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Gels for fighting cockroaches

Гели от тараканов

Today, there are many tools for fighting cockroaches, and when choosing one of them there is a reasonable question whether it is sufficiently effective and at the same time safe for humans. From the variety of aerosols, powders, chalks, traps and gels for the destruction of cockroaches, it simply dazzles in the eyes. How to choose the best remedy?

Very popular in the people and democratic for the price of traps for cockroaches , as well as insecticide crayons (pencils), unfortunately, are the least effective in combating a large number of insects because of the relatively low content of insecticides. But for the same reason they are the least toxic to humans.

Aerosols and gels from cockroaches have a higher efficiency. Literally a few minutes after spraying the spray cockroaches start to run out of their secluded corners and die.

However, although insecticides in the form of aerosols guarantee the rapid destruction of adult cockroaches and are convenient to use, they do not affect already laid eggs, and their aftereffect is not as long as in gels. The main drawback of aerosols lies in the fact that when they are sprayed willy-nilly, a person will inhale poisonous vapors.

So, the testimonies of those who tested their effect on themselves eloquently confirm that even with a respirator or a towel after the procedure of expulsion and destruction of cockroaches, you begin to cough like a tuberculosis patient. In addition, poisonous and highly allergenic pairs of insecticides can easily penetrate the neighbors through the ventilation system.

Deserved reputation in the people use insecticidal gels, sold in tubes or in large syringes.

Гель от тараканов в шприце

They are ready to use, and a few drops of gel from the cockroaches in the syringe, dotted at some distance from each other around the perimeter of the premises quite quickly (about a week) will clear the apartment from uninvited guests.

In the gels, in addition to the insecticide, there is a fat base to prevent drying, as well as food attractants that attract parasites to the smell. This form is very economical, since the agent applied to the surface retains its properties for several months.

Gels against cockroaches do not have such a toxic effect on humans as aerosols, although they also need to follow security measures when handling them. The composition of many gels includes a special bitter substance, the purpose of which is not to allow it to be eaten by young children or pets.

Popular gels against cockroaches

The "Global", "Raptor" and "Absolute" gels are based on a strong insecticide chlorpyrifos , which penetrates into the insect by intestinal contact and causes serious disturbances in the work of the nervous system. These rather effective ghouls from cockroaches kill not only the individuals who came directly into contact with them, but also those in the nest that touched infected brethren.

Thus, a peculiar chain mechanism for the destruction of cockroaches is realized.

In the funds "Dohloks" and "Brownie" the basis is the insecticide fipronil, and the gel "Combat" is based on the substance hydramethylnon. Both of these substances affect insects during eating, and also in contact with their chitinous coverings. In this case, the work of nerve cells and the violation of the basic functions of the nervous system are blocked.

Her complete paralysis in the insect occurs a few hours after the insecticide has entered the body. Thanks to the delayed action of the insecticide, the cockroach manages to return to its nest and hit its other inhabitants.

"Global" gel

A very popular remedy for cockroaches, the gel "Global" is produced in a 75 ml plastic tube with a sharp tip for easy application, has a faint chocolate smell and cream-brown color due to the content of cocoa butter in it as a fat base.

Гель от тараканов Глобал

The complex component composition of the gel and German origin determined the relatively high price of this product (about 150 rubles). According to the manufacturer, the gel is absolutely safe for people and does not cause allergies.

Bitter substance in the composition will not allow to eat a large amount of this remedy to small children and pets (if they accidentally stumble upon it), and even getting into the stomach of a pet, the gel "Global" does not cause severe poisoning.

With the help of one tube you can clean up from the cockroach colony up to 80 square meters. m.

Gel from cockroaches "Raptor"

Buy a gel from cockroaches "Raptor" is easy both in the market and in special stores. A tube of 75 ml will cost about 140 rubles, and it should be enough for two standard rooms.

Гель от насекомых Раптор

The manufacturer promises up to 8 months of active action. In addition, the pointed tip of the tube allows you to use it in hard-to-reach places, for example, behind skirting boards.

