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How does a bed bug bite?

Укус постельного клопа

Each bloodsucking insect has its own eating habits. And bed bugs here are no exception. In the way bugs bite and the consequences of their bites, there are quite a few specific details that not only earned the insects general hatred, but also attracted the attention of scientists.

Anatomy of a bite: feeding a bug under a microscope

The bed bug has a specially piercing-sucking apparatus specially adapted for feeding blood, into which two of its jaws have turned. The whole organ looks like a small pointed tube, strong enough to pierce a person's skin, but unable to pierce the dog's skin. Therefore, in large domestic animals bugs are not parasitic. And the question of whether bugs bite, it is worth responding that they are more likely to be pricked.

The insect itself presses the proboscis outside the feeding process to the lower part of the cephalothorax, making it invisible. Bed bugs and some of their relatives have even a special groove on the cephalothorax, which acts as a special scabbard for the im injection.

During the bite, the bug pierces the skin with a proboscis and tries to reach them to the blood vessel. When he succeeds (and thanks to his ability to feel the tremors of blood in the capillaries he does it masterfully), the parasite sucks up 1-1.5 μl of blood.

In the proboscis of the bug, there are two channels: one for sucking blood, and the second for the introduction of saliva into the wound, which acts as an analgesic. As a result, adult bed bugs bite painlessly for their victim.

After receiving such a portion of blood, the insect moves a few centimeters along the body and repeats the entire operation anew. So the parasite produces a series of 3-6 bites, during which it absorbs up to 7 μl of blood. This portion exceeds the weight of an adult insect by almost two times, and it is enough for a week or a half digestion and rest.

As a result, the bug feeds once every 7-10 days. But how often bites bite, depends on their number in the room - in a heavily infested apartment a person can count on the body more than 500 bites in the morning.

Larvae of bedbugs eat more often and in smaller portions. The smallest of them need to be fed almost daily. It is interesting that the larvae do not inject saliva into the wound when it bites, and the itching begins to be felt by the person even at the very feeding of the insect.

Укус личинки клопа

In general, the bugs that bite people are not always parasites. Known are large poisonous bugs, predators, feeding on other insects. They have the same proboscis as the bed-brothers, with the help of which they suck the contents of their victims. With the same proboscis they are able to bite a person during protection, which will cause severe irritation, sometimes - inflammation and signs of general intoxication. Among tropical predators, species are known that represent a transitional stage between predators and parasites - in addition to eating other insects, they can consume the blood of large animals, including humans.

Signs of a bite: how to distinguish a bite of a bed bug from bites of other insects

Bites of bed bugs are often confused with the bites of other insects. If there are not enough bites, then they can be mistaken for mosquitoes. Although how exactly biting bed bugs, it is easy enough to give them, and their bites are easy to distinguish from the bites of other insects. The main distinguishing features of bites of bed bugs are:

  • series of bites. Due to the fact that the bug sucks blood from several wounds, it leaves a kind of "path" of bites;
  • the number of bites themselves. Bedbugs live in unorganized clusters, and for one night a few insects bite at once;
  • confinement to the night time. Afternoon bedbugs are inactive.

Многочисленные укусы клопа

Укусы постельных клопов

Usually, after bugs have been used on the skin area, irritations and itching appear on the places of bites, which usually last for several hours. And only in rare cases, bug bites can be really dangerous.

What is dangerous bug bite?

The most serious consequences of bites of domestic bugs are possible allergic reactions. In the case of high susceptibility to enzymes introduced by the bug in a bite, anaphylactic shock may even be observed, but only a few similar cases are known. In general, the risk of bug bite does not exceed the bite of a mosquito.

Bedbugs are not carriers of pathogens of human diseases. Although some studies have confirmed the presence of various pathogenic bacteria on the body and in the body, there are no known cases of infection by any diseases with bites in the history of medicine.

