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Поговорим об ультразвуковых отпугивателях, применяемых против насекомых и грызунов: действительно ли эти приборы эффективны и как о них отзываются те, кто уже успел испытать их в работе...

Ultrasonic insect repeller is quite an effective and convenient thing, but only on condition of proper operation. Such a device can really scare off a considerable percentage of certain insects, and in some cases even rodents (in the house and garden plots).

A classic example of the use of ultrasound against insects in domestic conditions is the repelling of mosquitoes. The efficiency of the instruments in this case is explained quite simply:

  • mosquitoes for communication use ultrasound, which produce their wings - a subtle sound of a certain frequency, they warn their relatives about the danger.
  • Ultrasound is also used by active mosquito hunters - bats: with its help, winged predators navigate in space and discover prey. It is not surprising that when mosquitoes catch a characteristic squeak, they instinctively try to leave a dangerous place. Accordingly, ultrasonic insect repeller, simulating similar sounds, will effectively repel mosquitoes.

Ультразвук действительно способен отпугнуть комаров, так как эти насекомые используют его для коммуникации.

As for the synanthropic insects (cockroaches, bedbugs, house ants, etc.), they do not use ultrasound for communication, which means that a conventional ultrasonic scarifier of low power (that is, household) will be ineffective against them , as evidenced by numerous reviews of frustrated buyers.

А вот тараканы к ультразвуку слабой мощности безразличны вообще.

Ультразвуковые отпугиватели неэффективны будут и против постельных клопов.

Generally speaking, very high power ultrasound is quite capable of scare off insect pests - for example, industrial ultrasonic scarers of rodents and insects, used mainly in warehouses and open territories, work on this principle. However, ultrasound of such a force is harmful to humans, especially with constant or regular exposure, and therefore in domestic conditions powerful electronic insect repellers are not used - so in the bedroom at night they definitely should not be tried.

It is amazing to see ads in which small ultrasonic devices with a size a little more than a matchbox are positioned almost like a panacea for any unwanted animals in the house: from cockroaches, spiders, bedbugs, flies and other insects. And the consumer, tired of the inconclusive struggle with annoying pests and parasites, so want to believe that it is enough to plug into a rosette a neat little box, and it will save problems forever ...

Вы действительно верите, что такая вот маленькая коробочка способна избавить вас от всех вредных насекомых в доме?..


"Our department received an order a year ago for testing and testing the models of ultrasonic insect repellers available on the market. I will not name the customer, so that I will not be accused of advertising, I will only say that this is a large trading network that is ready to spend serious money to check equipment and really effective protection of warehouses.

We bought 17 models of scarers, including those that are sold only abroad with delivery to Russia. The experimental stand looked like this: in the center of the room was a cage with rats and containers with insects, an equal distance from which turned on one device and worked several hours. During this time, laboratory assistants recorded all deviations in the behavior of animals and insects from normal. Our task was to find such a device that would cause the strongest anxiety of the experimental subjects.

As a result, it was found out that out of 17 models of ultrasonic rodent and insect repellers, at least some behavior of cockroaches, flour grinders and rats was influenced by the work of only three devices that are not used for domestic purposes. Two of these devices are not sold in Russia, one - of Russian production. All these facilities can not be included in the bedrooms and in the rest areas of people. And besides, there is no absolute guarantee that insects and rats will try to leave the scene of the sound, after all, hunger is not an aunt, and they can endure discomfort. "

Oleg Vladimirovich, Moscow

All variety of electronic repellers

Despite the general principle of operation, all ultrasound products from insects and rodents can be divided into several groups, depending on their capacity, scope and design features.

На картинке показано несколько различных моделей ультразвуковых отпугивателей насекомых и грызунов.

Thus, some of the most powerful electric scarers are designed to repel birds and rodents in orchards (including not only mice and rats, but also moles). Such devices include, for example, a professional ultrasonic repeller for the street Bird-X TX-Pro, device LS-2001, repeller KG321, electronic cat and some others. They can not be used in the premises in which people are located, however, unfortunately, not everyone is paying attention to this (see the review below).

Ультразвуковой отпугиватель Bird-X Transonic Pro


"We want to thank the manufacturer for the Electronic Cote facility. Although we do not know how effective this repeller is against rodents, but this device protects mosquitoes perfectly. We did not see any insects in the house this summer, despite the fact that windows were constantly kept open and mosquito nets were not hung. Since we do not hear this ultrasound, we left the device to work in the bedroom for the whole night and nothing hindered us. "

Inna, Kiev

For use in shops, garages, warehouses and grain storage facilities, a whole range of industrial electronic products from insects and rodents is produced. These include, for example, XL-200, UZU-03, Typhoon, etc.

