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Photos bites bed bugs

Укус клопа

Bed bug bites are characterized by the fact that in most cases they are confused with the bites of other insects, various rashes on the skin and even traumas, but the real reason is beginning to be thought of as the last thing.

In this case, for a specialist entomologist, the bug bite is fairly easy to recognize, since it has a pronounced specificity.

And it is useful for ordinary citizens of city flats and country houses to learn about this specificity so that at the first bites immediately recognize parasites and take measures to combat them as early as possible. We hope that the photos given in this article will help in this.

On a note

There are cases when bites of bed bugs could not be recognized and confused with chickenpox and allergies, even dermatologists. Still, today with such defeats in hospitals are rarely addressed. Therefore, to know how to look bites bed bugs, it is desirable for everyone.

How bites of bed bugs look like

Bites bugs are similar in appearance to mosquitoes, but are slightly more painful and more clearly delineated. From the side they look like rounded swelling of red color with a prominent knob in the middle (see photo):

Припухлости от укусов клопов

Характерные припухлости от укусов клопов

The main distinguishing feature of bites of bed bugs is their grouping and multiplicity. It is characteristic that during feeding each insect makes several punctures of the skin, sucking a drop of blood from each hole.

The bites of one bed bug are located along one line - more than one insect so does not bite. Characteristic and the number of bites themselves - one parasite makes 3-5 punctures of the skin at a distance of 3-4 centimeters one from the other.

In the photo below, the characteristic bite marks are clearly visible:

Дорожка от укусов клопов на спине

Дорожка укусов

Дорожка укусов клопа на стопе

Bedbugs feed though not organized, but collectively. Therefore, in most cases on the human body in the morning you can find a large number of red swellings, located one next to the other. Specific bugs and "paths" are clearly visible here.

On a note

Bed bugs are several dozen species, but they bite all about equally, and the differences between them are not noticeable without a microscope. And wherever a person bites these insects, their bites always look the same.

But the sensation of a person from bites is more subjective and unequal. As a rule, adult men are less sensitive to such bites, and sometimes they are completely ignored (and do not know how they look). And reddening for the morning are already poorly visible.

Often this is one of the reasons for infecting an apartment building with bedbugs - parasites are planted in an apartment where a person simply does not pay attention to them, and from this apartment they unhindered to creep along nearby.

In general, bedbugs prefer to bite just women and children. They have a thinner skin, closer to it are blood vessels, not so pronounced the smell of the body, which can clog the smell of blood.

Below are a few photos of bitten children bugs :

Клопы покусали ноги ребенка

Укусы клопа на лице

Укусы клопов на ноге ребенка

The people have a prejudice that bedbugs very selectively bite people. This is not true, but men for bedbugs are really a less attractive source of food.


"My poor child suffered from these terrible bites for six months. I could not even suspect that these creatures could appear in the house. All dermatologists in the city were known by name, and only one after the examination firmly said that it was insect bites.

I still thought, they say, what kind of nonsense, what insects in the house in the winter. But when she began to poison the apartment with Dichlorvos, these bedbugs crept from all the cracks. Itself then two weeks sick was, the child coughed, all the same, a poison. But I am so ashamed of him that I have given so many time to these parasites to bite him ... "

Oksana, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky

An adult bug when piercing the skin and the wall of a blood vessel begins to inject saliva into tissues and blood containing natural anesthetics. As a result, during the feeding, the bite of a domestic bug is usually not felt as a victim, and the itching appears only after the saliva components have dissolved, 15-20 minutes after the bite. The insect has time to safely retire from the place of feeding by that moment.

Постельный клоп: фото крупным планом

На фото виден хоботок постельного клопа

It is interesting

The youngest larvae of bedbugs (nymphs) do not know how to inject anesthetics into the place of bite, and therefore especially sensitive people can feel their bite even during the feeding of an insect. However, because of the small size of the nymph, the very piercing of the skin and the wall of the blood vessel is quite painless.

In the photo below, there is a larva, drinking blood:

На фото видна личинка постельного клопа, пьющая кровь

If the bites do not scratch and do nothing, after a few hours they darken, redness and swelling subsiding, and by the end of the day only small dots remain at the puncture sites.

Nevertheless, if the apartment is infected severely, the next night, the bites will appear again, and when their number per night becomes significant, it is unlikely to fail to notice them on their body.

As a rule, bedbugs bite open areas of the skin, and therefore bites are usually placed on the neck, arms, legs, chin. On the back and sides, bites appear more often in people who sleep without pajamas.

