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Bites of bugs and their treatment

Укусы клопов на ногах ребенка

Bites bed bugs - it's not only unpleasant and unaesthetic, but also quite painful. In addition, in some people they can provoke an allergy or even more severe pathological conditions. That is why in a home or tourist first-aid kit it is always worthwhile to have a suitable remedy for insect bites. It is also useful to know what exactly and how to treat bites bugs.

Treatment and treatment of bug bites

As a rule, bites of a bed bug do not cause serious harm. Usually the maximum harm from them is a short itch and healing red dots all over the body. The photo shows quite a serious skin lesion when bitten by a large number of bedbugs:

Укусы клопов на лице

How to treat them? In order to remove the itching and discomfort, you can use simple means that are easy to find at home or buy at the nearest pharmacy.

The main methods of treatment after bug bites are the following:

  1. Rinse the bite with water with ordinary soap or rinse with soda.
  2. Apply ice or treat the bite site with parsley juice or fresh potatoes.
  3. In the treatment of severe itching, ointment Afloderm or the long-known Vietnamese asterisk will help. The latter, by the way, is not only a good cure for bug bites, but also a way to avoid infection of the wound.
  4. The alcoholic tincture of propolis disinfects well and removes inflammation.
  5. If bites bugs are enough or an allergic reaction begins, you can lubricate the affected area with Menovazin.

In general, in the treatment of allergies should use antihistamines, such as Diazolinum or Dimedrol. But to appoint them yourself is dangerous enough, therefore, before taking measures, you should consult a doctor.

In the home medicine cabinet must be a means against the bites of insects. They are useful not only from bedbugs, but when attacked by mosquitoes or wasps. You can use these options:

  1. Ammonia. Disinfects and relieves itching.
  2. Gel Fenistil or ointment Rescuer. By the way, both these preparations not only alleviate the condition of the bitten, but also prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions.

Фенистил гель

Knowing how to treat bites bugs, you can safely go on a trip to countries where they are found even in large quantities than we have. However, it is not worthwhile to climb onto the trouble and stop at obviously obvious "buggers".

In most cases, even with serious bites, you can do without special treatment. But ointments and gels usually accelerate the healing of lesions.

What are the bug bites and how long do they last?

To the question: "Are bed bug bites dangerous?" - it is difficult to answer unequivocally. Most people tolerate them normally, but in some cases complications are possible that require special treatment.

The most common complaint is an allergic reaction to a bite. It can occur suddenly and is treated (stopped) with antihistamines. Unfortunately, it is impossible to prevent allergies, except that taking the pill regularly.

Пример аллергии на укусы клопов

Infection of the wound is very rare, because during the night the bite dries up and becomes covered with a crust. But in order to protect themselves, it is better to disinfect bites after all.

By the way, there are bug bites rather quickly - for 2-3 days, however, a slight reddening can last a little longer.

On a note:

Bedbugs can be carriers of pathogens of the following diseases: kokieelles, tularemia, Chagas disease, leprosy, tuberculosis, plague, anthrax. However, until now, no case has been documented when a person would infect these bed bugs with these diseases. Nevertheless, it is purely hypothetical that such a probability exists.

In the worst case scenario, bug bites can provoke a life-threatening anaphylactic shock. In this case, treatment should be started immediately.

It is interesting:

Anaphylactic shock (anaphylaxis) is a condition of immediate acute allergy, which threatens the life of the patient. There is a spasm of blood vessels and muscles, breathing is greatly hampered, blood pressure is falling, brain tissues do not receive the necessary amount of oxygen. A person needs immediate hospitalization.

The most acute reaction to bites bugs children. And in connection with their small body weight, microcirculation after permanent bites often lead to iron deficiency anemia.

Below is a photo of the child's allergic reaction to bug bites:

Аллергическая реакция у ребенка на укусы клопов

Bites bugs during pregnancy does not affect the development and health of the fetus. However, the general depressed mood of the mother can not but affect the state of the embryo.


"In our apartment there have been bed bugs for a long time, it did not work out in any way. At first they only bitten me and my husband, and then moved to a small room (3 years) and he also began to wake up bitten. A week later, they began to notice that the child became listless and pale. The pediatrician said that iron deficiency anemia is developing, as there were a lot of bites. "

Olga, Kiev


"My whole family has a terrible allergy to bug bites. Ten years ago they appeared, I had to immediately apply to SES. Now the situation is repeated. We wake up with a few bites, from which the temperature rises and the entire body begins to itch. Only tablets and we are treated. We are waiting for the arrival of pest control, which will put an end to this nightmare. "

Oleg Pavlovich, Kazan

Stress as the most common consequence of bug bites

Although the bites of bugs, even if not treated, are not very dangerous for most people, but they can greatly affect the mental state. Why is this happening?

