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Effective remedy for cockroaches Global (Globol)

Знакомимся со средством от тараканов Глобал (Globol)

Cockroaches are quite tenacious and prolific insects, which, like hordes of invaders, flood our apartments and houses, and feel themselves full owners in them. Cockroaches are rare in new buildings, however, if you were transporting things from an old apartment, you could easily take this uninvited guest with you.

To date, there are many tools and methods to combat cockroaches , each of which has its own merits and demerits. When choosing a particular method, you need to assess the situation and conditions under which you have cockroaches: the condition of water and sewage communications, the location of garbage cans close to the house, the presence of children and pets in the house, the proximity of unscrupulous neighbors.

One of the modern means of fighting cockroaches is the German gel Global (Globol). Very high efficiency, ease of use and safety for humans and pets - the undoubted merits of this tool. Let's look at it in more detail.

Gel for fighting cockroaches Global

The German manufacturer of the Global cockroach gel from the cockroaches has chosen chlorpyrifos, which belongs to the modern contact insecticides of a wide spectrum of action. The drug is aimed at direct destruction of cockroaches.

Так выглядит оригинальный немецкий гель от тараканов Globol

Gel (paste) is produced in a dosed tube. Masses of 75 grams are sufficient for high-quality processing of residential and industrial premises up to 60 square meters. m. Square, that is, by purchasing one tube, you can process the whole apartment.

The uniqueness of the drug is due to special additives and a release form in the form of a gel, which makes it convenient to apply the drug and exclude its rapid drying.

The action of the insecticide is called contact by the manufacturers, which means that the cockroach, when contacted with the gel applied to the treatment site, becomes infected with the active substance, but does not die immediately, but carries its grains to the places where the insects gather and infects the whole population. Thus, only a few individuals who come into contact with the gel are able to destroy an extensive family that terrorizes your personal territory.

It should be noted that the manufacturer provided protection for the original release of the product and supplied the gel package with a holographic sticker. It guarantees a quality product of this German production (there are many fakes on the market).

Method of gel application

Before starting the application of the Global gel, the tube with the product should be held in hands and gently stretched, giving the content additional plasticity. When treating an apartment from cockroaches, it is necessary to apply drops of gel to places of frequent occurrence of insects and prospective places of their accumulation: space behind skirting boards, cabinets, sewage pipes, place next to the sink.

Гель нужно наносить в местах предполагаемого перемещения и скопления тараканов

In addition to this method of processing, the construction of own baits will be effective. This can be done quickly by cutting thin strips of paper and applying droplets of gel to them. Strips should be expanded in the above locations. The method is good because then you do not have to wash the treated surfaces, skirting boards and tiles from the gel.

On a note

Before the launch of Global's product for sale, the manufacturer carried out preliminary testing, which proved that the concentration of the active substance is safe for humans and domestic animals. However, children and animals should be protected from direct access to open gel in processing areas, and after it is carried out, it is better to wash hands with running water.

Store an unused tube of poison at room temperature, in a dark place, away from food and medicine.

The principle of the action of the Global Gel on cockroaches

To date, the agent from the cockroaches Global (Globol) is one of the most effective and optimal for use in apartments drugs. Affects, probably, the "traditional German quality" and the accumulated experience of the manufacturer.

The main principle of the action of this remedy is, as described above, in the obligatory presence of an insect's contact with the gel. After such contact, the infected individual becomes a "time bomb" for his fellow humans.

Зараженный гелем Глобал таракан способен отравить множество своих собратьев

Before processing, you should calculate the places of the greatest accumulation and frequent occurrence of insects and apply the gel exactly on their "trails". The duration of the active action of the insecticide in the preparation is quite long - for a month the drops applied will carry their deadly effect of the cockroach population.

The visible effect comes in a few days after the beginning of the use of the remedy. Cockroaches start to creep out to open areas during the daytime, move slowly and with impaired coordination, generally behave strangely. The real epidemic begins after 1-2 weeks. The entire population is infected, and in the near future it will be possible to forget about the existence of unpleasant insects.

The undoubted advantage of the gel is the absence of an unpleasant chemical odor. Unlike other means for the destruction of cockroaches, capable of misusing intoxication in the owners themselves or pets, the gel Global will not bring any discomfort and trouble. The drug is hypoallergenic and does not cause adverse reactions in case of accidental contact.

Where to buy Global. Price.

Gel Global from cockroaches can be purchased in stores specializing in the sale of household products, or in specialized online stores. In this case, if the office of the online store is located in your city, courier delivery after the order is possible.

На упаковке оригинального геля Globol есть специальная голограмма

In any store, including an online store, you can require the seller to provide quality certificates for the products offered. When buying Global funds via the Internet, the seller must send you an e-mail scanned copy of the certificate.

