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Insecticide chalk from Mašenka cockroaches and reviews about its use

Поговорим о важных нюансах, касающихся свойств и применения инсектицидного мелка от тараканов Машенька...

With the advent of insecticidal gels, all kinds of traps and highly effective aerosol preparations to fight domestic insects, pencils from cockroaches have become, in fact, gradually becoming history: in most cases, they simply can not compete with more effective modern means of killing insects.

However, the chalk from the cockroaches Mashenka is in this sense a kind of phenomenon. It not only continues to be actively sold in stores (including on the Internet), but moreover, it is often preferred to use it instead of aerosols and so-called microencapsulated preparations.

Мелки от тараканов Машенька весьма активно продаются и сегодня, несмотря на присутствие на рынке более эффективных препаратов.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Melochka Mashenka really helps to get rid of cockroaches. And although the reviews in this regard may differ in varying degrees, but the fact is there - cockroaches when using chalk actually die, and massively;
  2. This pencil is very inexpensive. Even the most affordable remedies for cockroaches of other types are mostly much more expensive than Mashenka;
  3. Very important point - crayon from cockroaches Mashenka does not smell, does not emit harmful substances into the air and does not dust, that is, it is safe enough to handle. Agree, when the children live in an apartment, then you do not really want to poison cockroaches with some kind of Dichlorvos or some other odorous (especially aerosol) poison;
  4. Traces from the use of a pencil can be easily washed off the treated surfaces (which can not be said about the use of some insecticidal preparations for spraying);
  5. Well, finally, Mashenka is remembered among the people. Mainly due to the fact that even in times of deficit in Soviet times it was the ants and cockroaches that led to it (and later there were analogues, which though had different names, but they were still called in the old fashion way by Masha).

Not surprisingly, even today in some apartments you can see white strips of chalk on the back of the furniture and next to the sinks. And sometimes here, nearby, lie dead cockroaches.

Во многих квартирах средство используется в профилактических целях - чтобы тараканы не появились вновь.

Единичные особи вредителей, проникающие, например, от соседей, обречены на гибель после контакта с частицами инсектицидного карандаша.

About how Masha works (what kind of action has on cockroaches), what important nuances to take into account when applying it and whether it can be used to destroy cockroaches in neglected cases - about all this, as well as some other interesting points, we will go on and talk read more ...


"... I remember perfectly well how my mother constantly bought such pencils and smeared them with walls in the kitchen behind the fridge and the stove. When we started fighting with cockroaches, I immediately phoned my parents, my mother, and said that she used to, and now she used Crayon Mashenka from the cockroaches. I somehow did not dare to chop one fine, after all, we needed to get rid of insects quickly, and we called the pest control centers. The funniest thing is that after the treatment they advised us to smear the walls behind the bedside tables so that the cockroaches from the neighbors are dead as soon as they run into the apartment. "

Ilya, Moscow

Active chalk components

It is necessary to pay tribute to the manufacturer of Mashenka: for the entire long history of the drug, its composition changed several times and more or less in step with the times: new insecticides were added to replace the obsolete ones so that the remedy remained effective and safe at the same time.

Состав мелка Машенька

That chalk from the cockroaches Mashenka, which can be bought for today, has in its composition the following components:

  • Deltamethrin (0.05%) is a synthetic insecticide of intestinal and contact action. Affects the nervous system of insects, regardless of whether it enters the stomach of the cockroach, its legs or the body. Quite quickly leads to paralysis of the insect and subsequent death; Дельтаметрин - химическая формула
  • Zeta-cypermethrin (0.10%) is also a synthetic insecticide from the pyrethroid group, but somewhat different from deltamethrin in composition and structure of the molecules; Зета-циперметрин
  • Filler (chalk). Actually, this filler is the carrier of an insecticide and in its essence is a simple chalk containing a little poison. Носителем инсектицидов в Машеньке является обычный мел

Two different insecticides in the chalk are needed in order to significantly reduce the chances for the cockroaches to develop resistance to this agent (the probability of developing a pest of resistance to even one insecticide with a competent approach is very low, and to two - practically zero).

