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Folk remedies for combating cockroaches

Обзор наиболее популярных народных методов борьбы с тараканами в квартире

Folk remedies for cockroaches are used in everyday life from the very moment when people met cockroaches. Thanks to the prescription of this epic, the ingenuity of the fighters themselves and the really large number of substances that can if not destroy, then at least scare away the cockroaches, folk remedies for these pests there are so many that even if you want to compile an encyclopedia all of them will be impossible to describe.

In each apartment, and even more so - a private house, in which the struggle with cockroaches folk remedies, a new recipe may appear. And it is quite possible, it will be effective. But there are also such means, which are widely used by everyone even in the XXI century more often than the most modern and effective developments.

Folk remedies for cockroaches in general are much less effective than, for example, insecticidal aerosols or gels. Some of them do not work at all and are used only by habit.

But let's consider the effective recipes, which really allow to carry out the complete destruction of cockroaches and save money in the fight against them.

Boric acid from cockroaches

Boric acid is once a very popular disinfectant, used even for oral administration. But if boric acid is more or less safe for man, then for cockroaches it is a powerful poison of nerve-paralytic action.

Борная кислота - старинное средство против тараканов

Already in small doses, this substance causes strong intoxication in insects, in large doses - muscle paralysis and death. That is why boric acid can be considered a really effective folk remedy for cockroaches.

In order for the acid to act, it is necessary that the pest eat it. To achieve this is not so simple - boric acid is tasteless and for cockroaches is absolutely unattractive. Therefore, traditionally it is kneaded with various food products and cooked for insects poisoned bait:

  • One boiled egg yolk is mixed with 30-40 grams of boric acid and small balls are rolled from the resulting dough-like mass, which are then laid out in the places of the most likely appearance of pests;
  • Another recipe: in equal proportions mixed boric acid, sugar and flour, and then the whole mixture is mixed with water to obtain a mass with the consistency of the dough. The finished product is used in the same way as in the previous version.

Such baits should preferably be hidden in secluded places, so that pets and children do not reach them.

Sometimes advising how to deal with cockroaches folk remedies, craftsmen recommend to dilute boric acid in water and leave near the sink, from which the cockroaches most often drink water, and wash the sink dry before going to bed. As these insects "desperately" need a drink, they are more likely to drink it from a poisoned drinking bowl.

Buy boric acid in the form of powder in a 10-gram package can be in any pharmacy.


Bura is the sodium salt of boric acid. For humans and domestic animals, it is also relatively harmless, like the predecessor itself, but for cockroaches it is also unbearably poisonous.

Бура почти так же эффективна от тараканов, как и борная кислота

Бура (тетраборат натрия)

Recipes for the use of borax differ slightly from those for boric acid:

  • 200 grams of borax is taken 60 gr. powdered sugar, 60 gr. starch and 30 g. vanilla sugar. The latter is needed to give a strong flavor to the bait. The entire mixture is diluted with water to produce a vanilla-smelling paste;
  • There is also such an option: the mashed potatoes are prepared from one medium-sized potato and one boiled egg. In this puree is added 1 tablespoon borax.

Such mixtures are used in the same way as baits from boric acid - they are laid out in the places most visited by insects. After this, it remains only to collect the dead bodies of insects that have tasted the poisoned bait.

On a note

Some masters-cockroaches are advised simply to sprinkle boric acid or brown around the trash can and shell with the calculation that the insects running across the poison will stain the feet, and then, cleaning them with jaws, they will swallow a few grains, which will be enough for them. There is a rational grain in such reflections, but there is no experimental evidence of effectiveness of such an approach.


"Throw away all these of your dichlophos and buy boric acid. I always asked only my grandmother folk remedies, she used to bite them in military barracks. I'll just see the cockroach at home, I pour it around the toilet and the sink. A cat or children will not poison it, and cockroaches will take a break. "

Alena, Upper Olenek

Freezing as the most effective national way of fighting

If all other folk remedies against cockroaches in the apartment give only the effect of partial destruction or scaring, then a serious frost mows the pests on the root and all. To kill these people from the tropics quite a bit - already minus 8 ° C, both adult insects and their larvae are killed.

