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What remedy for cockroaches is the most effective?

Несколько советов по выбору эффективного средства от тараканов

Select an effective remedy for cockroaches today is not difficult: because of the high competition in the market, manufacturers are literally forced to produce really powerful and effective drugs. However, in each specific case, the best remedy for cockroaches will be different, since the situation with the contamination of the apartment may not be the same, and the needs of the owners themselves vary.

Therefore, the best remedy for cockroaches is selected for a whole range of criteria:

  1. Efficiency is the most important criterion of choice. If the tool is ineffective, no matter how safe, affordable and easy to use, it does not make sense to buy it. A vivid example is ultrasonic scarers. They are all good, but they do not allow getting rid of cockroaches .
  2. The speed of action is an ambiguous parameter, but it is for this reason that customers often stop at a particular facility. Someone needs to corrode cockroaches in a day to immediately clean the room, someone is not critical and you can carry out the destruction gradually. Accordingly, the best remedy for cockroaches can be chosen only by a person who has a specific time and purpose.
  3. Safety - even the most effective means against cockroaches will be inapplicable if it is necessary to wear not just ordinary respirators but gas masks and chemical protection suits for its use.
  4. Easy to use, which often becomes the main parameter for choice. After all, rather than a week to track the movement of insects on the apartment, half a day to mold poisoned baits and lay them in pre-prepared places, which is easier to popsikat in an apartment with an aerosol and achieve the desired effect.
  5. Price. Often an effective remedy against cockroaches in an amount capable of destroying pests in the entire apartment costs about the same as the call of a professional pest control team.

So let's look at the drugs that are as effective as possible, safe, easy to use and affordable for almost everyone . And already from them we will choose, what means from cockroaches is better in a concrete situation.

Gel from cockroaches: efficiency and safety

By combining their properties, gels are, perhaps, the best means for getting rid of cockroaches indoors. They do not require the temporary evacuation of all residents, low-risk, inexpensive and at the same time very effective.

Шприц с гелем от тараканов

Insecticidal gel is a powerful remedy for cockroaches because it is likely to enter the digestive tract of an insect. Gels have an attractive scent for insects, and therefore pests get on them more readily than even on crumbs of bread left on the table.

Each gel contains one or another insecticide, and it is its effectiveness that determines the effectiveness of the entire remedy. Sometimes one particular gel may be ineffective, but due to the low price one can always try several brands and choose the most powerful ones from them.

The following brands of gels are the most well known and demonstrated themselves:

  • Gel-paste Sturm, which consists of two insecticidal components of different nature, which makes it almost universal. A sure remedy for cockroaches, even in serious cases. The cost of such a paste - 25 rubles for a syringe weighing 75 grams. Капкан штурм-гель-паста от тараканов
  • Gel Fas - a similar product, also an effective remedy for cockroaches, produced in tubes of 75 ml. Its cost is about 65 rubles. Гель Фас
  • Gel Globol, a German super cure for cockroaches. Its cost is quite high - 200 rubles per 100 gr. tube, but the effectiveness can successfully kill cockroaches, even with a strong infection of a large apartment (on tests, one drop of it enough to destroy up to 500 cockroaches). Немецкий гель от тараканов Глобол

Gels are practically safe for animals and children due to the fact that they add special bitterness, which the cockroaches do not notice, but if they get into the language of a child or a four-legged friend, they will force him to spit and never again collect drops of gel from the floor.


"We pissed off while they eradicated all the cockroaches. I was afraid to apply chemistry, put all kinds of traps. It is clear that the sense of them was not. At the forum we were advised by Globol gel, I was afraid at first that a little pick and poison. But already two months as I put or render it or him every two weeks, and never anything was. But the Prusaks die from him better than from Dichlophos. "

Maria, Kirov

Gels should be applied in places where the Prussians can easily encounter them, with dashed lines with a distance between drops of 5 to 20 cm. These products do not contain fats, and therefore, after removing them with a damp rag, spots do not remain on the application sites.

Choose to apply the gels should be in cases where the fight against cockroaches is planned to be carried out gradually and without removing the tenants from the premises. In these situations, they will be preferable to pencils and dusts, and are more effective than traps.

The downside of gels is that they do not allow a quick disinfestation of the room . The first dead insects in the room will appear on day 2-3, and the peak of the action of the remedy will be 2-3 weeks after its application. Therefore, if you need to destroy the Prusaks in a few hours should be used more lethal remedy for cockroaches. For example, aerosols ...

