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Dichlorvos and its use from cockroaches: reviews and instructions

Выясняем, насколько эффективен современный Дихлофос против тараканов...

Further you will learn:

  • Than the old Soviet Dichlophos differs from modern analogues and whether this difference is significant from a practical point of view;
  • Do modern Dichlorfos help against cockroaches and what are the active substances that underlie these aerosol preparations?
  • What brands of Dichlophos are most popular today and does it make sense to choose the best among them?
  • What is the mechanism of the aerosol action on cockroaches - how does it kill them;
  • How to properly apply Dichlorvos to get the maximum effect against cockroaches and what security measures must be taken into account (including those that you are unlikely to find in the instructions for the drug).

It would seem that Dichlofos, confidently occupying the highest step of the podium among all household remedies from cockroaches in pre-perestroika, continues to be actively used in everyday life and to this day - in the market you can buy Dichlofos Varan, Dichlophos Neo, Eco, Extra, Terminator, etc. However in reality today, these aerosols from cockroaches do not have anything in common with the old Soviet Dikhlofos, which our grandparents processed the apartments.

Сегодня инсектицидные аэрозоли, продаваемые под торговой маркой Дихлофос, принципиально отличаются от советского одноименного препарата.

Perhaps, first of all, it is useful to bear in mind that the old version of the aerosol and its modern substitutes are based on completely different active substances.

Soviet dichlorvos as an active substance contained an organophosphorus insecticide called dimethyldichlorovinyl phosphate (abbreviated as dichlorvos) - a substance quite toxic not only for cockroaches and other insects, but also for humans and pets. At the time of the appearance of this means, he had practically no worthy competitors: a more powerful dust was too toxic to humans, and those that could be comparable to dichlorvos for safety were not very effective for cockroaches.

Диметилдихлорвинилфосфат (сокращенно дихлофос)

But the chemical industry did not stand still, and safer in handling and at the same time quite effective insecticides of a new type were developed - the era of the so-called pyrethroids came.

On a note

Natural analogues of pyrethroids - pyrethrins - are contained, for example, in flowers of Dalmatian chamomile. That is why the dried and mulled flowers of this plant (pyrethrum powder) have long been used as an effective remedy for insects.

It turned out that some pyrethroids are more effective against cockroaches than organophosphate dichlorvos, they retain their action longer and, most importantly, are safer for humans (and some, in addition, have almost no smell). Dichlorvos gradually began to be replaced by such aerosol preparations for baiting of cockroaches, like Raptor, Raid, Combat, which contain cypermethrin, deltamethrin, tetrametrin, permethrin, etc.

But the holy name will not lie idle: the memory of the Soviet Dikhlofos lived, and many buyers searched for it, despite the appearance of imported funds on the shelves. Not surprisingly, enterprising manufacturers quickly registered several trademarks and released drugs that combined the famous name and modern insect poisoning components.

Сегодня в продаже имеется более 10 разных Дихлофосов...


"Everyone knows that Dichlorvos is the best remedy for cockroaches. Ask grandmothers how they poisoned them, and what cockroaches they drove out - huge! They still brought me lice before. It is clear that everything is changing, our Dichlophos is already different. But the main thing works and the smell is not so sharp. We at my mum old apartment etched, there from a cockroaches walls moved. And nothing, for two times all brought out, for how many years they have not returned ... "

Irina, Gatchina

So, dichlorvos remained without the most dichlorvos (more precisely, without dimethyldichlorovinyl phosphate), but at the same time he continued to successfully etch cockroaches. As well as due to what - let's understand ...

What are modern Dichlorvos?

Perhaps among the modern aerosol formulations that have the word "Dichlophos" in their name, the most popular are the following:

  • Dichlorvos Neo;
  • Dichlorvos Varan;
  • Dichlorvos Eco;
  • Dichlorvos Super.

All of them have synthetic pyrethroids in their composition and allow them to successfully etch cockroaches (at the same time, it is rather difficult to say which Dichlophos is more effective in terms of efficiency, since the result in practice will be approximately the same in most cases).

Аэрозольные средства на основе синтетических пиретроидов довольно эффективны, и позволяют уничтожить тараканов в квартире буквально за несколько часов.

In particular, the following components are present in the composition of Dichlophos Neo:

  1. Permethrin;
  2. Cypermethrin;
  3. Piperonyl butoxide;
  4. Auxiliary components are solvents and fragrances.

Дихлофос Нео

The active substances are practically the same as, for example, in an aerosol from creeping insects, Raptor (the latter instead of permethrin contains a tetramethrin naturally similar in nature). The instructions for using these drugs against cockroaches are also almost identical.

On a note

Some pyrethroids may also be found in some insecticides: vaportrin, lambda-cyhalothrin, allethrin, tau-fluvulanate, tefluthrin, esfenvalerate, etc. Many of them vary greatly in the level of odor created in the room.

Also known is the Dichlorvos-L aerosol containing only permethrin and designed to exclude lice; accordingly, such dichlorvos from cockroaches will be of little use (including because it contains only one active substance, which increases the probability of resistance to cockroach production in the cockroach population). All other Dichlophos are most often used against cockroaches.


