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Insecticides for insects in the home: a review of drugs

Выбрать подходящее средство от насекомых в доме, на даче или квартире - не всегда легкая задача, поэтому давайте рассмотрим этот вопрос подробнее...

As practice shows, the choice of an effective remedy for insects in a house or apartment is a difficult task for an unprepared person. In this case, the fighter with insects can not count so, often believing that it is enough to buy "some ballonchik" or chalk - and the insects will die out extensively, and the survivors will flee to their neighbors.

Инсектицидный мелок, конечно, иногда помогает избавиться от некоторых насекомых, однако это средство далеко не всегда оказывается эффективным и достаточным.

Often when choosing a remedy, it is not taken into account that different insects can react differently (or not react at all) to one or another insecticide. Sometimes in the pursuit of "killer poisons" one can forget the simple truth that certain substances are quite complex in independent unprofessional application, and instead of the poison effect on insects, they can easily lead to poisoning of the person himself (and such cases, unfortunately, are not so rare and far from always end safely).

On a note

Many means of insects are divided into household and professional. The first with strict adherence to instructions can be used by unprepared people at home, while the latter are officially allowed only to be used by trained workers of special disinfestation services.

Today, sometimes, some people try to buy powerful insecticides for professional use through the Internet, in disinfestation services and even in SES (through the use of links), being not always sufficiently informed not only about their potential danger to health, but also about how in general with them correctly to address.

Мощные инсектициды, используемые профессионалами, могут оказаться смертельно опасными в руках любителя.

To date, the most effective and best proven itself is chemical insecticide, called insecticide. They are widely used both for the destruction of domestic insects , and harmful insects on agricultural lands and industrial warehouses.

In general, the means for destroying insects can be divided into the following groups:

  1. Aerosol products - for example, adapted for home use aerosols Raptor, Raid, Combat, Dichlorvos (different brands), Clean House, Armol, etc. Often the composition of such preparations besides insecticides also includes flavors. It should be borne in mind that although the canisters can be written "Against bedbugs", "Against cockroaches", "From moths", etc., but in fact many such funds are created on the basis of the same insecticides. Thus, manufacturers simply expand the product line, targeting it to narrower segments, which increases sales. And some manufacturers rightly point out that the drug is universal, destroying a variety of insects. Аэрозольное средство от насекомых Чистый Дом.
  2. Concentrates of insecticides for dilution and subsequent spraying from spray guns: for example, Lambda Zone, Delta Zone, Get, Xulat Micro and others. These drugs can be classified as one of the most effective insect repellent because they contain modern powerful insecticides and use the so-called microencapsulation technology (microscopic capsules with poison that can actively adhere to the chitinous cover of insects remain on the treated surface solution, leading to rapid poisoning). Some of these drugs are used not only in everyday life, but also professional disinsection services for the destruction of any domestic insects. Микрокапсулированные средства от насекомых Get, Дельта Зона и Лямбда Зона.
  3. Insecticidal gels - they are used primarily as a means of creeping insects (mainly from cockroaches and house ants). But against blood-sucking parasites of man, for example, against bedbugs and fleas, such gels will not give a result. In general, gel-like agents do not act quickly, that is, with their help, it will not be possible to destroy insects in the house for 1 day. However, the use of such drugs can slowly but surely reduce the number of pests to zero without the use of aerosols and sprays, which is especially important for people prone to allergic reactions. Средства от насекомых в виде инсектицидных гелей обычно достаточно эффективны против тараканов и муравьев.
  4. Powders (so-called dusts) are also quite effective means of insects, especially applicable in summer cottages or in non-residential premises. However, in apartments their use is not very convenient: powders are dusty, dirty, carried around the house. In addition, dust from insects give a less rapid result than the use of aerosols and sprays. Использовать дусты (порошки) для уничтожения насекомых в квартире не всегда удобно - они мараются и пылят.
  5. Fumigators - mostly means of flying insects. For example, from mosquitoes. However, not everyone knows that fumigators are very effective against moths, as well as from its larvae, if you include such a device in a closed cabinet (using an electric extension). In addition, the fumigation of a closed room with a previously glued vent grill can sometimes destroy all house ants in the room. When used correctly, fumigators are about as effective as aerosols, but are less labor intensive. But not everyone is ready to breathe "chemistry", evaporated by such devices. Фумигаторы являются эффективным средством не только от комаров, но и от моли, однако не все готовы дышать химией в квартире.
  6. Traps for insects (otherwise - insect killers), allowing, depending on the design, to destroy virtually any insect, but usually not giving a quick result. Among them there are also means from creeping insects - for example, glutinous and electroshock traps for cockroaches, and from flying - for example, lamp destroyers. Пример клеевой ловушки для таракановЛамповый уничтожитель весьма эффективен против летающих насекомых.
  7. And, finally, folk remedies for insects. It should be borne in mind that many folk remedies are not used for direct destruction of insects, but only for scaring away, which is often ineffective. Народные средства для борьбы с насекомыми зачастую оказывают лишь слабый эффект, и в деле уничтожения вредителей и паразитов помогают далеко не всегда.

