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Remedy for cockroaches Ghetto or still get?

На смену устаревшему средству от тараканов Гетт пришел новый препарат Get

Many apartment owners, exhausted by insects, are still trying in the old way to buy a remedy for the Gett cockroaches, not knowing that it was long ago withdrawn from production and is no longer on sale. However, do not despair: the market of funds from cockroaches does not stand still and offers the consumer new solutions. In place of the ghetto that went into oblivion, Gett came to the insect remedy Get - a microencapsulated drug of a new generation that allows you to get rid of cockroaches literally in a matter of days.

To date, the agent from the Get cockroaches (do not confuse with the Gett) is considered one of the most effective and convenient drugs for fighting domestic insects. There are several reasons for this: its effectiveness, relatively low price, absence of unpleasant odor, safety for the person and ease of use.

However, what is the common thing between a retired Gett and a modern preparation Get? Can they be compared at all in terms of efficiency, what are their differences and where to buy the remedy? Let's try to understand these nuances in more detail.

Composition of the product, form of production and principle of operation

At its core, the previously released agent from the Gett cockroaches was a dilute aqueous dispersion of an insecticide called chlorpyrifos, poured into bottles equipped with a spray gun.

Инсектицид хлорпирифос: химическая структура

The product Get is a concentrate of microencapsulated chlorpyrifos, which is a significant advantage: the consumer himself can set the concentration of the drug in the finished solution, diluting the concentrate with water in the desired ratio. After all, depending on what kind of insects fight is supposed (cockroaches, bugs, ants, fleas, etc.) - the concentration of the drug should be different.

Chlorpyrifos, used in the Get preparation (and earlier in the Gett preparation), is a broad-spectrum contact insecticide. This substance is a part of some professional destroyers of cockroaches, and is rightly considered one of the most effective means against domestic insects.


"I only met with cockroaches once, and then - in the hostel. But I've seen enough of them all my life. Especially scary black, with a finger the size. They walked around the kitchen like owners. I was even afraid to press them. My mother advised me to waste them with Getom, I bought one bottle of concentrate, diluted it according to instructions, and sprinkled it in the kitchen behind the stove and refrigerator and in my room for beds and a nightstand. All the cockroaches immediately moved to the corridors, and there they began to die. Straight bundles fell from the ceiling and died, and we swept them off after a long time. "

Marina, Moscow

Chlorpyrifos can penetrate the insect's body both through the digestive tract and respiratory organs, and through the integument of the body. As a consequence, even simply smeared in the drug, the cockroach condemns itself to death - first it has convulsive muscle contractions, and then comes paralysis and death.

Хлорпирифос способен вызывать гибель таракана даже просто при контактировании с внешними покровами его тела

The agent for cockroaches Get is available as a white or slightly creamy liquid, which is a concentrate of microscopic capsules of chlorpyrifos dispersed in a water base with a stabilizer. Concentrate has a faint smell with notes of orange or alcohol, which is an important advantage of the drug, since even after a massive treatment of the apartment from cockroaches , there will be no unpleasant odor.

It is necessary to pay tribute to the out-of-date preparation of Gett, for which, in fact, he gained a certain popularity with the consumer at one time: when the solution of this destroyer of cockroaches was sprayed around the apartment, the liquid dried up and on the treated surfaces there were insecticide particles that were then successfully collected by running pests .


"Recently my sister asked me to suggest a remedy, I advised her to Gett, but she did not find it anywhere. He says he is not being released now. "

Olga, Izhevsk

Today, microencapsulation technologies have gone far ahead, which allows the modern Get tool to provide particularly high efficiency from cockroaches and other household insects. Cockroaches, running over the treated surfaces, always touch the microcapsules. But even a few such particles of insecticide, caught on the feet or mustaches, are enough to destroy the insect.

Фотографии: слева - микрокапсулы на обработанной поверхности, справа - на усиках таракана

Applying the drug solution on the surface is very simple: it is simple enough to spray it, for example, from a spray gun onto the desired surfaces.

It should be borne in mind that the technology of production of microencapsulated drugs is rather complicated, and can not be realized in artisanal conditions. This means that all such drugs claiming to use this technology can not be too cheap: for their production, in addition to high-quality raw materials, high-tech equipment should also be used. Accordingly, if you are offered to buy, ostensibly a concentrate of microcapsules from cockroaches for 50-100 rubles (per 100 ml), then this is either a counterfeit product of doubtful composition (there are many such on the market today), or a diluted original product that is offered to buy under the guise of concentrate . Be carefull.

Buy a remedy for cockroaches Get (once again note that it is not worth it to be confused with the Gett) can be from the official representatives of the manufacturer. In addition, today you can buy this drug and on the Internet with mail delivery cash on delivery, but the cost of the funds will increase by the amount of the cost of delivery.

Средство от тараканов Get (концентрат, 100 мл)


"For our dining room, cockroaches are a real scourge. Under the former director, they must have been persecuted for two years, but they did not eradicate it. Now we have allocated money normally and we bought Get. All cats were dismantled for two weeks at home, but Get himself did not flush. Only brooms in the morning, the cockroaches were raked. Even the huge brown ones were, we never saw them before, the Americans are called. I do not know if we destroyed everyone, but for half a year we have not seen the Prusaks at all. "

Lyudmila, Zaporozhye

The preparation Get itself costs about 700 rubles per 1 bottle. Although if you take a set of 4 pieces, for example, for yourself and your neighbors, then you can buy 10-12% cheaper.

