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On the use of ultrasonic repellents of cockroaches

Эффективны ли ультразвуковые отпугиватели тараканов?

Ultrasonic repellents of cockroaches today are still experiencing a boom in popularity among consumers. Most residents of apartments with a special desire to buy, although not the cheapest, but extremely easy to use and safe means.

It's no joke - on the assurance of manufacturers such an ultrasonic repeller cockroaches simply enough to plug into a socket in order to forever forget about these insects. And no insecticides, no worries, unpleasant odor and health hazards.

But how much such a cockroach repeller is effective, it is worthwhile to understand. After all, give them the result promised by the sellers, and all the services of pest control would be left without work. But no, chemical agents continue to poison cockroaches. What is the matter here?

Operating principle

The effect produced by ultrasonic devices is well described by their name: they repel insects. Of course, there is no sense in talking about the destruction of cockroaches by ultrasound: sound can not kill an insect. Therefore, it is not worthwhile to look for ultrasonic destroying of cockroaches on the markets, because it simply does not exist in nature.

The principle of the action of ultrasonic repellents is based on the instincts of insects communicating with the help of their ultrasonic signals. For example, mosquitoes with the help of ultrasound attract marital partners and inform "colleagues" about the danger. Each signal has its own frequency, and if the device produces a repelling sound in the right range, the mosquitoes will scatter from it.

It is interesting

It was against mosquitoes that effective repellents, imitating the ultrasonic signal of a bat, the main fighter of insects, proved effective. Hearing the appropriate sounds, mosquitoes fly in panic.

Accordingly, ultrasonic scarers are effective only against those insects that use high frequency sounds in their vital activity.

And what about cockroaches?

Are ultrasonic repellents effective against cockroaches?

But cockroaches do not communicate with ultrasound. They have no organs with which they can make such sounds. Accordingly, ultrasound from cockroaches is no more effective than from bedbugs or humans.

Ультразвук тараканов особо не тревожит

Simply put - generally not effective. Cockroaches ultrasound of low power, harmless to humans, ignore, and very powerful is able to survive from the house not only six-legged, but also all warm-blooded mammals. Including people.


"They ordered a deterrent on the Internet, they told us that the most powerful. They switched on, took a few days and the guinea pig in the next room stopped eating. My daughter and I always got a headache. They called the seller, he told us that, they say, animals and people should be kept away from the deterrent. Why is it needed then, if it is so harmful? Better then checked by Dikhlofos to drain everything. "

Oksana, Gus-Khrustalny

However, experiments have shown that ultrasound of a certain power can have a long-term effect on the overall condition of the cockroach. If an insect is constantly in the zone of action of such an ultrasound for a very long time, it may have certain disorders in the nervous system.

But it is worthwhile to understand that the power of such a striking signal must be very high, harmful for humans as well. And the cockroach device will not scare away, but only in an unpredictable manner will change their behavior.

As practice shows, the most effective ultrasound agent from cockroaches allows only to a small extent to reduce the number of pests in the apartment. Perhaps this is due to the fact that insects avoid multiplying in the presence of the source of such a signal. But in general, the struggle with ultrasonic cockroaches is the least effective way to get rid of these insects.

At the same time, the merits that sellers reward each ultrasound device from cockroaches, does not let sleeping owners of apartments, sharing living space with mustachioids, sleep peacefully. Indeed, I want to believe that instead of a long and tedious treatment of the premises with toxic agents, you can just plug a small device into the outlet and watch with triumph the crowds of panic-stricken pests rushing into the ventilation.

On such desires of consumers, sellers of scarers, who offer a huge number of electronic means to choose, are counting.

Brands of repellers and reviews about them

Buy ultrasonic repeller cockroaches today is simple: they "break down warehouses" of online stores and not enough space on the shelves of market stalls. Most of these devices are of Chinese origin, low cost and very questionable efficiency.

As the checks show, some of them are not that of cockroaches, but even mosquitoes are not deterred.

The most powerful scarers can reduce the activity of cockroaches in a small area near you. But they are more expensive and are sold mainly in online stores of manufacturers and dealers. There are several brands, each with its own properties and consumer opinions.