In some cases, after biting home bugs, a long-term skin rash may occur. However, much more often, and especially - in women, crawling on their own in bed insects cause mental trauma and a fear of sleep. In addition, because of the inability to sleep, when constantly bugging bedbugs, the affected work capacity decreases and overall well-being worsens.

Sometimes bites can not heal for a long time, and after a few days they start to get sick, get sick, they drain oozing from them. This is already an unambiguous sign that when combing into the wound, an infection has come. In this case, you need to see a doctor.

When and whom do bedbugs bite more often?

Bugs bite almost always at night and early in the morning. Special studies were conducted to answer the question of whether bugs bite during the day, and it turned out that the peak activity of the parasite falls on the pre-shorter hours - from 3 to 7 am. The bright part of the day, insects hide in shelters.

The light itself is, albeit not strong, but a deterrent for bugs. In principle, they can also be fed by light, especially in the morning, but during this period the frequency and number of bites decreases, and insects try to hide in their shelters.

When asked whether all bugs bite, you can definitely say: yes, all people. And the popular opinion that they worry less men, and even more so - that biting selectively carriers of a certain blood group, are erroneous. And that's why.

Men because of denser skin do not always feel bug bites, especially if they are few. In addition, the bed bugs most attracted by the smell of blood. In women, with their thin skin, the smell of blood from the vessels spreads further and faster, and the parasites first of all feel it.

Укусы клопов на ногах женщины

There is no connection between the frequency of bites and the blood group: just the carriers of the first and second groups are generally larger, and therefore the wrong impression can be created that they are more likely to suffer from bedbugs.

Sites of the skin where bed bugs bite are most often found on the back, legs and hands. They usually remain open in a dream. Insects easily get under their clothes, but they prefer bare areas of the body. And if bites of bugs on the body have appeared, it makes sense to conduct their treatment for the early healing and easing of the itching.

Treating bug bites

To treat bites bugs should be only in cases when the eruptions and local inflammations appearing on their place do not pass within two or three days, or cause too pronounced painful sensations. Then they should be processed:

  • any alcohol-containing drug or tincture to ease the pain syndrome;
  • To choose Suprastin, Diazolinum, Dimedrolum or any other antihistamine. This will help relieve inflammation;
  • rinse bitten areas of the body with warm water and soap;
  • Treat bites with any soothing ointment or natural oils: fir, tea tree oil, sea buckthorn.

In no case can you scratch the bites. The wounds themselves will open, and there is a risk of entering the infection. With the development of a generalized allergic reaction, one should already use antiallergens that have been taken before and are familiar to every person and consult a doctor.

How to protect yourself from bites of bed bugs?

The most reliable way to protect yourself from bedbugs is complete disinfestation of the dwelling. Today, for such a procedure, the industry produces a large number of chemical products, but even more reliable and effective will be disinsection by special professional brigades.

It is important to understand that bedbugs are mobile beings. Expelling them from their apartment will not give a full guarantee that they will never appear in it again: from neighbors on ventilation, and in the summer - on the outside walls of the house they can safely move to the apartment again. Therefore, it is better to disinfect pest in an organized manner for several apartments.

Separately, it should be said about travelers. About what to do if biting bugs at cheap hotels, it is said almost in every guidebook. Nevertheless, it is these insects continue to confidently spoil the most romantic evenings on their own trips.

To avoid unpleasant entomological excesses, you should first carefully examine the room in which you plan to stay overnight. In principle, if bed and mattress bedbugs or their eggs are not found, then in this room you can already spend the night. To ensure protection from bites, it will be enough to put the legs of the bed in basins or mugs with water - this will be an insurmountable barrier to parasites. It will also be good to be sprinkled with plenty of deodorant before bedtime: for one night such a measure will scare off most of the not particularly hungry insects. However, if you spend more than three days sleeping, hungry bugs ignore the disgust for strong smells and will come to feed all together. Therefore, the best way to protect against bugs in the journey will be the choice of not the cheapest and dirty hotels and hotels.