Регулярные укусы клопов могут сказываться на психическом состоянии человека

  • An uneasy night's sleep leads to constant fatigue, depression. A person often wakes up feeling parasites on himself, and can not sleep for a long time.
  • Squeamish people experience a real shock from the bites of unpleasant insects. It is especially difficult for them to accept the fact that their apartment, their bed, is infected directly. They feel it dirty and "defiled."
  • The reaction of children to bites of bedbugs can be different. Some react calmly, and some may even be afraid to go to bed. In addition, bug bites provoke nightmares. Often in these dreams there are images of insects.

Постельные клопы и их яйца

Клопы и их личинки на коже человека

Sometimes, in addition to finding out how to cure bites bugs, people start looking for medications for stress or strong sleeping pills. This, too, does not bring any health benefits.


"After the bed bugs appeared in the house, the child began to be afraid to go to bed. We had to persuade him to lie down with him. If in the morning I saw bites on the body, real hysterics began.

We, of course, were also disgusted, but did not reach such extremes. Soon the bedbugs were pounded with "Carbophos" and they did not bother us anymore. But the child later had to drive to a psychologist - he could not believe that he could sleep peacefully and no one would climb on it. "

Anna, Sergiev-Posad

Постельный клоп пьет кровь

"My mother-in-law is squeamish to the point of horror. When her workers made repairs, she came to spend the night with my husband. And at that time we had bugs from somewhere. And this despite the fact that I constantly clean, everything is clean, neighbors are quite normal.

We woke up at night from the eerie cry of my mother-in-law - she saw how the bug sits on her. Scolded us horribly, called bums and sluts. It was insulting to hear such a thing. Especially since she showed her disdainfulness in every possible way, refused to sleep on, and spent the rest of the night in the kitchen. Now she says that she had a little heart attack then. "

Elena, Moscow

In general, it can be said that bug bites are not required for special treatment and you can not panic when they are seen. However, if a person knows his tendency to allergies, it is better to be safe and treat the bite with antihistamine ointment.

It is desirable to have funds from insect bites in each medicine cabinet. They can serve well not only in the fight against bites and not only bedbugs, but also other insects.

Especially it is important to remember those people who often go to nature or travel to longer distances. A special tool in the field medicine kit will help to avoid unpleasant sensations and reactions of the body to bites.

In conclusion, we note that the best protection against bug bites is the absence of these parasites in the house. To do this, it is important not only to be able to choose the right insecticide effectively (see, for example, "Overview of the most effective means of bugs" ), but also to approach the procedure of room treatment correctly.

Often it turns out that after having processed the room in a hurry, the owners really destroy almost all the parasites in it and forget about their bites for a couple of weeks. However, the eggs of the bugs survive, and after a while the young larvae again begin to bite unlucky wrestlers. A careful study of the instructions to the drugs and following it usually avoids such problems.

To the record "Bites bugs and their treatment" left 45 comments.
  1. Nigora :

    Hello, my name is Nigora, I'm from Uzbekistan. At my husband the allergy from bedbugs, he here in Moscow of 7 years works. In 2008, began - the bug bit and after that he has a severe allergy, he does not sleep at night, scratches the whole night. Please help or write how to treat allergies. Or ointment or tablets any prompt.

  2. Stas :

    If without allergic tablets, then a strong tumor can stand a week or more. Two or three days here and did not smell.

  3. Laura :

    There was one bite every 2-3 days. Immediately the thought came - bedbugs. I found a huge bug in the couch. Maybe he's the only bug in the apartment ... Somebody brought it. Could this be?

    • Valery :

      Of course it can.

    • Anonymous :

      Laura, my daughter was always scratching, we did not dare go to the doctor, and then it turned out that the previous owners of the apartment left us a gift - bugs. And so they were many, the daughter has red spots from allergies.

    • Anonymous :


  4. Anastasia :

    Every day more and more bites, but could not detect bedbugs! What then could it be?

  5. Anya :

    Hello, dear readers, here I was also recently bitten ... But after that I became nervous, and my nails are blue again. People, do not know why?
    Maybe it's from bedbugs?

  6. Mac :

    Tell me please, how did you get rid of bedbugs?

  7. Lily :

    I'm pregnant, I came to visit my aunt, she has bugs. Bites, of course, and a terrible allergy. Can it hurt the child?

  8. Lily :

    Simply terribly I am afraid for the child, and something badly itself felt ((I Hope, anything serious., Itches, of course, awfully, processed alcohol.

  9. Valeria :

    I was also bitten, for the third day I had bumps on my hands and body. What to do? And my head is spinning ... Very unpleasant sensations. And how can you disinfect clothes?

