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Use of Regent 800 in combating cockroaches

Препарат Регент 800

Mankind is struggling with synanthropic insects long ago and not always successfully. The owners who are looking for salvation from the army of red lodgers are sure to be interested in the cockroach regent. This is a worthy alternative to the usual slippers.

Who was the first to try the cockroaches, the means invented to protect the potato crop from the Colorado beetles, is unknown. But he is sincerely grateful to the huge number of families whose dwellings are forever rid of the carriers of contagion.

The mechanism of the Regent

Regent is a tested insecticide against cockroaches with a special mechanism, different from chemical compounds of other groups. The modern representative of the suborder of cockroaches deftly adapted to some popular types of human weapons. But Regent 800 frees buildings from cockroaches and so far acts irreproachably.

The product is manufactured on the basis of a highly effective insecticide called fipronil. There are two possible ways to get into the body of an insect - intestinal and contact. In the first case, the drug will reach its goal provided that it is safely eaten, absorbed into the intestinal wall and spreads throughout the body with hemolymph.

In the second case, the cockroach will still be doomed to death, without even trying the poison: so that the toxic agent has effected, it is sufficient to contact the insecticide with the entire chitinous cover of the insect.

Running on the walls, with a special scrupulousness treated by the Regent against cockroaches , curious insects do not fall dead instantly, they have enough strength to return to their shelters and generously share with the brothers a portion of poison brought on the paws and antennae. Insecticide, delivered directly to the nest, immediately cause a chain reaction - the death of relatives.

Таракан, пораженный средством Регент, может вызвать гибель своих сородичей

The regent works at the cellular level. Its point of application is the central nervous system of the pest. It blocks receptors for gamma-aminobutyric acid, a direct participant in the transmission of nerve impulses in the cockroach organism. In this case, the process of transmission of the nerve impulse is grossly violated, paralysis develops, and the insect dies.

So if a person decides to buy Regent's remedy when fighting cockroaches , then the insect population that has chosen his apartment will have little chance to survive.

How to apply the Regent

An inexperienced person will have to break his head, how to use the Regent from cockroaches. The fact is that the package with the preparation contains detailed instructions on how to prepare a powder or solution for the destruction of pests of farmland. And there is no information about how much water to dilute the Regent for cleaning the apartment from cockroaches. It is owned only by experts and an all-knowing Internet.

The Prusaks are more tenacious than the Colorado beetles, therefore, by stirring one Regent 800 ampule in a bucket of water, it is impossible to escape from cockroaches. Experienced people are convinced of this and advise to prepare a more concentrated solution, reducing the amount of solvent to two, one and a half liters and even 200 ml. Like, there is no need to breed damp indoors.

The meaning of this is, but we must not forget that the Regent means belongs to the second class of danger for humans, and there was no abrogation of caution when working with toxins. Of course, there were no special tests on humans, but it is known that the medication does not penetrate through the intact skin and does not cause irritation, but it is strictly forbidden to use it inside.

A person who buys Regent 800 for fighting cockroaches in an apartment should take care of a respirator with gloves. Special care should be taken for people prone to allergies. Children and pets, whose behavior is difficult to control, let them stay with their relatives during the processing of the dwelling.

Is it always, according to reviews, effective Regent?

In various forums, you can find thousands of enthusiastic reviews about the use of Regent from cockroaches. People rejoice, celebrating the victory in a century-long battle. However, there are also those whom the agent disappointed.

What is the reason for the lack of proper effect from the use of insecticide?

Whatever the drug, before you call it a waste of money, you need to evaluate how accurately the instructions are executed, whether the product has been sprayed correctly, whether places of possible migration have been taken into account, and whether hidden secrets of the apartment are hidden from the eyes.

The key to success in the fight against cockroaches is absolute cleanliness in the room. All food products must be stored in sealed packages, the garbage must be sealed in bags and carried out daily.

Мусор и остатки еды - пища для тараканов

The holy duty of the tenants is to take care of the plumbing, nowhere should there be a leak.