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  1. Katarina :

    Thanks for the exhaustive information! :) You have found everything on the site that you wanted to know! We have recently got bugs in our apartment. I almost do not sleep at night, but my husband does not care! Than just did not poison. And ointments, and gels, and liquid substances, of course, helps, but for a maximum of three days! :( Calling SES to persecute all apartments we have a little expensive (the house is a former hostel)! And alone is useless ... maybe you have something will advise?

    • Ales :

      Usual diflofos or device, which is inserted into a socket (such as Raptor from mosquitoes), but it is valid for 14 days.

  2. Natalia :

    I do not know what to do. Every night, and sometimes in the daytime, some insects invisible to the eye bite me, allergies develop on bites, it itches terribly. Now I'm pregnant, and you can not take anti-allergic drugs. They bite only me, my husband - no. I looked at photos of bites, very similar to bedbugs, but examined the bed and did not see any insects.

    • Anonymous :

      Tell me what helped you, I have the same situation. Overwashed and smoothed everything. All were touched, but there are no traces, but at the same time they bite me almost every night, but no one else.

  3. Julia :

    Thanks for the exact information, it really helped) And then these vampires have already overcome)

  4. Maria :

    If getting rid of yourself is a waste of time and money. We called twice to get rid of + bought dust and scattered everywhere. If you have neighbors from the near abroad - wait for "guests", they will come to you soon - checked!

  5. Anonymous :

    Are they definitely not dangerous?

  6. Mary :

    We had bedbugs. Today, the last ones were destroyed.

  7. Anna :

    We bought Raptor. Thought would help, but did not help ((We will buy "GET" - I think we will get rid of them.

  8. Yana :

    And can there be one bite after the bug?

    • Andrew :

      There are no bites from bugs, they bite a lot of paths

      • Anonymous :

        I myself saw several bugs in the apartment, but I only have 3-4 bites of random ones.

  9. Lisa :

    My sister and I could not understand for a whole month what bites us, then we thought we were allergic. Come and check with the doctor. We were told that an allergy, prescribed a lot of expensive ointments (well, of course, our parents hurried to spend the day), smeared with ointment, drank zirtek. And we already calmed down, but the bites did not pass, on the contrary, new ones appeared. And one wonderful day I got up at 4 am to take a walk with the dog, turn on the light, and they all over the sofa (they thought for a long time how they were screwed, because we have a clean family, no pigs). But there were different guests in our house, because the entrance is ugly, they run on their own. Parents suddenly remembered flooding with dichlorvos (all destroyed, leather sofa in trash). A week passed, everything seems to be in order, but again bites started, similar to bugs. But in the house, they are no more. Tell me what to do?

  10. Andrew :

    I'm terrified of them, I write to you: immediately if I withdraw, then in all the apartments, and if only in yours, then there will not be any sense. This will scare them off for a month or two and that's it.
    I advise you to check in all the apartments, and if you have your own house, open the floor ((This is horrible.

  11. Maria :

    I've been bitten all summer by someone! Single bites, form a stiff cone, are very itchy. Can bugs bite like that? Then I found a bedbug on the couch, a month later one more, rummaged the whole house, did not find anything. Just in case, they were poisoned with carbophos. Tell me, is it possible to mistake a bug with some other insect?

    • Sergey :

      To mix up it is complex or difficult, can, from neighbors crawled.

  12. Sasha :

    Damn, where they came from, I do not know. My husband and I bought a baby crib, and after that everything started, terribly.

  13. Catherine :

    At us in SES it is possible to buy means, "Cucaracha" is called. Several years ago, they were taken to them. It helped. Still, they say, tablets "Tubazid" help. It is an anti-tuberculosis drug.

  14. Yuri :

    About a month ago, bites started after midnight, accompanied by a wild itch. And these nits are not similar to those presented on this site. Single bumps on soft areas of hands and feet. One more interesting fact: they bite only me, and do not touch my wife, she says, the allergy is nervous, but I know that this creature exists. And when I catch it and take it, I'll post it on this site!

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