Aerosols: when speed is required

The main advantage of aerosols is the high rate of damage to insects. The pest can still think, eat a drop of gel, or not, but he can not breathe. And it is with air into his lungs that the poisonous substance penetrates aerosols. That's why professional tools for the destruction of cockroaches are all aerosols.

Преимущество аэрозолей - высокая скорость уничтожения насекомых

In general, we can say that when speed is required, the best remedy for cockroaches is an insecticide spray.


"Never give the apartment to the gastarbeiters. Not only will you have nine instead of three people, so even the parasites will come running. In a year's time, the entire apartment of the Prussians was infected, although before that there had never been any. Imagine a picture: a day the realtor will lead people to look at the room, and we have cockroaches on foot walking. I had to buy Raid a few cylinders and propshikat the whole apartment, and then urgently all to wash and clean the dead Prusakov ... "

Alla, Mytischi

Preparations for home use have several distinctive features. They:

  • either do not have a smell, or smell nice. Therefore, Dichlophos and related substances have already sunk into oblivion and are used today only by big fans of antiquity.
  • Do not require special equipment and are sprayed or from the bottle in which they are sold, or from a bottle from under normal detergent.
  • They are safe, and even with a violation of safety regulations, they can hardly lead to serious poisoning.

Nevertheless, to treat the room with spray, it is necessary to remove all animals and people from it, spray all surfaces and places as much as possible, where cockroaches can hide, allow to stand for several hours, after which the room is ventilated and wet cleaning is carried out in it.

The most famous and best aerosols from cockroaches are:

  • Raptor from creeping insects, a proven remedy for cockroaches. Sold in bottles, each of which costs about 130 rubles. Раптор для уничтожения ползающих насекомых
  • Raid, well-touted and continuing to hold the mark. Аэрозоль против тараканов и муравьев Рэйд
  • Get, a reliable remedy for cockroaches, today actively counterfeited (not to be confused with Gett).
  • Combat, a Korean effective means of combating cockroaches, which smells of mint or lemon. A kind of air freshener with the function of destroying cockroaches. Аэрозоль Комбат (Combat)
  • Sinuzan, a professional remedy for cockroaches, is very effective, but also extremely poisonous. In the free sale is missing, and it can only be purchased by employees of companies to destroy cockroaches.
  • Tetrix, for today, perhaps, the most powerful remedy for cockroaches. It smells bad and is very toxic, therefore it is used mainly by special teams.

On a note

Any professional drug is a radical remedy for cockroaches. Using it, it is easy to poison yourself and temporarily make the apartment unsuitable for life. If the use of such funds is unavoidable, you should contact the special companies involved in disinsection.

Choosing which effective means of cockroaches to prefer, always should assess the magnitude of the disaster. One or two of the noticed cockroaches - this is not the reason to buy Get or Raptor. But if there are really many insects in the house, you should choose the most powerful remedy for cockroaches from all available.

Traps from cockroaches: simplicity, combined with safety

Traps are a gentle and neat way to fight insects. They are absolutely safe for humans and pets, easy to use, inexpensive. But they also do not allow you to get rid of pests in a serious infection of the apartment, and none of them can be said that it is the most effective remedy for cockroaches.

Пример отравленной ловушки для тараканов

The meaning of the use of traps from cockroaches is when insects in different quantities penetrate the apartment from neighbors, but they do not always live here. Enough in the main points - the bathroom, the kitchen under the ventilation, on the balcony - arrange such traps, and almost all the newcomers will surely come across them.

The most common and effective traps in which cockroaches run to the smell and stick to a special tape. The cheapest of these traps are cardboard, short-lived and not very convenient to operate, higher quality ones are made of plastic and can serve for a very long time.

Пример липкой ловушки для тараканов


"And we have for all the European-quality repairs sometimes in the bathroom come across the Prussians. Most likely, they are moving through ventilation from their neighbors. I see them, then I catch them and throw them into the toilet, but their wife is terribly afraid. I had to buy a few cardboard houses with Velcro and put it under the bathroom and behind the toilet. As a result, a couple of times a week a new parasite to it sticks. "

Artem, Alma-Ata

Today, there are also traps in the market in which incoming insects are destroyed by an electric discharge. To say that this is the most reliable means against cockroaches, it is impossible, and they are inferior to the same traps for stickiness.

