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What are the traps for cockroaches and how effective are they?

Знакомимся с ловушками для тараканов

Trying to get rid of uninvited guests in the house, the owners take a variety of steps: from making balls with boric acid to calling a special team of pest control centers. Among other industrial means, cockroach traps are considered to be among the most popular, combining relatively low cost and acceptable efficiency.

Types of traps

Today, the market presents a lot of traps for cockroaches, which can be bought without any difficulty. However, each of them has its own mechanism of work and a method of influencing insects.

To make the right choice, let's first get acquainted with the main types of traps and the peculiarities of their work.

Adhesive traps (trap-houses and sticky traps)

All these names refer to the same type of device, the principle of which is to keep insects on the sticky surface. They are small cardboard boxes with slots on the sides. Inside such a sticky trap is a bait with an attractive scent for cockroaches. The bottom is covered with a special sticky substance, which can not dry out for a long time.

Пример клеевой ловушки для тараканов

Externally, the trap looks like a house for cockroaches, where, smelling the smell of delicacy, an insect is sent and glued to the bottom. Having bought a sticky trap for cockroaches, you need to separate the paper covering the bottom, and fold a kind of house. After considerable filling of the box with insects, it must be discarded.

Of course, being filled with dead insects, the glue trap looks not very aesthetically pleasing, but it is completely safe for humans or animals, since it contains no toxic substances.

Тараканы, попавшиеся в клеевую ловушку

Dispose of the product is best in the place of active movement of cockroaches, for example, under the sink, near refrigerators, ventilation holes. Buy glue traps for cockroaches can be both in the market and in the supermarket. Such devices are easy to use, can be used in rooms where there are children or animals, but I must say that they are ineffective in combating a large number of cockroaches, and have no effect on eggs laid in secluded places.


Somehow cockroaches from neighbors visited our apartment. Apparently, they liked us, because often a food remained in the cat's bowl. About aerosols and gels for fighting parasites, it was not originally, because I did not want to poison with poisonous pairs of a cat and a child. For uninvited guests decided to buy houses on a glutinous basis. As a result, although completely insects did not disappear, their number began to decrease every day. In general, such traps are a good and safe thing for children and animals, but all the same for complete destruction will probably have to buy a stronger means when the child is sent to the grandmother for the summer.

Svetlana, Astrakhan

Electric traps

Externally, such devices look like a metal box with bait, which you need to periodically change. Following the smell of bait, the cockroach enters a box, where it is destroyed by an electric discharge of high voltage. Cockroach remains must be removed from time to time with a special brush.

Фото электрической ловушки для тараканов

Вид ловушки изнутри

Electric traps for cockroaches (sometimes called electronic traps, translating the name Electronic Cockroach Trap) do not have a toxic effect on humans or pets for the simple reason that inside them there is no insecticide. Another undoubted advantage of the device is its durability.

Мертвые тараканы в электрической ловушке

However, in handling this trap, care must still be taken. Since the device is operating from a network, the manufacturer recommends that it be installed in a location inaccessible to children and not placed on wet areas. Buy an electric trap for cockroaches can be in special shops or order online, but once it is worth saying that its value can not be called low.


I had a painful time with these parasites. And I sprayed with sprays, and put glue traps. At first it helped, but after a while they started to crawl again from the neighbors. I bought an electric trap for cockroaches in the store, I liked that it can be used for a long time. It's also good that cockroaches are immediately destroyed, and not alive, as in glue traps. What can I say, effective way! True, not the cheapest, but most importantly - it is harmless to humans and animals. Little by little cockroaches became less and now they do not.

Natalia Ivanovna, Saratov

Ultrasonic devices

Such a device is not a trap per se, it is a cockroach repeller that radiates ultrasonic waves and causes insects to worry and desire to leave a place that is dangerous to them.

Ультразвуковой отпугиватель тараканов

Sometimes these devices are also called "electronic traps for cockroaches", because, in addition to high-frequency sound waves, some models produce specific clicks and light signals that negatively affect the central nervous system of insects.