Тараканы довольно быстро погибают на морозе

However, in an apartment, freezing is fraught with a rupture of radiators, water supply pipes and heating. If they are protected by any thermal insulation, then the room can be completely cooled.

As practice shows, it is enough to lower the temperature in the apartment to minus 10 ° С for 3-4 hours, so that the spaces inside the nightstands and cabinets have frozen out, and there will be no live cockroaches in the room.


"I went to the forum, read advertising stories about miracle bottles and only one intelligent advice found from Alexander M. Everything was done, as he said - he wrapped the pipes with rags and foam rubber, opened the doors and windows wide and went away with the whole family to go fishing for a whole day. About four hours after returning the apartment was heated, but the cockroaches were gone altogether. Not one of them has been seen for six months. So if, by the winter from neighbors, whoever creeps up again, I know what to do. "

Alexander Chogar, Inta

To destroy cockroaches by such folk remedy as freezing an apartment is obtained only in limited cases:

  • In winter, and only in the Far North - in the fall and spring
  • in the respective regions - in the south of Russia winter frosts do not always take place
  • in agreement with the neighbors.

But in general, it is the freezing of the room that is one of the most effective folk methods of combating cockroaches.

Pyrethrum from cockroaches

Pyrethrum is a special insecticide powder, famous for its naturalness: it is a dry milled inflorescence of chamomile.

Пиретрум - порошок из соцветий ромашки

Due to the availability and safety of the usual dust, Piretrum has become a real folk remedy against cockroaches, used in both big cities and villages.

With him are prepared the same poisoned baits, as with boric acid, or Piretrum just crumbles in the places of the most frequent occurrence of pests.

For pets and humans, Piretrum is absolutely safe.


Ammonia will not allow the destruction of cockroaches in the apartment, but it will drive them out for sure. For this, it is not even necessary that the whole apartment smells like an intensive care room: literally enough, a teaspoon of ammonia in a bucket of water for washing the floors, and cockroaches can not be kept from the outcome to the neighbors.

Нашатырный спирт эффективно отпугивает тараканов

The sense of smell in cockroaches is much better developed than in humans, and even trace amounts of ammonia they smell and try to stay away from such a place. However, for reliable protection against cockroaches by this method, ammonia should be added to the water during each washing of the floors.


"The whole forum rummaged, but everyone just writes that about chemistry is all. But it's poisonous, so that there would not be written on the banks. My neigbour nevertheless prompted me a method of how to shed cockroaches with folk remedies. She drives all the cockroaches from her apartment to mine. Just take the usual ammonia, a spoon of it drips into a bucket of water, and this water is washed floor. We now together so my floors, and the cockroaches run away to neighbors from above. Not very beautiful, but effective. "

Marina, Moscow

The national trap of cockroaches

Special homemade traps cockroaches were caught long before the sale of fashionable Chinese houses. Such traps are made quite simply:

  • Take a half-liter jar, under the neck from the inside, the entire wall along the perimeter is smeared with vegetable oil strip in a centimeter-two, and honey or beer drips to the bottom. Such a bank is installed where the cockroaches most likely will smell the bait, and on the morning of all the fallen insects along with the remains of sweets it is enough to throw it into the toilet.
  • On the strip of cardboard is pasted a strip of adhesive tape sticky side up. In the middle of such a strip is placed a drop of the same honey. Although Scotch tape and not so limes as a sticky part of industrial traps, most of the cockroaches still remain on it.

Самодельная липкая ловушка для тараканов

Before you get rid of cockroaches folk remedies like traps, you should remember that this method is not for squeamish. Still, with panic swarming in a bank or slowly and martyrically dying on an adhesive tape, insects need to do something. But not all the housewives are ready to look at the cockroaches in cold blood, and even more so to take a bank with them ...

