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Ointments for the treatment of bites of bed bugs

Давайте посмотрим, какую мазь можно использовать при укусах постельных клопов

Waking up in the morning in a cozy cottage next to the river and forest during a well-deserved vacation, which mother will not be horrified by seeing on the body of her child whole paths of huge red spots? After the first shock, it becomes clear that these are not mosquito bites, which would be located chaotically over the body, but the bites of the most real bed bugs (living in an old sofa, which the economical owners of a cute little house never decided to throw away).

Постельные клопы под мастрасом дивана

It is not surprising that the following questions of my mother will be "What should I do?" And "Why do I even bite bugs ?" Let's talk about this in more detail ...

Ointment, gel or cream - what to choose?

In order to get rid of the unpleasant consequences of bug bites, the affected area can be lubricated not only with ointment from bug bites, but also with a special cream or gel.

Что лучше: мазь, гель или крем?

If you do not delve too deeply into the differences between these forms of drugs, the whole gel, cream, and ointment consist of the base and the active substance dissolved in it in one way or another.

  • Actually, the ointment is a dosage form of the drug, when the small particles of the active substance do not dissolve completely at the base (most often fatty). Ointments are convenient for introducing into their composition substances that interact well with fats. In addition, ointments are absorbed more slowly than gels or creams, so they usually have a longer lasting effect on the damaged skin.
  • Creams are mostly different from the ointments themselves with a lower fat content. However, just like the ointment, they can leave fatty marks on their clothes.
  • In gels, unlike ointments, the active substance is well dissolved in the base (most often, aqueous), which is convenient for the introduction of hydrophilic substances. Due to the fact that the gel is not used fatty, and water base, it can also be easily washed off the skin or washed from clothes.

Accordingly, if the skin itself is dry, or after bites bugs have already begun to form crusts, the optimal solution will be the use of ointment or cream. If the skin is normal, it still does not peel, and there are only small redness on it, you can use a gel. In addition, the gel has a drying effect, so it can be applied to damp wound.

Гель обычно можно наносить на мокнущие ранки от укусов

At the same time, when choosing a remedy for bug bites, you must pay attention to its composition and indications for use.


My son is now a year old. Since our birth we suffer from allergies to mosquito bites. And recently after a trip to friends at the dacha, I learned that he also has a terrible allergy to bug bites. The places of bites were very inflamed, reddened and swollen. Then a crust appeared on this place, which he tried to tear off constantly. Although I did not allow him to scratch these crusts, but after that trip the traces remained visible for several more months.

Yulya, Tyumen

Popular ointments from insect bites

Since bedbugs belong to bloodsucking parasites, just like mosquitoes and fleas, you can use popular means as an ointment against bug bites, which relieve the effects of insect bites in general.

The most popular and effective tools are described below.

Fenistil gel

Gel Fenistil is well known for its antipruritic effect. The active substance in it is dimethindene maleate (surely many will recall this name in the composition of some vasoconstrictive drugs for the nose), which is aimed at blocking the histamine H1 receptors. It is these receptors that are responsible for the occurrence of painful and itchy abscesses, as well as inflammation in the bites of bugs.

Фенистил гель - довольно хорошо снимает зуд о укусов клопов

Apply this tool to treat the effects of bites of various insects, allergies in the form of urticaria, edema of the tissues and itching. In addition, Fenistil gel well removes skin manifestations of food or drug allergies. However, the instructions to the drug indicate that its use is not recommended for children up to a year.

Psylo-balm (gel)

As part of psilo-balsam, there is a powerful component called diphenhydramine (better known as dimedrol), which, just like in the previous case, is aimed at blocking H1-histamine receptors. Due to this, the agent well reduces the permeability of small blood vessels and reduces tissue swelling at the bite sites. In addition, the drug has a marked antipruritic and cooling effect.

Псило-бальзам (гель)

Just in the case when you need to somehow anoint the bed bug to anesthetize it and stop the itching, this remedy is especially good. Also, it dries well the crusts formed after bites of bugs.

Elidel (cream)

Elidel cream is not used to eliminate the first symptoms of insect bites, but only if there are strong manifestations of allergies such as atopic dermatitis or eczema. Assign it can whole courses to both adults and children, starting at the age of three months.

Элидел (крем)

The active substance of the drug is pimecrolimus, which has not only regenerative, but also local anti-inflammatory action. It is not recommended to apply Elidel on the skin to children under three months of age, and also in cases when there is a suspicion that a bacterial or fungal infection is already developing in the wound.

Bepanten (ointment and cream)

Of course, this drug can not be called specifically antipruritic or anti-inflammatory. Nevertheless, thanks to the active substance - dexpanthenol (another name for one of the B vitamins), it has a good restoring, healing and moisturizing effect on bug-damaged skin areas.

Бепантен выпускается в форме мази и крема

Бепантен (мазь и крем)

In addition, unlike some of the above mentioned tools, it can be used even for newborn babies. Bepanten ointment is generally used to prevent and treat diaper rash, other inflammation and dermatitis in infants.

