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Are bugs capable of biting domestic animals (cats, dogs, chickens)?

Хотя постельные клопы, как правило, не кусают животных, однако здесь есть ряд важных нюансов...

Bed bugs in our homes are parasitic only on a man - their proboscis is adapted only for piercing a thin and soft human skin. Only in the "hardest" for bedbugs, when people leave the premises for a rather long period, bugs bite domestic animals.

However, in general, this is unnatural behavior for bed bugs - even adult parasites with their long proboscis pierce the skin of animals, and small larvae in most cases and can not eat at all on cats and dogs.

Клопы могут начать кусать домашних животных в квартире, если люди уезжают из нее на долгий срок.

Nevertheless, certain bugs to pets are quite capable of delivering bugs.


"I could not understand why my rat had bleeding wounds on my body. I thought it was staphylococcus, but it usually just causes purulent abscesses. And here it is bites, which the animal itself also scratches. Only a few weeks later I discovered that someone had started biting me. It turned out - banal bed bugs. It was a surprise that they bite the rat, I thought, they only drink blood from people. Apparently, they were somewhere near the cage originally settled and before they were closer than before my bed. "

Sasha, Moscow

Perhaps the only pets that suffer from bedbugs are no less than people are birds (including chickens).

Клопы способны прокусывать кожу домашней птицы и особенно часто паразитируют на курах

Фотография постельного клопа

Their soft, thin skin is also available for piercing the proboscis with a proboscis, like a human, and parasites successfully use it. And they can live the chicken coops as successfully as human habitation.

Bugs in chickens: what are they dangerous and how to deal with them?

Chicken bugs in nature do not exist. Kurei bite either bed bugs, attacking a person, or other parasites, which the bird's owner can confuse with bedbugs. For example, fleas.

Хотя самих блох трудно спутать с клопами, но птица может страдать именно от их укусов.

In the photo below, there are such "chicken bugs" clinging to the bird's eyes. In fact, this is a typical chicken flea , differing from the bedbugs in small sizes and a tendency to eat during the daytime:

Куриных блох, кусающих птиц, некоторые могут принять за клопов

Bedbugs in the hens parasitize quite rarely, but if they already appear in the henhouse, they quickly colonize it and cause massive skin lesions in birds. Bites of bedbugs themselves are very disturbing for birds, and in case of mass attacks the egg production decreases in the chickens, they are slower gaining weight, young animals can be observed. In addition, chickens are constantly plucking feathers in places where they feel itching from bites, and as a result, decorative birds lose their presentable appearance.

In some cases, bedbugs can cause chickens to leave their egg laying due to constant insect attacks, even at relatively late stages of incubation.

Из-за присутствия паразитов курицы-наседки могут даже оставить свои кладки

Клоп на теле домашнего животного.

In the hen-house, bedbugs hide in crevices and any dark narrow spaces: between cells and boards in their walls, under a layer of litter, in perches and nests. They bite birds usually at night, but can go out hunting in the afternoon.

In winter, the bugs normally survive temperatures to minus 10 ° C and therefore almost always hibernate right there.

On a note

Similarly, bedbugs can parasitize on any domestic fowl, from canaries to guinea fowl. Only waterfowl (ducks, geese) are well protected from them by sufficiently dense skin.

To get rid of bedbugs in chickens, the bird is removed from the hen house, and in the room all surfaces are treated with Chlorophos or Carbophos in the same concentrations in which these funds are used in living quarters.

Чтобы избавиться от клопов, кур удаляют из курятника и обрабатывают помещение инсектицидами.

Яйца клопов

After this, a thorough cleaning is carried out: litter and rubbish are taken out, all cages and roosts are washed, walls are cleaned. Such treatment should be carried out twice with an interval of 10-14 days.

Bugs in cats and dogs

Bed bugs bite these animals very rarely - cats and dogs have too thick skin and thick woolen cover.

У кошек и собак слишком плотный шерстяной покров, который клопам сложно преодолеть

Nevertheless, bedbugs bite cats when for a week or two people leave the room, and the neighbors look after the animals - for lack of another source of fresh blood, bedbugs are simply forced to attack animals.

Голодные клопы могут нападать на домашних питомцев в поисках свежей крови.

The situation with bugs and dogs is similar - only occasionally parasites can bite them for lack of another source of food. In this case, bed bugs usually bite the dogs only at night, and only the parts of the body with the softest skin.


"Our Toja began to bite constantly some parasites. I thought it was bedbugs, very much afraid that they would overtake us. On his ears he always had bumps from bites, on his neck. They took him to the clinic, they said that they were not bedbugs, but mites, and he was holding them in the street. They said to buy a special collar or smear it with withers with drops that scare off mites. And by the way, the veterinarian said that bedbugs do not bite dogs at all. "

Victoria, Irkutsk

If the "bugs" in cats or dogs are found in the day, and even in very large numbers - this is definitely not bedbugs. Most likely, parasites on the animal are ticks that have approximately the same size but differ in the number of legs (in their bedbugs, 6 in mites, 8 in mites), in color (ticks usually gray, green or black, and bugs brown) and lack of transverse bands on body. In addition, the bug in the dog, when it is found, always tries to retreat, and the mite, attached, is motionless and looks like a small growth on the skin.

Иногда присутствующих на теле животного клещей некоторые принимают за клопов.

To confuse bugs with fleas is extremely difficult - fleas are very small and able to jump. Bugs run like cockroaches, and can not jump.

В отличие от блох, клопы не способны прыгать.

No special protection for cats and dogs from bugs is required: parasites attack them much less often than on humans. Accordingly, it is necessary to destroy bugs in the room in which they nest, and not on pets.

Who else bites bed bugs?

Bed bugs were originally insects parasitizing small mammals in their burrows and nests. Most often in nature bugs settle in burrows of mouse-like rodents, gophers and insectivorous animals. Here they constantly have access to food.

В природе клопы обитают в норах мышевидных грызунов.

But they are much more attractive for bugs of colony of bats - at least because these bats have several areas on the body that are not covered with hair. It is for such areas bugs and bite.

In addition, the caves in which the colonies of bats settle have a more stable microclimate than any other places in the wild, even rodent burrows. And so for the bedbugs here is a real paradise: the abundance of food, the constant temperature and the minimum of natural enemies.

Клопы могут кусать летучих мышей, потому что на их теле есть много участков, на которых отсутствует шерсть.

В пещерах, где обитают летучие мыши, часто можно встретить и клопов, ведь здесь созданы все подходящие для них условия.

It is interesting

The most famous "bug" caves are caves in Turkmenistan - here the largest colonies of some rare species of bats are known. Bedbugs in them so much that sometimes they lead to a mass freeze of newborn bats.

What bedbugs are dangerous for mammals and birds?

Generally speaking, there are a lot of different kinds of bugs that can bite a person or a pet.

  • For example, in water, a dog can accidentally bite a gladysch or a water scorpion - these are also bedbugs.
  • Occasionally an animal is captured by a bite of a predator bug. However, such cases occur only when the animal unintentionally disturbs the bedbug, for example, stepping on it with a paw or prichav, lay down on the grass.

Клоп-хищнец вполне может укусить и собаку, если та случайно на него наступит.

Клоп-хищнец крупным планом

More dangerous for pets are bedbugs that parasitize constantly. Most of them are in the family of predator bugs. With rare exceptions, these insects do not settle in the human dwelling, but they can attack an animal resting on the street.

In our latitudes there are few predators, and they do not represent a special danger for domestic animals. But in the tropics, these parasites carry many dangerous diseases, including the deadly Chagas disease, and therefore on their travels they must be guarded by themselves and protect their four-legged friends from them.

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