  10. Elena :

    The apartment has bugs, already more than six months. Morila by different means, and they periodically appear again. I live on the 5th floor. I asked the neighbors the whole entrance: no one confesses that they also have bedbugs. People do not understand that it is senseless to me alone to fight, because this creature multiplies so quickly. Grandchildren after each visit to me with such bites leave, that even I do not invite them to spend the night anymore. The reaction to bites is very strong, I'm afraid for their health. Tell me, than to bug bedbugs? More effective and for sure ?!

    • Constantine :

      Just do not look at all kinds of kerosene and carbofos - it's useless (it's checked). Try the Get tool. Bedbugs die only so, some corpses next to the cracks. Besides, it does not smell. It is better to treat twice with a break of 15 days. Good luck!

      • Elena :

        Everything is useless ... Call SES, do not bother. We gave 2,700 for processing a three-room apartment. Enough of one treatment. We were told that if necessary, the second treatment will be free of charge. As long as we do not have a second need. A month has passed before everything is clean and peaceful, life goes on. All the places of bites have grown, the nerve cells are being restored.

        • Elena :

          What kind of company? I've been poisoning, it's been 7 days, they did not bite me before, but now they're gnawing. Here, I wait 21 days to repeat the procedure. I gave 3700, and for the repetition of 2000 more they ask, also SES.

      • Anonymous :

        But what about clothes, if there are bedbugs in it? How do I get to put on clothes all?

  11. Galya :

    That's just terrible. I have very sensitive skin, I constantly feel how something goes on the body, touches. I'm allergic myself. In life three times bitten these bed bugs, all three times a guest! But for some reason, you see, they do not bite. I'm terrified, I would burn everything, the whole apartment, the house to hell!

  12. Aigord :

    I just threw the couch

  13. Damir :

    What to do? I was bitten by this garbage! The whole body is red, how is it treated? Where do they come from, please tell me? Is it dangerous?

  14. Luba :

    I was visiting, bugs bitten me whole. Itching, the whole body itches, bites are inflamed, nothing helps.

  15. Jammed :

    I also called professionals, they destroyed, like, but they appear every day. I do not know yet how long to wait. I'm sitting, the light is on, and I'm waiting for bedbugs when they come. Already 3 killed.

  16. Zhanar :

    Hello. We got bugs in the room. They are itchy, the whole body itches, bites are inflamed. What to do? How to get rid of them? What are the ways to get rid of bites? Help.

  17. Sergey :

    And folk remedies for itching and scratching are available?

  18. Dauren :

    Hello, I was bitten by bugs this night. Are there any ointments from this infection?

  19. Max :

    I slept only for half an hour on a new bed, wake up - it all itches.

  20. Marina :

    How long do bugs bite?

  21. Anastasia :

    Tell me, why do bugs bite only me? Children and husband do not bite with a nanny. Thank you!

    • Irina :

      Because you have the thinnest skin and vessels, the capillaries are closer. My mother, father and younger brother are at home - and no one has ever bitten anybody, they were not even seen or noticed, they do not believe me.

  22. Brand new :

    Pancake! These things bite me! We have not seen or encountered these creatures in our lives. It seems that they got infected from neighbors ((Well, for that, I read the comments, it's terrible.) I did not even think in my dream that I would be looking for funds against bedbugs.

  23. Anna :

    My child has woken up bitten. At first there were 1-2, irritation, as from the bite of midges in the summer, then a few more appeared. She searched the whole ottoman, found no one, processed Dichlophos. Here, I do not know if it will help or not ((

  24. Xenia :

    Has bought or purchased Menovazinum a solution, has spread, like it is not scratched bites, still has drunk the zodak.

  25. Dmitry :

    Finished the ointment with the ointment, the bites stopped scratching. But the ointment itself burns for a while, you can get a burn.

  26. Sergey :

    As soon as bites appeared, immediately threw out the couch and processed the entire apartment "Slaughter force." Already two weeks there are no bites. By the way, bites were manifested at the work of the clock in the 12-13 days. So, maybe, and from there brought the guests.

  27. Bagheera :

    After what time does the itch begin after the bite?

  28. Anna :

    Guys, this is tin. The bites are like pancakes, everything hurts. I threw out the sofa, washed floors with bleach, processed furniture (cabinets, etc.), nothing helped. SES only call.

    By the way, this is already 2 years old, and only in the summer. Bugs come, already hysterically straight.

  29. Dana :

    It's from the pigeons that the bugs go, that is, from the roof.

  30. Anyuta :

    Hello everybody! I was about a week ago, sort of, bitten by a bug, and my whole body itched, all over my body. Then all the bites dried up, and again. It's biting or it's allergic to them - it's not clear! They bite me the second time. And than to poison them better and smear the body?

  31. Sanjar :

    The best way to get rid of bedbugs is the means of Palach!

  32. Anton :

    I finished everything after the first bite. But it helped, only for a while. Now at night I look, from where they creep, and persecution.

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