However, even in spite of the detailed information on how the bug of a bed bug looks, it can easily be confused with the bites of other bloodsucking or simply stinging insects. Especially when there are not too many such bites. But you can figure out how to distinguish the bites of the main parasites and distinguish them from the bites of bed bugs.

How to distinguish the bites of bugs from the bites of other insects?

The way a bed bug bites makes it possible to distinguish their bites from the bites of other insects.

  • From mosquito bites and fleas bug bites differ in number, grouping and presence on those parts of the body that were covered with a blanket at night. In addition, bug bites are more painful and have a pronounced red color.
  • In comparison with the tick bites, the bugs and punctures, on the contrary, are smaller and softer. In addition, tick bites are most often seen during the feeding of the arthropod. The mite literally plunges its head into the wound.
  • From bites of small wasps and bees bug bites are less painful. Bites of bedbugs simply itch, bites of stinging insects hurt.

From infectious rashes and allergies bites of bugs can be distinguished due to the presence on each red cone, although small, but visible to the naked eye, the point-hole through which the insect was fed. So meticulous and professional dermatologist is unlikely to confuse bites with rashes.

In addition, it is worth noting that bed bugs bite only at night and almost exclusively in the premises. If the bites appeared during the day or after sleeping on a rug on the beach, then most likely, they were caused by other insects.

What are the bites of bed bugs?

No matter how hard scientists tried, it was not possible to prove that bedbugs with bites are able to tolerate pathogens dangerous for human diseases. And this despite the fact that in the body of the bedbugs themselves, and especially in their litter, sometimes very dangerous viruses are found.

Клопы не являются переносчиками опасных заболеваний

Apparently, the bedbugs for many millions of years of evolution have developed mechanisms for protecting their victims. They benefit that people (their food) are healthy.

Nevertheless, a person may have a reaction to bites bugs:

  • Allergic rash, itching and pain. In especially sensitive people, Quincke's edema may develop, an increase in body temperature, and in some cases - loss of consciousness and anaphylactic shock.

On a note

An allergic reaction to bug bites was more or less detected for more than 80% of people on the planet.

  • Involuntary scratching of itching wounds can lead to skin damage, suppuration and inflammation.
  • Iron-deficiency anemia. It appears extremely rarely, for example, with the regular attack of a large number of bedbugs on a small child.

The main consequence of bug bites is sleep disturbance, lack of normal rest and frequent trauma to the psyche: for many people, it is a shock that insects crawl through their bodies and drink their blood.

A little bit about bites of other kinds of bugs

Among the bedbugs in general, bed sheets are not the only ones capable of biting a person. In addition to nocturnal parasites in bed, the following types of bedbugs can cause painful bites:

  • water scorpions - bugs, resembling real scorpions, but living in ponds, lakes and flat rivers. The bite of a water scorpion is very painful, but it is an exceptionally protective reaction of an insect. These bugs do not feed on human blood.
  • Gladyshi - also water bugs , popularly called "water wasps". Their bites are very painful, but they are also produced only in the order of self-defense.
  • Bedbugs are predators, mostly in the tropics and are characterized by a bright color and large size. Bites of certain species can be fatal to humans. These bugs feed on other insects and molluscs. Among them are transitional forms that feed on human blood. For example…
  • Bedbugs-triatoms are notorious kiss bugs (the skin reaction to their bite looks like a trace from a strong kiss), carriers of Chagas disease. From this disease in the tropics of South America, more people die each year than from malaria or any other disease caused by protozoa.

Nevertheless, all these types of bugs, if they bite, only in a natural habitat. In houses, and even more so - in bed, only bed bugs attack a person.

Treating bug bites

In most cases, biting bed bugs is not required. At home, these bites do not threaten anything, and with a quick and effective fight against the bugs will not be repeated.

However, with a strong allergic reaction to bites, it may be necessary to combat allergic consequences.

Аллергия на укус клопа

Particularly relevant is the treatment of bites to travelers, often spending the night in inexpensive boarding houses and hotels, in which there may be bloodsuckers. Occurring sometimes the situation with the inability to observe hygiene the next day after bites can provoke inflammation and suppuration.


"On the last day in Sulawesi, already at the port, we settled into a cheap guesthouse, because normal boarding houses were already closed. A terrible room, stuffed with bedbugs. We were bitten even before we fell asleep. We left the keys on the bed, took our things and went to sleep on the beach ... "

Pasha, Moscow

In all cases, bites of bugs should firstly be washed with warm water and soap, and then greased with alcohol.