Typhoon LS-500 Ultrasonic Repeller of Cockroaches

It is a domestic powerful ultrasound repeller of mice and cockroaches. According to specially conducted studies, it was the Typhoon that provided the maximum level of insect anxiety in the zone of effect of its sound.

Ультразвуковой отпугиватель тараканов Тайфун ЛС-500

The manufacturer claims that the repeller effectively cleans the cockroaches area in a radius of 80 meters around him. In operation it is good that it has a fork removed on the cable, which ensures its certain mobility.

It is worth typhoon LS-500 945 rubles and is sold in hardware stores and on the Internet.


"I struggled for a long time with cockroach houses and Velcro. They, of course, help, but not much. I decided to buy an ultrasound, Typhoon, I tried it. Well, what can I say, money thrown to the wind. Its cockroaches are not afraid . Particularly enraged when one cockroach right on the wall near the working repeller saw. I called the seller, he said that they do not give a guarantee for efficiency. "

Maria, Uralsk

Ultrasonic repeller of cockroaches Ixus KY-6182

Has the same characteristics as Typhoon, only a little easier and cheaper. Its price is 820 rubles and it is sold mainly in Internet shops.


"Such a repeller bought a daughter in a dorm. She hung it and forgot about him. A couple of months, probably, passed, and there were so many cockroaches, so much remained. "

Alla, Moscow

Zenet XJ-90

A typical representative of consumer goods, actively promoted and even bought despite the high price and the complete lack of positive feedback on his work. Users verified that this ultrasonic device from cockroaches does not even act on mosquitoes.

Отпугиватель тараканов Zenet XJ-90


"Like many of our neighbors, we constantly fought against cockroaches, but without much success. When the market appeared newfangled ultrasonic devices, immediately bought a Zenet. No sense from him, cockroaches run around him when he works! "

Inna, Moscow

"Money thrown to the wind. That he is in the room, that he is not - cockroaches to one place. They threw him out a month later and put the cockroaches on him. "

Andrey, Mytischi

Air Comfort XJ-90

The same Zenet, no different from him even externally. Released after the predecessor completely discredited himself completely useless. In fact, it is already a tested and non-working device under a different name.


"I was very surprised when I got this Air Comfort. This is a complete copy of the Zenet, only with a different name. And the same useless. In short, do not be fooled by the divorce of sellers, this all junk does not work. "

Olga, Nizhny Novgorod

Pest Reject

Produced in the USA. On the assurances of the manufacturer works on an area of ​​up to 220 square meters. m and gives results only after a week of use. The funny thing is that in the instructions the manufacturer recommends the first week of using the repeller to combine its operation with the use of traps and gels.

Ультразвуковой отпугиватель насекомых Pest Reject

And it's not surprising: for a week of work, Velcro and poison successfully destroy most of the insects and without a repeller, but the conscience of the manufacturer will be clean.

There are no reviews of this device. Perhaps this is a good reason to ponder why it costs only 600 rubles ...

Banzai LS927

Taiwanese technology, the only effective tool from the more or less popular in the market: cockroaches do, within 3-4 weeks of its use, leave the room in which it operates.

But ... the device is not safe. Nearby it is forbidden to sleep and install cages with pets, it produces a man-heard squeak. With these characteristics, it makes sense to think about whether replacing the repeller with low-toxicity insecticides?


"Everyone is just saying what this Banzai is powerful. Well, we bought it, plugged it into the socket under the sink, where the cockroaches are most. A week later, they were not found under the sink, but at the other ends of the kitchen they crawl and feel normal. And you can not transfer it to living rooms, because it is dangerous. As a result, you can not get rid of the apartment from cockroaches. "

Igor, Moscow

You can try to make an ultrasonic repeller cockroaches with your own hands. On the Internet, in the same forums where you can find out where to buy ultrasounds from cockroaches, schemes and descriptions of the order of assembling the device for people who are versed in electrical engineering are given.

For a specialist, this is a simple task, but the final device will have the same drawbacks as the industrial development: it will either be inefficient or harmful to humans.

Therefore, starting the fight against cockroaches, ultrasound against cockroaches, it is much more reasonable to replace gels or aerosols with low-risk for humans and domestic animals, and with a small number of insects indoors, use traps. The result in any case will be more noticeable.