So, before you buy an insect repellent, you must first choose it right. Otherwise, even a very powerful drug may be useless and even dangerous in a particular situation.


"We have no place to buy insect repellent on our farm. All the cockroaches and cockles in the old fashioned vinegar and tansy, and all are useless. Only visibility is created. Therefore, when we once again went to the city, bought Carbophos, and a lot, a whole canister. It works well, although it smells disgusting. We were told that this tool can only be used in a dacha or a vegetable garden, but we have also poisoned the whole house, sheds, chicken coop, and summer kitchen. The husband even waxed a doghouse booth from within. And now we no longer have cockroaches, there are no bedbugs in the hen-house, and fleas pass by the side of the dog. "

Tamara Grigorievna, Samara Region

Rules for choosing insect repellent in the house

When choosing a means for fighting insects, it is first necessary to select a drug taking into account the specific features of the biology of pests or parasites that are planned to be destroyed. In addition, it is also useful to consider the following parameters of the tool, which are often not paid when buying any attention:

  • Safety for human health;
  • The presence of an unpleasant odor (there are cases where soft furniture for months kept the medical smell of the insecticide applied, and as a result, it simply had to be thrown away);
  • Ease of use;
  • Speed ​​(if you are willing to wait a couple of weeks - some drugs may come up, and if you need to kill insects per day, then it will be quite different means and methods).

Если от насекомых в доме нужно избавиться быстро, то следует изначально покупать быстродействующие препараты.

Here are some examples:

  • Bugs usually use sprays and aerosols, very rarely insecticide crayons, powders and glue traps. It is important that the insecticides used have a contact action (that is, they would be poisoned by contact with the insect's chitinous covers). But gels from bedbugs will not give a result, because parasites feed on only the blood of a person, and simply will not eat the gel, as cockroaches and ants do. All kinds of ultrasonic bug repellent are absolutely useless, since these insects do not use ultrasound for communication (unlike, for example, from mosquitoes). Средства, эффективные против тараканов, могут оказаться бесполезными против постельных клопов...
  • From cockroaches and ants can be used a variety of means, including aerosols, sprays, gels, crayons, powders, electric and glue traps. These insects eat almost everything, so that they will be effective against insecticides, not only contact action, but also intestinal. As for ultrasonic and magnetic resonance repellents of cockroaches - it's completely useless toys invented by clever sellers for those people who just want to buy a device, plug it into a socket - and that cockroaches scatter from the apartment all-in-one. In practice, the cockroaches feel comfortable, even crawling on such devices. Ультразвуковые отпугиватели в борьбе с тараканами, клопами и домашними муравьями вам ничем не помогут.
  • The moth is best etched with aerosol products (in a closet with things you can also include a conventional electrofumigator from insects - in this case the larvae and butterflies present here will also die). With food moths it is more difficult to fight, because you can not spray insecticides on food products. In this case, you have to sort out the stocks of groceries, dried fruits, etc. Бороться с пищевой молью в доме обычно сложнее, чем с платяной.
  • Fleas in the apartment - perhaps, one of the most hard-to-extract insects (along with bugs). And all because in addition to the jumping adults themselves at the corners of the apartment, behind the skirting boards, under the litter of domestic animals and in other secluded places, vermicular flea larvae and eggs can vomit (that fleas have unsightly larvae, many people do not even guess ). In addition, fleas can hide in the wool of pets. Sprays and aerosol preparations work well against adults, and powders can also come up against the larvae. It is important to understand that conventional household insecticides used for the destruction of domestic insects are not suitable for animal handling. To remove fleas from cats and dogs, specialized drugs are sold in pharmacies - these can be sprays from fleas, drops on the withers, anti-flea collars, powders (powders from fleas) and even tablets. Одним из популярных средств для борьбы с домашними блохами являются инсектицидные ошейники (иногда их также называют инсектоакарицидными).