Достаточно мощный ультразвуковой отпугиватель грызунов УЗУ-03

A very large group of ultrasonic devices are mosquito repellers for apartments. The assortment of similar devices in conventional and online stores is quite wide, although the effectiveness of scarers and their appearance are approximately similar.

Typically, these are small devices with a plug for insertion into the socket, producing ultrasound inaudible to the human ear. Against insects such as cockroaches and bedbugs, as practice shows, they are of little use, despite the assurances of sellers. As a repeller of mice, rats and other rodents, they also do not work because of insufficient capacity.

Examples of this group include Riddex, AR140, SmartSensor, Ecosniper, Zenet and many others like them.

А вот отпугиватель SmartSensor, позиционируемый как универсальный от самых разных видов насекомых.


"We bought the Riddex insect repeller in the hope that it would help us get rid of the cockroaches. As a result, after two weeks of continuous work in the kitchen, no effect from it was noticeable. Cockroaches did not become less, at night they as boldly crawled under his squeak, as well as without him. Already in autumn they bought an electric fumigator from insects in the apartment and only after his work the cockroaches began to die. Conclusion: these pests need to be destroyed, not scared off. "

Tatyana, Kolomna

And finally, for even more convenience of consumers, small ultrasonic scarers are produced in the form of key rings, watches or bracelets that are worn on the wrist or cling to the belt, and when turned on, mosquitoes are repelled from a person on the street. It is worth noting that on fishing or in taiga conditions they are unlikely to scare away thousands of mosquitoes or gnats.

Ультразвуковой отпугиватель комаров в виде брелка

Еще один миниатюрный прибор в форме брелка


"I decided in the middle of summer to buy myself an ultrasonic insect repeller for fishing trips, because mosquitoes gnaw very hard, and walking constantly in clothes and a mask from bees is inconvenient. I ordered two key chains via the Internet, which you need to hang on your belt. At first they experienced just at the dacha, they worked well. But they did not manage on the river. Painfully mosquitoes are evil here, they do not pay attention to these scarers. On the meter, there are two modes of operation, one more powerful. So, no one acts on mosquitoes on the river. Therefore, you can buy such an insect repeller only for a house, and it's better to take a can with DETA for fishing. "

Alexander, Kherson

Universal insect and rodent scares

Separate conversation deserve ultrasonic scarers, positioned "from everything and everything": from all rodents and insects. Enterprising sellers do not spare any money to advertise such devices, but in fact - after acquiring and carrying out "tests" - it turns out that scarers with their task can not cope, and money was simply thrown to the wind.

Некоторые производители отпугивателей заявляют, что их приборы эффективно отпугивают любых насекомых и грызунов.


"We bought a repeller of mice and insects Pest Regrett in order to get rid of the rats in the basement. I'm terribly afraid of them, and my husband was on a voyage. The appliance does not work. More precisely, it works, but there's no sense from it. Rats both lived and live, although the device works around the clock. When my husband returned, I just put a rat head and in a week we caught 4 rats. After that, I had to repair, repair holes and clean up, but in the basement it's clean now. "

Olga, Ryazan

When choosing an ultrasonic electric repeller for mice and insects, it should be remembered that the more powerful the device, the more dangerous it can be for a person. Powerful professional scarers like LS-2001 can not be used in living quarters because of their negative impact on the psyche and nervous system of a person.

Мощный ультразвуковой отпугиватель LS-2001 - предназначен, прежде всего, для отпугивания птиц.

If ultrasonic electronic rodent and insect repellers are positioned as household and at the same time supposedly absolutely safe for home use, this leads to speculation: either the seller keeps silent about the harmful effects of ultrasound (if the device is powerful), or the device is in fact not effective. Judging by the feedback of consumers, such devices are often not able to scare away not only cockroaches , but even mosquitoes, not to mention more "serious" pests - rodents.

На практике некоторые приборы универсального назначения оказываются неспособны отпугнуть даже комаров...

As an example, we can cite the widely advertised ultrasonic repeller of rodents and insects Riddex - a device that in fact does not really help from mice and rats.

If you still decide to buy a powerful ultrasonic repeller (for example, for use in some non-residential premises or outdoors in the garden and garden), then remember that such a device will be expensive enough, and you need to look for it in major reliable stores. If the device is suspiciously cheap, then the sound issued by it for repelling insects is unlikely to be terrible for rodents.

Как правило, те приборы, которые действительно эффективно отпугивают грызунов, стоят достаточно дорого и имеют повышенную мощность.

Mosquito repeller

Ultrasonic insect repellers in the form of key chains are produced mostly in China, and their cost in the market is about 150 rubles. To deter an insect, the key chain starts right after switching on.

Маломощный отпугиватель комаров в форме брелка

There is such a miniature ultrasonic repeller in two modes:

  • The first is a squeak, simulating the sound of danger, published by mosquitoes;
  • the second - a soft crack, similar to the sounds released by bats (this is the most effective mode).

