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Remedy for cockroaches Combat

Средства Комбат от тараканов

Among all the variety of insecticides, the Combat remedies against cockroaches , ants and moths have proven to be a reliable way to combat creeping and flying harmful insects. The word "combat" itself means "battle" in translation. And in fact, in the battle with various parasites for survival in their own home, the means of this brand will prove to be very useful. The most popular traps are Kombat cockroaches , but among the products of the Henkel concern, which owns this brand, there are also other means for combating ants, moth and other domestic insects. According to consumers, "Combat" means not only are quite popular, but also effective:

I can leave only the best tip about this brand. I was helped very much by plates from moths and spray from cockroaches "Combat". Even used this insecticide against fleas in the bushes near the house (it was impossible to pass, because all legs were instantly bitten), the effect was incredible.

Ekaterina, Krasnodar

Means for combating cockroaches "Combat"

Since various forms (aerosols, traps and gels) are presented in the range of means from cockroach Combat, when selecting an insecticide, it is necessary to take into account the number of insects in the room and the area to be treated. Buy "Combat" from cockroaches can be in a special store, and on the market, and even in a regular supermarket.

Aerosols "Combat" from cockroaches (Combat MultiSpray and Combat SuperSpray)

In general, we can say that the "Combat" means from cockroaches in the form of aerosols, according to reviews, are very effective and convenient to use. Even in hard-to-reach places, it's enough just to press the sprayer, and in a short time the insects will begin to die.

Спрей от тараканов

At the same time, the insecticides from the aerosols already deposited in secluded places of eggs practically do not affect, and their aftereffect is much shorter than, for example, in gels. It should also be taken into account that the agent in the form of an aerosol is best used in the absence of people in the home, because by inhaling poisonous vapors even through a respirator, various allergic reactions are possible. Presented in the range of sprays from cockroaches "Combat" means a little different among themselves, above all, the dosage and price. So, "Combat Multispray" will cost about 160 rubles. for 400 ml, and the price "Combat Superspray" from cockroaches will be about 220 rubles. for 500 ml. Of these, "Combat Multispray" is universal and was designed to destroy creeping and flying insects.

Средство от тараканов Комбат Мультиспрей

"Combat Super Spray" and its modification "Super Spray Plus", although not as universal, but it affects all creeping insects. In addition, it has a flexible nozzle on the diffuser that will help to destroy the parasites in various cracks, leaving no traces on the wallpaper or on the technique. The composition of these aerosols include insecticides of the pyrethroid group, which have a contact-intestinal effect. They are characterized by rapid absorption into the body through the outer covers, resulting in paralysis and insect death. As part of the "Super Spray" means, pyrethroids are more modern (imiprothrin and cyto-otrin) and have an even faster toxic effect. At the same time, the manufacturer claims that the product has a low toxicity against humans and animals. Combat aerosols also have some disinfectant effect, as uninvited guests can tolerate various infections.

Средство от тараканов Комбат Суперспрей


To destroy cockroaches in the apartment used a spray «Combat SuperSpray». Very satisfied with the effect. Almost immediately after processing, they disappeared, while still some small bugs fell out of the different cracks dead. My head did not hurt after treatment, however, I must say that I used a respirator. About two months have passed since the processing, and I still do not see any cockroaches.

Elena, Rostov-on-Don

Traps "Combat SuperBait"

At the price of the trap from the cockroaches "Combat SuperBait" will come out about 170 rubles. for 4 containers. The modern insecticide hydramethylnon in their composition has a low toxicity, even if it is accidentally eaten by its pet.

Ловушки от тараканов Комбат

The operation of the device is based on the principle of a chain reaction. Falling into the trap "Combat", cockroaches eat poison. At the same time, its action is slowed down so that each individual who has contact with it could bring it into the nest and infect the others. The manufacturer claims that the traps do not have an unpleasant odor and toxic effect, so they can be attached next to dishes and food. The instructions printed on the box indicate that to use the Combat traps from cockroaches, you need to get the containers out of the package and place them in the places of the supposed congestion of insects. On the back of each container there is an adhesive box, so that the tool can be placed even on the wall. You can also buy "Combat SuperBait Decor", where the containers are painted "under the laminate", which will make them less visible in the house.

Ловушки Комбат "под ламинат"

Reviews of people about the traps for cockroaches "Combat" indicate their effectiveness with a small number of beetles in the house:

Once I noticed a cockroach in the apartment. As for cleanliness in the kitchen, I'm a real maniac, I thought it was an occasional guest. However, when they began to appear some periodicity, it became clear that without industrial means can not do. In the nearest supermarket I decided to buy traps for cockroaches "Combat SuperBait". I did not set up the whole apartment with traps, because I saw insects only in the kitchen. When the containers were taken out of the package, the smell of peanuts was well felt (probably to better attract parasites). The first 3 days did not notice any effect, sometimes a small cockroach ran through the kitchen at night, but after a week of using it suddenly realized that they were no more. A month passed, and the cockroaches stopped showing even at night.

Polina, Belgorod

Combat Super Gel

Even considering the very high price of the "Combat Super Gel" gel from cockroaches (about 100 rubles for 30 mg), it is popular among people, because it helps to fight with a large number of insects. The shape of the syringe makes it possible to apply the gel even in crevices and behind the skirting boards.

Гель от тараканов Комбат

The composition of the "Combat" gel from cockroaches, as well as in the composition of traps, includes hydramethylnon - an effective and non-addictive insecticide in insects. I must say that in the market along with the "Combat" gel produced by Henkel, cheaper analogs are on sale, but not always the same effective ones.

Several years ago I had to live in a family hostel, where the cockroaches were dark-dark. Not only are they themselves unpleasant, so also the smell from them is specific. No food could be left on the table, even bread was hidden in the refrigerator. The complexity of their destruction in the hostel is that cockroaches can constantly run across from neighbors. They used a lot of different means: and the insecticide crayons painted borders from neighbors, and traps were set, and even sprays of cockroaches splashed. It helped for a short time. Friends advised to buy "Combat" in the form of a gel. Here he really helped us and did not even cause me to sneeze or cry, despite the fact that I'm allergic.

Yana, Samara

During my life in the student hostel cockroaches got me so capitally that I even tried to catch them and force them into traps so that they would carry the poison to their relatives. Either the traps were overdue, or the number of insects was too large, but this did not help. From the next block the guys suggested using the "Combat" gel, like he already helped someone. Then we gathered together a few blocks and everywhere on plinths and crevices smeared with this tool. How happy we were when, one week after that, the cockroaches disappeared . And they did not appear until my departure from the hostel.

Julia, Novosibirsk

Before using even the best insecticide, you need to remove any food sources from the surfaces first, if possible, install dense mosquito nets on windows and vents, remove damp from leaking pipes and stagnant water. If, however, the need for using the insecticide is obvious, care must be taken when applying and storing it: use a respirator, apply the product in rubber gloves, do not place it near food, keep children and pets out of the access zone.

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