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Use of boric acid against cockroaches

Борная кислота давно используется для борьбы с тараканами

Of all the folk remedies from cockroaches, boric acid is known, perhaps, more than all the others. Recipes of poisonous mixtures with it so much that pests can be called true gourmets.

Boric acid is applicable in almost all rooms and situations. However, for all its universality, this powder has its own characteristics, positive and negative. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to poison cockroaches with boric acid before deciding whether to use it: in some cases it may be more appropriate to use other methods.

Common Properties

Boric acid under ordinary conditions is white grains, similar to flakes. It has no smell and taste, melts at 170 ° C, while gradually losing water and changing the chemical composition.

Чистая борная кислота в виде порошка

On a note

Bura is a salt of boric acid, widely distributed in nature. Its formula is Na2B4O7 * 10H2O. The borax is as toxic to insects as the acid itself, and the remedy for cockroaches with boric acid or borax will work equally efficiently.

In nature, the reserves of pure boric acid are very limited. It is a part of the mineral sassolin, which is found in small quantities in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Dissolved substance is present in many mineral waters.

The so-called "boron powder" is a known antiseptic, and therefore is sold in pharmacies in both powder form and in dissolved water or alcohol form. It is her solution in 70% ethyl alcohol called boric alcohol.

On a note

Boric alcohol from cockroaches is much less effective than other forms of boric acid. This is due to the fact that the Prusak deters the smell of alcohol itself, and therefore they can not poison acid. At the same time boric powder from cockroaches is almost invisible to them, and this is the basis for the principle of the drug.

The effectiveness of boric acid against cockroaches

For cockroaches, as for most other insects, boric acid is a strong poison. The action of boric acid on cockroaches is that, entering the digestive tract of an insect, it then penetrates through the blood into the nervous system and causes severe irritation of the insect's peripheral nerves. When the lethal dose is exceeded, the pest begins paralysis and it dies of suffocation.

Борная кислота весьма токсична для тараканов

Accordingly, in order for boric acid against cockroaches to be effective, it is necessary that the cockroach swallow it, and preferably in a large number by the standards of insect. Therefore, any remedy for cockroaches with boric acid is used to make insects eat it , and questions like "How to stain cockroaches with boric acid?" Are in principle incorrect - these pests do not seethe powder, but are poisoned, so to speak, with pleasure.

It is not necessary to cook boron balls from cockroaches with the addition of eggs, flour, vanilla or other ingredients, enticing them with smell and taste. In most cases, it will be sufficient to scatter the substance in places where pests often move - near the skirting, along the perimeter of the base of the bedside tables, under the sink. After the pest has run through the powder, the particles will remain on its paws. Then, in the shelter, the insect will begin to clean the feet with jaws and involuntarily swallow the powder itself. With all the outgoing consequences.

A solution of boric acid from cockroaches is also quite effective if it is introduced into edible baits.

Если таракан пробежался по порошку борной кислоты, то впоследствии он отравится ею

To poison one pest, 2-3 mg of the drug is sufficient. Consequently, a 10 gram bag sold in a pharmacy, in theory, will be enough to destroy many thousands of insects. However, in practice, the control of cockroaches with boric acid requires significantly higher poison costs, since the bulk of the drug is consumed "idle," and insects never meet with it.

It is interesting

In addition to the Prussians, this means effectively destroys domestic ants, working on the same principle. But against bugs home boron powder is absolutely useless: these parasites can only eat by sucking blood with the help of their proboscis. Accordingly, even with a strong desire, bedbugs can not eat such a poison.

Today, because of the frequent and widespread application of boric acid, cases where it does not help are becoming increasingly common . This is due to both the misuse of the substance and the appearance of insects resistant to it. In such cases, there are meanings of application against pests of more modern means.


"And when we entered the hostel literally kilograms, this boric powder was scattered under the beds. It does not work against Russian cockroaches, only powerful German preparations are needed ... "

Oleg, Tyumen

Application rules

In order for cockroaches and boric acid to meet in the apartment, it is necessary either to attract pests to it, or to place poison where insects constantly move.