Well manifest any softening and soothing ointments: Afloderm, Menovazine, propolis-based gels. Menovazin, by the way, will help if you have an allergy.

In tropical countries, pharmacies should buy any ointments from allergies or insect bites, they give good results.

But the best protection against bug bites is to destroy the insects themselves. To do this, there are many tools today, but you still need to be able to choose the optimal drug among all this variety.

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  1. Tatiana :

    My husband frightened me, he had some red spots, like pimples, and he says that maybe it's bedbugs. I was already frightened, since we have a small child, 8 months old. How do you know if they are there or not?

    • Anonymous :

      I know how to determine this bug or not, because I myself experienced it. Approximately at 11 or at 12 o'clock in the morning it is necessary to examine the bed well, because if these are bedbugs, they themselves will get out first because of hunger. It is easy to see them: large bugs are 5 millimeters long, and small ones can be seen only when they creep.

    • Anonymous :

      You need to look under the skirting boards.

    • Anonymous :

      Dichlorvos well to snort, and find out whether they are or not they.

  2. Anonymous :


  3. Dmitry :

    I was bitten, it's tin! I'm going to get drunk ...

  4. Robert :

    These bastards bitten me for a causal place.

    • Injured :

      We rented an apartment through the Internet in St. Petersburg, for a week in August. It turned out that even the bed linen was not in the apartment, the first night they slept on top of the bedspread, in the morning all the bitten people stood up - there are no grids on the window (1 floor). We thought of mosquitoes, then bought bed linen ourselves, all sorts of Raptors. We lived a week - everything is fine, true, itched all the time, then we went for another week of vacation to our dacha. And too, always baked in the morning bitten. They sinned at the midge small, her husband's back was like a horror film: all in such blisters, again made a discount for midge, mosquitoes, etc. And now we are in Moscow for 2 months after the holiday, and we are constantly someone stings, just like on vacation. It turns out that they picked up the bed tick (they slept in St. Petersburg on a dirty cover), now we also go biting. Tell me how to get rid of it?

      • Nut :

        From the husband you want to get rid of? So his bites will pass and he again from the man from the horror film will become your prince!

      • Anonymous :

        You need all the corners, all mattresses, all clothing proshikat Dichlorvos, or boil 10 boxes of matches and sprinkle everywhere. And bites smear with soda, dissolved in water, in a little warm.

        • Dmitriy :

          You just burn the bed and everything will be fine. But I say that they will not be lost, but just at night, maybe they will not bite you.

      • Anonymous :

        No way

  5. Andrew :

    We went with friends to Europe by car, through all the main countries of Europe. So in Amsterdam, after a night in a (seemingly normal) hotel (though not very expensive) I found four bites on my arm, one under the eye, and one on the eyelid. It was screaming creepy! And the cones were big enough! In general, the hand was itchy at all incredibly, and I combed it finally can in the spinet! Everything was swollen nafik! (and looking at the hand, I decided not to scratch my face, no matter how hard it itched.) It was hard, but I resisted.In general, on the face under the eye it was blown off in a day / two and turned into a pimple with a head. , but still there is something like a bumpkin now, and nothing you can do with it (it's been more than a week) .It was gone by the century, and I combed it on my hands, and the hand was swollen for a week. Now, it seems, stains with sores in the middle. In short, bugs are goats! (and be careful when renting a hotel in Amsterdam. was clean and ironed.If I knew, every inch of the bed would be inspected.

    • CE :

      Bedbugs can be, sorry, in 5 stars. Read what's happening in New York. They are simply hanging from this scourge, especially in recent years. Many already take mini pshikalki with them. And they themselves pshikaat in any hotel. Also, you always ask when checking-in. Do you have problems with bed bugs? They are obliged to tell you the truth. If they tell you - well, yeah, they used to be, now nobody seemed to complain, it's all clear. If the firm "no, absolutely out of the question", then, most likely, everything is OK. And bags in such places it is better not to lay out, but leave on a stool for suitcases.

  6. Luba :

    I have bedbugs in my room, they bite me terribly. Than it is possible to destroy them, not harming the fetus (I am pregnant, for 6 months)?

    • Irina :

      I bought a German household steam cleaner, in which steam reaches 140 degrees, and bugs can not stand at 60-70 degrees. They are very afraid of the hot and die. If you treat the apartment with a steam cleaner once a week for a month and a half or two, the bugs will disappear.

      • Bedbugs in apartment 1 :

        We tried it, too. But the problem is that he did not get bugs inside the mattresses and upholstery. They were there, somewhere inside, they nested their nests. If, of course, somewhere on the shelves under the rugs, then yes. Steam cleaners can help.

