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Choose an effective poison for cockroaches

Выясняем, с помощью какой отравы можно действительно быстро и эффективно уничтожить тараканов в квартире...

As practice shows, there are situations when tenants of apartments for months, and sometimes even for years (!) Can not get rid of cockroaches. And they live in the neighborhood with each other, and the sluggish war does not give any tangible results. In the end, it may even seem like cockroaches do not take any poison, and that these pests have become familiar to almost any insecticide.

In fact, this is not the case: having competently approached the choice of poison from cockroaches, the required result can be achieved in a very short time (even in neglected cases), and the effect will be long-term. It is only necessary to take into account a number of important nuances, which we will discuss in more detail later.

При грамотном подходе к выбору отравы избавиться от тараканов удается даже в самых запущенных случаях.


"Just two years ago they settled in a new building, and from cockroaches do not live! These creatures just filled the whole house, fat, red, shiny, as if wet. We already have all the wallpapers in their tracks, when they are killed they remain, still on the furniture. And such arrogant, right on sleeping children creep! Than only did not fight, aerosols bought different syringes, boric acid poured. They would at least something. And they simply run to dichlorvos and ask for more ... "

Irina, Ekaterinburg

What types of otras today are used against cockroaches

Although it is customary to glorify the unique ability of cockroaches to survive and resist various insecticides, it must be recognized: the chemical industry today is fully capable of giving a worthy rebuff to the invasion of pests. Moreover, some modern drugs literally mow down the cockroach population in apartments, even when individuals have a pronounced resistance to a number of obsolete otras.

Сегодня существует множество инсектицидных средств, важно лишь правильно выбрать среди них наиболее действенные.

On a note

Dust and Dichlophos, which the older generation still remembers well, are in the past - today, in order to poison cockroaches in your home, you do not have to endure the terrible smell and risk your health, as you can buy much more effective and safe means that do not have , besides, so unpleasant smell.

It should be borne in mind that on sale today, you can find dust from insects, as well as Dichlorvos of different brands (Dichlofos Neo, Dichlofos Varan, etc.), but only in terms of chemical composition are completely different preparations. The obsolete organochlorine pesticide DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) and organophosphate Dichlorvos (dimethyldichlorovinyl phosphate) are now replaced by safer and more convenient preparations, mainly based on synthetic pyrethroids.

According to the form of release and, as a consequence, by the method of using poison from cockroaches can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Aerosol products are well-known and very popular balloons from insects (Raptor, Combat, Dichlophos, etc.). You can buy such a poison from cockroaches today in almost any hardware store or on the market. The greatest effect of aerosols is given in those cases when they are sprayed directly to the places where the cockroaches cover the apartment. However, as you understand, in neglected cases of sheltering cockroaches can be located throughout the room, and as a result, as practice shows, aerosol poisoning in the hands of an unprepared person simply does not give enough effect. In addition, aerosol formulations do not have a prolonged action and, therefore, do not provide preventive protection of the room from insects; Аэрозольные препараты действуют быстро, но не обеспечивают долговременной защиты помещения от тараканов.
  2. Gels are peculiar poison baits that attract cockroaches with odor and poison them due to the insecticide that is part of the gel. The peculiarity of such drugs is that they do not kill cockroaches quickly - it will take 2-3 weeks before the effect of using the gel appears sufficiently. Nevertheless, some insecticidal gels work, albeit slowly, but very effectively, and can rightly be considered one of the best cockroaches for cockroaches . We will talk about these preparations a little later; Гель для уничтожения тараканов Абсолют
  3. Traps for cockroaches with poisoned bait inside (Raptor Double force, Combatant, Clean House and some others). They are comparable in effectiveness to gels, but are more convenient to use, although they will be more expensive at a price; По эффективности действия ловушки для тараканов и муравьев вполне сопоставимы с инсектицидными гелями.А так выглядит сама ловушка...
  4. Insecticide pencils (crayons), as well as powders (dusts) - inexpensive poisons, cockroaches destroy slowly and are best suited for preventing the reproduction of cockroaches indoors; Инсектицидный мелок МашенькаДуст для уничтожения насекомых Чистый Дом
  5. Concentrates of insecticides for dilution and subsequent spraying in the form of a spray - today some products of this group are considered to be the most effective means from cockroaches (individual brands of such poisons, using economical expenditure and high efficiency, use disinfestation services in their work). Concentrates of a number of so-called microencapsulated preparations are adapted for household use: the solutions prepared from them are odorless and can massively destroy cockroaches even in the most difficult cases. Сегодня легко купить концентраты высокоэффективных инсектицидов, адаптированные для самостоятельного применения в быту.