The price of the original gel will depend on the volume of the order and the place of your residence. For example, buy a gel Global from cockroaches in household chemical shops of your city can be from 140 rubles. Ordering goods on the Internet, you need to consider the cost of courier delivery or postage. In this case, the price of the Globol gel will vary from 150 to 250 rubles.

Reviews about the drug

Reference number 1

"I tried gel Global, frankly, did not expect such an effect, I had to clean every day to clean the dead cockroaches that appeared in the morning after treatment."


Reference number 2

"We were tormented with cockroaches, we tried different means, and Global tried it. Very liquid this gel, can certainly simply was fresh. By experience I realized that it's better to put it on paper and lay it around the apartment, it's so convenient, and a tube of poison will suffice for a large area. "


Review №3

"I have a small child, so I do not want to smear any chemical preparations around the apartment, especially throwing pieces of paper with gel, the child will certainly drag them into his mouth. But other means did not help much. So I applied this gel on the upper slopes of the kitchen and bathroom doors, glued the strips next to the ventilation. So it got rid of the cockroaches and the child did not get to the poison. "

Elena K.

Feedback №4

"When we moved to a new apartment, we did not think that we would encounter the problem of cockroaches. The problem is all in the garbage chute in the house, how many did not try to get rid of - nothing helps. Global seems to be effective, but after a few weeks everything is new. Only together with neighbors it is necessary to struggle. Together to buy a gel or give one tube to neighbors, the price is not that great. The main thing is to fight with these nasty cockroaches, and nothing will help. "


Review №5

"A lot of things have been tried from cockroaches, and crayons and traps, nothing helped, I had to invite a disinfector. We left the apartment so that everything was processed qualitatively, then the smell was still long. The cockroaches did not seem to be gone, but a year later they came running again. We decided to do it ourselves the second time, we bought Global, at first I thought it would hardly help, like chemistry, but there is no sharp smell. Once treated and everything, cockroaches began to die, have time to collect. Just in case, once again applied a month later to fix the effect, but there were no cockroaches yet. "


If you have a personal experience of using Globol Gel when fighting cockroaches - be sure to leave your feedback in the comments field on this page.

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  1. Anonymous :

    From my personal experience, I have never seen even dead, laid them out on paper, they just quietly left ... Where they did not say) In the summer they came back from the heat, I repeated the procedure, thu thu thu, how many years they are gone, I do not even know. The drug is magical.

  2. Love :

    The best remedy against cockroaches. Tube with gel lay for 7 years, but the action, like fresh. All the cockroaches died at the entrance. Thanks to the manufacturer.

  3. Svetlana :

    The first time was used by Global in 2000. At first I thought, I wasted money, but after a month there was not a single cockroach. Did not appear 9 years. The second one - in 2009, appeared again in 2013. It's a pity I can not find it anywhere. I will order via the Internet.

  4. Irina :

    Really a super-tool. I'm panic afraid of cockroaches. I thought that nothing could help me. But also for 10 years I have been living without them after using this miracle gel. And I'm very surprised when someone else has cockroaches. She also brought the tube to her brother. He had a lot of them. Also disappeared immediately and forever! If it does not help, then they ran into a fake. Try to buy elsewhere. It should work.

  5. PROX :

    Cockroaches simply disappear and no longer appear. And a feeling that helped to get rid of cockroaches all the way))

  6. Yana :

    Means and truth is wonderful. At first there was a transparent gel on the market, and then it was gone, but there was a paste. You put the paste with a thin strip and that's it. Cockroaches simply disappear, and forever. The only drawback of the paste is that it becomes dark and spreads a little, but in comparison with the effectiveness of the remedy this is trifles.

  7. Olga :

    We are also constantly fighting, neighbors pigs. They run from them. We decided to buy a good globol gel. The main thing to buy with a hologram (often there are fakes). For the sixth month we have forgotten about cockroaches)

  8. Larissa :

    Very good tool GLOBAL. I tried everything, and accidentally stumbled upon this tool, just the seller said, try it, suddenly help. I ripped off the linoleum in the kitchen, and there was horror, I exhausted the whole tube to the kitchen. Three days later, she began to sweep dead cockroaches. Today I bought another tube, went to the neighbors showed me to buy, and now I'll process the whole apartment.

    • Natalia :

      Tell me, please, where can I buy Globol? (Gel is really good!

  9. Elena :

    Really. A very effective remedy, cockroaches were not 10 years after Global treatment. But now again appear, I will again look for this remedy. Another will not even try (the money is in vain). Recommended to all neighbors and friends.

  10. Julia :

    Where to buy it?

  11. Anonymous :

    Where to buy Global?

  12. Alain :

    Who knows where to buy it now?