Today you can buy insect repellent not only in household chemistry stores or household goods, but also via the Internet. When buying, be sure to take into account the area of ​​the room and read the appropriate instructions for the correct use of the drug - in order, for example, not to use the Crayon Mashenka from cockroaches as shown in the photo below:

Иногда средства от насекомых могут применяться некорректно - особенно если не читать инструкцию.

Below we will consider some quite powerful insecticidal insecticides that, if used correctly, will help quickly get rid of parasites and pests in the house.

Get away from insects in the apartment: how it works and how effective it is

Get is a modern and very popular insecticide today, using microencapsulation technology based on organophosphorus insecticide chlorpyrifos. The drug is almost odorless, has a contact and intestinal effect and is quite effective against cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, ants, and many other pests and parasites.

Современное микрокапсулированное средство от насекомых Гет

To use, Get is diluted with water in the concentration indicated in the instruction and sprayed in the house in places where the insects can accumulate and move. It has a prolonged action and a barrier effect: that is, it is possible to process, for example, ventilation passages along the perimeter, and insects creeping from neighbors and crossing the treated area will almost inevitably die after some time.

Поверхности, обработанные средством Get, сохраняют свое воздействие на насекомых долгое время.

Today you can buy a remedy for insects Get for about 800 rubles. for a bottle of 100 ml - this amount is enough to handle about 100 square meters. meters of area.


"... Grant grandma's apartment from bedbugs and cockroaches three times. The first time I wanted to do with small blood and smeared everything with pencils. The cockroaches became smaller, but the bedbugs do not react to these pencils at all, even though we spread the bed everywhere. Then they bought Dichlofos Eco, such a modern version of Dichlorvos. Cockroaches led almost everyone, but the bugs survived. Even after re-processing the apartment, they continued to crawl and nibble us. Then they ordered two bottles of Geta from Ekaterinburg. One bottle was enough to bring out all that was moving in the house. The second bottle was left in reserve. "

Irina, Tula

Tetrix and its features

Having learned about the high efficiency of Tetrix, today many people try to buy it by any means, forgetting that this drug is not oriented to household use, but is used only by the services of pest control.

Средство для уничтожения насекомых Тетрикс

Produced in Holland, supplied in cans of two liters (sell specialized companies that supply wholesale insect repellents). Although today the market began to appear also plastic, aluminum and glass jars with a capacity of 1 liter. The drug is expensive, one liter of it is enough to handle several apartments, and therefore if you really use it yourself, then perhaps together with neighbors on the landing.

Tetriex в литровой емкости

Insect liquid Tetrix has a very strong unpleasant odor. Treatment should be carried out with open windows, always in a respirator and safety glasses. The remedy is very effective, and destroys all insects in the house, regardless of their species.

However, an ordinary person to buy Tetrix is ​​still difficult, it is expensive and quite problematic in the application - the poisoning of this remedy against insects for improper use is very likely.

Clean house from insects

Insect repellent The clean house is a typical aerosol for household use. Sufficiently effective against cockroaches, ants, lice, moths, can help bring bugs out if they are not too much indoors. The product has an unpleasant strong odor; Supplied with a special tube, with which you can handle narrow slits and holes.