On a note

Among the less popular means that can poison cockroaches in an apartment are insecticide smoke bombs. As a rule, mosquito drafts (Quiet Evening, City and others with permethrin as an active substance) are used for these purposes. Disadvantage of smoke bombs when using them in living quarters is a long-lasting smell of burning and white coating of permethrin on furniture.

Перметриновая дымовая шашка от комаров Тихий Вечер - вполне позволяет отравить и тараканов.

A certain effect can also give a variety of folk poisoning from cockroaches, among which the most popular boric acid and borax, mixed with egg yolk. However, the lack of poisoned baits with boric acid is, firstly, the inability to get rid of cockroaches quickly by using it, and secondly, if there are available water sources in the apartment, poisoned cockroaches often survive, as they "drink", thus significantly reducing the effectiveness of the harmful boric acid for them.

And, finally, a very important point, which is often forgotten in the independent struggle with cockroaches: do not initially focus on searching for one, the "most effective" poison, which once and for all solved your problems with cockroaches. The greatest effectiveness is achieved only with a competent combination of funds of different types.


"It was such a nightmare when we began to clean up our old mum's apartment. Unstick wallpaper, and behind them hundreds of cockroaches! I almost fainted when I saw such healthy Black among them. We decided to arrange a total sweep. Two different gel purchased, furniture I dyhlofosom sprinkled, and the husband additionally the whole apartment processed by some means of bugs, it also helps cockroaches. The next day, dead cockroaches scooped up. That's terrible. With neighbors, they talked, they also have cocked cockroaches. And everything is quiet with us now, it's been three weeks already. "

Tatiana, Moscow

Concentrates of insecticides

As already noted above, the concentrates of insecticide preparations adapted for domestic use allow to efficiently poison cockroaches in the room even with a significant degree of its colonization by these pests.

For household use of this group, for example, the following drugs have proved themselves well:

  1. Ksulat Micro - combined microencapsulated insect repellent, practically odorless. It is developed on the basis of three active substances, which sharply reduces the chances of survival of the cockroach population, even having resistance to some insecticide; Микрокапсулированный препарат от насекомых Ксулат Микро
  2. Get - also quite effective poisoning from cockroaches based on microencapsulated chlorpyrifos. Almost no unpleasant odor. The drug is sold in a small package (100 ml), one bottle of Get is enough to handle 100 m² of surfaces; Средство от насекомых Get
  3. Delta Zone is a microencapsulated agent for bugs and cockroaches based on the highly effective insecticide deltamethrin. Also has no smell. For the treatment of a two-room apartment of an average area, as a rule, it is enough to buy one 100-ml bottle; Еще один микрокапсулированный препарат, позволяющий надежно отравить тараканов в квартире, не создавая при этом неприятного запаха - Дельта Зона
  4. Lambda-Zona - a tool that is positioned, above all, as a powerful poison for the destruction of bed bugs, but against cockroaches, its effectiveness is not lower. The drug has no unpleasant odor, the basis of it is a synthetic high-performance insecticide lambda-cyhalothrin. Лямбда Зона

…And some others.

When properly applied, these drugs are completely safe for humans and pets. They allow you to poison cockroaches in the apartment without creating a long unpleasant smell in the room, as it often happens when using many aerosol products from insects.

The advantage of using microencapsulated drugs is that cockroach poisoning occurs not only directly during the treatment of the apartment, but also within a few weeks thereafter. The fact is that the surviving individuals (including those that continue to penetrate into the room from neighbors), running through the treated surfaces, will cling to their chitinous cover particles of the insecticide. Due to the contact poisoning effect, the poison quickly falls into the hemolymph of the pest, leading to its death.