"Cockroaches prevailed, there is no life. Brrr, right on the table crawling, for which we eat. Has bought or purchased to itself interesting such dichlorvos neo, it has been written, that without a smell, under the price has left on 80 rubles. This aerosol can is designed to destroy flying and creeping insects, spattered them all cockroaches loopholes in the kitchen, there is actually a smell, but not strong. Not as vigorous as it used to be from dichlorvos. We are waiting for the effect ... "

Lena, Moscow

Mechanism of action and effectiveness of modern Dichlorvos

Active components of modern Dichlorvos (pyrethroids) have a nerve-paralytic effect on insects. Once in the cockroach, they lead to violations in the transmission of nerve impulses, which quickly leads to paralysis and the subsequent death of the pest.

Инсектициды, входящие в состав Дихлофоса, оказывают на тараканов нервно-паралитическое действие (приводят к параличу и последующей гибели насекомого).

Thus, the main task of a person who treats an apartment with Dichlorvos is to ensure that the drug enters the cockroach organism. This can happen in the following ways:

  1. Directly when spraying the product from the balloon to the places where the cockroaches gather, small particles of the insecticide aerosol penetrate through the spiracle into the respiratory organs of the insect, they are absorbed into the hemolymph, spread throughout the body and quickly kill the cockroach;
  2. With the same spraying, the drug also falls on chitinous covers of cockroaches. Pyrethroids have a contact action, and are able to penetrate the insect's body through the chitinous cover;
  3. Sown on the surfaces of furniture, floor and walls, particles of active substances remain here for a long time (if wet cleaning is not carried out). Running through them, the cockroach smears their paws and antennae. Already in the shelter, cleaning the jaws of the antennae and the tips of the legs, the insect swallows the insecticide, which from the stomach penetrates into the hemolymph and leads to poisoning - this is how the intestinal action of the pyrethroids takes place.

Practice shows that dichlorvos really helps against cockroaches if the situation with these pests is not too neglected (and, at least, if it is a question of the above brands of the drug). If the room is correctly processed, the aerosol allows for the destruction of almost all insects in one procedure, and only after severe contamination of the premises, repeated disinfestation may be required.

Если тараканов в помещении очень много, то может потребоваться повторная обработка.

Dichlorvos acts quickly - after processing the apartment, most of the cockroach population usually dies within a few hours.

Meanwhile, it is important to bear in mind that most pyrethroids retain their high efficiency on the treated surfaces for about 15 days, after which it can decrease due to the gradual decomposition of insecticides in the air. Therefore, in accordance with the instruction for the use of the drug, in those places where children and pets do not reach the treated surface, after using the product it is preferable not to conduct wet cleaning, and another two to three weeks the cockroaches running around here will be effectively etched.

It is interesting

It is known that insects are able to develop resistance to insecticides (especially this is often encountered in the fight against cockroaches and bed bugs), so any modern Dichlorvos contains in its composition several pyrethroids different in chemical structure - the more in the preparation of different active substances, the less likely survive have cockroaches after treatment of the premises (it is extremely unlikely that the cockroach population would have resistance to several pyrethroids at once).

Instructions for using the product

To reliably destroy cockroaches indoors with Dichlorvos, you need to be able to use it correctly and take into account important nuances from the instruction for the use of insecticidal aerosol type products.

При работе с любыми инсектицидами, в том числе и с Дихлофосом, важно соблюдать инструкцию по применению средства, чтобы обработка была эффективной и при этом безопасной для человека и домашних животных.

Before processing from a premise it is necessary to remove all pets and children, and also to spend small preparation:

  1. Densely cover the aquarium cover slip, turn off the compressor so that the air from the room did not get into the water (fish are also sensitive to the active components of Dichlorvos, like cockroaches);
  2. Close the windows and doors;
  3. Release all utensils and nightstands from the dishes, foodstuffs and things that will be processed by the preparation (all this can be temporarily placed in plastic bags);
  4. Push aside the tables, tables, gas stove and refrigerator from the walls;
  5. If in addition the rooms will be processed - roll up the carpets, remove those that hang on the walls, move away from the walls cabinets, sofas, chairs and other furniture.

Продукты, посуду, детские игрушки и одежду можно перед обработкой поместить в полиэтиленовые пакеты.

Особенно высокий эффект дает обработка Дихлофосом мест скопления тараканов.

After that, the cylinder with Dichlorvos is shaken thoroughly, the lid is removed from it, the aerosol outlet is sent from the handler and the surface treatment begins.

On a note

The agent should be sprayed in the direction of the accumulation sites and the possible movement of the cockroaches, at some distance from the surfaces, to cover a large area.

When destroying cockroaches, in the first place, you need to process the plinth, the space under the sink, the back walls of the cooker, refrigerator and furniture. The more surfaces will be processed, the more likely it will be to completely absorb the insects in the room.

За холодильником и газовой плитой иногда можно обнаружить буквально полчища тараканов...