On a note

Both deltamethrin and zeta-cypermethrin are used as part of some aerosol insecticides used in the fight against insects. And also sometimes these substances can be found in the composition of drugs intended for use by professional services of pest control.

Mashenka's pencil works like this: a cockroach runs through a strip of chalk and is soiled with paws, antennae and belly in the smallest solid particles containing insecticides. In the presence of even a small amount of moisture (from the saliva of an insect or from the environment), the active substances already begin to work slowly (contact action), penetrating through the chitinous cover into the hemolymph of the insect.

However, the main contribution to cockroach poisoning is made by the fact that the insect tries to clear its jaws and whiskers from contaminants, so that a part of the preparation inevitably gets into the digestive tract. In a few minutes the behavior of the insect becomes inadequate, then paralysis and death are observed.

На фото показано, как таракан чистит свои усики - при наличии на них частиц отравы он обязательно эти частички проглотит.

All you need to do to the owner of the apartment, so that a similar fate befalls all cockroaches - use the tool correctly.

On a note

Today, after some rebranding, "Silver Masha" appeared in the markets and in hardware stores. It can be safely bought - it's the same chalk with the same composition, and, accordingly, it also helps with cockroaches.

Rules for the use of Masha: how to remove cockroaches

Applying Mashenka is easy. The main task is to smear the shallow places most frequently visited by cockroaches (these places are briefly described in the instructions for using the pencil, right on the package).

Инструкция по применению мелка Машенька

So, what you need to do:

  1. Draw chalk lines on skirting boards and back surfaces of furniture, it is desirable - along the entire perimeter of the back wall (it is especially important to do this in the kitchen);
  2. Draw a pencil with a pencil around the perimeter and place it in the future only inside this circle;
  3. Make a solid line around the perimeter of the shell, you can from the bottom. As practice shows, in the average apartment it is from the sink that the cockroaches basically drink water;
  4. To depict the perimeter of the openings of all ventilating strokes (because individual cockroaches can come to you from neighbors);
  5. To delineate the small legs of the tables along the perimeter (in order to climb on the table, the cockroaches must have run through the chalk strip).

Strips themselves need to be painted fatter - at 10-15 mm. Considering that this chalk from cockroaches is inexpensive and you can buy it everywhere, it is better not to save here.

Чертить полоски мелом желательно пожирнее, чтобы повысить эффективность средства.

Пример начерченных Машенькой линий на стене кухни...

The longer Mashenka will be on the treated surfaces, the more cockroaches it will destroy. Therefore, it should not be washed off.


"And here we are at the cottage did not become perverted and just all covered with a pencil Mashenka. You can buy it from us everywhere, 25 rubles is one chalk. We bought four pieces, thoroughly painted all the cabinets from behind, sketched out under the mats. And what do you think? It helped! There were almost no cockroaches. Maybe sometimes we'll meet somewhere, but there's already no such thing as before, when they were constantly running in droves. "

Ksenia, Tomsk

Meanwhile, it should be borne in mind that the most effective way to use pencil Mashenka against cockroaches today is to use it in parallel with additional means (especially in neglected cases). If there are very many cockroaches in the room, it is highly desirable to combine chalk with the use of insecticidal gels, as well as aerosol preparations. Including a good effect of modern microencapsulated insecticides, sold in the form of concentrates for dilution and subsequent spraying from a conventional household spray.

В запущенных случаях следует сочетать инсектицидные карандаши с гелями от тараканов и аэрозольными препаратами.

With this approach, the majority of cockroaches die precisely when the room is treated with aerosol (or spray), and chalk and gel already finish the survivors and, most importantly, do not allow new pests to breed if they sometimes enter the apartment from neighbors.