      • Irina :

        You are sure that this is possible. I'm pregnant for 5 months. And they bite and bite me. Tell me, what should I do?

    • Bedbugs in apartment 1 :

      But do not you yourself try to get technical alcohol and sprinkle those places from the sprinkler. Eggs from them perish. But, of course, it is unlikely to work out this way. They just will not bite like that. If you sleep on a mattress. Get large technical garbage bags (usually black), cut them, buy tape for pipes and make a big plastic cover for the mattress tightly, pasting all the corners. The very bed (sofa) with legs to put on special plastic stands, they are sold on the Internet. Protect beds from bugs from the floor. Move the bed away from the wall. Clean sheets (often washed, ironed). White, so you can see the tracks and from which side they prop up against you. All pictures, mirrors, frames next to the bed remove (read my comment, we just tried, I'm not afraid of this word - EVERYTHING). Alcohol is such a temporary spare advice. And it's better to leave and completely handle the treatment.

    • Milan :

      Call the service of pest control, always 2 treatments, after 4 hours you can use the apartment. Checked, other methods are a waste of effort.

  7. Bedbugs in apartment 1 :

    We have bugs in the apartment, appeared after a trip and a stop in a suspicious hotel for a couple of days. And there I did not notice anything of this, just smelled the smell of some chemicals on one of the floors. Another thought: can they poison something?
    In general, brought and did not understand themselves, on what and how much. Found bites not immediately. Just something was itching, it was impossible to understand and for some strange points. Only a couple of months later I woke with horror from the fact that something was crawling around my wrist. It was a bug. Leaning the wooden bar from the bed, I found just a clump of clawed excrement. It's strange how they could so quickly breed and still be unnoticed.
    Of course, they bought money, and the most expensive. Filled everything you can, including the mattress. For almost ten days they went to sleep in the living room, with all the precautions. All the laundry was re-washed and dried in an electric dryer under high temperature.
    Returning back to the bedroom, he found a lot of dead under the mattress under the wall. But life in the mattress continued. Packed in the special. A plastic bag with an internal sprinkler ordered from America. No, they even after a month continued to live. A mattress and a bed frame (very expensive, France, had to be thrown away). Since the material already had black characteristic points. The nightmare lasted 2 months. They simply did not retreat. They crossed the rosettes behind us into the living room. Special powder, nebulizers of the most modern firms did not help us. We called the professionals.
    All the sprayed and processed was taken to the balcony. Linen all had to be rewashed, in black bags tied with scotch and also separated from other things.
    Curtains, cornices, furniture. Everything was processed. The apartment could only return after 8 hours. Feeling of disgust, fatigue. Two weeks later the treatment was repeated, just in case. After that they disappeared. The problem is that it is evident that modern bugs have very high immunity and survival. We ourselves even tried the smelly vile Karbofos, which is forbidden to use in homes in the EU, for example. Died only those that specifically hit the product. My advice: believe me, I do not work in this firm and do not get any benefits from this comment. If you just feel that there is a problem and went far - use professionals. We lost a sofa, a bed and a mattress, because it was delayed, and we could not cope ourselves.

  8. Granny :

    Three days ago, specialists were summoned to handle the apartments from bugs. A hot fog. Cold fog and a barrier, and today again a bite and a bug is found. Was it a bad treatment? So much effort and all in vain? Or how to understand this? Tell me what to do.

    • Anonymous :

      After treatment with fog, another week can bite, this is normal. They will die anyway. We are told so, until we see more of them!

  9. Alexey :

    Throw out all the bed with a sofa and burn it.

    • Anonymous :

      You know, to burn is, of course, an option, but I'm sorry, I bought a new couch less than a year ago for 32 thousand and more I do not have that kind of money. So for me this is not an option.

  10. Saule :

    I remember taking pictures of the hostel. And before that they never bitten bugs and did not know how they bite and look. How to live in this hostel for the night I was bitten as if by mosquitoes, then the second night completely body, and 2 nights I had a fever and itching. I called an ambulance, they told me that it was an allergy and they stabbed suprastin. And tomorrow I went to the polyclinic, where Sayran, Almaty. So there my doctor attributed to me from allergies 10 different pills and injections. It made me feel worse. The next day my mother came, she immediately found out that these are bedbugs, immediately processed. I moved and it became easier for me, after 3 days I stopped taking these medications. So, if you do not know yourself, then doctors can set you on fire!