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  1. Veronica :

    Hello, very unpleasant situation. We bought a repeller, not only that the cockroaches did not disappear, it became even more and began to bite. We all go bitten, called already pest controlists. Be careful, do not buy scarers, we are now suffering from a headache and tell us how you can return the repeller so that we are returned money. I can not say I can not find the site directly, but the repeller is called a banzai. And why do not they write precautions when buying products. Thanks for the article, very cogent.

    • Valery Vasilyevich :

      Bread Siwa Mare this is your repeller. Already almost a month is included in the network, and cockroaches both ran and run. And it was necessary to me, the old fool, to buy this kind of rubbish. As always, they make a fool of our brother, they make a fool of him.

  2. Alexander :

    Ultra, infrasound ... They affect the subconscious of people! (remember how on a tube player you could play one record, and mp3 in the figure quickly bothers). These sounds scare away, or lure animals, but with insects to fight sound does not make sense.

  3. Dmitry :

    Cockroaches from the deterrent Pest Reject not only did not disappear or went away (they died a heroic death) - they became MORE! they just began to grind on the device, they became much larger and the device became the place of their constant hangouts. On the other hand, it's useful: he lures, and dichlorvosomes are immediately covered by the congestion, and so - until the cockroaches run out. :)

  4. Ilya :

    All these typhoons are complete lies. Nothing works. Toys for children. You factory must return money for this divorce, because sell all heresy, having no idea of ​​nature, or about frequencies, or about insects. All this is a fraud, an experiment on people. Buy - well, do not buy - okay. Nobody has responsibility. Such enterprises need to be ruined, so that it would not be unwise to produce any x ... I would post the photo, but in this case it is not provided. LLC MNPF "ALEX" are deceivers. How did they manage to get THAT for this unchecked dummy, I'm amazed. In our state at all levels of the fool. Only an idiot can give a license to manufacture such a lodge, and sell it to the whole country. The enterprise needs to be closed, the officials who issued the licenses either plant or solder them a fine for the most I DO NOT WANT.

  5. Ivan :

    These manufacturers can take into account the aforesaid recall and release a device that would attract the insects and build in it an auto-injection for their methodical destruction.

  6. Sergey :

    I tried the typhoon repeller LS-500 - it's useless. Back in the store did not take, they sent a letter, in which they offer expertise. If the examination confirms the quality of the goods, I will still have to pay for the examination. They make a fool as they want!

  7. Vladimir :

    Bought yesterday Pest Reject, a week later I'll see. And while reading all the comas, I'll see for myself 100%.

    • Anonymous :

      Well, how, did this repeller help you or not?

    • Elena :

      Wow - not a single positive response! And I just ordered this Pest Reject. You'll have to make sure in your own skin what is true. These filthy bastards got it! Nasty, nasty ... Fu!

  8. Tatiana :

    Vladimir, this device is nonsense. He really likes cockroaches, they just sit on it and are not afraid of anything. According to the instructions, the device frightens off cockroaches if the network is switched on from one to three weeks. I have it for a month and a half. The result is zero. I use dichlorvos, but cockroaches also get used to it.

  9. Stanislav :

    Took this kind of device. Only it acts like impulses on a network, i.e. the signal goes through the entire wiring in the wall. The remedy is good, but just agree, it helps to deter mosquitoes. Yes, and the cockroaches became a little less.
    Those who say that they got even more cockroaches to them - so you do not need to buy clandestine devices that are not certified. My wife and I were ordered from Canada. And even more so, these devices do not kill the cockroach, but only frighten off, and they climb to the neighbors. For that matter, the most adequate and effective way is to buy a special lamp with an ultraviolet lamp and put it overnight, say, in the usual place of congestion of cockroaches "kitchen". The fact that the cockroaches see in infrared light, and ultraviolet for them is harmful, that's not going to appear and run away the same way to the neighbors.

  10. Nelya :

    I bought a Pest Reject cockroach repeller twice. The second time I believed the story of a friend, to whom "it helped." Do not buy, it's a trick. And after buying a repeller, I wrote a negative review, in order to warn the people about the cheating, but, as you know, my review has not appeared. I wish everyone to defeat cockroaches.

