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What are the destroyers of insects and how do they work?

Выбираем оптимальную модель уничтожителя насекомых, как уличных, и так и внутри дома...

Insect destroyers are, perhaps, one of the most convenient modern tools for fighting crawling and flying arthropods such as cockroaches, ants, moths, woodworms, scales, etc. In addition, they also allow you to easily cope with parasites and pests, the time from time visiting human habitation and ancillary premises in search of food or breeding grounds, for example, with mosquitoes, flies, various beetles.

Хороший уничтожитель насекомых легко справится, например, с мухами, случайно залетающими в дом.

Особенно актуальны такие приборы будут для уничтожения комаров в помещении.

It is interesting to note that in their reviews most people under the term "destroyer of insects" most often understand the device, which attracts flying "victims" with the light of ultraviolet lamps. Such devices do exist, and the principle of their work is that UV lamps, on which the insects fly, are surrounded by a special grid - either connected to a high voltage source or covered with a sticky substance that ensures the reliable adhesion of "guests."

Ультрафиолетовая лампа в приборе привлекает насекомых, после чего они уничтожаются электрическим разрядом на металлической сетке.

In fact, today you can also buy insect killers, working on a completely different principle, and the choice here is quite wide. So, for example, in addition to the above-described lamp destroyers of insects, there are also devices of the following types:

  • floor glue traps, to which cockroaches, bugs or ants stick, attracted by any bait (these devices are easy to use, do not consume electricity and can effectively catch creeping parasites and pests); На фото показан пример клеевой ловушки для тараканов
  • hanging sticky tapes used to destroy flying insects - for example, flies and various types of moths (they are more economical than lamp destroyers, but they do not work well against night insects); А это подвесная липкая лента с налипшими на нее мухами
  • Special "houses" for insects with electrodes inside (this is a kind of alternative to glue traps, which works by destroying the inside of the victim by electric discharge).

Despite this diversity, the most famous are still the destroyers of flying insects of the lamp type (regardless of the manufacturer). The reason for this is that against such mosquitoes, flies and moths, such devices, among other methods of extermination, are most effective and easy to use. In addition, you can buy an insect killer of this type in any specialized online store (sometimes even in a regular hardware store) for a relatively small price.

At the same time, floor destroyers of crawling insects are not very popular - for example, in the case of fighting cockroaches, domestic ants or, even more, bugs, they are much inferior in their effectiveness to other means of struggle.

Для борьбы с домашними муравьями электрические ламповые уничтожители не подойдут.


"I did not even think that this trap-destroyer of flying insects would work so well. We used the Energy trap from mosquitoes at home and for the whole summer no one has ever bitten us. And once they tried to turn it on the veranda, when they were having a feast there. So we were not touched by mosquitoes in the courtyard, and August was on the street, it's time for mosquito! In one evening the entire tray was hammered by a dead gnat. "

Igor, Vitebsk

Bulb annihilators: features and rules of use

To date, the lamp destroyers of insects are becoming more and more popular. This is explained by the fact that the devices of this type really proved to be very effective in combating flying insects, so it is not surprising that everyone who has ever dealt with mosquitoes, nightly large butterflies, moths and moths is not averse to buying it for the summer season.

В темноте многие насекомые стремятся к источнику света

Most often, such a lamp device is purchased specifically for saving from mosquitoes in apartments and country houses. However, practice shows that this destroyer not bad rescues from flying insects, for example, in the following cases:

  • in restaurants and cafes - both in the main halls, and in the kitchen, warehouse, office, as well as on the terraces and in the tents of summer cafes;
  • on livestock farms to protect animals from virtually any gnats;
  • on household plots to reduce the number of mosquitoes and pests of the garden and the garden as a whole on the area;
  • in warehouses, where it is necessary to constantly combat the food moth.

Unfortunately, lamp destroyers are absolutely ineffective against bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, ants and other creeping insects. Even if you install such a device on the floor, it will not attract them, since all such pests and parasites in the house, on the contrary, avoid light.

