simplest treatment does not hurt:

  • Traces of bites should be washed with a soda solution or simply with soap and water;
  • with itching, bites can be spread with dilute ammonia;
  • The treatment of bites with parsley or potato juice is good.

There are cases when bites of bugs are itchier than usual or very much increase in size. There may also be a general deterioration in well-being: nausea, dizziness, vomiting, muscle spasms, a feeling of lack of air.

All these symptoms indicate an allergy and development of complications after a bite. If this is an allergic reaction, then antihistamines like Diphenhydramine or Diazolin will help to stop it. If this does not help, you need to see a doctor immediately.


With the rapid spread of redness from bites all over the body, the person should be given Diphenhydramine and immediately taken to the hospital. With severe allergic reaction to a bug bite, anaphylactic shock can develop.

If the bites do not heal for a long time or the allergy is just beginning, the effective means will be the lubrication of the affected areas with Menovasin or Fenistil.

Фенистил гель для снятия зуда от укусов насекомых

The following photos show symptoms of a moderate allergic reaction to bites of bed bugs:

Пример аллергической реакции на укусы клопа

Together with external symptoms, generalized symptoms also arise: fever, swelling, nausea, dizziness.

Bed bugs can be carriers of various infections, but they never infect humans. Infection is possible when combing the wounds and introducing microbes into them by the person himself.


"I have a terrible allergy on bed bugs, and they seem to be following me through life. I'll sleep with friends and wake up bitten, then in hotels or trains they'll find me. After each such "invasion" there are huge itchy spots of red color. I'm already accustomed to this and take it easy. At home bugs a long time brought, but on the trip with a do not forget to put a package of tablets from allergies. It helps very well. "

Oleg Sunkov, Ryazan

Prevent the bites of bed bugs, which already live in the apartment - almost impossible. Yes, there are means for scaring them away for a while or physical methods of struggle, but all this does not solve the main problem.

To get rid of night bites, you must take drastic measures: to call a team of pest controlists or to start fighting with bloodsuckers on your own.

Пока в доме есть клопы, укусы будут неизбежны

Another thing is if bed bugs are caught during a trip - for example, in a hotel. In this case, it is better to immediately ask for another number or at all to move to another hotel. And it's not just the unpleasant consequences of bites and a sleepless night. Bedbugs can climb into a backpack or clothes, and then come with the traveler straight to his house and settle there.

It is important for the tourist to know how the bugs are bitten and how to distinguish the bug bite from the bites of other insects. If there is such information, then coping with bedbugs in the room and their bites will be much easier.

If you do not have the option to change the number, it's worth trying to protect yourself: the easiest way is to put a container of water under each foot of the bed or sofa. However, this will only help if the mattress is clean from parasites.

In any case, in the first aid kit you need to have the means that will help to quickly handle the bite sites.

The most important: at the time of eviction from the room with bedbugs you need to carefully review all your things. If they have at least one female bug, she can travel a thousand miles to her new residence. Upon arrival home things can even be boiled, if there is any doubt about their purity. Such measures will protect the tourist from the unpleasant consequences of any trip.

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  1. Gulya :

    After the bite of the bugs, there were spots in my legs and hands. How can I get rid of them?

    • Anonymous :

      Probably just wait. For a long time I could not understand what it was, I thought, some kind of allergy. Now it gradually began to pass, when I stopped sleeping on that couch and began to "fight" with them.

  2. Maxim :

    I was bitten at all for testicles, a sexual organ, an ass. Everything is unbearably itchy, I do not know what to do.

  3. Lenochka :

    Fear! I've never had bedbugs at home ... And it's best that I never show up.

  4. Angelina :

    It's scary, horror! My friend had this, she was saved by this site. Tried dikhlafosom and all in a row, nothing came out ... Then she climbed into the Internet, read and they were gone, has long been suffering!

    To the doctor immediately, if noticed on the skin red spots, itchy constantly! It can be bed bugs. Check the bed.

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