  11. Eugene :

    I work in the guard, watch 30/20, and so, we live in a location, 6 people, and these little scum bite only me. As I just did not work on my bunk, they still bitten me. Yesterday I wake up early in the morning from a wild itch, I was ALL skilful: face, body, arms, legs! This is a complete paragraph! In general, do not waste time, if you find bugs, then immediately call specialists, otherwise there will be tin.

  12. Vladimir :

    Do these creatures live on clothes? Or is it all to be thrown away now?

  13. Olga :

    Buy Reid (I was with lavender). Spatter on the bed in the morning, and in the evening all the rules.

  14. Eugene :

    I think Alexey is right that we need to throw everything away and burn it.

  15. Ruslan :

    In my case (a two-storey house, a bedroom on the second floor) the treatment with chemicals helped. means (red dichlorvos, carbofos, powder FAS and even ordinary chalk from cockroaches) and herb wormwood and tansy. Grasses filled empty spaces behind cabinets and under beds, laid on shelves in cabinets, in pillows and under mattresses. Aerosol chemistry was treated with cracks in the floor, in plinths, rosettes, joints in the bed (had to be developed for processing and then re-assembled), cracks under the cupboards, abutments and joints of the steps of the staircase, etc. Dry chemistry was poured behind the skirting boards, under cabinets, bedside tables. The back walls and the lower surfaces of the cabinets, bedside tables, the lower sides of the steps of the staircase, the string of stairs, thresholds, door and window frames, etc., were smeared. After aerosol treatment, the day did not go into the bedrooms, the doors were sealed around the perimeter with paint tape. To sleep two nights it was necessary in a dining room and a hall, on a sofa and cots, on свежепропаренном linen. A day later, the bedrooms were ventilated, wet cleaned, where necessary. But left dry chemistry, as well as grass in hard-to-reach places.
    It's troublesome, but it helped. The main thing is to process all adjoining rooms at the same time. Necessarily and the neighbors too, if they are, at the same time.

  16. Marik :

    I do not understand yet, bugs or not bedbugs! Tomorrow I'll see what and how. Yes, but these creatures are bugs, parasites - because of them, the mind really breaks down. Then think all the time where he was sitting, who he was ... In short - the horror.

  17. Lena :

    And we even prof. treatment is not the first time helped. They flee from their neighbors.

  18. Lesha :

    Activity starts at night from 23:00 until 3:00 at night. He is not very bitten. How to find out: buy white linen without any flowers, drawings. Large immediately visible, but there are very small, with a millimeter, and those after the bite are red, crushed - blood a little bit. A month ago, he poisoned himself, turned over the entire room - they were found in the couch and carpet. The carpet on the trash can, the new sofa is pitiful, because the apartment is after repair. In the morning, all linen in the laundry from the closet will be thrown, bedding too. Directly throw everything into the tub and fill it with boiling water, from there to the stylalk slowly. Again, handle the whole apartment and sofa. In general, work, work to save money for furniture and disinfection, that's it. Good luck 😐 PS In general, where did they come from, I still think, with the purchase of the couch?

  19. Galina :

    Last year I got rid of it. It was very much, nothing helped, only money was wasted. Then they advised the use of fufanon, bought 15 rubles in a shop of life. This is a Dutch remedy, a pesticide for plants. It helped immediately: it cost less than a hundred for a two-room apartment. A year has passed, yet. Only to process it is necessary all: and sockets, and plinths, and places of chandeliers.

  20. Catherine :

    I read and do not understand ... My legs and arms are bitten, especially under my armpits. Small bites, and I did not feel at all that someone was biting me. The worst thing that looks like a rash, not at all as shown in the pictures.

  21. Jade :

    I was also bitten, almost all night I did not sleep, my whole body itched. Then she got up, turned on the light and found a couple of bedbugs in bed - they were red, full of blood. They were killed immediately. And she began to seek and kill them. It turns out that they come out from under the linoleum and from under the skirting boards, they live under them. They go out hunting in the dark. Then I began not to turn off the light, I slept by the light. The next day I bought a Chinese chalk, smeared them around the pastel lines. She slept quietly. And in the morning I look - they are dead near the border of Chinese chalk, they could not reach me.

  22. Victoria :

    We rented an apartment, we have lived for a long time, we have not noticed it before, but now some people are awful, it's impossible to sleep. What to do, how to get rid of them? Recently, the neighbors have been poisoned, maybe it's that they creep from their neighbor?