Ламповые уничтожители не эффективны против тараканов и клопов, так как эти насекомые избегают света.

Before buying an insect killer with ultraviolet lamps, it is useful to determine in advance the area of ​​the room in which it will be used. Such traps usually have from one to four lamps, the total power of which in many ways determines the size of the area on which the device will be effective.

Another important advantage of this type of instrument is their safety: a special panel grid is installed in the lamp annihilators of insects, which does not allow a child or an animal to accidentally touch a grid with a voltage. That's why this device can be safely used in homes with young children.

Специальная решетка надежно защищает человека и животных от возможного прикосновения к сетке, находящейся под электрическим напряжением.

The cost of household lamp insect killers does not exceed 4000 rubles on average, however some manufacturers have more expensive models. Buy the most simple destroyers can be only 400-500 rubles.


"Most of all destroy insects for the street from the manufacturer Well. He has different powerful and small ones. We took several instruments for the poultry nursery, because flies literally jam in the summer. For the sake of interest, we decided to buy three traps of different types: one electric simple WE-150-2, one waterproof WE-150-2SW and one glue WE-813-SB30S. A month they experienced.

Here is the conclusion: a simple electric one is the most convenient one. The pallet can be changed once a week: even if there are a lot of insects, they do not completely block it. Waterproof costs somewhere in 2000 more expensive, but that's really not waterproof. In extreme cases, the zinc cornice can be attached to it so that it does not rain. With a glutinous trap, most of all there is trouble. In our conditions, its lattice was hammered in a day, on the second day the flies were already crawling along the corpses of their brethren. I think it should be bought only for all grain storage facilities where a spark is not permissible. In general, street destroyers have proven themselves well - wet Simuli only in the way. It can be used on farms with an elite bird or a fur-bearing animal. "

Petr Mikhailovich, Nizhny Novgorod

In use, the lamp annihilator of insects is extremely simple. It is best to install the device or hang it somewhere in the middle of the room (for example, between the window and the door) so that it can be clearly seen from all corners of the room - this way it will collect more insects. If necessary, the destroyer is plugged into the socket and put into operation in the desired mode.

Лучше всего разместить прибор в центре помещения, чтобы его было хорошо видно летающим в комнате насекомым.

Every few days in the device you need to clean the tray, into which the dead insects fall. If the glue grid is installed in the destroyer, then, according to the operating instructions of the device, from time to time it should be replaced with a clean one.

In the event that the insect killer is purchased only for outdoor use, the function of the moisture resistance of the device may not be superfluous. Such destroyers can be bought, for example, from Well. However, as mentioned earlier in the recall of one of the users of such a device, in some situations, even in outdoor operation, this function may not be useful, so when choosing a moisture-proof model it is useful to weigh the pros and cons and in advance clearly show where and how the device will be placed.


"For a long time I wanted to buy an insect killer for the street, but all hands did not reach. And this year I was just eaten by mosquitoes. Even the cans did not help, there were so many of them. I bought a big such bandura, with a glutinous grill, so that I did not consume much electricity. I ordered it on the Internet. With this in mind, I bought it so that the butterflies would also fly into it from the kitchen garden. When I first pulled out the grill, I was horrified. On it insects all completely clothed. And among them, even the beetles were May! In general, this destroyer is very reliable. "

Hope, Uralsk

Часто уничтожители насекомых покупают для избавления от комаров в доме

For those who want to assemble an insect killer with their own hands, below is a detailed electrical diagram of such a device. When manufacturing the device in order to avoid dangerous situations it is important not to forget to organize the protection of the electric grill from children and animals.

Electrical scheme of insect killer:

Электрическая схема для сборки уничтожителя насекомых своими руками

If you decide to buy a ready-made device, then it will be useful to start to turn to the Internet and read reviews: there are a lot of companies producing such devices, and therefore it is easy to get confused in the store in the offered assortment.