The undoubted advantages of the ultrasonic keychain is that, firstly, it is very compact, and secondly, it can work continuously from a regular battery for about a week.


"I bought for the sake of interest such an ultrasonic key chain and bracelet on hand. The effect of them is incomprehensible. In the house mosquitoes do not seem to touch, although if I go out into the street, they immediately start to bite. The electronic repeller-bracelet was exhausted in two weeks, the same keychain worked after that - I included it in the afternoon and in the morning. "

Galina Ivanovna, Lipetsk

Repeller Riddex and reviews about it

Riddex - one of the most publicized to date ultrasonic repellents of insects and rodents. It is a compact device that plugs into a socket and allows mosquitoes to be repelled from a room of up to 200 m².

Ультразвуковой отпугиватель насекомых Riddex

Sellers insist that the device is equally effective against any insects and rodents, but having tested the repeller in the case, many buyers for some reason are convinced of the opposite.


"Ordered Riddex for 430 rubles, zero effect, cockroaches on it just creep. In the end, they had to be removed by Dichlorfos and poisoned gel. "

Sergey, Moscow

KG321: the universal soldier?

KG321 is one of the semiprofessional ultrasonic repellers, focused on use in warehouses, in industrial premises and basements. This device can really be called universal in terms of use, since the device allows you to adjust the frequency of ultrasound and its power. Thanks to this function, the repeller can be used in the house - to fight mosquitoes, and in warehouses - to remove pests of grain and groceries.

Достаточно мощная модель ультразвукового отпугивателя - KG321

The price of this ultrasonic repeller is about 2500 rubles.

Bird-X Transonic Pro: Scare away on an industrial scale

Bird-X Transonic Pro repeller is designed to repel birds, insects and rodents in gardens, in vegetable gardens and in open storage of grain. This ultrasonic device works in five modes, each of which is focused on those or other pests. As mentioned above, it can not be used inside living quarters, and also where its ultrasound can last for a long time directly on a person.

Отпугиватель птиц, насекомых и грызунов Bird-X Transonic Pro

The price of the Bird-X Transonic Pro is about 8000 rubles.

Starting to use any ultrasonic repeller of insects, you must, first of all, carefully study the rules of its operation. Some devices, for example, can not be switched on indoors at a time when people are present. Other devices should work strictly on the streets, and only individual scarers do not have such restrictions in use.

Remember: ultrasound, even if we do not hear it, still affects our body, and depending on the strength and duration of exposure, it can cause headaches and nervous disorders.

Даже будучи неслышим, ультразвук воздействует на органы слуха человека, и при высокой мощности способен вызывать головную боль.

It is for this reason that it is not recommended to collect ultrasonic insect repellers with your own hands. Without special knowledge and experiments it is difficult to guess, the sound of what frequency and power will remain safe for the person. Considering the variety of offers on the market (and not only in the domestic market), it is much easier to buy a ready-made device from a reliable company and use it for your own pleasure.

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

To record "On ultrasonic repellents of insects and rodents" left 7 comments.
  1. Oleg :

    We have a home repeller in our house. I suspected that you can not install a powerful device in residential areas, so I scare off mice and rats, either in the attic or in the garage. Sometimes I just install on the garden plot, it's good that the device can work on battery or batteries.

  2. Victor :

    Acquired repeller Riddex for 1450. It took 2 months, cockroaches only increased. Tuft.

  3. Sergey :

    Complete nonsense. I bought this miracle device with the name RIDDEX. He worked for 10 days, the mice ran and ran, but this is not the worst thing. Fortunately, I did not sleep and was near the house, I heard a clap, as if from a cracker, I went in to see what had happened, and about the miracle - the whole house was in smoke, and this miracle was burning in the socket, machinery and furniture were damaged. So if you value life and your property, do not buy this nonsense.

  4. Boris :

    I in fact initially understood, that panacea at once from several representatives of fauna can not be. And I protect my crop with a powerful ultrasonic rodent repeller. It's good that at least there is no mice in the apartment.

  5. Borisych :

    It did not work for insects and animals and will not work. There is such a science, physiology is called. So that. Kind people! On lice incompetence are made such a butterfly, that you never dreamed of! No offense.

  6. Uncle Vasya :

    I bought two. The keychain is normal, I hung it on the keys and forgot it, the second one hangs on the stroller, so as not to forget to attach it, mosquitoes and midges drive away, costs 83 rubles.

  7. Anton :

    I'm afraid to install such devices in the apartment, but for the garden I took an ultrasonic repeller sititek pegasus. It is installed far enough from home, so, I hope, there are no negative effects on people. But the birds fly around the garden side, not a single bitten berry for the season.

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