Борную кислоту нужно использовать в местах скопления насекомых

In the simplest case, it is sufficient to scatter the substance with thin tracks around the shells, the toilet bowl and the bathroom. It is from these tanks that cockroaches constantly drink water, and when they "go to the watering hole" through placers of poison, they are most likely to be infected.

On a note

Sometimes it will be effective to put a saucer near the sink with a solution of the remedy. If the shell itself before poisoning cockroaches with boric acid, wipe it dry, depriving insects of another source of water, you can force them to drink poison - cockroaches badly need regular drinking.

In any case, the path of the drug should be scattered wherever cockroaches are found especially often. Even before fighting cockroaches with boric acid, you can visit your kitchen and bathroom a couple of times at night and check where the mustachians run away when the light is turned on - these are the places to enter their shelters, near which you should put poison.

Feedback on the use of boric acid:

"When I saw the cockroaches in the apartment, I almost died of horror. In general, I can not stand them. Immediately went to the pharmacy, bought boric powder, as advised on the forum, scattered around the sink and toilet, a few days did not wash off. After that, I did not see them, although there were not many of them at all. "

Anna, Yaroslavl

Already such measures should give the result: the main part of the cockroaches must die out, others, under-eaten, just leave the apartment. But if the room is infected too much, fighting with cockroaches in the apartment with the help of boric acid should also be carried out with the help of special poisoned baits.

There are a lot of bait recipes with boron powder, and they can be invented independently. The simplest and most famous of them are:

  • One 40-50 grams of powder is added to one raw egg yolk and everything is thoroughly mixed until a thick, gruel-like mass is obtained.
  • Boric acid in equal proportions is dismounted with powdered sugar and flour, after which it is kneaded on water to obtain a dough.
  • 200 grams of boric acid are mixed with 60 grams. sugar powder, 60 grams of starch and 20-30 grams of vanilla sugar, they add water so much to make a thick and sticky mass.
  • One potato is brewed in a uniform and cleaned. The egg is brewed, the shell is removed from it. Potatoes and eggs are rubbed in puree, in which 1 tablespoon of boric acid is added.

Яйцо и борная кислота

Смесь для изготовления приманок

Отравленные приманки с борной кислотой

From the mixes rolled small balls or flat cakes that are laid out in those places where it is easiest for cockroaches to find them. At the same time, it is necessary to carefully monitor that in addition to such yummies in the room, there is no longer any other food for cockroaches: all products must be hidden in the refrigerator, closed in jars or plastic bags, crumbs from the table wipe, and put the garbage out for the night.

Таракан ест отравленную приманку

It is advisable, before the cockroaches are soaked in boric acid, to carry out thorough cleaning and wash the floors and walls behind and under the bedside tables and kitchen furniture.

The same is true when preparing poisoned drinkers: if cockroaches have a choice - to drink from a new drinker or the usual flower pot or toilet bowl - they will prefer their usual option. So cleanliness is the key to success.

Destruction of cockroaches with boric acid never gives 100% result: insects that find other sources of food and water, or skilfully bypassing poisoned paths, will remain in the room. Nevertheless, if there are very few pests in the apartment, and as a whole the apartment is clean and tidy, it makes sense to resort to this facility.

In dirty old apartments, full of cockroaches and surrounded by no less infected rooms, boric acid at best will help to slightly reduce the number of insects. Therefore, before you remove the cockroaches with boric acid, you should restore order in the room.

Boric acid in the apartment: is it dangerous or not?

For all its toxicity for cockroaches, boric acid is not dangerous for people and other warm-blooded inhabitants of apartments - mammals and birds. At one time, pure boric acid was even used to treat wounds as an antiseptic, but doctors found that with this use it often leads to allergies. Because today this substance is replaced by more effective and safe substances.

Борная кислота относится к малоопасным веществам


"I'm so funny to listen to how mummies are afraid of boric acid to buy from cockroaches. Like, poisonous. As a child, when we were young, instead of a green, the scratches were smeared, and nothing arose. Grasp and do not be afraid, nothing will happen to the children. "

Marina Vitalevna, Ust-Kamenogorsk

In any case, this weak acid will not cause poisoning in the child or a four-legged friend who accidentally finds a ball of cockroaches or scattered powder. Therefore, it can be safely used, getting rid of cockroaches.