To facilitate the task of choice, the most popular models of pest killers will be listed below, as well as customer reviews about them.

Hilton insect killers and reviews of their work

Manufacturer Hilton produces a fairly wide range of lamp insect killers at quite affordable prices. For example, the simplest model - Black Monster - can be bought for about 400 rubles. This destroyer is perfect for exterminating mosquitoes in a single small room.

Insect destroyer Hilton BN-30W can effectively serve already larger rooms (for example, restaurants, hospitals, offices), and also be used as a means for the street. The device is in the area of ​​1500 rubles.

Уничтожитель насекомых Hilton BN-30W

In addition, among the products of Hilton there are also special insect killers, designed for very large private houses and large apartments, and an interesting line of appliances for children's rooms in the form of a frog.

Также компания Hilton выпускает приборы в виде лягушки


"We also at one time indulged in all sorts of repellers and destroyers. The house was bought such a healthy lamp Hilton. The effect was, but we were not impressed. It seems that mosquitoes first bite us, and then fly to burn in the destroyer. In general, my advice to you is: hang good mosquito nets. "

Alla, Odessa

Clatronic shredder

German manufacturer Clatronic produces the only model of an insect killer - Clatronic 3340 IV. This device effectively destroys flying insects in a room up to 20 m², you can buy it for about 700 rubles.

Прибор для уничтожения летающих насекомых Clatronic 3340 IV


"We chose the device for a long time from mosquitoes for the house and stopped at Klatronike. He's cute, and inexpensive. It turned out that it was also effective. All summer mosquitoes were not in our bedroom, but from Clatronica they were constantly shaken out by hand. But I think that for the street he will be rather weak. "

Inna, Pskov

The destroyer Barguzin

Insect destroyer Barguzin is a worthy example of domestic-made instruments. The destroyers of this series effectively protect against numerous flying insects in rooms up to 300 m², which greatly expands the possible range of application of these devices.

Прибор для уничтожения насекомых Баргузин

To date, you can choose any of the 4 models Barguzin, but even the most "weak" device is designed for an impressive area of ​​120 m². This destroyer can also cope well with street use, for example, on the veranda of a cottage site.

The price of the device depends on the model - the larger the area of ​​application, the higher the price, respectively. The simplest destroyer of insects of this brand can be bought for about 3500-4000 rubles.

Device Energy: description and application

Insect destroyer Energy SWT 425e is a lantern with an anti-mosquito net. This device is most effective for home use, but thanks to its interesting design it can be used simply as a decorative element when decorating a courtyard in a private house.

Устройство для уничтожения насекомых Energy SWT 425e сделано в виде фонаря.

The Energy SWT 425e destroyer has a collector for collecting dead insects, weighs only 200 grams and consumes 1 W of electricity. The cost of the device fluctuates around 500 rubles.

Sakura Shredders

Trade mark SAKURA, which produces a variety of household appliances, has a whole line of devices for attracting and destroying flying insects. Among them there are both typical lamp destroyers and special devices with a fan sucking in close flies of mosquitoes and flies.

Уничтожитель насекомых Sakura

Some of the destroyers of Sakura insects look like ordinary lanterns, others are traps set on the floor. These destroyers are intended mainly for indoor use; the price ranges from 800 to 3500 rubles.


"I've been buying Sakura, the simplest white device with a light bulb. Mosquitoes in it were kind of caught, but they also bitten me. It seemed to me that just his power was not enough for the whole bedroom. Probably, it is worth for a large room to buy a more powerful destroyer. "

Alexander, Moscow

Velcro shredders: simplicity and efficiency

Along with modern lamp destroyers of insects, so-called destructive-stickers have enough wide application. It is very simple to use such sticky traps: it's enough just to install them on the ways of moving insects.

На фото показан пример липкой ловушки для летающих насекомых

Подвесные липкие ленты от насекомых

Modifications of these destroyers can be several (for example, in the form of a hollow tube or sticky sheet), but the principle of action for all of them is one - to glue an insect.