Also it can be used as a cream against bites of bedbugs that caused a mild skin reaction (redness, small swelling), with cuts, scratches and other minor inflammations of the skin.

It is important to know

To eliminate the effects of bug bugs ointment based on propolis should be used with caution. Thus, in children already allergic to pollen of plants, there may be a cross-reaction to products such as wax, royal jelly or propolis. These substances can lead to a new allergy due to such plant components in the composition, like pollen flowers or nectar.

In more difficult cases, it is advisable to consult a doctor who can prescribe ointment from bed bug bites containing hormones (hydrocortisone ointment, ointment and Advantan or Afloderm cream) that have anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and general anti-allergic effects. They are used for both atopic dermatitis of various origins and when severe allergic reactions to insect bites occur.

To apply similar ointments (on the basis of hormonal agents) it is necessary with extreme caution, because often they can be contraindicated in cases of purulent inflammations of the skin that have already arisen. Also, their use is not recommended for children under the age of one year and during pregnancy.

In cases of pronounced edema and itching after bites of bed bugs, as well as the presence of ulcers, pustular skin diseases, the doctor can sometimes prescribe ointments based on antibiotics (for example, erythromycin ointment), which will actively combat the infection that has got into the wound.

Иногда места укусов клопов воспаляются из-за попавшей в ранку инфекции

However, it is worth remembering that you yourself are assuming a certain responsibility for yourself and your young child with various medications (even, at first glance, as harmless as ointments and creams). After all, self-medication can sometimes lead to serious consequences.

What if the ointment does not help?

Unfortunately, ointments and creams from bug bites can often cope only with manifestations of local allergies such as a small edema, mild itching and reddening of the bite site.

Многочисленные укусы клопов могут стать причиной сильной аллергической реакции организма

In the case of a more pronounced reaction to substances in the bug's saliva, you need to see a doctor or take an antihistamine (for example, based on loratadine or cetirizine). It is absolutely necessary to see the doctor if,

  • severe swelling;
  • a profuse rash in various parts of the body;
  • appeared on the site of the bite bug blisters;
  • unbearable itching;
  • increased temperature in the area of ​​the bite, chills and fever;
  • nausea.

Usually such a reaction can be caused by the bites of bees or wasps that inject poison at the site of the bite. Nevertheless, if a person already suffers from an allergy, the bite of even such an insect as a bed bug can cause a strong reaction in the form of soreness, burning and swelling of tissues that do not pass for several days.


"We managed to go to a boarding house in Crimea for rest, and even took a child. Attracted us too sweet for the summer season price. After the first night the child was not recognized! The legs and back were covered with red cones running one behind the other. The places of bites swelled and began to itch. It turned out that there are bedbugs in the house, although I could not even think that they still exist today "

Lika, Kiev

When you need to go urgently to the hospital after bites bugs?

If after bites of bugs begins a violent general reaction of the body in the form of an increase in the temperature of the whole body, shortness of breath, a fall or increase in pressure, swelling in the joint located near the site of the bite or the entire limb, you can not postpone the visit to the doctor, or even better to call an ambulance. Inactivity can lead to a sharp drop in blood pressure and even a loss of consciousness!

If you listen to the advice of experienced medics, you should always have an ampoule of dexamethasone in the medicine cabinet, all the more so when the bites of any insects in the child or his next of kin have already experienced general severe reactions.

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  1. Violetta :

    I was horrified when I collided with my child with bedbugs, just the same at the cottage my mother's husband was sorry to throw out the old sofa. In the medicine cabinet was Nezulin, they also smeared it. We applied 3-4 times a day to scratch it would not be desirable. Redness began to decrease after a couple of days, but still these spots remained for a couple of weeks.

  2. Victoria :

    Tell me, please, what kind of ointment to buy, not to not itch, but not to bite? We were already tortured.

  3. Yura :

    I do not know, in the 21st century we live, and we can not fight with bedbugs, nothing helps.

  4. Anya :

    Help, please, what to do, these bugs are already boring. We bought with my husband a new bed with a mattress, changed the bed and all the same bite so that in the morning I wake up, and where the bite - the blood goes.

  5. Dilya :

    I am depressed. I used to poison these reptiles, but it was useless, I thought I'd spend a good night, but no - they bit me even worse. It's a shame to walk with such bites on the neck, hand, in short, there is no live place left. I do not know what to do, I'll go crazy soon. Forces do not fight them.

    • Lisa :

      Wormwood should be thrown into boiling water, in a saucepan or a bucket, and wash the floors with this water.

  6. Faina :

    Wormwood, they say, helps. I took off a bed in Moscow, no one said that the bug was there, how to punish them for it? I took the money, and are silent, I'm all bitten by bedbugs, nervous ((

  7. Eugene :

    The bugs bite all the hands. They write that a good tool is good, I have not tried it myself ...

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