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Bug bites

Are bugs capable of biting domestic animals (cats, dogs, chickens)?
Способны ли клопы кусать домашних животных (кошек, собак, куриц)?

Bed bugs are known as extremely unpleasant human parasites - they not only do not allow to bite their bites, but also cause serious skin irritations and even disorders of the nervous system (including those associated with restless sleep). But do pets bugs bite and can they cause them the same inconvenience as they do to a person? Let's understand ...

Allergic reaction to bug bites
Аллергическая реакция на укусы клопов

When bites bed bugs, especially numerous, the case is often not limited to redness of the skin and a slight itch. Often there is a much more serious response of the body in the form of allergic manifestations, including with increased body temperature, rash, and sometimes more serious symptoms. Why does an allergy to bug bites occur and what should I fear? Let's understand together ...

Ointments for the treatment of bites of bed bugs
Мази для лечения укусов постельных клопов

Which drug is best to choose from a variety of ointments, gels and creams to effectively get rid of the effects of bug bites? After all, each drug has its own specific composition and a certain dosage form. The article offers an overview of the most well-known ointments, gels and creams for treatment after bug bites.

Characteristic symptoms with bites of bed bugs
Характерные симптомы при укусах постельных клопов

With the bites of bed bugs, even in the 21st century people have to face quite often. Even if the insects have never been in the house, they can bite on trips, on a visit or in a hotel room. It is important to be able to immediately distinguish their bite from the bites of other insects and allergic reactions in order to take appropriate measures in time.

Bites of bed bugs in children
Укусы постельных клопов у детей

Bites of bedbugs in children can cause a variety of skin and general allergic reactions. And the smaller the child, the more pronounced will be the reaction to the bite. The treatment for insect bites is generally universal and suitable for all children. Parents should know their names and how to use them.

Bites of bugs and their treatment
Укусы клопов и их лечение

The main trouble that bed bugs cause is their bites. They are not only unpleasant, but also disrupt normal rest. Sometimes these bites can be dangerous and painful. It is clear that with the bugs immediately begin to fight. But before they are completely destroyed, bites on the body themselves need to be processed. Let's see what exactly ...

Photos bites bed bugs
Фотографии укусов постельных клопов

Bites of bed bugs are very unpleasant. Itching, sometimes - pain, frustration in the morning, fear of bed in general - these are just some of the possible consequences. In this case, the bites themselves are not always easily recognized by urban residents and are often confused with the bites of other insects.

How does a bed bug bite?
Как кусается постельный клоп?

Bites bugs have a number of characteristic features, which in many respects distinguish them from the bites of other insects. The article details the mechanism of the bite, as well as answers to the questions: how much these bites can be dangerous for a person, how to treat affected areas of the skin and how not to become a food for bloodsuckers in the future.

Among the bites of different insects bites bugs can not be called the most painful, nor the most dangerous. However, those who bugs bite, agree to anything, just to not survive this again. Why?

Firstly, the bites of bed bugs very long and itch and often cause an allergic reaction. Secondly, bugs bite entire units, leaving a large number of bites after one attack. Commonly covered with red dots, the back, the leg or the side of the body is quite an ordinary situation.

And, finally, bites bugs do not give a normal sleep. Few people like to wake up every five to ten minutes from itching in a new place and realize that insects creep under the blanket ...

Scientists today assure that bedbugs never infect humans with dangerous diseases. We can say that these parasites are worried about us as a source of food. But in themselves, their bites are like a disease, but for a person in whose dwelling these insects live - a chronic illness accompanied by insomnia and depression. Therefore, bites themselves must be able to treat, and most importantly - to avoid them, before destroying the parasites in the room.

A whole section of our site is dedicated to bug bites, their consequences, potential dangers and methods of treatment. Here you can learn how to distinguish the bites of bugs from the bites of other parasites (eg, fleas and mosquitoes), what means you need to process the wounds themselves and how to get rid of an allergic reaction. This will help those readers who have bugs at home, and those who accidentally during trips and travels are in places infected by these parasites.


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