Although they have no toxic effect, but the work from the power grid does not allow them to be placed in places with increased dampness. Some manufacturers also point out that ultrasound can have some impact not only on cockroaches, but also on pets, and therefore it is best to put scarers in a dwelling (for example, in a dacha) some time before moving there.

The store advised to get rid of cockroaches to buy an ultrasonic repeller. We took two pieces at once. We have been using these devices for a couple of months, and it seems that the uninvited guests left for good.

Lyudmila, Nizhny Novgorod

We took in the store an ultrasonic repeller. So the cockroaches not only did not disappear, we can say that they lived on it directly. At least, I saw one of them, running out from under the scarecrow. I think that this device is complete nonsense, because our cockroaches are not afraid of anything!

Petr Mikhailovich, Ekaterinburg

Poisonous (insecticidal) traps

Inside the round boxes is a bait poisonous for insects with a pleasant smell, and the box itself has several holes so that the cockroaches can freely penetrate inside and out. This is done so that, having tasted the insecticide, insects could spread it at their paws or through their excretions in the places where the other individuals accumulate and infect them.

Так выглядят отравленные ловушки для тараканов

Insecticidal traps for cockroaches have on the back of Velcro, so they can be fastened even on vertical surfaces away from pets and children. Such devices do not spoil the look of the interior, and some manufacturers even make them in the coloring "under the laminate." In addition, the price of such pitfalls for cockroaches is quite democratic.

Unlike electric traps, insecticides should not be included in the network, which allows them to be placed near the kitchen sink, bathroom and other places with high humidity.

Popular poisonous traps

In this category, the most popular are Raptor, Reid, Combat, Domovoi, Dohloks, Taiga and Clean House. In connection with their popularity, you can buy all of the listed traps for cockroaches even in the market or in one of the supermarkets. The greatest effect of discs with baits placed in places of parasite accumulation will appear in 1-2 weeks.

Traps for cockroaches Raptor

The composition of the bait used a sufficiently strong insecticide chlorpyrifos (organophosphorus compound), which has a paralytic effect on the central nervous system of insects. Eating a bait or just contacting it with covers, the cockroach becomes a carrier of poison, which infects others upon return to the nest.

Ловушка для тараканов Раптор

The package contains 6 traps. The price will be about 150 rubles. for packing.

Reid Traps

Inside each disc is an insecticide of lambda cyhalothrin (from the group of pyrethroids) of intestinal contact action. This tool acts in a manner similar to the previous "chain reaction" principle, actively hitting even individuals who did not have direct contact with the bait.

Ловушки для тараканов Raid

The package contains from 4 to 12 traps. The cost for 4 pcs. in the package will be about 180 rubles.

I bought "Reid" traps in the nearest supermarket 4 months ago. At once I will say that I have never seen any cockroach running past it. And recently they changed furniture in the kitchen and moved the refrigerator. So under it was a lot of dead cockroaches! So, it's true that one parasite eats the bait in a trap and infects its relatives. But still these insects did not completely disappear, although there were traps for several months.

Andrey, Kazan

Traps Combat Superbeat

Devices of this brand are considered very effective because of the new generation of hydramethylnon in the insecticide. According to the manufacturer, this insecticide allows to increase the degree of insect infestation so much that only a few traps can destroy a whole colony of cockroaches in the dwelling.

Combat SuperBait

The price for a package with 4 traps will be about 180 rubles.

Trapping for cockroaches Brownie and Dohloks

The active ingredient here is fipronil, which refers to substances that are less toxic to humans. However, this insecticide may exhibit resistance (stability) in insects, so it is best to use such cockroach traps in combination with gels, possibly other manufacturers. In this case, according to reviews, these traps for cockroaches will be quite effective.

Ловушки для тараканов Домовой

Ловушки Дохлокс

For the price of a package of 6 traps will come out about 110 rubles.