Трубкой, которая имеется на баллончике с аэрозолем Чистый Дом, можно обрабатывать узкие щели и прочие труднодоступные места.

An aerosol canister is clean. A house with 150 ml costs about 100 rubles. To process a one-room flat in an average area, it will take at least three cylinders.

In addition to aerosol, the means of the brand "Clean House" are also produced in the form of powder and gel from cockroaches and ants. In the kitchen, these insect preparations will be effective, but it's better not to use them as a means of blood-sucking insects.

Combatant: price, efficiency and application features

Combat - an aerosol product from insects of Korean origin, produced with a pleasant smell of lemon or mint. Effective against cockroaches, ants and moths, it can help to remove bedbugs and fleas, is simple enough to use and inexpensive.

In the line of funds there is also a Combat Multispray preparation - an aerosol from any insects (about 200 rubles per 400 ml bottle), Combat Superspray against creeping insects (250 rubles per 500 ml), traps for cockroaches colored under a laminate (about 100 rubles for 6 traps) and gel (50 rubles for 30 grams). Traps are positioned only against cockroaches, and the gel - against cockroaches and ants.

Аэрозоль Комбат Мультиспрей

Комбат Суперспрей ориентирован на уничтожение ползающих насекомых.

In general, the means of insects Combat - the golden mean for price and efficiency. In simple cases, with a small infection of the room with insects, these preparations can sufficiently reliably destroy all parasites and pests in the house.

Executioner and its effectiveness

The executioner is a remedy for insects with a wide spectrum of action. With proper treatment of the premise allows you to destroy any arthropods. Produced according to German technology (was developed to combat bugs), is sold in small vials, the contents of each of which for use diluted in 0.5 liters of water.

Инсектицидное средство Палач обычно используют для борьбы с домашними клопами, однако оно вполне эффективно и в борьбе с другими вредителями и паразитами.

To remove insects from a one-room apartment requires 20-25 bottles, which makes the Executioner one of the most expensive tools on the market (the price of a bottle is 70 rubles). The drug is easy to buy on the official website.

Raptor from insects

Means from insects Raptor, like the Combat, is a fairly large collection of drugs in different forms of release and from different insects. Perhaps the best known means of Raptor from creeping insects, with which the mistresses successfully remove cockroaches and ants.

Раптор от ползающих насекомых.

There are several means of Moth Raptor - sections and aerosol - which in this niche are considered to be among the most effective and affordable. Traps and gel Raptor - additional means to enhance the effect of aerosols, but they can also be used for self-control of insects with a small number of them in the house.

Гель от тараканов и муравьев Раптор хорошо помогает при относительно небольшом количестве насекомых в квартире.

Any hardware store for insecticides sells several Raptor preparations, which makes them one of the most popular in households.

Collection of Mosquitall tools: sections, fumigators and sprays

Among Mosquitall preparations it is easy to find a reliable remedy for flying insects: in the collection of the manufacturer there are sections from moths with the smell of lavender, fumigators from mosquitoes, means of protecting the skin from bites and cream to combat the effects of insect bites.

Средства от насекомых Mosquitall представлены на рынке в довольно широком ассортименте...

The house most often uses funds from domestic insects: sections and fumigators. The first hang out in cabinets with things to prevent infection with a moth, and the second - plug into a socket before going to bed.

Секции от моли Mosquitall

Фумигатор Mosquitall

Means against moths from Mosquitall are represented on the market with the following drugs:

  • Section with the smell of lavender and odorless. Serves to repel moth butterflies.
  • Dry perfume with the smell of lavender. They are also repellents.
  • Sprays and aerosols for processing clothes and destroying larvae of moths.

In general, Mosquitall's home insect remedies are inexpensive, but they are designed specifically to fight mosquitoes and moths. With the help of bugs or ants, in most cases it will not work.

Gel Globol from house pests

Gel Globol - German means for the destruction of cockroaches and ants. It attracts pests with its odor: insects feed on it, and then perish for several hours.