Фотография электрической ловушки для тараканов

Электрическая ловушка для тараканов: вид изнутри

In principle, you can do the trap yourself. To do this, it is enough to take a half-liter jar, put a piece of banana on the bottom or drip honey and grease the inside of its upper half with vegetable oil. However, in the morning it will be necessary not to disdain to shake out the fallen Prusaks from this jar into the toilet.

Choosing which product is best from cockroaches, you can look at the crayons and powders with a small number of insects in the room. At one time the famous crayon Masha was known as the best remedy for cockroaches, and today it continues to be a reliable enough means, yielding, however, in many ways to gels.

Средство от тараканов Лямбда Зона

The product is made using insecticide microencapsulation technology, has a prolonged action and is quite economical in use.

To the record "What is the most effective against cockroaches?" 50 comments left.
  1. Alexander :

    We had 2 years ago. Grafted with gels, but periodically new cockroaches come from neighbors of alcoholics. About the repeller is written, does not help. I bought the ritex pest rezhekt, so they not only ran around it, but even rasled, as if mocking: what did you include here, Vasily ... I want to try the traps.

    • ioric :

      Try boric acid powder - cheap and angry.

      • Anonymous :

        And where you can buy boric acid powder? I've heard a lot about her.

      • Anonymous :

        And how to use it? Dilute and spray or sprinkle simply?

        • Anonymous :

          Boil the hard-boiled egg, grind only the yolk and mix with the powder of boric acid. For 1 package of boric acid (20 grams) is taken 2 yolks or 1 yolk + mashed potatoes in the volume, like yolk.

          • Irina :

            This is an old way of Soviet times, when there was nothing. Absolutely useless.

  2. Tamara :

    Than we do not poison cockroaches. Nothing helps. They also used boric acid, aerosols, and traps. Help, tell me what to do?

    • Anonymous :

      If the apartment is a mess, then they will always be, how much is not grass. If you maintain order, then perhaps they are crawling from neighbors. Then arrange for ALL neighbors in the house and in one day, call the service, so that the cockroaches from one to another from the poison did not run.

      • Anonymous :

        And in my opinion, the disorder is a mess. It's one thing when children's toys are scattered around the room, but it's another matter when a carpet is lying in the kitchen, and crumbs are constantly falling on it, soup is spilled, etc. Tremors, when people are wondering where the cockroaches could have come from.

    • Petrovich :

      Spread inside the box in the middle of the sweet (honey), and around the velcro like a flywheel. They will stick and not go anywhere.

    • Jeanne :

      In the student hostel in the first year, I almost died on the spot - I did not have to see so many cockroaches. The guys came to us for cockroaches, to arrange them running for money)) In 2000 there was not much money. We were helped by gel "globol", and the cockroaches disappeared not only in the room, but also from the whole floor. Here and so. And now, after so many years, they have appeared at my house. And I can not find this gel on sale.

  3. Leela :

    Oh, you know. Here I am in the apartment of the order is permanent. Every day, wet cleaning of the premises, especially the kitchen. At night I leave nothing on the table from food. Even in the refrigerator I keep only twists and raw vegetables. No pots of soups for three days. I cooked it at once, washed it and everything. The pupil does not roll around the house at all, the trash can is in the toilet under the lid in the package.

    So what? Cockroaches creep from neighbors through the wall, through the kitchen. They have a pigsty standing there, and the cat is still there. Yes, they smear Mashenka even at the entrance. They say that the type from the basement is crawling (through them). So what? No sense at all.

    I also Mashenka smeared. Cockroaches walk on these fresh lines and they are not up to this business. And put the traps - zero effect. Live - rejoice ... They are representatives of the oldest population and survive even in nuclear reactors, get used to radiation. What kind of powders and crayons are there? Yes, they also eat them, if they do not leave them in the house of food.

    Here's what to do?

  4. Anna :

    We never had cockroaches until my husband's friend brought his washing machine in connection with the move, now I do not know what to feed them already.

  5. Nikolay :

    About 30 years ago we had cockroaches that we just did not do - and they boiled with boiling water, and dichlorvos, carbofos were marinated - nothing helped. In those old days, Velcro houses were on sale, "Combat" were called, but not those that are now sold - Korean. In the instructions attached to them it was said that the cockroaches are the same cannibals as all other creatures. This is the basis for this method of combating them. Inside the houses was a poison, a cockroach crawling into a house was full of it, crawled into his family, died there and he was devoured by other cockroaches. When they had eaten, they also died, and so on, and a chain reaction took place. You can believe, you can not, but for 30 years we did not have a cockroach. Recently I saw a cockroach in the kitchen, I decided to repeat it, but I did not find it in the sale of houses with this principle of action - maybe I looked badly, I'll look again. Maybe someone will tell you where you can buy such a tool?