It is interesting

Bura is just as low in toxicity as boric acid. Both of these substances are registered as food additive E284. On the territory of the Russian Federation, this additive is prohibited for use, but with accidental use of harm, the body will not cause.

Where to buy and how much does boric acid cost?

Boric acid in the form of a powder or solution is sold in almost all pharmacies, including the Internet. The price of a bag of 10 grams is about 50 rubles, and for cooking the poison, which is enough to accommodate the entire apartment, it will be enough about 250-500 rubles.

Пакетики с борной кислотой по 10 граммов

It makes sense, starting the fight with cockroaches, to buy several packages at once, in order to prepare enough baits.

In general, compared with popular today's gels and aerosols boric acid, of course, is not a very effective tool. Its action is stretched in time and very rarely only with its help it turns out to get rid of all the cockroaches in the apartment. But accessibility, safety and cheapness make it one of the most widely used means of cockroaches in everyday life.

Success to you in the fight against insects!

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  1. Vladimir :

    Thanks, informative. I have no cockroaches, but my brother just horror, found your site, dropped his link.

  2. Ivan :

    Painted everything just perfect 😉

  3. Elena :

    Thanks for the information, everything is written in such detail. We had no cockroaches for seven years, and then some kind of invasion. I took advice, now I'm waiting for results. Thank you!

  4. Sasha :

    We live with his wife in a hostel. The cockroaches are darkness. Today boric powder was poured. The main residence of cockroaches behind the refrigerator. Let's see what happens. We hold our fingers cross, well, they are very tired of us.

    • Vladimir :

      We are waiting for the result

    • Natalia :

      Just powder, scattered paths, ineffective. But balls of yolk and a powder of boric acid - very much even help. Even if you have a bubble instead of marbles, then it can be spread on cardboard and decomposed. Did this in the hostel - the cockroaches became less (throughout the hostel, and not just in our room).

  5. Affecting :

    In the fire department in two floors with parquet floors sprinkled boric acid in the kitchen and in the dormitory, along the plinths behind the refrigerator. And they did not wash the floors for a month. And they were lost once and for all.

  6. Vitaliy :

    Thanks for the advice, I'll try to use!

  7. Olga :

    I took advantage of your advice, I'm waiting for the result. She made boric acid with egg 30 gr. for 1 yolk.

  8. Guldana :

    Where did you buy boric acid?

  9. Renat :

    In the pharmacy.

    • Alexey :

      Boric acid is better to buy in companies that sell chemicals. In Samara, Reakhim, boric acid costs around 100 rubles per kilogram.

  10. Said Djaparovitch Amirov :

    Thank you.

  11. Nigora :

    Thank you all for the great tips. 😉

  12. Eugene :

    And from black cockroaches boric acid will help get rid of?

  13. Daria :

    We had black cockroaches, climbed out of the sewer. Then there were ordinary street frogs (we lived in the village), and the cockroaches disappeared themselves, and the frogs too.

  14. Lina :

    Thank you very much, let's try)

  15. Tatiana :

    It is best to mix boiled yolks with boric alcohol, slowly go away, and they will not be until until in the basement will not climb. It's just that sometimes the bait needs to be updated.

  16. gulnoza :

    Thanks for the recipe. I hope everything will be fine with us.

  17. Stas :

    Only the eggs should be taken from the village, they are tastier)) For seeding ...

  18. Maria :

    And if boric acid (powder) is diluted with water and sprinkled with places where they usually live, will it help? And in what proportion do this ??

  19. Tatiana :

    Maybe someone knows and tells us ... We have some insects, they can not be seen, but everywhere there are traces of their life activity (horrible yellow dots), they sit up all things, furniture, etc. I just do what I wash and wash. SES did not help. This is horror, blocked all the Internet, I can not find anything, the problem is, but who creates it and how to deal with it - I do not know ((

  20. Lyudmila :

    Boric acid helps, but cockroaches do not disappear completely, then in 2-3 years they again appear.