About a year ago began to notice in the apartment of this living creature. She ran to the store and was ready to buy a gel for the destruction of these insects, but was afraid to use it, because besides us two more cats live in the apartment. Once we already applied it along the skirting boards, so the cats ate this gel with a pleasant smell, hardly pumped! Decided, as a last resort, to buy traps for cockroaches. I hooked them with a sticky square on all the walls outside the cats' access and attached several pieces under the sink. It helped, but for a long time the migratory animals were noticeable. I concluded that the traps are not as effective as the gel, but safe for cats.

Alla, Perm

Traps Taiga

According to the manufacturer, a proven formula will help successfully drive parasites out of the house. At the same time, the use of a long-developed insecticide in a composition can indicate the possible emergence of resistance in several generations of insects.

Ловушки Тайга

Different stores sell this product at a price of 35 rubles. up to 80 rubles. for 6 pieces per pack.

Traps Clean House

The basis is chlorpyrifos, which penetrates into the insect's body by eating bait or by simply contacting it. Although this insecticide has a pronounced toxic effect on cockroaches, they may become addicted to it. In this case, you will have to use funds from another manufacturer.

Инсектицидная ловушка Чистый Дом

The price for 6 pieces in the package will be about 50 rubles.

Trapping cockroaches with their own hands

If, for some reason, it is impossible to purchase traps for industrial cockroaches, then with the help of simple hand-made tools, a trap can always be done independently.

Sticky traps (made with scotch tape)

To create such a trap with your own hands, you will need any box (for pencils, from tea). You can even just take a cardboard box (but it's more convenient to hold the box with your hands and then throw it away).

Самодельная липкая ловушка для тараканов

At the bottom of the box or carton, you need to attach a double-sided adhesive tape or apply a special adhesive RaTrap (a non-drying adhesive with a good fixing action). Still need any food with a pronounced odor, preferably wet, for example, a little salad after a feast.

This product should be put on top of the glue or at the inner corners of the box, and then attach a "house" near the habitat of cockroaches. As the boxes are filled with insects, they must be disposed of. Of course, this method is not for squeamish.

I do not know, maybe I have a real phobia on these parasites or just disgusting, but I somehow made a sticky trap for cockroaches my own hands, put it overnight under the sink. So this morning I could not even take it in my hands! I had to throw my husband out this stirring mass.

Anya, Omsk

Traps-banks (also with their own hands)

For one more simple trap, you need a glass jar, on the bottom of which you need to put a piece of bread, soaked in kefir, or a little beer that attracts insects with a pronounced smell. Then the edges of the jar (to a depth of 5 cm) should be greased with any vegetable oil or petroleum jelly, and outside the jar wrap paper so that the cockroaches could climb into it.

This device absolutely harmless for children and pets must be placed under the kitchen sink or in other places where cockroaches were seen. In the morning, pour boiling water and wash the insects in the toilet.

On the Internet I read the instruction on how to make a self-made trap for cockroaches. For these purposes, beer was required. I bought a beer in the kiosk, poured it on the bottom of a glass jar, and on top of it I smeared petroleum jelly on the edges. At night I put this jar near the trash can. In the morning I looked, and there a whole bunch of parasites gathered. Filled the jar with water and poured them into the toilet. And threw them out every morning. At first a lot of insects were going to, but in five days they became smaller and smaller. A week later the cockroaches stopped assembling at all, but in the kitchen they continued to appear at night, but now small cockroaches have started to appear. I spat, I bought a gel from the cockroaches in the store and applied it to all skirting boards and crevices. Only then the uninvited guests really disappeared.

Victor, Barnaul

If in the homemade devices regularly appears a large number of cockroaches, then to reduce their population, it makes sense to resort to industrial means. It should be noted that even branded traps from cockroaches are far less effective than gels and aerosols, but they have several advantages over them, among which the main ones are low toxic effect on humans and animals.

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