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Дохлокс: insecticidal gel from cockroaches

Инсектицидный гель от тараканов Дохлокс

In an uncomplicated battle with cockroaches, insecticides in the form of gels show themselves on the good side today. And among such funds, one of the most popular among the people can be called a gel from cockroaches Dohloks.

With its intended use to spray cockroaches on the spot, this gel handles very effectively. The fatty base of the gel makes it possible for him not to dry out for a long time, and therefore the term of its action is longer than for the sprays.

The substance-attractants in the gel composition are more attractive to cockroaches than in insecticide crayons. The product is in a syringe with a narrow tip that allows it to be applied accurately and accurately, not only on horizontal, but also on vertical surfaces (walls, bends of the shell, bathroom).

Гель Дохлокс содержит вещества, которые привлекают тараканов

If you analyze the reviews on the Internet, Dohloks gel is quite effective against cockroaches , which, combined with the convenience of application, continues to gain popularity in the market.


What means are not offered today for their destruction? We tried different, but after they applied this gel from cockroaches with the eloquent name "Dohloks" to all skirting boards and pipes in the kitchen about 10 years ago, the parasites disappeared (probably, in fact, have died or fled)! Honestly, did not expect such an effect, but now I recommend this tool to all the familiar.

Vika, Omsk

Where to buy a remedy for cockroaches Dohloks?

A relatively low price also helped to get popular recognition for this gel. To destroy colonies of cockroaches on an area of ​​about 45 square meters. You will need one 20 ml syringe of Dohloks gel.

Так выглядит упаковка геля Дохлокс

The price for one pack with a Dohlox syringe is about 40 rubles. (which is very inexpensive, unlike the same Globol). Buy Dohloks gel can be either in the market or in the nearest supermarket, and at specialized points like pet stores or veterinary pharmacies.


On the tray near the subway means from cockroaches Dohloks attracted me with its price and ridiculous name. I was just looking for a good remedy for these parasites, because in the hostel of our faculty it was simply impossible to live because of them. In my room in general, in my opinion, turned out to be a real hotbed. Initially, the cockroaches were not visible, but as soon as we settled on and unpacked the products brought from home, what started here! They climbed out of all the cracks! We already set up little girls and traps, and bought expensive means, but there was no effect from all this. I will not say that after the use of Dohloks, the cockroaches disappeared the next day, a week later we noticed these parasites at night, but were happy that their number had already begun to decrease. We still persuaded the girls from the neighboring block to try this gel, and soon the cockroaches really disappeared!

Alina, Moscow

Composition of gel

The main active ingredient of Dohloks gel is fipronil , which is widely used in veterinary medicine (for fighting ticks and fleas) and in agriculture (for the destruction of pests of crops). This insecticide has good intestinal activity and a powerful contact effect on insects.

Инсектицид фипронил: химическая формула

At the same time, it has not a very high toxic effect on highly organized creatures (for example, domestic animals and humans), which made it possible to widely use it in various means from cockroaches, including in the drug Dohloks.

Getting inside the insect, fipronil blocks gamma-aminobutyric acid, which determines the speed of passage of nerve impulses. Thus, this insecticide damages the nervous system of insects, causing them paralysis and death within 8 hours.

It must be said that the frequent inclusion of this substance in the composition of means for combating harmful insects has led to the emergence of resistance to it of their individual populations. Hence the conclusion follows that the use of Dohloks gel in rare cases may not produce the expected result. If the desired effect is not observed or is weakened, it is best to alternate fipronil with other insecticides.

Buying a gel from the cockroaches Dohloks, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer (at the moment the official supplier is the company "Azurit-Lux"). In the market today you can see counterfeit products of various manufacturers with other active substances.


The girlfriend claimed that the gel "Dohloks" is the best cure for cockroaches, attorneys on their own experience. Without thinking twice, I went to look for this miracle remedy, because the cockroaches simply got me. I have already unsuccessfully used for their destruction a spray, several gels and traps. I found it in a veterinary pharmacy nearby. Having opened, I did not feel a strong smell, began to apply gel around the perimeter of the kitchen, including behind the cupboards and behind the garbage can. By color, the remedy turned out to be light yellow. I was glad that the next morning I found several dead cockroaches on the floor. For a week I still found them on the floor several times. Somewhere I read that these insects are more attracted to food than water, so I used the "Dohloks" instead of a dripping faucet in the kitchen. In the end, in a couple of weeks, I did not see any cockroaches day or night. So the enthusiastic response of a friend about Dokhloks, to which I initially was skeptical, turned out to be true.

Nastia, Khabarovsk

How to use Dohloks gel?

Under the instruction, the means of Dohloks should be applied with a dotted line with an interval of 2 cm along the places of the suspected congestion of cockroaches. If the number of insects is not too large, then to save, you can increase the distance between the applied points to 4 cm.

Наносить гель нужно в местах предполагаемого скопления насекомых

You can also apply Dohloks on cardboard or paper strips, which are then very easy to remove. The active effect of the gel comes on the second or third day, but if the effect does not occur, then no need to apply the remedy again, because the duration of the insecticide persists for 2 months.

It is not very convenient that the active substance is in the public domain (in contrast, for example, from poisonous traps), so it is recommended to apply the product in places inaccessible to children and pets. On the other hand, according to experts, any gel from cockroaches, including Dohloks, has a stronger effect on insects than traps.