    • Anonymous :

      Elena, tell me where to buy the gel from the cockroaches Global in Voronezh?

  13. Nastya :

    In the past year, I have been looking, they say, do not supply more. At the old apartment about 14 years ago there was a horde, anointed with a Global, then really cleaned out a week. One minus - after a couple of hours they ate and began to inadequately move and fall. Therefore, it is better to leave for a couple of days, so that the head does not pour.

  14. Larissa :

    Where can I buy in Tyumen?

  15. Eugene :

    Good afternoon everyone! In 2004, they moved to live with their grandmother in the old five-story building. Of course, we were greeted with grandmothers by cockroaches. I neither eat nor drink from disgust. We bought this wonderful gel, and to this day (October 28, 2015) there is not a single cockroach, fie-pah-pah, and they were not dead, they just disappeared from our life after 3-4 days.

  16. Tatiana :

    After processing the entire apartment did not meet with cockroaches 15 (fifteen) years.

  17. Timur :

    And where in Bishkek can I buy?

  18. Nastya :

    Where can I buy in Novokuznetsk? Tell me, please, they just overcame! ((

  19. Valentina :

    Very effective. Has applied 1 time and more than 20 years did not meet. By the way, disappeared in the entire 60-apartment house. They bought on the market.

  20. Anonymous :

    Lived in the hostel. The cockroaches were dark. Especially in the common kitchen! At night, crowds ran around, holding hands. At a meeting - greeted. The market advised to buy Globol. Was the most expensive of all drugs. From the room cockroaches ran half-dead on the 2nd day. A week later - disappeared completely. I smeared a corridor in the kitchen on the baseboards. The whole floor was clean!

  21. Yana :

    Is this a real testimonial?

  22. Anonymous :

    Where can I buy Global in Rostov-on-Don?

  23. Alain :

    Where can I buy in Shatura?

  24. Alina :

    Used before. Means effective. 10 years there were no insects. Where to buy in Samara or where to order? Maybe, who knows?

  25. Ulyasha :

    Where to order Globol by cash on delivery?

  26. Tatiana :

    It's funny to me and cockroaches. Do not buy Globol - cockroaches laugh into my eyes, hack-work.

    • Anonymous :

      Probably, the cockroaches laugh that you bought a fake)

  27. Svetlana :

    In 2001, on the advice of the seller, I bought Global. Anointed under the fridge, but there were a lot of them. And about a miracle - they disappeared for 15 years. Recently, much to the chagrin, have appeared again. What a pity that the sale is no longer there. I do not know what to do. I hoped to get this very means.

  28. Leo :

    The truth is an effective remedy? And then the cockroaches are insolent already, with each day they are more and more.

  29. Arseny :

    I used a gel global. It helped me.

  30. Alexander :

    Guys, today I have purchased, I will try this tool in Moscow. I drove into the apartment where the hordes of these creatures, downstairs supermarket, and even a garbage disposal and neighbors incomprehensible. Cockroaches even in the entrance are scurrying. Until now, I've tried everything I can: traps, gels, sprays, boric acid, etc. The effect was not as desired, they do not retreat. For a long time Google and spent a whole analysis of all available means, I decided to try this gel today, let's see! The only moment, they say that globol itself is not released in Germany since 2010, its new name is Exil, read in the internet. Now it's on the market, it's growing, but it's made in Germany! On the front side of the cardboard box, the counterfeit protection is knowingly falsely written "from tarCans" instead of "cockroaches". This is written about, if it's good to google. All good luck in the fight!

  31. Eleg :

    Where to buy gel Global in Volgograd?

  32. Marina :

    People, buy boric acid in the pharmacy and mix it with the yolk cooked. For cockroaches this is a delicacy, will disappear after 2-3 days.

  33. Alexander Borisovich :

    I will share my experience. Moscow. Also about 15 years ago brought cockroaches only with a globole (the color is dark brown). Appeared again a month ago, before that, and forgot to think about them. I read the latest information. I was surprised that this paste is not there, instead of it there is an excilus, it's not like Germans, they have stable brands for years, they do not change. I bought this excil for 290 rubles. There is no hologram. The color of the paste is yellowish, not brown, which immediately alerted. The effect is ZERO. I read and search further. I buy for 300 rubles. namely globol, with a hologram. I had to check the color in the store. It turned out to be a colorless silicone - white-transparent. The effect is zero. Both there and there the composition is chlorpyrifos 0.5% (as it is written, and really what, who knows?). Where is the brown globole that really helped in its time? Or did the cockroaches adapt? On one of the sites I found a photo from the user - there and the color needed, and the composition of the other: diflubenzuron + deltamethrin, where and when bought - is not reported. Here are the rebuses! On the German Globol website, there is no such paste at all. Phones of the Russian representation do not meet. Where is the truth, brother?

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