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Remedies for cockroaches Raptor: aerosol, trap or gel. What's better?

Выбираем оптимальное средство Раптор от тараканов

The key task of any insecticide is to provide reliable and comfortable protection of a person and his house from pests, and to prevent further reproduction of insects. Therefore, the remedy should be tested and effective. To such, for example, relates Raptor from cockroaches, occupying a special place among other, no less effective insecticides.


Raptor is one of the most famous brands of insect repellent, which for many years has maintained its leadership in the insecticide market. The products are of high quality, efficiency and safety, therefore it is popular and recognizable among consumers in Russia and abroad.

Insect agents Raptor is not only widely known aerosols, plates and fumigators against flying insects, but also high-tech traps and long-acting gels from cockroaches, bedbugs and other creeping pests of our homes.

So whether they are effective, as the manufacturer claims. And what form is better to use to combat cockroaches: aerosol, or a trap, or maybe a gel is better?

Let's understand ...

Professional destruction of insects

The invasion of cockroaches (like bugs or ants) is perhaps one of the most common insect problems for residents of large and small cities. That's why the remedies for creeping insects are so popular.

Существует несколько форм выпуска средств Раптор от тараканов

Under the trademark Raptor, a wide range of professional insecticides is available for self-use:

Each of them has its own characteristics and is intended to achieve a specific goal. So what is better and more effective?

To make the best choice, it is important to determine what result is expected from use. It is also necessary to know the main characteristics of these insecticides.

Aerosols Raptor: rapid destruction of insects

The main reason for choosing an aerosol as a method for controlling pests is a quick effect and ease of use. In fact, this is an instant reprisal of bored insects, during which you can quickly destroy even a large population in the apartment.

Аэрозоль Раптор - подойдет для быстрого уничтожения тараканов


"I managed to process an old uninhabited apartment before repair. At the time of spraying Raptor, foam from the cylinder was periodically flowing, but apparently this did not affect the quality. Because the next day we saw how many cockroaches around us were. Destroyed in the end all. "

Varvara, Izhevsk.

Aerosols Raptor come in the following forms:

  • Protection from moths. Suitable for processing any kind of fabric, as well as shoes, hats, furniture and carpets. It does not leave traces, has a pleasant aroma and provides protection against moths and larvae for up to 12 months.
  • Aerosol from flying insects. A remedy with a pleasant citrus smell, effective against mosquitoes, flies, wasps and moths. Has a nerve-paralyzing effect on insects.
  • Protection of the territory from mosquitoes. The product creates an invisible protective barrier and lasts up to eight hours (in case of rainy and windy weather, efficiency decreases). Used only outdoors and can be used for instant destruction of insects in places of their accumulation.
  • Raptor against bed bugs. It works instantly, does not leave traces, has no smell, and also does not allow bedbugs to adapt to the active substances of the drug and to resume the reproduction of the population after some time after treatment.
  • Aerosol Raptor from cockroaches and creeping insects. The three active ingredients in the composition - cypermethrin, tetramethrin and piperonyl butoxide - form a very toxic combination for cockroaches and other creeping insects, leaving them no chance to adapt to poisons. The insect, trapped in the aerosol-treated zone, becomes a carrier of poison to other representatives of the individual. In this case, the carrier insect perishes within 24 hours from the moment of infection.

It is important!

With direct contact with the drug, the insect will eventually die, but the aerosol quickly evaporates, so not all insects can get the poison. This means that the population will not die completely unless the surface is treated regularly.

Instructions for use Raptor against cockroaches and other creeping insects prescribes to observe precautions and conduct treatment with open windows and in the absence of people, animals and birds in the room. Work should be conducted in a cotton-gauze dressing or a respirator. One bottle is enough for use in a room of 50-60 square meters.

Работать с инсектицидными аэрозолями следует в респираторе

Do you know that?..

5-6 drops of ammonia, diluted in 1.5 liters of water, will be an excellent tool for wet cleaning and fighting cockroaches, if their population is small - the smell of ammonia scares off these insects.

Application of aerosol Raptor: The balloon should be shaken and, holding it vertically, spray the product in the places of congestion of cockroaches, and also process the areas of their possible habitat and the path of movement. After 15 minutes after treatment, the room should be thoroughly ventilated.

Aerosols Raptor, including a remedy for cockroaches, which are still evidenced by its rather high efficiency, can be purchased in economic and construction hypermarkets, home goods stores, as well as in specialized online stores.

Unobtrusive protection - traps Raptor from cockroaches

Traps from cockroaches are successfully used at home due to their invisibility, non-toxicity and the ability to combine them with other types of means against insects. The principle of the action of traps is a chain reaction. The cockroach eats the bait and becomes a carrier of poison, which brings to its population and thus destroys it.

Ловушки для тараканов Раптор - максимальная безопасность для человека и домашних животных

In general, Raptor traps are of the following types:

  • Protection from food moths. Safely and effectively protects food from food moths and its larvae. Such a trap is non-toxic, odorless and convenient to use. Used in the kitchen, in store rooms and food storage cabinets. The trap can be glued to the inside of the cabinet or suspended.
  • Trap Raptor from cockroaches. The product is a plastic disc ("washers", 6 pieces per pack) with holes for insects to penetrate. It works according to the chain reaction principle described above. These traps are safe for humans and pets.


"The instructions say: three traps per room 10 square meters. I decided to lay out all 6 in our little kitchen. At first the effect was not, upset and wanted to remove, but then completely forgot about them. But somewhere in three weeks the cockroaches became really smaller - they began to disappear! "

Anastasia, Moscow.

The active substance in the bait is chlorpyrifos.