Once I noticed that cockroaches began to appear in the apartment. I think that they crawled from neighbors, because the kitchen and bathroom I always keep clean. I placed several sticky traps, but there was not much use from them. On cardinal measures in the form of a gel from cockroaches or aerosol was not solved, because the apartment lived a cat. And then a friend, who also has a cat, said that like a gel, "Dohloks" helped her. Has bought or purchased on the next day this agent. The gel is in a syringe, where instead of a needle a thin plastic tip. Pressing the piston of such a syringe, it is convenient to apply the gel even behind the skirting boards. I plastered the "Dohloksom" cardboard stripes and put them behind the garbage can and under the bathroom. And I also put a droplet of gel on the ventilation holes. At once I will tell, that before the beginning of use of "Dohloksa" has transferred a bowl of a cat in a corridor. After a couple of days, I stopped noticing uninvited guests in the kitchen, even at night. To be faithful, stood another week, the cockroaches did not appear.

Olga Ivanovna, St. Petersburg

When using Dohloks gel, as with any other means from cockroaches with an insecticide in the composition, certain precautions should be followed:

  • Store already purchased gel should be away from drugs and food products;
  • apply the product in gloves, otherwise, after applying the gel, wash hands thoroughly.

Гель для уничтожения тараканов Дохлокс: инструкция и меры предосторожности

It should be remembered that, along with the use of modern industrial means, the elimination of water leaks in the apartment, the regular cleaning of surfaces in the kitchen from accumulating fat (on cabinets, hoods, stoves), storage of food products in the refrigerator, and cereals flour in tightly closed containers.

If you have your experience of using Dohloks gel to fight cockroaches - be sure to write your review at the bottom of this page.

To record "Дохлокс: инсектицидный gel from cockroaches" 17 comments are left.
  1. Larissa :

    Used this tool even 15 years ago, the cockroaches have disappeared completely and forever! Now the daughter-student lives in a hostel and simply suffers from an abundance of these insects. I bought Dohloks in full confidence that it would help, but alas! Whether the cockroaches have already adapted to him, whether fake, or the quality of the means is not the same. Disappointed.

  2. Oleg :

    Once in the 90s, a gel appeared in syringes, a very effective remedy for that time. And after so many years, they appeared again, bought in the store a dolhoks, a reddish such box and a reference to DORONHIM on it. I tried it, in the morning one or two, I understood, I bought a counterfeit.

    • Irina :

      I also got such a package. Processed the kitchen twice. Absolutely no effect from the gel. I'll look for another package, but I'm not sure I'll find it, because I do not live in Russia.

  3. Aina :

    Has bought or purchased today, has smeared, effect what still I do not know.

  4. Lana :

    And I bought a fake ((15 years ago, Dokhloks took out one syringe for the entire apartment of all beetles per day.

  5. Andrew :

    A few months ago in the market Degunino next to the platform bought - it helped incredibly. Then recently I bought it again - it did not help. And the difference: the first time the color of the gel was dark brown, and the last liquid and beige. Apparently, it was a fake - and packaging, and drawings are different.

  6. Alexander :

    The dummy is real. It did not help, but the force to the roof.

  7. Love :

    Last year, my husband rented a house for the summer, so the first night regretted - the cockroaches crawled out because of their hiding places. My friend advised to use dohloks and we tried. And about miracles - after 2-3 days swept out a huge amount of them. And I want to say this: those who used fake, do not have to say that the drug is bad! At the grandmother in the house there were two-parted, here I think to try. How everything will go - I will write, share.

  8. Sergey :

    Where in Tomsk can I buy Dohloks?

  9. Sophia :

    In the room from the old owners were cockroaches, but in general they are all around the hostel are walking. They poured Fenaxin, they do not care. We bought Дохлокс, we will try ... Packing, by the way, as in the article - black and red.

  10. Darina :

    I advise everyone. The remedy is super!

  11. Alexander :

    A chicken-feed this dohloks-oboronhim. They set traps - cockroaches in them do not even creep. Smeared the gel - they are cooking it! Divorce for money for fools.

    • Evelyn :

      "They are eating it!" - Smiled. You first read the information on how the gel works on cockroaches, and then write a "divorce." That's right, they are eating it. Cockroaches should eat it. Having eaten up the gel, the cockroaches then perish.

  12. Oleg Vladimirovich :

    Hello. Recently, cockroaches began to penetrate into our apartment through the ventilation grill. Individuals are active and nimble, that is, as I understand, where they run, they are not harassed (maybe they have overpopulation there?)
    1. Can Dohloks scare them away, or should we reconcile ourselves to the prospect of coexistence with dying cockroaches?
    2. In this particular case, the grating should be smeared with a dashed line following the instructions, or is it better than a solid one?
    Thank you in advance for your response.

  13. Julia :

    What just did not try against the cockroaches - and boric acid, and traps, gels, dichlorvos and Reid, they took out the garbage for the night, the food was taken away to the refrigerator, but nothing helped. Once bought Dohloks - smeared, did not help ... Then I bought another Dohloks - super! All the cockroaches are gone, they have not been in a month. The seller said that there are many fakes of Dohloks. That's only this last Dohloks and helped!

  14. Lilia Nikolaevna :

    Many years ago I got up at night and hunted with a sneaker. This nightmare causes disgust until now. Nothing helped. Savior prehloks. Yesterday suddenly appeared again. Reproduction can be instant, so I cut strips from packs of toothpaste, from drugs, they were sprayed with drops of gel and spread out. I recommend taking the "fresh" dohloks and refreshing the dried drops every 2-3 days. And to victory! And after the victory - another week. Otherwise everything! Can not cope.

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