To actively attract insects, the manufacturer uses natural aromas of apricot and vanilla. Pleased with the fact that the product can easily be removed from furniture and other surfaces after a while without a sticky trace.


I bought a gel "Raptor" in the supermarket closest to me, but I could not think that this remedy would be so effective. For several years I was looking for a good remedy for cockroaches, because they constantly climbed from neighbors. Periodically processed all surfaces in the kitchen by various means, including a bunch of balls of mashed potatoes and boric acid, crayons, traps. The effect was approximately the same: first everything was good, and the insects disappeared, but with the onset of the cold season they again appeared. And now for three years, I forgot about them completely after processing all the "hot spots" with this super means.

Gel "Raptor" like its light and pleasant apricot smell, very well removed from the surfaces a couple of weeks after application.

Absolut-gel in the fight against cockroaches

Insecticide "Absolut-gel" with a thin comfortable tip is also very expensive (about 130 rubles.), But has a volume of 125 ml, i.e. it should be enough for several rooms or rooms.

Абсолют-гель в шприце

To apply "Absolute-gel" it is necessary to point on the route of insects or in the places of their supposed congestion. This gel starts to be active on the second day after surface treatment, but the greatest effect will be manifested in a couple of weeks.

If you use the product correctly, then in about a month there will not be a single cockroach left in the apartment.

Gels from cockroaches Domovoi and Dohloks

Gels "Brownie" and "Dohloks" are a viscous mass in a syringe with a volume of 20-30 ml, which is sufficient for processing 50 square meters. Although the volume of these funds is not too large, but the price is quite democratic (about 30 rubles.).

Гель от тараканов Домовой

Гель Дохлокс

Buy gels from cockroaches "Dohloks" and "Brownie" can be almost anywhere, they are very common: from the bazaar to special stores (for example, veterinary drugstores).

The residual effect of these gels lasts about 2 months.

Feedback on the gel "Dohloks":

What we have not tried in the fight against cockroaches: the whole apartment was painted with various "Masha", everywhere there were traces of boric acid powder, but nothing helped! Relatives advised to try this syringe with Dohloks gel. After I missed all the cracks and plinth, just a day later I noticed the disappearance of these parasites from the kitchen. Thanks to the "Dohloks" for 5 years there are no cockroaches. In the house at the time of treatment, this means were children and pets, and no one was poisoned, all were healthy.

The tool "Combat Roach Killing Gel"

Despite the relatively high price (about 100 rubles), this tool is quite popular among the people, and the reason is its high efficiency.

Combat Roach Killing Gel

Due to the presence of this brownish goose liver gel, there is an active attraction of cockroaches to the poison. The impact of modern insecticide hydramethylnon leads to rapid death of cockroaches and practically does not cause resistance in insects.

The shape of the syringe allows you to apply the product in hard-to-reach places without effort.

However, the manufacturer's urgent recommendation to use the gel along with the Kombat traps for a better effect is a bit puzzling.

"Fas" gel and gel from cockroaches "Kapkan" (otherwise - "Sturm-gel-paste paste")

These agents have a gel-like cream or beige color. And "Fas" and "Kapkan" contain two highly active insecticide of different chemical nature in its composition (diazinon and cypermethrin) - in case of resistance of cockroaches to one of the substances.

Гель от тараканов Фас

From these two substances it is believed that cypermethrin paralyzes the nervous system of both adults and larvae. The action is the same as with the previous remedies - intestinal-contact. The use of one 75-ml tube is calculated for an area of ​​90 square meters. m.

Капкан штурм-гель-паста

The residual effect lasts about 2 months. According to people who used "Captain" from cockroaches, the remedy works perfectly. A little alarming low price (about 30 rubles.) And the presence of two types of insecticides in the composition, which can be toxic not only for cockroaches, but also for pets or small children.

In addition to the funds already listed, you can always find many others on the market, instructions, advice from friends or reviews on the Internet will help you navigate.