Protection of the apartment with a chalk

Taking into account the above, the Crayon Mashenka is a rather effective means of preventing the penetration of cockroaches into the room from outside. It is quite obvious that for this purpose it is necessary to carefully depict all the possible places for insects to enter the room carefully - along the perimeter - the slopes of windows (if windows are often kept open), the slopes of the entrance doors, the ventilation holes. And also sometimes sockets and pipes of water supply - although it is often easier to fix the gaps here with alabaster or mounting foam.

Для надежной защиты помещения от тараканов мелком нужно обрисовать по периметру все возможные пути проникновения насекомых.

With this use the insecticide chalk performs the so-called barrier protective function : so that the cockroach could get into the protected room from the outside, it will necessarily have to overcome a kind of barrier in the form of a chalk line. And this is deadly for insects, and most individuals will soon die after overcoming such a line.

Мелок Машенька выполняет своего рода барьерную функцию.

By the way, even if you managed to get rid of cockroaches completely and they seemed to be long gone, it is useful as a preventive measure to draw Mashenka stripes on the back of the furniture. Harm from this will not happen, and an additional factor of protection will not hurt.


"We still as soon as we made repairs, immediately etched the cockroaches in the apartment to enter it already without cohabitants. Used Carbofos, had, of course, to suffer a terrible smell. And then they simply anointed the floors and nightstands behind Mashenka under the walls. It is inexpensive, it is easy to buy, but now even if some cockroaches from neighbors come, they do not live longer than a few days in our apartment. "

Anna, Kharkiv

Safety when applying Mashenka in the apartment

For safety reasons, strips of chalk are better applied on those surfaces that children and pets can not reach. Generally speaking, deltamethrin and zeta-cypermethrin are chemically fairly persistent substances, and if sunlight does not reach the surface, then the effect of insecticides will persist for more than 2 months - this is also said in the instruction to the pencil.

При правильном применении инсектицидный карандаш Машенька является вполне безопасным для человека средством.

It is advisable to conduct the treatment in gloves, and after it thoroughly wash your hands with soap - although the active ingredients in the Masha are not very poisonous to humans and warm-blooded animals, but if you swallow the health benefits from them, too, obviously will not. Accordingly, in places accessible to pets and children, Mashenka is better not to be applied.


"I once read reviews that the cat was eating half of Masha's chalk at someone's house. Nothing like the terrible then did not happen, the saliva only flowed strongly, but I somehow fear. I already Mashenka smeared all the cabinets, tables, refrigerator from the rear, but the plinth in the open places I do not dare. I hope that the cockroaches will disappear anyway ... "

Irina, Kremenchuk

Analogues means and what to do if Masha did not work

The closest analogs of Mashenka are:

  • chalk from cockroaches Clean House;
  • chalk from crawling Tornado insects;
  • Insecticide chalk Titanic;
  • chalk from cockroaches GloBal;
  • as well as Chinese pencils from cockroaches.

Аналоги мелка от тараканов Машенька

Китайский карандаш от насекомых

Еще один пример китайского мелка от тараканов

There is an opinion that Chinese crayons are much more toxic and more effective destroy cockroaches. True, for pets and children they are more dangerous.

It should be borne in mind that in cases where there are very many cockroaches in the room, even the correct application of Mashenka may not yield the necessary result - many insects will simply not run through the stripes of the remedy. In this case it will be necessary to combine crayons with other types of media (as mentioned above):

  1. Concentrates of insecticides (Ksulat Micro, Delta Zone, Get, etc.), which are diluted in water and applied using a spray on walls, skirting boards and furniture. This will kill cockroaches in just a few hours. If the area is small, then you can use aerosol preparations in cans (Raptor, Combat, Dichlorfos of different brands, etc.);
  2. Geli from cockroaches, some of which work, although not quickly, but very effectively (Exil, Dohloks, Fas, etc.).

Many disinfestation services when breeding cockroaches use complex treatment, using both high-speed drugs and preventive (barrier) ones.

If you have experience of using a crayon from the cockroaches Mashenka - be sure to share the information, leaving a review at the bottom of this page (and it does not matter whether this review is positive, neutral or negative).

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