Хлорпирифос: химическая структура

It has an intestinal-viral effect and suffocating effect, which leads to the death of the cockroach within 30 minutes after contact with the bait. Individuals infected with a carrier lose their ability to move and are gradually killed.

It is important!

Too large a population will not die if you use only traps: the bait will be eaten, but not all individuals will get it.

Traps should be regularly changed, otherwise the dried and weakened reagent can develop immunity in young individuals. If used correctly, the population of medium or small numbers perishes within 1-3 weeks.


To increase the efficiency of the traps, one can simultaneously use them with other means from cockroaches, for example, insecticide chalk or gel. Also baits with boric acid will help.

Buy traps from cockroaches Raptor can be in the economic, building store or in the department of goods for the house - the price for them varies from 150 to 300 rubles.

Gel from cockroaches - a reliable means of continued action

Gels from insects are highly effective and have a contact and intestinal effect on the insect organism. If there are many pests, and the destruction of their population is not an urgent task, the gel will do just fine.

Гель от тараканов Раптор - высокая эффективность и безопасность использования


"We were attacked by a horde of cockroaches, which we first sprayed with aerosols - it's a nightmare, it was useless ... On the advice of friends bought the gel Raptor and were patient. We practically won this war, because we see cockroaches extremely rarely and one by one. But until finally get rid of them and I'm not sure if we can. "

Zhanna, Murmansk

The effect of the gel Raptor is based on the contact of the insect with the active substance - lambda-cyhalothrin, as a result of which the pest gradually spreads the poison and infects the entire population. In addition, cockroaches actively eat moist gel, as a result of which they also become carriers of poison.


if you carry out the treatment with Raptor gel in all rooms, and not only where cockroaches were found, the effect will be more significant. To fix the result, the procedure should be repeated in a month.

Reviews of the Raptor gel from cockroaches are diverse, but similar in one: it is one of the most convenient drugs for fighting bothersome insects. Indeed, the thin nose of the tube allows you to handle the most difficult places, in addition, the gel does not need to be applied with a solid line, so the tool is very economical.

Гель Раптор от тараканов весьма эффективен

Feedback on the use of the gel Raptor:

"Raptor-gel is really very convenient, but I did not understand: are its cockroaches afraid?" For a long time no one approached these drops, which I carefully laid out on the baseboard in the kitchen. I saw some effect only after a fortnight, and then the gel dried, and the cockroaches went with a new force. I had to repeat the treatment twice more - until everything is fine. The purchase of gel on the pocket does not hurt, you can use it all the time. "

Vladimir, Kurgan

Gel from cockroaches Raptor can be bought there, where other means of this brand are presented. The drug is safe, has a light fruity odor, leaves no traces and is easily removed from almost any surface. Before using the product, it is necessary to read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the precautions for use.

Raptor: three species, one choice?

To select the optimum insecticide, it is important to take into account a whole range of factors. But it is hardly possible to find an ideal variant that would meet absolutely all the criteria, so when choosing a remedy for cockroaches, you should allocate the most important:

  • If a quick result is important in the fight against pests, the best choice is aerosol. Features: ineffective action in the hot season due to the rapid evaporation of the agent; mandatory evacuation of people and animals from the premises before processing (so as not to breathe poison); the need for ventilation and re-treatment.
  • Traps Raptor are safe, invisible and designed for long-term action. Features: the product is suitable only in the case of periodic arrival of insects from the outside, but not with a large population.
  • Gel Raptor from cockroaches is effective, safe and non-toxic for animals and humans, while it has bait for cockroaches and poison, which attracts insects much better than other means and gradually destroys the entire population, even very numerous. Features: the gel will not work if you need a quick disinsection.

As you can see, when choosing the optimal Raptor from cockroaches it is important not only to study the reviews about the product, but also to assess on its own whether it is suitable for your situation.

Good luck to you in the fight against cockroaches!

To the record "Remedies for cockroaches Raptor: aerosol, trap or gel .What's better?" 10 comments left.
  1. Lisa :

    Tell me, cockroach, that fell into a trap and ate poison, then died - is dangerous already dead for pets?

  2. Maxim :

    I bought a raptor of a trap, I bought a gel. Traps stood for a month, cockroaches on them did not even bite, the gel withered - no effect. Consider, just for nothing, money was thrown on this chlorpyrifos, I will advise acquaintances not to buy this heresy. Comrades manufacturers need to test the products again and stop people fooling.

  3. Vitaliy, Chita :

    It's the same as Maxim's. Only the active substance traps - lambda cyhalothrin. The traps have been standing for more than a week. The cockroaches become larger.

  4. Eugene :

    Absolutely useless thing. It feels like there are even more cockroaches from the aerosol and traps. As if I myself cooked the feast and the local stasis of neighbors went to visit.

  5. Nat :

    I use Raptor aerosol, the result is obvious. Just need to stand with the sneaker. They run from the cracks, only manage!

  6. Aina :

    Thank you. Raptor gel is good. At me has already ended, in here where to buy now it ...

  7. Katyusha :

    I used gel, there are no shifts, they do not touch it, everything is dried up, and there are more and more of them.

  8. Ivan :

    There were cockroaches! I chose between Raptor and Reid (traps). I bought Raptor (~ 250r). The first two days of the cockroaches almost did not appear, but then as if nothing had happened. I thought that there would be enough modern nanotechnology - I bought NeoDihlofos. Pushed into the ill-fated habitat (kitchen) and went to work. Came in the evening - and a miracle! The whole kitchen is covered with half-alive cockroaches. So to speak, the effect on the face!

  9. Zarina :

    Hello! I want to destroy cockroaches, today I used dichlorvos without a smell. Seems OK. But I need a tool in the socket, I heard that it is, but I do not know where to get it and I do not know the name.

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