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Electrical means for fighting cockroaches

Стоит только включить электронное средство в розетку - и тараканы должны разбежаться

An electronic remedy for cockroaches is a kind of blue dream of any inhabitant of an infected parasaki or even black cockroaches of an apartment. It would seem that it could be simpler: I took the device out of the package, turned it on in the socket, and the cockroaches fled in horror. And do not need any chemical aerosols, traps and powders. But for some reason, for all its diversity, electronic cockroach repellers will not drive the rest of the money out of the market .

What's the matter?

Types of appliances from cockroaches

Manufacturers of electronic repellers today are in full swing to gain the trust of customers. To begin with, that today in the market all models of devices are divided into two types:

  • Ultrasonic devices, which are more traditional and familiar to us. It is believed that such a remedy from cockroaches in a rosette scares off insects due to a sufficiently powerful ultrasonic signal, which the cockroaches themselves, in theory, should be afraid.


We tried five different deterrents in the outlet, only to no avail. Cockroaches as fruitful, and proliferated. All problems solved the usual Raptor (aerosol). Once they suffered, processed the apartment, and forgot about them at all. In general, ultrasonic scarers will not buy more.

Anna Grigoryevna, Pushkin

Традиционные средства от тараканов пока что имеют больший эффект

  • Electromagnetic devices. Manufacturers assure that the electromagnetic means from cockroaches create around itself a field in which cockroaches can not be due to the action of electromagnetic waves on their nervous system. Such means are also called magnetic resonance imaging.

Externally, the instruments of both types differ little from each other, and it is possible to determine how this or that device works only from its description. Regardless of the principle of operation, an electric remedy for cockroaches of any type works in exactly the same way: it simply plugs into an outlet and discourages insects that are within range of such a device. Of course, than this radius is greater, the electric appliance from cockroaches is considered more effective and, accordingly, it costs more. And already in each group of such devices there is also a set of models, and its range of prices.

On a note

Even if you take the promise of producers and sellers on faith, any electronic means from cockroaches only scares off insects, but does not destroy : if the ultrasound or magnetic field becomes unbearable for the cockroach, it will simply try to leave the zone of their action. Accordingly, about any of the devices of both types can not be said, as about the electric destroyer of cockroaches, since to destroy insects such a device can not in principle.

Models of ultrasonic devices from cockroaches and feedback on their application

Today, thanks to the efforts of Chinese industry, the markets literally drowned in a huge number of diverse, but at the same time fundamentally incompatible ultrasound devices. And yet, alongside these wonders of the Chinese industry, there are several quite recognizable domestic and foreign devices.

Typhoon LS-500

Отпугиватель тараканов Тайфун ЛС-500

This tool is a Russian design, which is easily guessed by the pancake wire and plug, allowing you to install the device itself at some distance from the outlet. Its price is 900 rubles.


I put Typhoon at home, turned it on. I did not notice especially a decrease in the number of cockroaches. Maybe it was less common. But they did not completely disappear, it's a fact.

Sergey, Syzran


WK-600 применяется для отпугивания тараканов и грызунов

This remedy is a real industrial repeller, powerful, heavy and strong. It is used usually at food industry enterprises, where it is necessary to protect whole cockpits and halls from cockroaches. It costs more than 4000 rubles and weighs 600 grams.


In the warehouse we had such black boxes, which were dispersed by ultrasound of the cockroaches. I have tried one such at home. Cockroaches really disappear, but only while the device works. Then they come back.

Igor, Maikop

Zenet XJ-90

Zenet XJ-90 очень напоминает Air Comfort XJ-90

This miracle of engineering thought replaced the Air Comfort XJ-90, and in fact - just changed the name after the reputation of an absolutely useless device managed to gain a foothold behind the original name. As checked by users, no matter how much you include such a means from cockroaches in the outlet, the population of the Prusaks in the house does not affect it in any way.


I bought Zenet and found that it was a copy of Air Comfort. Even the color did not change. And he does not scare away cockroaches in the same way. I threw another 800 rubles into the wind and found no advantages with this device. Do not recommend, the device is useless.

Anna, Tver

Banzai LS927

Банзай LS927 борется с жильцами так же активно, как и с тараканами

The device manufactured by Taiwan is really effective, but at the same time unsafe. It can not be permanently kept in the bedroom, it has a bad effect on pets and children. In general, with other residents of the premises, Banzai fights no less actively than with the cockroaches themselves ...