Geli from cockroaches

The main advantage of gels from cockroaches is a combination of ease of use, safety for humans and animals and quite high efficiency.

On a note

In some gels from cockroaches specially added so-called bitterness. These substances are extremely unpleasant to the taste, so pets and children do not want to eat a single drop of poison, even if they find it. At the same bitterness does not interfere with cockroaches feasting on gel.

However, not all gels are added to such unpleasant substances. And if the child ate the poison from the cockroaches, then usually the situation directly depends on the amount of insecticide eaten. As a rule, if it's just about licking a cardboard with a gel or a finger stained with gel, there are no visible changes in the child's condition. Much worse can be the situation when the child eats the gel, squeezing it out of the tube - in this case, immediately (without waiting for the deterioration of the child's condition) to call an ambulance and provide information from the packaging of the drug.

As a rule, poison for cockroaches in the form of gels are sold in syringes or plastic tubes, which facilitates the application of the product on various surfaces.

Нередко гели от тараканов продаются в шприцах...

The composition of the gel includes substances that attract cockroaches. A cockroach who has eaten an insecticide gel does not die right away, but usually manages to return to its shelter, where it dies. Often other individuals eat a deceased fellow, also receiving a lethal dose of poison - this is how a kind of chain mechanism of poisoning works. That's why some gels are so effective in fighting cockroaches.

For today, the following gels from cockroaches have proven themselves and are popular:

  1. Dohloks ;
  2. Brownie;
  3. Captain (Sturm-gel-paste);
  4. Absolute;
  5. Exil (positioned as a complete analog of the German gel from cockroaches Globol, which from 2015 to Russia is no longer supplied).

Гель для уничтожения тараканов Дохлокс

Гель-паста от тараканов Exil (позиционируется как аналог немецкого геля Globol).

Gels are applied to the surface with droplets in the form of dashed lines. The distance between the drops is 1-2 cm. Qualitative gels of the traces on the furniture do not leave and remain effective until they dry up, or they will not be washed away during wet cleaning.


"For the first time I used Globol in my mother's apartment, in the distant 2001. After that five years we did not see a single cockroach. And the truth is a good remedy. "

Olga, St. Petersburg

Poisons in the form of aerosols

No matter how much the advertising of this or that aerosol drug from cockroaches, most of them are practically the same in their effectiveness in practice. Moreover, in many of them even the active substances are used the same.

Многие средства от тараканов и других ползающих и летающих насекомых содержат в качестве действующих веществ пиретроиды.

Poison cockroaches in the apartment with a small number of them can be, for example, the following aerosol formulations:

  1. Combat Superspray (there is also the Combat Multispray, which is suitable for the destruction of not only crawling, but flying insects);
  2. Raptor from creeping insects;
  3. Raid against cockroaches and ants;
  4. Dichlorvos Neo (or Dichlorvos Eco, Dichlorvos Varan - the good old Dichlorvos is no longer produced);
  5. Aerosol Clean house.

Аэрозольное средство от насекомых Combat SuperSpray

Дихлофос Нео - в отличие от старого советского Дихлофоса не имеет неприятного запаха.

It should be borne in mind that aerosol products effectively poison cockroaches only when sprayed in close proximity to them. Accordingly, if you spray the drug, for example, only on the stove, the cockroaches on the back of the refrigerator, in the microwave, in the vent box and in the rest of your favorite shelter areas will survive.

It is also possible to use an aerosol dispenser when 10-20 cans are simultaneously sprayed into the apartment. Then it is really possible to poison practically the entire population of pests at a time. However, the problem, again, is that after the weathering of the aerosol from the room, the residual protective effect will be practically zero.

On a note

To the number of non-standard aerosol means for combating cockroaches, one can also include the use of the Raptor aquafumigator. The essence of the work of the aquafumigator is that when a metal container is placed inside a can of water, a vapor is started that contains an insecticide. This steam fills the entire volume of the room, penetrating even in hard-to-reach places.