  6. Alexander :

    The most true and, most importantly, proven means is GLOBOL. It's a German drug. We than just did not poison, and somehow my neighbor gave me a globole. And now for 10 years not a single Prussian has. Believe it on the word: you smear it on the plinths where there are the Prusaks, and in time you will forget what the Prusaks are. And most importantly, regardless of whether there are Prusaks from neighbors, they will never come to you again. Our neighbors and still do not believe that we do not have more of the Prussians. They say, this can not be: there is a whole house, but you do not. But we know that Globol helped us.

  7. Irina :

    I work in a restaurant and we already got the Prussians! Near a large grocery store, that's where they come from. We fought many means, called specialists, but they still returned.

  8. Constantine :

    Have tried everything and even the listed, there is no effect and everything, there is a time reduction of the population, but then again come back.

  9. Valery :

    So I had this problem, the Prussians. It has not happened for a long time, but now they have appeared. Judging by the reviews that I read, no one has a reliable remedy for the Red Prussian. I bought a lot of powders, but there is no effect. GLOBE did not take it, it costs 50 grams, but warned that many fakes, the German is purely now not found.

  10. Eugene :

    The only remedy for cockroaches is perfect purity. And napalm :) If I'm an asshole, not my plate, I leave the dishes in the sink, I do not take out the garbage in the evening and I do not hide the rest of the food in the fridge, then cockroaches for this you also make their mark. They will breed at such a speed that the rabbits will end their lives by self-immolation. First of all, cleanliness and dryness - not a drop of water and food for the creatures! Although, at night, everything will be tightly clogged. And only then they will eat the poison (there will be nothing else) and will die. And take care of household appliances: any equipment that operates in standby mode has heating parts. Cockroaches are not averse to them getting warm. They have an organism so arranged - they feel good in the heat. The device is plugged in and there is something to glow? Is there any cracks in the case? THERE CROPS! Can not doubt. Refrigerator, TV, laptop, TV tuner system unit - all fit. Cleanliness - poison - prevention! Here is our slogan in the fight against cockroaches. All do not get sick and be determined, success in the fight!

  11. Vadim :

    It is quite effective to lower the temperature in a room / house. At -5 should die for half an hour. In the dorm it turned out.

  12. Scyth4 :

    What can you buy to 100% of the cockroaches in the apartment was not?

  13. Dmitry :

    Hi, we got rid of cockroaches very easily. Because we have a house in the village, and some neighbors. One winter they went on a visit for two months. And we also decided to leave and turned off the heating. And it was in the winter. Simply, they all froze (cockroaches), and there was nowhere to come. Now the house is clean. And not a single cockroach.

  14. Roman :

    Cockroaches are not afraid of frost!

  15. Anonymous :

    A good tool - made by own hands! Take one cooked potato, knead, add yolk of boiled egg, a little vegetable oil, preferably with a smell, and there you add a remedy for the bear (in powder). Mix the dough (in gloves) from all the ingredients and roll balls from it, 1 cm in diameter. These balls can be stuck and under the sink, and so on the corners to decompose, in all those places where the cockroaches were caught. The access to water from cockroaches should not be! When we did, the cockroaches disappeared forever. But it was a real sea, even a trifle died.

  16. Alla :

    3 night I do not sleep, they already walk for me, reproduce very quickly. Prompt the most effective means?

  17. Lyudmila :

    I'll tell you guys what is the most effective tool, but I do not know if you will get it or not, it is not sold anywhere. In Soviet times there was such a city of Zhdanov, there was a chemical plant. So, at this plant, a powder was made for rubber for machines that were exported. This powder is called TIURAM. It is gray and as a powder, half a teaspoon was enough for the whole one-room apartment. He was sprayed over the baseboards. While they were spraying in the bathroom, I swept them from the kitchen. They then bypass your apartment, neighbors will, and they will not even come close to you. This I experienced. I lived without them.