  11. Olga :

    I bought an ultrasound repeller, it does not help from cockroaches, only money was thrown away by the wind. In addition, the instructions say that the sound is repulsed from furniture, etc., so they warned that if cockroaches crawl into a slot, it will not help. I wanted to save on chemistry, poison, and in the end, and garbage bought, and now I will spend money for the destruction of cockroaches. Let's see if he even acts on mosquitoes ... Do not believe in advertising, nonsense these scarecrows, not one has helped with reviews.

  12. Tatiana :

    Full divorce. Aborted money. The cockroach liked the device very much - it also warms it.

  13. Andrew :

    PEST REJECT - full x ... Initially, noticeably decreased the number of cockroaches, but a week later the number began to increase! I saw a white cockroach!

  14. Akzhol :

    Thanks for the comments, just do not buy)

  15. Natasha :

    Pest Reject from cockroaches, flies and spiders does not help. I wanted to return, they do not even want to talk, do not buy, do not waste money.

  16. Irina :

    We have a mouse, thought to get a cat, while the point is, Pest Reject was lying around in the house, it was once bought from mosquitoes, did not help them. Yesterday it was included. Today the mice are almost gone. Do not stick out. I hope that thanks to him.

  17. Alexey :

    I read reviews ... Everything is so flattering about scares. Well, the cockroaches did not go away, well, they multiplied. But you have less money in your wallet? So, it still works! True, not as we wanted, but as they do.

  18. Anonymous :

    Pest Reject bought, was very happy, cockroaches ran around the apartment, as it was written in the instructions. But over time they became more and more. For half a month they began to walk on foot across the floor. The wife took out of the outlet this wonderful device and saw that the back cover of the device is extinguished by cockroaches, they lived there. With the help of this device, I twice split the insects at home.

  19. Victor :

    I read reviews about the device, I will not buy it. Thank you, that people told about the miracle device.

  20. Anonymous :

    Thank you all for the feedback. And I was directly guided by advertising))

  21. Vlad :

    Hmm ... well, that did not waste money on it.

  22. Dmitry :

    Thanks for the feedback, warned on time.

  23. Jack :

    Thank you all for the truth and warning.

  24. Anatoly :

    He went into advertising, bought Pest Repeller, the production of China, a device against cockroaches. Worked for a month, the effect - zero. The one who offers this "garbage" probably lost human honor and conscience to the benefit of their goods. We, the generation of the 40s, do not understand what kind of freaks we brought up. Is the world overturned? It is very insulting for the lost generation, who took on arms the deception, forgery and all the negative, unacceptable in our time. Where are our experts, letting toys in for sale, instead of helping people fight insects.

  25. Nikita :

    The funny thing is - in our city on cockroaches doing business, and not bad. Do you think that they sell the Typhoon and the pest repeller? No) Sprinkle young cockroaches in the entrance, then these creatures themselves find themselves a modest nook. And later, in a week, on the door of the entrance there are many announcements: "The qualitative struggle with insects." Coincidence? I do not think so.

    • Guest :

      The same garbage. With the family in the house there were no cockroaches, an announcement appeared, a week later the creatures crept.

    • Anonymous :

      And we also happened! For a year now I can not get them out of anything. The neighbors on top are still naughty and do not want to poison them at least somehow! As a result, they all over the riser have already fled. I ordered in the internet Pest Reject and that I noticed: the big cockroaches were gone, and all the small stuff gets out. And where are the big ones? There were less of them, but they did not disappear! In the afternoon they are not visible.

  26. Maxim :


  27. Love :

    I noticed that they crawled through the closets, etc., where they never were. Now they are at home in books, in things, anywhere. Almost a year there was a repeller ((And then there were more of them in the kitchen, in general, they were bred in the end and insolent at all!

    And mice - too do not care, as I understand, it will work, if there is no furniture and things. And since the rays, meeting with soft things, are extinguished or something like this, and there's not much use.

  28. Olga :

    We also threw money away! And the dream became worse!

  29. Irina :

    And I wanted to buy, uh-uh!

  30. Tatiana :

    Thank you very much for the feedback! And then my father, on the advice of a specialist from the firm against cockroaches, was already going to buy such a repeller. I will dissuade.

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