  21. Anonymous :

    The best remedy for cockroaches!

  22. Irina :

    And at us in the private house cockroaches have appeared. Probably, my aunt brought, tk. she has been fighting with them in the apartment for several decades already. They, like, a little, but pieces of 15 for January, I burned in the stove, both large and fat, and a couple of small ones.

    So, on February 2 I bought a boron in the evening, made 30 g with egg yolk cooked, well, and a little water, for consistency. Has spread out everywhere, where saw and did not see cockroaches.

    Results for 3 days: February 3 - not a single gloating eye caught. February 4 - one "greeted" with my tapka, saw it in a crushed form - a white mash was inside. February 5 - in the morning, one on his back was shamelessly lying, moving his paws, the second was caught in the evening, but cheerfully ran about his business - the insides were black-and-white-gray.

    Unsubscribe after a couple of weeks about the result. So far, only try boric acid, for the purity of the experiment and the detection of the effectiveness of the method.

    • Karina :

      I'm waiting for your result. I like in the apartment one cockroach gets - just gels processed. What have not tried, briefly. Spray special treated, half a year was not seen. Again they appeared. Melasma smeared, so they became even more. Yesterday, everywhere I was pouring boric acid over the plinth, behind the cupboards. I hope for her.

      • Irina :

        One cockroach was slapped on February 15 and forgotten about them. Literally just killed another small one and remembered about your opinion here. Apparently, these balls need to be updated more often than once a month: /

        Result: there is a result, but it is necessary to SUPPORT.

        For the last two I can not vouch that they appeared in the house, perhaps the same way the relative brought ...

  23. Anna :

    Tell me, please, can I simply mix potatoes with boric acid, without eggs?

  24. Anna :

    I have a very large number of these friends, which I just did not try! And all sorts of newfangled preparations sprayed the apartment, and glue, too, all sorts of different smeared, and even the Regent, who poisoned the Colorado beetle did not help. Here, I read the advice on boric acid, rolled the balls, I'm waiting! Tell me, is it even effective?

  25. Anonymous :

    I'll try. Thank you.

  26. Shred :

    Lived in the hostel for 6 years. This is the only effective remedy for cockroaches, and very cheap. Etched all the block, it was enough for 6-7 balls per room + kitchen and toilet. Are lost for a long time.

    • Anonymous :

      Tell me please! How much do they disappear, provided that the cleanliness of the room is constantly maintained? He also just moved into the hostel and met already with such bad guys ((It seems that he completely washed the room, but they do not want to leave.

  27. Olya :

    Tell me please. Today, I divorced two small yolks with one sachet of boric acid and spread it all over the apartment. I understand that they will not have enough of this sachet? Can they get even more divorced? And how now to be? ((

  28. Sholpan :

    I also used boric acid today, processed the whole house, even prepared porridge for them. Now I'm waiting for the result ...

  29. Dana :

    And I mixed up, instead of yolk used protein, it no longer works, yes, people?

  30. Serge :

    Dana, you need a yolk!

  31. Constantine :

    Bought a cottage with cockroaches. There were many. A lot - it's going out at night to the kitchen, turn on the light and see 20-30 individuals. They began to poison with boric acid and yolk. I mixed 4 yolks and 3 sachets of chemist's, spread out balls everywhere. The effect did not notice immediately, after about two to 20-30 days it was not seen at 20-30, but a maximum of 10, a week later - there was a maximum of a couple, two more - they are not. In general, no one alive has not seen, but there were just crowds.

    Knowledgeable people advise this bait to update once a couple of months and constantly keep six months.

  32. Alyona :

    Well, is there a result of boric acid?

  33. Diane :

    And today I poured boric acid onto fried potatoes, they gathered on it. Will this method help ?!

  34. Anatoly :

    A packet of 10 grams of acid in a pharmacy costs 47 rubles. In the store "Seeds" - 18 rubles. In stores of chemicals, a kilogram costs only 85 rubles.