  23. Jeanne :

    We rented an apartment with bedbugs, we were bitten completely on the second day. We moved, I, like, put all my blankets and pillows off, and scattered them on the street, and when I put them in my bag I again shook them off. And they moved to another apartment, put all the things in their places and made the treatment. Then, when I was sitting on the couch, I noticed a small insect, I did not have time to catch it. Half a month, no one bitten us, and suddenly three points appeared on the hands of his son. I immediately began to poison, and the next day I saw one bug, killed. No more saw and no stains. My whole body itches almost, but there are no spots, bugs can bite without stains? I almost carried everything to the balcony, except the children's. Help me, please, get rid of bedbugs, I'm worried about children, I have two small children!

  24. Jeanne :

    I also do not know what to do. I was asked to look after the apartment. I went to look and check in the evening. I lay down on the couch watching TV and switched off the light. I look - in front of the nose the bug crawled. Quickly jumped off and turned on the light. And there were so many of them. It's horrible ... Then I shook myself and went home. Now I'm not myself. As a patient I go, I itch. Now I worry: can I transfer them to my home? Tell me please? (( I ask you to.

  25. Alya :

    Month we live with mother-in-law, from the first night noticed that the child is bitten, Combing, smearing BoroPlus, it helps well. To poison her mother-in-law is useless, she has such deposits of old rags that have not been shaken and erased since Brezhnev's time! I'm afraid I'll transfer this apartment from our apartment to ours with things. I'll order processing at that apartment. To the husband I speak, that, probably, in sofas bedbugs, the child bitten and I, and he speaks: "Yes well, can not be! At my mum - yes never! »In general, at all I do not know, how before them to shout. Okay I am, but I feel sorry for the child.

  26. Anonymous :

    How to get rid of them, people? I picked up a friend when I spent the night with her, they were transferred to me :(

  27. Susanna :

    Buy the "Cucaracha" remedy. All friends who encountered such a problem helped! Fill the whole apartment with them, the effect will not make you wait long. The agent, of course, specifically smells, but everything, as in the instructions, and in 6-8 hours there will be no smell. After 2 weeks, repeat. In three different apartments faced and never failed to do this way.

  28. Elizabeth :

    I do not understand, like, and it looks like bites of bedbugs, but here's a husband and a child does not bite, nothing ?! Could this be?

  29. Marcel :

    Tell me, please, and if you throw everything out in the cold? Will it help to get rid of them?

  30. Dimas :

    Of course, it will help, in the army it has always been so, for the whole day, and normal)

  31. Olga :

    I have this joy lasts 2.5 months. Only the hands, shoulders, forearms are scratched. All wrote off on nervous disorders (with three children there are enough problems), plus itch only I. Bites are small, painfully itch and itch, I thought - scabies. Klopov did not observe at all - well, I did not see everything here. I sleep separately on the couch, children in their places separately. A week in a row (it's good to change the schedule) - went out into the day, I sleep at night, from 1:30 I get up and furiously itch. An hour later I fall asleep, but there is no normal sleep-my hands are in blistering blisters. I went to my feet and saw 10-15 bloody points on the sheet, but I did not comb my feet to the blood, I directed the lamp on the sheet closer - and here they are, young and cocky. She took off the sheet, shook it in the bathroom, killed all the remaining ones, she did not bring peace. Well, at least I know the reason for the pic, and then everything is confident - a nervous breakdown, an allergy, and then scabies. For the skin, if there is, then soak the birch broom, after bath / shower rinse with this water, wipe it with bites once or twice a day. Another helps 1-2 tsp. soda on a glass of water - itching and burning.

    Friends, look more attentively at the bed, change bedding often to children, bedbugs do not like smooth surfaces, and decide what to do with yourself, but do not hesitate!

  32. Anonymous :

    Found several bedbugs in the corner of the couch, crushed everyone, inspected the sofa. I live in the hotel, will there be again ?!

  33. Anonymous :

    Damn, he woke up: it seems there is nothing, but then I look at my hands - they are bitten. Then the legs, what is it? Bedbugs?

  34. Anonymous :

    Kapets what, a couple of weeks ago I found a couple of such bites on my cheek, but tonight I look, the whole face in these pimples. We thought with my mother that this is an allergy to tablets, because I'm sick. She went to bed, her hands began to itch, her legs were all red. She climbed to the Internet, read about these creatures. I look at the sheet, and there they are, of any size. I'm giving them pressure. Lord, now I'm terribly afraid to sleep, what kind of punishment is this for God? I'm afraid my mother will say more, but I'll have to, good luck to you and me!