The most popular electromagnetic devices

Demand for magnetic resonance devices began to grow when consumers were convinced of the inefficiency of ultrasonic devices included in the outlet, but did not want to part with the idea of ​​a wonderful and easy disposal of cockroaches. Manufacturers invented for them another unscientific concept of the means creating magnetic resonance radiation, and fighters with cockroaches gladly rushed to buy such funds in the hope that they would prove more effective. Among such devices are:

  • Eko Sniper AP-120, with only one name hinting at overall security. It costs 850 rubles, outwardly extremely similar to common Chinese products.

Эко-Снайпер АР-120 очень похож на другие китайские отпугиватели тараканов


And what do you think? This ekosniper as two drops of water is similar to the Chinese device, only the inscriptions on it are different. Pishchit clearly mosquitoes scare, but the cockroaches it to one place. We put him first in the apartment, but there they sinned on a cat, because of which the device did not work all the time. At the dacha, the appliance was not removed from the socket at all, but the cockroaches lived safely behind the wall under the carpet.

Oleg, Moscow

  • Pest Reject - the device, whose manufacturer has made an incredibly successful consumer maneuver: on the packaging of the device indicated that the device is most effective when working together with sticky and insecticide traps for cockroaches. Indeed, while traps in good faith do their job, Pest Reject partially takes their laurels ...

Лучше всего Pest Reject работает вместе с ловушками для тараканов

  • Ixus KY-6182 - the device without special distinctive features. Just looks, just turns on. Its effectiveness has not been verified.

Отпугиватель тараканов Ixus KY-6182


Our laboratory commissioned by an influential organization (I will not name anyone to avoid advertising) conducted tests of ultrasonic repellents of cockroaches and rats. We bought up all the funds that were on the market, installed each in the center of a large hall, included in a socket and at a distance from it were put cages with rats and cages with cockroaches. Then we tracked the changes in the behavior of animals and insects when turning on and off the instruments. Out of 24 brands, 2 proved to be effective, both intended only for industrial use and giving a very powerful signal, dangerous for humans. So the usual bazaar repellers better choose a can of aerosol from cockroaches.

Alexander, Moscow

It turns out, whatever the electronic destroyer of cockroaches, it is not necessary to place special hopes on it. And this is easily explained from a purely theoretical point of view.

Why electronic devices do not work?

Electronic repellers work well for those insects that use ultrasound to communicate with their relatives. For example - against mosquitoes. It is enough to include a repeller, imitating a squeak of a mosquito's alarm, and insects in horror will fly from a place that seems dangerous to them.

But to use the same means against insects, ultrasounds that do not use anything, is useless. Cockroaches are just such insects. It does not matter to them whether such a squeak is present or not. Only ultrasound of very high strength can create discomfort for them. But the same powerful signal will poison life and the person, working on the nervous system.

Только ультразвук очень высокой силы заставит тараканов бежать в панике

On a note

As shown by actual experiments, cockroaches are sensitive to ultrasound agents to the same extent that a person is sensitive to them. In other words, if the cockroach ultrasonic device creates intolerable conditions of existence, a person next to him can not live normally either . The converse is also true: if an electronic device from cockroaches does not affect humans and pets in any way, then it will be neither hot nor cold from insects.

The same applies to magnetic resonance scares. Cockroaches painfully react only to electromagnetic radiation, powerful enough to affect a person. Therefore, the means, absolutely neutral for people, but helping to drive out cockroaches from apartments and houses, alas, does not exist. And the devices on the market are mostly useless waste of money.

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  1. galina :

    I bought the device from cockroaches, along with the transfer of 1370 rubles. Worked exactly one week and everything - died. And cockroaches live and well!

  2. Olka :

    Manufacturers clearly do not expect that the person who purchased their device can turn off the electricity for an indefinite time. So I got so caught - I bought such an ultrasonic device at the dacha, and there the light was cut down by unknown. So I'd better use the old proven cockroach gel.

  3. Anonymous :

    Generally duristic. Has bought or purchased, and to sense is not present, all cockroaches on a place.

  4. Veronica :

    I do not agree that cockroaches are not afraid of scares. You need to know where to buy quality!

  5. Anna :

    I, too, wasted money on the device.

  6. Anna :

    It is better to use boric acid with egg. The grandfather's way is better than the newfangled way.

  7. Maria :

    I do not help at all (

  8. Vitaliy :

    Those who write "you need to take quality" and there are sellers of a useless Chinese hat, only you will buy them 3-5 times more expensive than the same "quality" thing as the Chinese. Look at the aliexpress, there is this "good" in bulk.