  35. Olga :

    Also today laid out everywhere, even behind the toilet and in the bathroom. They got it so much, I open the kitchen cupboards, and they fall on my head! Has tried 1000 means, for the night all is dry, no crumbs! And they are so lean, run around!

  36. Ksusha :

    And we rented an apartment, of course, looked in the afternoon, cockroaches were 1-5 pcs. The owner, I see, scattered the poison, said, before this was not, the previous tenants did not poison. They came in the evening with her husband to visit the marafets. They turned on the lights and ... They ran everywhere: in the kitchen, in the room, and in the bathroom. Piece etak 20. I'm 8 months pregnant, urgently need an apartment, look for another there are no options. In general, I went, bought a gel, I was given a piece to breed. In general, sprinkled this thing, smeared gel, still dichlorvos spattered, ran away, not breathing. Now I'll go buy boric acid and roll the balls. I'll see the result. Then I'll write.

    By the way, I lived in a hostel, it seemed to me that I had not seen so many cockroaches. And there every month in the morning before work, I passed the gel on the plinths, behind the fridge, and splashed raid and left, by evening everything would fade and cockroaches less, 1-2 pcs.

  37. Olga :

    I will poison, I make 5 kinds. Maybe something will help.

  38. Christina :

    Cockroaches such a way is easy to withdraw in a private house. But they do not come from my apartment. I live on the 1st floor. In the basement, the fleas are constantly poisoned with some kind of gas, and it can be seen that the Prusaks live there too. So, they flee to us and run after the persecution. 4 years can not withdraw ((

  39. Vetta :

    We live on the 5th floor of the five-story building, these reptiles are coming to us from the ventilation. Nothing takes them - gel, dichlorvos, sticky gel ... Let's try the acid. Zadolbali.

    • Anonymous :

      It must be sealed with a fine plastic mesh. Instead of the hood, use the window leaf.

  40. dron :

    Very interesting, thank you all. Too ten years there were no cockroaches, but after a heat of 37 degrees this summer how to break! Is there any connection?

    • Anime :

      Also after the heat appeared, there was no earlier.

  41. Zala :

    Anyone who thinks to use boric acid against cockroaches or not? YES! It so happened that the cockroaches we got were at home, and not a couple, and not 20-30 pieces, as they write, but the whole army! I used all sorts of gels, chalk, spray, was a temporary result, temporarily lost, and when they appeared, these funds did not work against them. One friend advised boric acid with boiled potatoes to use. And to my great surprise, the cockroaches died out just by the hundreds. I have two kids, so I set the poison at night, went out into the kitchen in the morning, and lie on the floor in a whole camp! HOWEVER needs to be supported. The effect is seen not immediately, somewhere on the 5th day. I fought them for 2 weeks, half a year passed, again a couple appeared. I will continue to fight.

  42. Tatiana :

    Children, we have in Tashkent in winter +20, so the cockroaches tortured us. I spend the general every season, from the ceiling to the floor, every centimeter. After her day 2 can not see the cockroaches, and then all over again. And only boric acid with egg helps for a long time, but needs to be updated. Good luck to all.

  43. Irina :

    Try to mix 50 grams of boric acid with 1 tablespoon of chicken seasoning. Cockroaches are very fond of spices, and with boric acid this will be their last meal.

  44. Sergey :

    In my childhood I lived in a hostel. They were also dark, then moved, just crawled from their neighbors. So, the mother brought them just boric acid with the egg. It helped. Now 2 years ago I moved to a new apartment. Six months ago, creeping midges split and in the summer they destroyed dust. Now a new attack, cockroaches roach. Neighbors are neighbors. Pigs, they all creep. I will struggle with a proven method. Gels and traps do not help. Today, poured, I will follow. In the afternoon I will roll more balls. I hate them. Already shaking when I see. Vile creatures.

  45. Gennady :

    I called a chemist, processed for 2 thousand - and no result. I bought a Pest repeller, also for 2 thousand - the third month works and no good, they do not care, they run. So who wants to buy this garbage: think, money on the wind. Here, too, I'll try the old fashioned boron. At least cheap.

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