Гель Глобол для уничтожения тараканов и муравьев (качественное немецкое средство).

Ants readily place drops of gel in an anthill, where this poison from insects destroys the larva and the uterus. In one drop of Globol gel contains the amount of insecticide sufficient to kill 500 cockroaches. However, against the bugs and fleas, the gel, of course, absolutely does not work - it simply does not attract them as a source of food.

Unfortunately, in 2014-2015. deliveries of gel to Russia have stopped, and now to find the original drug on the market is very, very problematic.

Clovoron and its effectiveness against bedbugs

Clovoron is a unique Soviet military development, which is still considered one of the most powerful means against bedbugs. The secret of its effectiveness lies in the fact that instead of chemicals for controlling insects Clovoron contains "protein species-specific toxins and animal cells" to which bugs can not develop resistance.

Одним из самых мощных средств против клопов является Клоповерон.

On a note

In general, this information, describing the tool, seems rather doubtful. Most likely, the composition is still based on some chemical insecticide, and not necessarily unique.

In addition, the product is sold in very small quantities, which also excludes the possibility of its mass application and the adaptation of parasites.

In an open sale, you can not buy Cloveron, but as a rule, having learned the price of the drug, many buyers prefer to use more affordable and less expensive means. Today, Clovorone is sold in the US as Bed Bugs Killer Pro and costs about 3,000 rubles for 250 grams of powder. The drug requires dilution in water and treatment of surfaces on which insects move.

Only among foreign sites can you find an insect poison shop that works with the manufacturer and order the delivery of the drug to Russia. In practice, it turns out that it is cheaper and easier to destroy bedbugs by calling a team of pest controlists.

Carbophos: Severely and inexpensively

Carbophos is a typical obsolete "chemistry" from insects (organophosphorus). Has a persistent unpleasant odor, is used both indoors and in gardens and gardens, is sold in the form of powder and liquid concentrate for breeding. Sufficiently safe for humans and universal in the fight against different insects.

Карбофос в виде порошка для разведения - в целом является устаревшим средством, хотя и достаточно эффективным.

Карбофос в жидком виде (так называемый концентрат эмульсии).

On a note

Recently, populations of cockroaches and bedbugs resistant to Carbophus have been found. But in general, in most cases, the remedy allows more or less successfully to kill insects, especially if the owners of the apartment are ready to endure a persistent unpleasant odor for weeks.

However, even if none of the above funds can not be bought, you can try to poison insects with those drugs that are available in your city specifically - good, such drugs are often created, usually based on the same insecticides. You can choose the most effective option if:

  1. Use the recommendations of friends who have recently helped with insect remedies (forget about stories of grandmothers about dust, wormwood, tar, vinegar and kerosene - times change).
  2. To be guided by means containing Permethrin, Cypermethrin, Fenthion, Piperonyl Butoxide, Chlorpyrifos, Malathion and their derivatives. If the composition is not specified at all, then it is better to refrain from buying the drug. If you need to destroy a small number of cockroaches, lice or ants, you can try to apply boric acid or borax (mixed with egg yolk). These are relatively safe, effective and inexpensive insecticides, requiring, perhaps, additional efforts when working with them.
  3. Acquire means of direct action. If you need to bring out bedbugs - buy drugs better from bedbugs, from moths - you need to take funds against moles. But a certain "Universal remedy for insects and rodents" may be generally ineffective in your case.

And the main thing is not to forget: the effectiveness of the tool is much more than half, depends on the correctness of its use. Therefore, strictly follow the instructions and poison the insects successfully. Good luck!

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Nikolay :

    Impressive amount of drugs from insects! But there are also not chemical agents. I was not lucky, as both my apartment and a country house were close to the ponds. Therefore, the fight against mosquitoes has always strained me. Long consulted with specialists and acquaintances, and, finally, decided. In the country house and on the site, I first destroy the larvae of mosquitoes with bacterial biolarvicides. But for the destruction of adult individuals have to fight by chemical means. But the amount of chemistry used is already minimal.

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