"We arrived in the countryside for the summer, decided to take a break from the city bustle. But here's the problem, the hordes of horsemen run around here, it's horrible to take it. I wake up one night, went to drink water, turned on the light - and this abomination is everywhere! Huge hordes on the walls, on the table, on the floor run around. And I'm afraid of cockroaches. The husband went, bought a dihlophos monitor. Began to spray, so I even felt through the towel terrible smell, eyes tweaked to tears, in the mouth a nasty taste. And my husband became red like a tomato, and by the morning the temperature had risen to 39. In short, and the cockroaches were poisoned, and almost died. And the cockroaches lay around corners, but some still survived. "

Olga Pavlovna, Togliatti

As a rule, one cylinder of Dichlorvos is enough for processing from cockroaches of one small room with furniture (about 15 square meters). If necessary, to poison cockroaches in the kitchen and in the rooms, several cylinders of the drug should be used.

Immediately after surface treatment, it is advisable to leave the apartment for 2-3 hours (although the instructions for use about this may not be written). After returning, it is necessary to open windows and doors, carefully ventilate the premises and conduct a wet cleaning, wiping off those surfaces on which the products will later be located and with which people or pets can contact.


Even after properly processed cockroaches can not completely disappear - some of them hides during the day outside the apartment, and some can migrate from neighbors. If immediately after the application of Dichlorvos living insects in the apartment was not visible, and after 2-3 weeks the cockroaches again began to come to their eyes - this is a sure sign that pests penetrate into the room from outside. In this case, it is useful to cover the ways of penetrating them into the apartment (grids on ventilation holes, sealing cavities behind rosettes bordering on neighboring apartments, sealing cracks in walls, ceilings, etc.)

It is also advisable in parallel with Dichlofos to use gels from cockroaches and preventive agents (traps, insecticide crayons) that will kill individual survivors after treatment of individuals, if any.

В дополнение к Дихлофосу полезно использовать гель от тараканов.

На фотографии показан пример использования инсектицидного мелка на кухне.

А также пригодятся клеевые ловушки.

If you do not rely solely on Dichlofos alone, but approach the solution of the problem with cockroaches in a complex way, then with a high degree of probability, cockroaches will be destroyed in the apartment completely, and will not return soon.

Safety rules for working with Dichlorvos

Although modern Dichlorvos are much safer to use than their predecessor, they are still quite toxic (like most insecticides in general), and certain safety measures must be followed when working with them. Not all of these measures are prescribed in the instructions, but their compliance will help to avoid poisoning and a number of other very undesirable consequences.

Следует иметь в виду, что компоненты Дихлофоса достаточно токсичны.

Here are some of these measures:

  1. It is advisable to carry out the treatment in clothes covering most of the body, including arms and legs. This minimizes the contact of the toxic agent with the skin;
  2. It is necessary to provide protection from getting the product into the respiratory tract. Ideal option will be an industrial respirator, although you can also use a dense cotton-gauze dressing. Keep in mind that if you feel a throat or an unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth when treating an apartment with Dichlophos, it means that your breathing organs are not protected enough;
  3. At the first signs of worsening of health (redness, dyspnea, rash, etc.), you must immediately stop work and get out into the fresh air. Do not tolerate and continue to work with the idea - they say, still a little left;
  4. Keep in mind that some pyrethroids are very toxic to cats. It is advisable to take these animals out of the apartment for a couple of days. In addition, cats should not be allowed to eat cockroaches killed or disoriented by Dichlorvos, since such an animal can also receive a certain dose of an insecticide (the first signs of cat poisoning with pyrethroids are excessive salivation and tremor); Нельзя допускать, чтобы кошки или собаки поедали отравленных Дихлофосом тараканов.
  5. Do not spray Dichlorvos into the technical openings of electronics (TV, computer system unit, laptop, etc.), even if you are sure that cockroaches hide inside the case. In some cases, the impact of individual aerosol components may adversely affect the operation of high-precision devices. Не следует направлять аэрозоль в отверстия электронных приборов.


"It was last summer. I've even seen cockroaches at home sometimes, but rarely and only in the bathroom, where they appeared from the ventilation. And then sharply they in such quantity began to come across all kitchen, that I already was frightened. I saw ten of them every day, in the bedside table under the sink their whole herd lived. And not only the Prussians, but also the healthy ones, the black ones, which are frightfully crushed. I think that the neighbors have been poisoned from above. Went, asked, really so. I asked what they did. Dichlorvos. It was strange, I thought, this tool has already gone into oblivion. But no, I bought three Dichlofos Super cylinders in the bazaar, half an apartment pshikal, vomited me already once from this muck. But the cockroaches, it seems, was even worse. Even when he started to clean, they were stacked on the night tables, some were still twitching, but it was evident that they were playing in a box. I did everything in science, I did not wash the back walls of the bedside tables. Already almost a year has passed, and not a single cockroach has seen. Probably, the remnants of them went to the neighbors below. So we'll drive them into the basement. "

Vadim, Ulyanovsk

If you have a personal experience of fighting cockroaches with Dichlorvos (any), then be sure to share the information, leaving a review at the bottom of this page - whether this tool helped you, whether there were problems in using it, whether the smell was standing in the room during processing and . Any information will be valuable.

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