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Remedies for cockroaches

Powders for the destruction of cockroaches: an overview of effective means
Порошки для уничтожения тараканов: обзор эффективных средств

Often experienced wrestlers with cockroaches purposefully look for insecticides in the form of powders, while ignoring aerosol preparations, gels and sticky traps. And this has its own logic: firstly, people of old hardening remember the poisonous Soviet dust, from which it is not that the cockroaches, but even the mold on the ceilings was dying out. Secondly, many powders from cockroaches can be bought relatively inexpensively, and the effect with proper application can be really high. And, finally, most of the powdered preparations used to bait cockroaches are practically odorless and do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere (which can not be said, for example, of many terribly smelling aerosols). Let's see how good, in general, insecticidal powders are good when fighting cockroaches in practice and will understand which of these drugs are most effective ...

Dichlorvos and its use from cockroaches: reviews and instructions
Дихлофос и его применение от тараканов: отзывы и инструкция

At one time, in the absence of worthy analogues, Dichlophos, as a remedy for cockroaches, was so popular that its name in the people became a household name - even today aerosol insecticides in cylinders are often used in the old way as Dichlorfos, even if the drug has nothing to do with this trademark. And we must pay tribute to the old Soviet Dikhlofos: he worked really well, and cockroaches mowed reliably. Today, on the market, you can find on sale new modern Dichlofos (Varan, Neo, Eco, etc.) - let's see if they have become better, do they really allow to effectively destroy cockroaches and what, in fact, differ among themselves ...

Insecticide chalk from Mašenka cockroaches and reviews about its use
Инсектицидный мелок от тараканов Машенька и отзывы о его применении

Known since the Soviet times, the chalk Masha - perhaps one of the most popular means in the people for breeding cockroaches. In part, his popularity is an echo of times of total deficit, when people had to choose between Dichlophos and chalk (and the choice often fell in favor of chalk due to lower cost and ease of use). However, Mashenka is still buying quite actively today - first of all, because this insecticide pencil really helps to massively destroy cockroaches, especially if treated with it correctly ...

Choose an effective poison for cockroaches
Выбираем эффективную отраву для тараканов

If you are already tired of fighting cockroaches and, apparently, tried every possible poison, and the result was not received - it means it's time to find out about really effective drugs, the use of which helps to solve the problem even in the most neglected cases. Let's see what means it makes sense to pay attention first and, most importantly, how to combine them competently in order to achieve the most pronounced result in a short time ...

Effective remedy for cockroaches Global (Globol)
Эффективное средство от тараканов Глобал (Globol)

Geli from cockroaches are for today one of the most effective and safe ways of struggle against insects in an apartment. The product of the German manufacturer of gel from cockroaches Globol - a vivid example of this. Let's look at this tool in detail ...

Insecticidal smoke bombs for the destruction of cockroaches in the apartment
Инсектицидные дымовые шашки для уничтожения тараканов в квартире

Among numerous means from cockroaches insecticide smoke bombs are today, perhaps, the least known to the consumer. And this is quite understandable, because most people are used to poison annoying insects with aerosols, crayons gels, or, in the end, just to conduct a long battle with cockroaches using a sneaker and a vacuum cleaner. However, it should be borne in mind that with the right approach, the use of special smoke cans completely destroys cockroaches indoors in just a day, and the effectiveness of such checkers is not inferior to the means of professional disinsection ...

Remedies for cockroaches Raptor: aerosol, trap or gel. What's better?
Средства от тараканов Раптор: аэрозоль, ловушка или гель. Что лучше?

In the line of Raptor against insects there are aerosols, traps and insecticidal gels. What in the fight against cockroaches prefer, which tool will more efficiently and quickly destroy insects? In fact, the answer to this question is not entirely unambiguous and depends on the infection of the apartment with cockroaches and certain preferences of the owner of the room.

Electrical means for fighting cockroaches
Электрические средства для борьбы с тараканами

Electronic means of frightening off cockroaches are becoming more popular, and at the same time the number of reviews about them is growing. As can be seen from the opinions of users, the effectiveness of electronic repellents leaves much to be desired. Why does this not correspond to the powerful advertising of these funds? Let's understand.

Folk remedies for combating cockroaches
Народные средства для борьбы с тараканами

No matter how the market is bursting with modern insecticide preparations from cockroaches, the first thing that comes to mind for an ordinary resident of any house or apartment when meeting these insects is one of the folk remedies (for example, boric acid). Indeed, such traditional methods are very well known, simple and inexpensive. But with the effectiveness of each of them is worth looking into more.

Remedy for cockroaches Ghetto or still get?
Средство от тараканов Гетт или все-таки Get?

The remedy for the Guetts cockroaches today is still trying to find some owners of flats exhausted by insects, not knowing that the drug has long been discontinued and is no longer on sale. However, do not despair: the market for insecticides does not stand still, and a worthy alternative to Gett means today is a microencapsulated insect from Get (Get), giving the consumer additional advantages in fighting insects ...

Choosing a means to combat cockroaches, many are guided only by the edge of the eye seen by advertising and recalls of acquaintances. But it can also happen that the miracle cure for cockroaches that helped Aunt Nine's neighbor turn out to be completely ineffective in your apartment. Yes, and the high price of the drug is not always a guarantee of successful disposal of uninvited guests. Why does this happen?

First of all, you need to understand the reasons for the appearance of cockroaches in the dwelling. For example, think about where they all come from in your apartment and how they managed to settle here firmly? It is also useful to get a little acquainted with the peculiarities of the life of cockroaches, because knowing their weaknesses, features of reproduction and food preferences, you will not only be able to determine the choice of an effective remedy, but also apply it correctly.

Practice shows that in the pursuit of the most effective means against cockroaches, many people often forget that the drug will be really effective only if it can be correctly applied. Neglecting the individual points of the instructions for using the tool not only can reduce all your efforts to fight parasites to nothing, but also create a real threat to the health of both you and your loved ones. And the more effective is the poison from cockroaches, the more toxic it can be for a person.

Thus, it would be more correct to look for a drug that combines high efficiency, safety of use and convenience in work, not the most effective means of cockroaches. Do not forget about the smell: some insect remedies smell so much that after treatment they can eradicate from the apartment not only cockroaches, but also its residents.

In the section of our site "Means from cockroaches" you can get exhaustive information on the choice of the optimal means for fighting cockroaches, and then approach the issue of the destruction of these parasites in your home, as they say, fully armed.


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