Efficiency Get from cockroaches

The effectiveness of Get from cockroaches is very high and not only is not inferior to the effectiveness of the old and well-proven means of Gett, but also surpasses it. It is not for nothing that today the drug is considered one of the most reliable means available for use in everyday life without special training.

Эффективность препарата Get может превосходить таковую у устаревшего средства от тараканов Гетт

It is also important that Get (as well as the Gett) works reliably regardless of whether its insect will eat it or not. Many of the cockroach preparations, therefore, lose the effectiveness of more advanced microencapsulated products of the new generation, as they require eating, and the pests themselves do not want them.


"I'm afraid of all these chemicals. She simply took Get, diluted and sprinkled them behind the bedside tables, where neither the child nor the dog could reach. And what would you think? The Prusaks started to breathe, like in a gas chamber. And the apartment did not even have a smell. As advised by the sellers, they sprinkled them in the vestibule and in the vent hole, and there were no more cockroaches. "

Oksana, Vinnitsa

Among other things, Get is also a barrier means - it is enough to process the ways of possible penetration of cockroaches into the room (for example, from neighbors), and even if the insects cross such a poisonous line, they will not last long in the dwelling. At the same time, Get is not a repellent and has almost no smell: it does not scare off cockroaches, but immediately destroys it - this in its time attracted consumers in the out-of-date Gett facility.

Get обладает также хорошо выраженным барьерным действием


"Of all the means against the cockroaches, the barrier is only Get. Others simply destroy, but this one also does not miss, in principle. The truth is he is not cheap. But his money works, and the poison does not have to breathe, as from aerosols. "

Alexander, Moscow

Instructions for use

Despite the safety of the Get product for humans and animals, when working with it, as well as when working with any other insecticide, it is advisable to use personal protective equipment - mask or respirator, as well as rubber gloves.

Means from cockroaches Get is diluted with ordinary water in a proportion from 1:10 to 1:20, depending on the type of insects with which the fight is expected.

Таблица разбавлений средства Get при борьбе с различными насекомыми

Before diluting the concentrate, the vial with the product should be shaken, as the insecticide microcapsules, although very small, have some weight and ways to gradually settle.

The concentrations indicated in the table must be maintained fairly accurately - in this case the result will be as desired. The solution obtained by diluting the concentrate is recommended to be poured into the spray gun, which facilitates the application process.

После разбавления концентрата водой раствор рекомендуется залить в пульверизатор

Next, spray on a variety of surfaces in places of congestion or frequent movement of cockroaches. It is especially useful to handle those places that are not available for pets and children - here the drug can not be washed off for several days, which will ensure the destruction of cockroaches that Get does not get in the first hours of application.

Also, special attention during processing should be given to places in the apartment where there are sources of moisture - this is primarily a kitchen and a bathroom (cockroaches are in dire need of water).

There is no need for total processing of the entire apartment - it is enough to apply Get where the cockroaches move regularly. Do not handle children's toys and clothes - a tool for this is not intended.

The advantage of the Get product is that it practically has no smell, does not leave behind greasy stains and divorces. The apartment can be used almost immediately after treatment without any discomfort (without many hours of "settling", as, for example, it is necessary in case of using aerosol products from cockroaches).

Doubles and forgery Get: how to avoid fraud and counterfeit

As in due time there were fakes of means from cockroaches Ghett, and today in the market also there are products-clones under the name Get, to distinguish which from the original preparation to the unprepared consumer can be difficult.

Listed below are the main features of the original Get tool:

  • the drug is available in opaque white bottles
  • on the label must be present brand colors
  • the production date of the product should be slightly pressed into the paper, and not simply printed on it
  • an important distinctive feature of the original remedy is the presence on the neck of the vial of a foil membrane with the Get logo
  • and, finally, the appearance of the drug - as mentioned earlier - is a white or slightly creamy liquid with a faint smell of oranges or notes of ethyl alcohol, but definitely without the smell of gasoline and other organic solvents.

Оригинальный препарат имеет фольгированную мембрану с логотипом Get

The price of counterfeit products can significantly differ from the original price, both in large and in smaller side. Recall that 1 bottle of the original remedy for Get cockroaches can be bought for about 700 rubles, and it will last for processing about 100 square meters. square meters.


"I was looking for the Gett, I thought he should be in a white bottle with a spray gun. Found in some yellow, as it turned out later - it was a new Get. But he also helped, I'm happy: all the cockroaches took a breath just a day. Although I think that Gett would have worked well too. "

Irina, Krasnodar

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    We sprayed the whole house with this solution. For the first day the cockroaches disappeared, only one or two scraped run. We did not have time to rejoice. On the second day they were a little more (in the instructions it was written that to wait a week or two, I do not remember exactly). But with each day the cockroaches became more and more. Now they have become a heap, and they have become more active and tenacious than before. Scary. A lot of money, and the result is zero.

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