As an example of the action of a glutinous destroyer, one can cite the fight against bugs:

  1. First, make sure that the insects do not live in the bed itself, otherwise the trap will be powerless.
  2. Then you should put the legs of the bed itself in the center of the sheet with glue.

Preparatory procedures for this end, then the destroyer-Velcro will work independently: all the bugs that try to climb onto the bed, will inevitably have to first try to overcome the sticky part of the trap separating the legs of the bed from the floor. During this "attack" insects reliably adhere to the sticky sheet.

You can also use a special glue Alt (Alt) from bedbugs and cockroaches, or Kapkan glue.

Пример клеевой ловушки для клопов

Ловушка размещается под ножкой кровати

А утром вы собираете прилипших насекомых...

The undeniable advantages of sticky destroyers are their low price (the simplest trap can be bought for about 50-100 rubles), safety of use and wide availability. If you focus on people's feedback, then one of the most well-known means of this type is the Kapkan insect killer (although in general the glue traps of different manufacturers are approximately equally effective).

Ловушка-домик Капкан.

For reliable disposal of insects, it is also possible to buy sticky "houses" of unknown Chinese companies - practice shows that they will also successfully catch insects, as well as the means of well-known manufacturers.

Sticky tapes from flying insects can be used both separately and paired with lamp destroyers: if the lamps are particularly effective against night insects, then the tapes successfully destroy both day butterflies and flies. To use them is very simple - you just need to pull the tape out of the cassette and hang it in the center of the room.


"I do not buy any insect lamps. Once a week I hang a ribbon of flies in the center of the summer kitchen, and the next day it is all plastered with them. He hung the same just in the yard at the lantern, but it's a pity, too many butterflies stick to it. But my friend kills the moth in the warehouse. He keeps the dried fruits, but this muck spoils them. Here he hangs up the Velcro to prevent the butterflies from flying. "

Yuri, Zelenograd

Electric traps destroying cockroaches and ants

There is also another type of insect killers - electric floor "houses", which are used to exterminate mainly cockroaches and ants.

Электрическая напольная ловушка для тараканов и муравьев

Such traps require connection to the outlet, however, despite this feature and the floor arrangement, they are absolutely safe for humans and pets: to open the destroyer and get to the electrical element, we would have to completely disassemble the device. Incidentally, therefore, in many cases, similar electric traps "win" at glue houses, to which animals can stick with their paws or nose.

As for insects, they are drawn into an electric trap either by special bait or by an instinctive urge to hide in secluded places from prying eyes. When an insect gets inside the destroyer, it certainly touches the electrodes, resulting in a fatal electric shock.

Остается лишь периодически вытряхивать из ловушки мертвых насекомых

Buy destroyer of insects of this type can be very modest for such a device cost - from 200 rubles. The low price is due to the fact that such traps are mass produced in China by various small firms, but this does not prevent them from coping well with their task of destroying insects .


"After the repair, I chose for a long time than to finish the remaining cockroaches. Most of them I brought out yet while I changed the wallpaper, but then still there were single solitary cockroaches. Of course, I killed them with a newspaper, but I needed them to somehow be destroyed. I did not want to poison chemotherapy, because I have two children and British cats. I stopped at the houses with electric discharges. When, one week after installation, I opened one such house, it was something! From the dead cockroaches there was no visible bottom. I did not even think that I had so many left at home. "

Oksana, Kiev

As you see, it is not a problem to buy an insect killer today. Choosing among the numerous proposals, it is necessary, first of all, to focus on where exactly the application is planned: it can be intended for home or street use. It is also useful before buying to read reviews about the model you like on the Internet.

If you have a personal experience of using any insect killer, be sure to leave your feedback at the bottom of this page. Perhaps it will help someone to make the right choice.

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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    I also bought a destroyer specifically for the street - sititek garden-M. If the inside of the room from the bloodsuckers can still get rid of, then on the street full guard!

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    Garden - an excellent destroyer. I, too, have one.

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