  9. Alexander :

    Solid deception, even running around it.

  10. Alix :

    Who should I believe in?

  11. Pirate :

    Do not trust anyone! ))

  12. Natalia :

    Solid deception. 800 rubles for the wind, cockroaches became even greater. The hat is full.

  13. Tata :

    Yes, I too was led to deceive buyers! To myself it is unpleasant, as could so to swell! We were in a big supermarket, and accidentally saw a department selling goods advertised on TV. I came in, I do not know why ... But then I was attracted by the electric carrot repeller: harmless to children, people and animals, but the cockroaches are dying, that is, they do not escape from the fright of the electric waves, but perish on the spot! I thought for a long time, the price is rather big. But the saleswoman said that there were only two devices left, they were specially visited, they did not have time to order, especially when advertising on TV went also. I still asked her and ... I bought it. I inserted it into the socket, the green and red lights alternately flash there. There are no noises or smells, apparently everything looks decent, a white miniature device in the socket. Can also be used as a night light, there is a button for lighting.

    All would be nothing, but the cockroaches how to crawl, and crawl, and neither lying, nor dead, nor half-dead - no such I have not seen. Night - and the whole apartment in their possession, it is better not to go out at night. Disgusting! And the device works, the light bulbs flash!

    The instructions say that it is safe for children, people and animals. Do not believe me, lie! I had a young guinea pig sitting in a cage, a girl. I, of course, stuck the device not near its cage, no, and not in the bedroom, I found the furthest place-outlet. But after all, the appliance emits electric waves and instead of fighting the cockroaches ... they killed my guinea pig. She died! I later found out that animals are more sensitive than humans to radio or electric waves, and these waves have been ruined in three days from the purchase of the device. Now I understand that he acts on a person, only more slowly, killing us. Again, us, not cockroaches!

    It's a pity, I lost the check, I want to pass this device, but without a check it is not accepted from me ... And this is a big letter I wrote specifically, think about it. We almost all have children!

    Or, this device must be turned on and off from the apartment, for example, to a store or a trip for half a day or more, and when you come home, it is MANDATORY to remove it from the outlet. Cockroaches on it are not conducted.

    Oh, the producers are fooling us, they are squeezing money out of us! It's insulting ... Listen.

    • Elena :

      Good afternoon, Tata. I sympathize with you that you have lost your pet. But this device is intended not only for the destruction of cockroaches, but also for getting rid of rodents. Apparently, this miracle device more quickly affected the guinea pig than the cockroaches. But I read that the cockroaches begin to work in 2-3 weeks.

  14. Olga :

    I do not believe anyone, especially those who advertise one, scolding another.

  15. Gennady Popov :

    I bought REST, I have been working for six months now, but there's no sense in it! Deception!

  16. Katya :

    Horror, do not buy.

  17. Nadyusha :

    I wanted to order such a device, but after reading about it, I changed my mind. I'd rather use proven means.

  18. Elena :

    Thanks to your site for specific explanations. I was once again convinced that electronic destroyers of cockroaches are just deception.

  19. Love :

    My device worked for about three years. I did not take it out of the socket. But this year he was burnt, very sorry. With this device, the house ants disappeared in the entire entrance.

  20. Katyusha :

    Also cockroaches, what did you buy?

  21. Anonymous :

    I buy the following remedy: BIOKILL classic, because the cockroaches to the apartment crawled because of the garbage in the house. I took it from the building store. It kills everything around, and for half a year there is no rubbish at all. It is non-toxic, it can be sprayed right down to the kitchen shelves, allowed to dry - and make up all the dishes. It helps a lot with moisture from the wood, destroys all grinders and ants, mites, withers, spiders, aphids, moths and other flying and crawling beetles. The label shows the types of insects that are subject to destruction, only 12 species. I chose a remedy based on the fact that it will not harm the child and domestic animals, but with insects it can fight. So I advise BIOKILL classic, tk. it is universal and non-toxic to humans and animals, it is used in both kindergartens and schools.

  22. Light :

    There, the instructions say that the device does not work through curtains and walls. But what about it, then, if the cockroaches in the cabinets and behind the skirting boards?

  23. Tatiana :

    We ordered Pest Reject. He treated us with a transfer of 1950 rubles. They sent him from Astrakhan. The order was made on the site on the Internet. And now, he is already working 2 weeks, and the cockroaches around him creep, as if nothing had happened! People, do not believe in advertising and do not stuff your pockets with money for these scammers who are boldly bred to us like the last fools! Be wiser and smarter than us!

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