Want cockroaches to go away once and for all? Deprive them of their water and food. When planning the disinsection, cover all sources of moisture. This will increase the effect of the procedure.

Sooner or later, the tool applied in the corners will be washed, faded, then wait for the new invasion of cockroaches patiently waiting for the termination of punitive measures in the neighboring apartment.

However, once using in his home remedy for cockroaches Regent, you can expect that this will not happen so soon.

Defeating insects in a single apartment is a difficult task. It is more reasonable for tenants of multi-story buildings to unite their efforts, and to drive the Prussians "all over the world."

5 Reasons to buy a Regent when fighting cockroaches

The regent favorably differs from many traditional means from cockroaches. There are reasons why you should give it a preference.

  1. The effectiveness of the drug is beyond doubt. Treatment Regent guarantees complete release of the treated premises from cockroaches. It will take several hours, and the owners can notice the stupefied insects, deprived of the usual agility. It can be said with certainty that cockroaches will not be bothered for very long. And with the right way of life they will be able to forget, like a terrible dream.
  2. Economical - a good reason, which is worth buying from the cockroaches is the Regent. As a rule, this poison should be sought among agricultural products. By modern standards, Regent is not expensive: from 15 to 50 rubles per package. For a standard apartment, one ampule of 5 ml is enough. The drug is also packed into larger vials suitable for large rooms or fields. In online stores there are tempting offers, only along with the original drug under the same name is advertised powder with a completely different composition.
  3. The absence of a smell is an important advantage of the Regent. After all, the "fragrance" of many insecticides compels us to flee not only the cockroaches, but also the owners themselves. He is carried on ventilation to the adjacent apartments and drives all the neighbors crazy. The regent has practically no smell.
  4. Regent's solution is colorless, does not spoil the interior. Of course, after the decisive battle with the cockroach community there is a general cleaning. But it's more pleasant when it's limited to a rag and detergent. Spontaneous repairs and changing the wallpaper soiled with chemicals in the plans of the owners is usually not included.
  5. Use the Regent against cockroaches is very simple. Which is easier? Going with a spray gun around the house? Or to roll balls, lay out powders, prepare baits, which livestock will not even bite, preferring the remains of food near the trash can?

Well, if the insects have multiplied in an incredible amount and no longer seem fearful creatures running down the cracks in any rustle - then it's time to buy Regent 800 - a powerful remedy for cockroaches and deal a crushing blow to the red parasites!

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  1. Yuri :

    A very good tool, where to buy it?

  2. Anonymous :

    A super-tool! Tried to poison them in the store, it was enough for 5-6 years, now we are doing the processing again. Also a few apartments of friends have been spoiled, very successfully. The second treatment was not required. A friend sent me by mail from Krasnodar. One packet about 20 rubles.

    • Marina :

      And can I, please, Regent. Well, there is no salvation, than just did not try to starve, does not help. Very much I ask to give the answer.

    • Catherine :

      Hello! And can I order St. Petersburg?

  3. Kostya :

    How and where to buy regent 800?

  4. Valery :

    We have enough of this regent, Rostov region.

    • Anonymous :

      Valery, good afternoon! I can not find in Moscow the REGENT from cockroaches, be so kind as to send ... I guarantee the payment!

  5. Alexey :

    Where to buy the Regent? Help!

  6. Svetlana :

    The drug is very good! Already once tried, cockroaches disappeared for 3 years, but thanks to the "intelligent" neighbors, we are forced to observe the periodic exits of insect scouts. We will re-process.
    Buy it can be in the horticultural shops, where they sell seeds, fertilizers, garden tools and, of course, a poison for the Colorado beetle than the Regent is. I think there are such shops in every city, and not one.

  7. Julia :

    This, perhaps, is the only remedy that helped. And enough for a year or two exactly, just a year later for prevention, you still need to work it out.

  8. Angela :

    Who can tell where in Moscow to buy regent 800, help, please.

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