  35. Love :

    I've never encountered such parasites in my life, I've seen everything: cockroaches in a university dormitory, and insects in rented apartments. We bought an apartment, and it so happened that immediately in a new place and became pregnant. I 4 months was excruciated, all was in a speck, and a path, there was a temperature up to 37,7. A lot of doctors ran around: therapists and dermatologists, everyone decided - an allergy to iodomarin, prescribed by a doctor in a women's consultation. They canceled it, the temperature kept still for a month, the spots got smaller, but did not pass at all. We suspected something was wrong when my husband began to become covered with something like that. And then, a couple of weeks later, I saw a bloodstain and a brown beetle on the bed. Husband suggested that it was just the summer began, and the livestock from the street climbed. And I was inspired to watch something in the internet, what a bug! Ёпрст, the bed bug! Caused disinfection, and more we do not have these creatures, in 2 weeks, just in case, conducted a second etch. Call specialists, do not waste energy, nerves and money in vain! It is relatively inexpensive, 2-room apartment cost 2,500 rubles, again for 2 months - for free.

  36. Michael :

    My story began with the fact that I spent the night with a friend for three nights, and he had bedbugs (I did not even know yet what the problem was). I arrived home, the next morning I found two swollen points on my hand, started to google, well, and the conclusions themselves asked for it. For a year now I've been suffering with these bugs. But just the same year I can not fully understand, still they are or not. It seems that the red dots appear on the path, but never more than three (mostly two), and they are always not exactly along the line. In addition, they appear only on the shoulders and back (I sleep without pajamas). These very "bites" I do not itch (only in rare cases), itching does not. In general, I always had spots and spots on my back. Hands, feet, abdomen clean. Sometimes on the sheet I found small brown specks (maybe from acne, how to know). The bedbugs I have never seen. Everywhere I looked, I set the alarm for the night specially-I could not find it.

    And the whole point is that throughout the year we processed many times. Themselves tried to handle, washed all the linen, already a lot of furniture piled up, caused a bunch of times professionals, even once we did heat treatment. So many nerves, forces and money were killed. After all, as it is written everywhere, it is easier to fight at an early stage. But the spots and peculiar paths all appeared smoothly. Mom says that I saw the dead, but I have not seen them and I'm not sure that she saw bedbugs. So, 2 months ago I decided that all this was just a self-hypnosis, and those two points surfaced after a friend, just did not immediately notice. We decided not to do any more processing, see how it will be. Two months passed, like, there were no bites, although at times it seemed that they were. And today I found three points on the shoulder with a path, they all itch (mysticism somehow).

    Forces are no more, but they do not want to get on with them. I want to know whether there is an absolute option to find out whether there are bedbugs, except that they wait until they breed and they do not climb themselves because of all the cracks. HELP!

  37. Anonymous :

    Divorced bugs, spilled everything with diluted vinegar, a month later came from the neighbors. These creatures, probably not to withdraw.

  38. Dmitry :

    Empire-20 or its qualitative analogues. I bought a bottle (expensive, for clearing only!), Then she gave out and sold her year at the hostel. Everyone is happy!

  39. Anonymous :

    At my house, too, bugs appeared after the move. But my sister advised me to buy essential oils in pharmacies (which, I do not remember already, bought different ones) and splashing around the house (sofa, bed, etc.) every day. She said that bedbugs die from steam and frost. It was just winter, I hung all my bed in the yard, and the sofas were treated with a steam iron every day and splashed essential oils. Pah-pah, the bugs disappeared after that. And today came from Almaty, all red from bites bugs in 2 days. Now again, I'm worried if I grabbed bedbugs with a suitcase ...

  40. Anonymous :

    Tin, very much the bite bite.

  41. Ruslan :

    As I understand you, it's very difficult to get rid of them! If they are in the apartment of a multi-storey building, and you have killed them with all kind of poisonous chemicals against bedbugs, thus revealing skirting boards, wall-paper - it's not a fact that you got rid of them. Before you start to blame, run around neighbors on your floor, upper and lower floors. Find out if anyone had these "vampires". Otherwise, everything will be bestolku, because they creep from apartment to apartment. I so lohanulsya - 3 times, but it turned out that the neighbor from the top (Old ladies elderly) their pond a dozen, and then, she does not live on my apartment. It's a shame, so much waste. Poison is now dear to these bedbugs. Yes, and DICHLOPHOS does not help!

