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Powders for the destruction of cockroaches: an overview of effective means
Порошки для уничтожения тараканов: обзор эффективных средств

Often experienced wrestlers with cockroaches purposefully look for insecticides in the form of powders, while ignoring aerosol preparations, gels and sticky traps. And this has its own logic: firstly, people of old hardening remember the poisonous Soviet dust, from which it is not that the cockroaches, but even the mold on the ceilings died out. Secondly, many powders from cockroaches can be bought relatively inexpensively, and the effect with proper application can be really high. And, finally, most powdered preparations used to bait cockroaches are practically odorless and do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere (which can not be said, for example, of many terribly smelling aerosols). Let's see how good, in general, insecticidal powders are good when fighting cockroaches in practice and we will figure out which of these drugs are most effective ...

White cockroaches in the apartment - what kind of albino are these?
Белые тараканы в квартире – что это за альбиносы такие?

Meeting with a white cockroach in an apartment for many people is a big surprise: an insect of a red color will not surprise anyone, but a strange translucent albino can be perceived almost as a mutant that has come out of the sewage system or has become so from the use of pesticides. In fact, everything is not so scary - let's see why homemade cockroaches are sometimes white and how this is explained from a biological point of view ...

Dichlorvos and its use from cockroaches: reviews and instructions
Дихлофос и его применение от тараканов: отзывы и инструкция

At one time, in the absence of worthy analogues, Dichlophos, as a remedy for cockroaches, was so popular that its name in the people became a household name - even today aerosol insecticides in cylinders are often used in the old way as Dichlorfos, even if the drug has nothing to do with this trademark. And we must pay tribute to the old Soviet Dikhlofos: he worked really well, and cockroaches mowed reliably. Today, on the market, you can find on sale new modern Dichlofos (Varan, Neo, Eco, etc.) - let's see if they have become better, do they really allow to effectively destroy cockroaches and what, in fact, differ among themselves ...

Insecticide chalk from Mašenka cockroaches and reviews about its use
Инсектицидный мелок от тараканов Машенька и отзывы о его применении

Known since the Soviet times, the chalk Masha - perhaps one of the most popular means in the people for breeding cockroaches. In part, his popularity is an echo of times of total deficit, when people had to choose between Dichlophos and chalk (and the choice often fell in favor of chalk due to lower cost and ease of use). However, Mashenka is still buying quite actively today - first of all, because this insecticide pencil really helps to massively destroy cockroaches, especially if treated with it correctly ...

Choose an effective poison for cockroaches
Выбираем эффективную отраву для тараканов

If you are already tired of fighting cockroaches and, apparently, tried every possible poison, and the result was not received - it means it's time to find out about really effective drugs, the use of which helps to solve the problem even in the most neglected cases. Let's see what means it makes sense to pay attention first and, most importantly, how to combine them competently in order to achieve the most pronounced result in a short time ...

Effective remedy for cockroaches Global (Globol)
Эффективное средство от тараканов Глобал (Globol)

Geli from cockroaches are for today one of the most effective and safe ways of struggle against insects in an apartment. The product of the German manufacturer of gel from cockroaches Globol - a vivid example of this. Let's look at this tool in detail ...

Disinsection of premises from cockroaches - where to apply for processing?
Дезинсекция помещений от тараканов – куда обращаться за обработкой?

When an independent struggle with cockroaches does not give the desired result (or there is simply no time or health to do it), professional disinsection of the premises usually comes to the rescue. Sanitation from cockroaches by the specialists means it is possible to remove annoying insects even in the most severe and neglected cases - including when pests massively crawl from neighboring infected apartments. But we will now talk about how to choose the appropriate disinfestation service and interact with it correctly ...

Insecticidal smoke bombs for the destruction of cockroaches in the apartment
Инсектицидные дымовые шашки для уничтожения тараканов в квартире

Among numerous means from cockroaches insecticide smoke bombs are today, perhaps, the least known to the consumer. And this is quite understandable, because most people are used to poison annoying insects with aerosols, crayons gels, or, in the end, just to conduct a long battle with cockroaches using a sneaker and a vacuum cleaner. However, it should be borne in mind that with the right approach, the use of special smoke cans completely destroys cockroaches indoors in just a day, and the effectiveness of such checkers is not inferior to the means of professional disinsection ...

Why cockroaches are often called stasikas - about the origin of this nickname
Почему тараканов нередко называют стасиками – о происхождении этого прозвища

Thanks to a very long acquaintance with the man cockroaches managed to draw a huge number of very different nicknames around the world. And if in strict scientific terminology, each species is most often referred to depending on the characteristics of its anatomy, appearance or origin, the common folk names of cockroaches sometimes puzzles even professional linguists. To explain, for example, the origin of the names "stasiki", "shuriki" and "zhevzhiki" is not so simple. But we will try to shed some light on such etymological secrets ...

How many cockroaches can be hatched from one egg?
Сколько тараканов может вылупиться (родиться) из одного яйца?

Few people know that cockroaches do not breed as easily as most other insects: in the course of evolution, a simple cycle of "egg-larva-adult individual" was diffused by some features that do not occur together in any other group of their close or distant relatives. Therefore, often there are questions about how many cockroaches hatched from one egg and how such eggs look. Let's understand ...

Not so long ago it seemed that the cockroaches seemed to have disappeared from most of the major cities. And if in the 90 years they were almost in every third house or apartment, then in a dozen years the situation with cockroaches has improved significantly. Like cockroaches gone somewhere.

In fact, the struggle with cockroaches never ended, there were only periods of increase and decrease in the number of their populations, due to completely natural causes. The general standard of living of the urban population, the successes and achievements of the chemical industry (the development of highly effective insecticides), the emergence of populations of cockroaches resistant to individual poisons - all this, superimposed on each other, leads to varying success in fighting cockroaches.

And today, many residents even of modern houses and apartments, both in megacities and in small towns, are forced to put up with uninvited guests, who feel almost like masters in the kitchen. Well, if you find out in this your situation, then it's time to take drastic measures to get rid of cockroaches, and our site is ready to help you in this.

Before taking on the destruction of cockroaches, you must clearly understand the entire plan for the forthcoming procedure. From the choice of method and means will depend not only the success of the whole process, but also the safety of the procedure for residents and pets.

If you think that it's enough to buy one can of Dichlofos and stick it to the skirting boards, then we will be glad to see you on our site in a week or two. Continuing frisky run around the kitchen cockroaches will show you the inefficiency of this approach.

So, it's time to use something more effective, safe and modern against cockroaches!


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