Emergency remedies

And only if the cockroaches filled the apartment so that they do not allow to enter the kitchen, it is necessary to resort to nuclear, grandfathering methods - kerosene, denatured and turpentine. Their smell for cockroaches is as unbearable as the scent of ammonia, while they are widely available.


All that needs to be done to scare off the pests from the apartment is to apply any of these substances to the plinth, the corners of the bedside tables and the edges of the linoleums, and then to stand for a few days the smell of the car repair shop. But cockroaches will escape from the premises, like schoolchildren from the collective farm.

Geranium branches

And then, when there are no cockroaches in the apartment, for prevention you can simply get a geranium: its dizzying smell also quite strongly repels these insects. With a strong infection as a means of cleaning the apartment, it does not fit, but in order to protect the apartment from the entry of defectors - it will do.

Запах герани отпугивает тараканов


"Until I read that geranium scares away cockroaches, I could never understand why we never saw them at work in the office. Although there is always an open cookie, unapproved tea, and a lot of secluded places. Indeed, we have nine vases with geraniums for three office spaces - they are very much loved by their bosses. Now I bought one pot home. I hope that helps. "

Andrey, Moscow

Fighting cockroaches folk remedies, it should be remembered that all of them are inferior in effectiveness to insecticidal industrial preparations. But with proper use and certain perseverance with them, it is quite possible to withdraw most of the insects from the apartment. And while doing this, it is safe for other inhabitants and without serious financial costs. Use it!

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  1. Tatyana :

    Helps really

  2. Ilya :

    I mixed 50g of boric acid with yolk, in a week I'll write whether it helped or not.

  3. Elena :

    Ilya, judging by the absence of a comment, the cockroaches still won? ))

    They rented an apartment to the tenants, they left, leaving behind these vile insects. 2 weeks - and cockroaches do not see for several days.
    What she did: first, she cooked nothing, lived on a dry soup, and kept all her food in the fridge. Accordingly, the dishes were not dirty, in the kitchen everything is dry.
    Secondly, wherever it is possible and impossible to pour boric acid, everything was painted by Mashenka, and she poured poison from the syringe (special ones are sold). Well, balls from the egg with boric acid scattered thickly.
    When in a week they became less, i.e. when they turned on the light in the kitchen they did not scatter in different directions, washed first with the usual washing powder all the floors, cabinets, walls, doors ... Then all this with clean water. And all the new stuff fell asleep with boric acid.
    Now I bought ammonia and boric acid. For prevention! ))
    The main thing is cleanliness! Good luck to all!

  4. Anika :

    Geranium does not help - it's a fact. I've been weighing her flat, every room has at least two. A cockroach is still a lot, they still eat it up. But boric acid and borax (borax is also in powders) is a very good thing.

  5. Larissa :

    I tried almost all insecticides: it's useless! Little children, drop some crumbs, and cockroaches expanse. I want to now try boric acid with a brown one, but I need to wash the floor with ammonia again.

    • Anonymous :

      This is also I think, that's just interesting, in the kitchen you can then go after such a wet cleaning?

  6. Lara :

    Well, I found everything I was looking for. Tomorrow I go to the pharmacy and go ahead ... I will try everything that is written. Maybe that will help. Thank you. I'll write when they disappear.

  7. Julia :

    In our whole house, these "reptiles" are only in our entrance. Three times have been poisoned with the help of specialists. And they appear again and again. The last straw was repair from neighbors. At first the big blacks climbed, and now the redheads climbed. One hope for folk remedies. If it helps, be sure to write about the results ...

  8. Maxim :

    Hang on, shit, I'm going to the pharmacy

  9. Timur, Kerch :

    They screwed me up, fucking cockroaches. Tomorrow I will fill the entire apartment with a meter layer. Thanks for the advice.