Insecticide pencils and powders

Perhaps the most popular remedy from this group is the well-known chalk from the cockroaches Mashenka. Today you can also buy Chinese insecticide pencils that are not inferior to domestic pencils.

Мелок Машенька (а также китайские инсектицидные карандаши) не способен быстро отравить всех тараканов в помещении, однако в качестве профилактическго средства вполне эффективен.

As for the most popular powder from cockroaches - this, of course, boric acid, some of the drawbacks of which have already been mentioned above.

When using this kind of tools it is useful to consider the following nuances:

  • Insecticidal pencils and powders are well suited as an additional means in the control of cockroaches (and also as a preventive measure). That is, it is useful to combine these funds with more effective drugs (gels and concentrates of microencapsulated insecticides);
  • If there is a significant infestation of the room with cockroaches, it is unlikely to poison them with pencils or powders;
  • The use of insecticide concentrates (and even powders) in a mixture with a dough or egg yolk gives a greater effect than the use of boric acid; На основе инсектицидных порошков можно самостоятельно готовить отравленные приманки.
  • If you are in doubt, what kind of poison from cockroaches it is better to buy - in the form of a pencil or powder, then other things being equal, choose pencils, because they are more convenient to use and can be used on vertical surfaces.

On a note

A well-pronounced poisoning effect against cockroaches (and bugs) is caused by the so-called Pyrethrum powder, made from dried flowers of Dalmatian chamomile. In all organs of this plant, especially in flowers, contains a natural insecticide pyrethrin. It was in honor of this compound that the whole group of highly effective synthetic insecticides - pyrethroids - got its name.

Prepare the poison from cockroaches from the flowers of chamomile and you can yourself - just carefully dry them and grind in a coffee grinder in a fine powder.


"We poisoned the cockroaches a couple of times at the dacha with the help of carbofos, all insects were destroyed altogether. But this year it is unclear where the Prussians came again. Surprisingly simple, a separate structure, people do not live, there is no food particularly. But the cockroaches darkness divorced. We arrived, saw this case, had to buy some local Chinese poison, a simple pencil. They smeared all the skirting boards and nightstands, painted the walls in the basement. Cockroaches obviously became smaller, we find a lot of dead. But completely they did not disappear. I do not know, maybe new ones come from somewhere ... "

Natalia, Samara

Combine the drugs and get the maximum effect

Workers of pest control services are well aware that the best effect in combating cockroaches is provided by combining different types of poisoning agents:

  • The main damage to the population of pests in the house is done with the help of diluted according to the instructions of the concentrate of a highly effective insecticide (for the destruction of cockroaches on its own it could be Xulat Micro, Get, Delta Zone, Lambda Zone, Agran, Cucaracha, etc.);
  • As an additional tool with high efficiency and prolonged action, an insecticidal gel is used (again, if you are struggling on your own, you can buy Dohloks, Domova gel, Absolute, Exil or others).

Максимальный эффект при борьбе с тараканами удается получить лишь при грамотном совмещении инсектицидных средств разных типов.

Typically, this combination is already enough to in most cases completely and permanently solve the problem with cockroaches in the apartment. However, to increase the effectiveness of measures, it is also possible to place glue traps in the room and apply lines of insecticide chalk in places where insects can move.

Do not forget about the obvious things: if cockroaches creep into your apartment from neighbors, then first of all, you need to block the ways of possible pest migration. To do this, it is useful to put thin nets on the ventilation apertures, to fill up cracks in the walls, ceiling and floor, and also to block the possibility of pests penetrating through the wall sockets.


"Tell me, good people, what kind of poison from cockroaches is better? My apartment is full of darkness, the whole house is already zatarakanenny, neighbors - completely alkashnya. Caused two times the service, full baiting gave respite only for a month, and then again. I do not know how to keep the defense. Now she has treated the nightstands with gel, but this is clearly not enough, cockroaches go about their herd, in their own corpses. "

Albina, Novorossiysk

If you have a personal experience of destroying cockroaches with the help of this or that means (and it is not important - positive or negative), then be sure to leave your feedback at the bottom of this page, in the comments field.

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