  18. Lesya :

    I went into a rented apartment and was horrified, I can not even kill them, I lose consciousness because of the crunch. Caused the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station, they stampered. For a month they still ran, died, then less and less of them became. From neighbors climbed. I bought everything at once: both the battalion aerosol, and the traps, and the gels are different, and mashenka all painted. Now, no, but the fight was bloody, she blew herself every week. Ideal purity is the main thing. I have twice my floors, nowhere to get water, and I do not leave any garbage for the night in the bucket, and I tie everything in the bags ...

  19. Alisher :

    I as a special can say: buy "Nurel" 100 gr. and "Fastak" 100 gr. Dilute together in 5 liters of water and sprinkle. The effect is 100%. At the same time, do not forget to empty the kitchen cupboard, sprinkle everywhere, every corner.

    • Mila :

      After sprayed, through how much you need to ventilate and wash all cupboards and corners? Or leave for a while? As an expert, advise pogramotnee, please.

  20. Irina :

    Globol, gel, the original.

  21. Svetlana :

    The best and proven remedy for cockroaches - Front Line m. Diluted in 100 ml of water and sprayed.

  22. Cyril :

    I defeated the cockroaches and I am very happy about it! Guys, I speak like the one who fought with them all for a whole year than they can: he summoned the service with hot fog for 4500, and bought various professional poisons, which are diluted several grams per liter of water, and gels and yolk with boric acid did , I tried everything.

    In short, you can kill any cockroaches, but it's impossible to prevent them from coming from neighbors with the help of poison! I solved the problem only when I found it in the technical closet, where the sewer pipe, crevices and stained them, and then filled it with filler floor. Holes were very poorly visible, but rather significant. So if you fight with them and can not win, then look for holes and make up. Only in this way will you defeat them and in no other way. Cockroaches through the walls do not go. The first thing to check - the place where you have pipes, there is likely to be cracks. Also it is necessary to seal the mosquito net with ventilation and make the entrance door leaktight with the help of gaskets. Well, and the worst thing, if you have a very old house and slots between the slabs, there is only a major overhaul. When you repair all the cracks, it will be very easy for any cockroaches to kill cockroaches.

  23. Evgraf :

    So traps help, or is it better to use gels ?!

    • Roman, master of pest control :

      Geli, of course, is better. Oh, how many traps I have seen from the clients of different - a review of them one: from them it seems as if only worse. But gels alone will not save you. There is only a set of measures.

  24. Anton :

    Gels are the most effective way.

  25. Shred :

    Googles: a remedy for cockroaches wix tarakan. Buy and forget about the mutant cockroaches, 100% tested, the year is no longer these reptiles. Very rarely from the neighbors scouts come, noticed on the sink a couple of times. In general, there are none, and the remedy is not toxic, on a water basis.

  26. Housewife :

    Front Line M from cockroaches - a good and inexpensive tool! Proven, for 4-6 months missing!

  27. Irina :

    And we bought a second-hand refrigerator, yesterday I saw this little freak ... How to get them out of the refrigerator? ((There are 2 small children in the house.

  28. Elena :

    From roaches neostomozan helps. However, if other people come from neighbors, you need to repeat a week later, this is an ampule of 5 ml per liter of water.

  29. Alexander :

    These bastards have been poisoning for six months already - and we use gels, and traps, and pshikalki, in general, everything that can be. But recently I noticed that they live in microwave ovens, in the kitchen, in the gas stove, in the TV, clock, and skirting boards. If anyone has a cable with a channel, there are millions of them, on the go. If you start to poison, then first you need to spray all the devices with an aerosol so that they can come out of there. Then all this business to pack, that they there did not climb any more, or those who most persistent, either without oxygen, or without meal have died. And then the easiest thing is to take everything out of the room, cover all the cracks that come from the neighbors, install the nets on the ventilation, they even sit in the same hood in the kitchen and look how you cook)) And the fact that a couple of times you'll spread the gel or a couple of cylinders of dichlorvos squeeze, no result will not! Only you'll cough, and then you'll even get poisoned))

  30. Nastya :

    In the 90 years lived in a small family hostel, cockroaches on us went. All neighbors bought a powder, called a demon, he also got divorced on an egg. It was enough for several years, the cockroaches simply left, gathering in handfuls. I did not have these creatures for 15 years, processed only 2 times, already without neighbors. Where to get it, this is really a miracle cure. A woman selling it in homemade bags, said that it was a powder from Germany. But for what it was used, I do not know, it looked like superphosphate.

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