  10. Cockroach :

    Interestingly, I will definitely try the borax and boric acid, otherwise the rest of the type of dichlorvos, traps, gels, crayons, nonsense stuff. But here it is interesting: people who wrote that they would accomplish their work, helps or not?

  11. Jürgen :

    Boric acid and yolk - most that. Checked and confirmed by the struggle in the apartment. While there were at the cottage (week), a large number of these creatures was extinct. They swept them into two shovels. After this, we again performed this treatment. Found only a few dohlyaks. For more than a year, nothing has been seen. Cockroaches, returning to the nests, poison all livestock. I wish you every success in your struggle!

  12. Mila :

    About 15 years ago there were cockroaches, nothing helped here listed. Accidentally on the market, a woman advised the Russian drug "COMBAT", bought from her several pieces, laid out in tables and under the sink, and all disappeared-gone! A month ago they appeared, was horrified, I try everything that is sold here in Estonia - nothing helps ... Though go specially to Russia for this remedy.

  13. Laila :

    The method of boric acid with yolk exactly works. Do not spend money on other means from stores. I once tried boric acid, helped immediately, now I always take only boric acid!

  14. Alexander :

    Hee-hee ... Scientists have calculated that one two-room apartment with cockroaches can provide protein food with a large apartment building.

  15. Tatiana :

    This is a kapets of some kind that they did not just poison - it's useless, there are so many of them that they started to scramble around the bed, and it's scary to sleep at night. Go to the pharmacy tomorrow! Beyond the powder. Thanks for the advice.

  16. Alexander :

    I bought a repeller, I have been in the socket for more than a month, but it does not work for cockroaches. Probably a fake.

    • Yulya :

      Forgery these scarers, two weeks worth it, there is no sense.

  17. Tatiana :

    Precisely, exactly, about the repeller, he's warm from the heating, so they also stitched it all up.

  18. Olga :

    Boric acid really works, I advise everyone!

  19. Alla :

    Thanks for the advice, and then live scared with them, too, on the bed began to crawl!

  20. Amine :

    I lie in the hospital, take care of my mother. This is something: the cockroaches clung to the whole room, it's already scary to sleep. So, I went to see what I could do. Thanks for the advice, I'm running to the pharmacy in the morning.

  21. Nina Kobzeva :

    It was useless to fight with these creatures. If cockroaches live in the basement of the house, then in the apartment there is no sense to poison them. And aerosols, and insecticide powders, dust, mashenka, gel in a syringe - nothing helps, or for a short period. If the neighbors are repairing something, then everything, to me the end comes, all these insects are in my apartment. Has already given up this occupation, only mechanically (that is, a slipper) I manage, or in clusters just boiling water with a spar. I read about boric acid, diluted in water - I'll try, maybe, and help. And I liked the method with ammonium nitrate, I will also try it.

  22. Valentina :

    I heard that it is impossible to kill cockroaches in an apartment, as they climb to their scent. Is it true?

  23. Anonymous :

    Cockroaches gorge their dead relatives))

  24. Prusak :

    Five yolks, 1 boiled medium potato, 70 grams of boric acid. All this stretch and mix thoroughly, roll the balls and spread out to the habitats of cockroaches. Really helped, after three days the cockroaches disappeared, and most importantly - there are no corpses.

  25. Love :

    For a very long time I read in Science and life in useful advice: get the root of a yellow water lily (egg capsules), cut into mugs like sausage. String on the thread, hang out not in the sun, dry it. Break into smaller pieces and spread out everywhere. They will leave your neighbors and take them away! Carefully with the root - in gloves ... Poisonous.

  26. Anonymous :

    I used boric acid, poured it near the skirting boards and wherever I could. And my floor with ammonia: for 3 liters 300 ml of ammonia. Within a week, no cockroach in a private house. RECOMMEND, try.

  27. Michael :

    Advertise Pest Repeller (Set of 2), works ineffectively, cockroaches are not gone. The device was installed more than 3 months ago in an area of ​​less than 200 square meters. But the cockroaches did not go away.

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