  42. Anonymous :

    Carbophos will definitely help with bedbugs. Dichlophos are sold, but some with the smell of carbophos. Pshikayte different dichlophos to the bedbugs are not accustomed to acting on them for some reason the Russian production of dichlorvos. To be faithful - Dohloks gel! In order not to spoil the furniture, put on the sheets of paper, spread out. Dichloride once a week. A maximum of six months - will lead. They will all die in descending order. Do not forget to crush the eggs, not with a fingernail, but squeeze.

  43. Anonymous :

    They fell on bugs in a rented apartment. Have tried already a lot of any means, but the impression is that they have resistance to all pyrethroids and even cypermethrin-containing drugs. Meshenka "Mashenka" kills them, but not all. The same with other drugs. Study the tables of active substances and insecticide formulations before buying.

    And yet it is necessary to process it to reduce their number and localize. If you have warm-blooded animals or birds - give it to someone until you can cope with bedbugs. Do not torture them or yourself. Leave it - you risk either poisoning, or bugs will be eaten and multiplied by them.

    Have patience, prepare to overcome depression - any bugs that swell from their bites can drive them into depression from impotence in a few days.

    The ferry is not everything and will handle, but something he just spoils. The option of moving and "waiting until they die of hunger" is better not to try - there is too much risk to transport them with you. Bedbugs are extremely tenacious, they have many different behaviors (some bite almost into open places when sleep, others to closed ones, others jump from the ceiling, fourth bites even during the day, and so on). Adult individuals without food can live their entire life - about 18 months. Fertilized females can delay pregnancy and breed when the food appears.

    Next - to release enough space in the room. At this place on the floor you have to sleep on an inflatable rubber mattress. We buy special non-drying glue, for example, NoRat, type from mice. Absolutely non-toxic, but so tacky that it is best to wipe it off with fine salt. From the wool - only solvent, or gasoline. Tapes from flies in general in flight - I experienced, bedbugs are able to overcome them. You paste the floor on the contour with paper tape, apply a layer of this glue 2-3 mm thick on the adhesive tape. All the cracks and damage to the floor inside this circuit is pasted with paint tape. If the floor is dark - think about how to make it light, ideally almost white (yes at least a film). Blow up the mattresses and sleep on them inside such circuits. In the mornings, if there are bites, look at mattresses and bed linens, and that it is impossible to see - at least until the evening in the freezer from -18 to -20. As an option - an oven, but it is extremely fire dangerous. Make sure that everything is in good time to get wet. The idea is that the blood inside the drunk bug freezes and breaks it. We checked on ourselves - in one room "cleanly" for 4 months already.

    That is, they are the bait for them. There are no other baits for bugs! Behavior patterns of bedbugs are very different, so think carefully about the words "helps to control the number of bedbugs". That is, some individuals and truth will crawl into the bait, but others will not even pay attention to it.

    It advises bright clothes and light sheets. Sheets - practice showed that we in the mornings collected the maximum number of bedbugs from a maroon sheet. Terry towels are also effective instead of pillows. If the floor is light, and around an insurmountable outline, then at least small and medium bugs are hidden in clothes and bed linens. It is difficult to lure so big - you need to wait about 1.5 months until they get hungry so much that they decide to cross the contour. Some stick, but not much.

    Chemistry, in my opinion, is ineffective and has a lot of side effects: allergies, drowsiness, increased hair loss, can be deadly to pets.

    Do so that they can freely get to you inside the contour, jumping from sofas, tables, other furniture, but back - only through glue. Even hungry bedbugs do not jump horizontally, and these 2-3 mm glue for them are irresistible.

    Still from effective methods - to entice bedbugs on sofas, and then to coat sofas with polyethylene, yes without cracks. Cut the rooms, where they are, from the rest: glue lines - on the floor near the exits, and on the walls, ceiling and legs of furniture - regular polyethylene scotch. Bedbugs on it slip.

    If there are no barriers, and you are not bitten for at least a month - then we can assume that you coped with the bedbugs. Periods of feeding bugs - from daily for small to 5-7 days for adults, 30-day individuals. Remember that 20% of people do not even feel bites. And the bugs bite and successfully reproduce. Separate such people, when you check, there are bugs, or have already died.

    This summer we already got rid of this rubbish, but in October, it seems, from the neighbors, came new ones. Already asked, but it is natural that the neighbors will remain silent and are unlikely to agree on the grass bugs - they are more likely to be afraid of squabbles and lawsuits. The bluntest ones will blame you for everything and even threaten you.

    It's good and bad that no one can prove anything in practice. The case when you just moved in, and there have already been hundreds of bugs for several years, can not even be considered - it's so hard not to notice and not smell when looking at the apartment.

    I wish you strength and successful struggle with bedbugs!

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