Regardless of what kind of cockroach gel is used, you need to remember the precautions when applying it (gloves, respirator). However, even the best tool will not help if the kitchen has a dripping faucet or a leaking pipe, which creates permanent sources of water for parasites.

Simple rules (not to leave food in free access, regularly take out trash, install mosquito nets on windows and small nets on ventilation holes) in combination with the use of modern insecticides will help get rid of cockroaches for a long time.

To record "Gels for fighting cockroaches" left 16 comments.
  1. Hele :

    Absolute-gel, for example, can be quite effective. In addition, it is non-toxic. And it can be used at home without leaving the apartment. Another advantage is the price. It is cheap enough. It differs hygienic, so it can be used without risk.

  2. ket :

    Combat commander. The best of all means that I tried in the fight against cockroaches. The effect is visible on the 1st week! Economical in use. I advise.

  3. PROX :

    More effective than the gel "Global" I have not met, I'm sure in this tool for one hundred percent. But one of these days I saw a cockroach in the kitchen under the electric kettle - we live in a new 17-storey building. house, perhaps, "good neighbors" brought. Rushed for a "global", but nowhere this tool is not found - neither in the market, nor in the shops, has bypassed everything that is possible. The feeling of disappointment can not be conveyed in words.

  4. Yana :

    And I liked globol gel, a really very effective tool. The apartment is always clean, but the neighbors "piglets" - constantly cockroaches from them to us run: (And only this tool helped. For more than half a year I do not see these creatures in my apartment. The main original to buy is a hologram should be.

  5. Bella :

    A few years ago, all the cockroaches disappeared after treatment with dolichoks. But recently, again appeared, neighbors hold tenants a man of 15, dohloks for some reason did not help, cockroaches became much smaller, but they are. I will look for another remedy.

  6. sergei :

    What is the most effective remedy for cockroaches? Tried dichlorvos without a smell, spent 5 cylinders, and the results are minimal. We bought an apartment, but we can not withdraw it. It seems that they will bring us out soon. Help, tell me how to effectively get rid of them, with little financial costs. Thank you in advance!

  7. Michael :

    Dear readers! As a professional disinfector, I will give you a small educational program. Cockroaches can be poisoned only once a month, otherwise you will feed them and after six months you will have to slap them. Read the composition on the tube, try not to repeat the treatment with the same composition. Do not use sprays or plastic containers (traps). Optimal efficiency is achieved by the joint application of the gel and glue trap. The maximum efficiency is the calling of the disinfectant, and then the installation of glue traps.

  8. Vlad :

    Michael, and why if you poison, more often than once a month to feed?
    Disinfectants came and poisoned everything. The cockroaches remained. Now you have to endure a month? Why can not any gel (or several different) walk through all the cracks? Is it possible that resistance to all these poisons will appear so quickly?

  9. Alina :

    Helen Kapkan poisoned the cat, and write that it is safe. Now we are treating it, but the condition does not improve ((What is its antidote?

  10. Alma :

    I used the "Diazinon-60" e. After this, the funds have not seen these parasites (cockroaches) for more than half a year. Now I just can not find this tool. How can I find, help, please. Friends ask.

  11. Maqsud :

    I used the most expensive, Rubit, action - zero%. I already want to leave the apartment myself. Experts are called 2 times a year, tried almost everything, a maximum of 4 months, and again appear, neighbors ...

  12. Light :

    The same story, the year we are fighting with cockroaches, 5 times the service came, and the effect was zero. Not for one day do not disappear. So we also think that we need to move out, survive. Cockroaches became monsters.

    • Anonymous :

      Try ordinary boric acid, or make from it balls: yolk, potatoes, oil slightly + boric acid, do not regret, more.

  13. Light :

    The first thing to do is repair, remove all the cracks, remove moisture, all the crumbs and garbage. Well, poison. Gel Fas, Taiga, you need to look for what "your" cockroaches are still sensitive.

  14. Light :

    Call the service and poison it with a steam (fog), and not to pshikali. At the girlfriend was their heap, now lives easy, has helped or assisted from 1 time.

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