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Overview of effective traps for flying and creeping insects

Выясняем, какие бывают типы ловушек для насекомых и в каких случаях их применение действительно дает хороший результат...

It should be borne in mind that, depending on the conditions of use and the type chosen, one or another insect trap can show both very high efficiency (it will regularly eliminate insects in hundreds), and it can be absolutely useless. And interestingly, much here depends not only on the design of the trap itself and its quality, but also on the person who is trying to use it.

The fact is that each type of trap is focused on fighting a strictly defined group of insects and takes into account their biological characteristics : for example, cockroaches attract certain attractant substances, many flying insects attract the ultraviolet light of lamps, bed bugs attract locally increased concentration of carbon dioxide, and hornets and will smell the smell of sweet and fermented fruit.

Accordingly, if a person, exhausted, for example, by bed bugs, will try to catch them with hooks for cockroaches with poisoned bait - such an undertaking will initially be doomed to failure. Similarly, it is pointless to catch cockroaches or ants with electric ultraviolet traps designed to catch flies, mosquitoes and night moths.

На фото показан пример клеевой ловушки для тараканов

Next, we'll look at how to choose and buy a good insect trap, which will really work reliably and effectively for your situation.

Types of traps for insects

Virtually all insect traps can be divided into the following several types:

  1. Electric traps for flying insects - these vehicles attract mosquitoes, midges and butterflies with the light of a special lamp (usually a soft ultraviolet) and then destroy the victim with an electric discharge when approaching the metal grid in front of the lamp. Such devices are also popularly known as electroshock destroyers of flying insects ; Электрическая ловушка-лампа для летающих насекомых, предназначенная для использования в быту.А этот уничтожитель летающих насекомых можно использовать в промышленных помещениях.
  2. Electric traps for creeping insects - destroy creeping into the structure, for example, cockroaches and ants, by electric discharge; Пример электрической ловушки для ползающих насекомых - прежде всего, тараканов и домашних муравьев.
  3. Adhesive traps, which can be used both against creeping, and against flying insects. On the glutinous surface, flying creatures can be attracted by the light of lamps or chemical substance; Клеевые ловушки разных конструкций могут применяться не только против ползающих насекомых, но и против летающих тоже.
  4. Traps with poisoned baits - generally speaking, such constructions can only be considered as traps, since they do not catch insects, but only attract and poison. However, in stores they can be bought under the name of traps for cockroaches (and ants); Ловушки для тараканов Раптор
  5. And, finally, the traps for, so to speak, the mechanical collection of insects - their main difference lies in the fact that they do not destroy the insects trapped in them. At least not immediately. Their task is to collect pests, which are then individually destroyed by the person himself. Of these traps, due to the peculiarities of their design, insects simply can not escape. Below we will look in more detail examples of such devices. Пример механической ловушки для ос, сделанной из пластиковой бутылки.

As already noted above, traps of each type work well only against a certain number of insects and under certain conditions.

For example:

  1. Cockroaches, bedbugs and house ants are convenient to catch in small apartments with glue traps, located in places of congestion and movement of insects. Slightly more difficult is the situation with bugs - if they live in a bed mattress, then the traps here will not help, and the tenants will still not be able to sleep properly in such a bed because of permanent bites. However, bedbugs often live near the bed (on walls, behind wallpaper, behind skirting boards, in the cracks of the bedside table) - in that case it is enough to put the legs of the bed in the center of the glue trap, and then on the way of bedbugs to the food source (sleeping person) there will be an insurmountable block;
  2. Daytime flying insects are easiest to catch with sticky tapes suspended from the ceiling of the room;
  3. Night insects can easily be caught by light traps (electric traps). The same devices can work well in the daytime, including against flies and mosquitoes, although slightly less efficiently. Often, such exterminators of flying insects can now be found hanging from the ceiling above the fruit and meat showcases in supermarkets;
  4. Mokrits, hornets, wasps, cockroaches and pharaoh ants can be caught with the help of "traps" with poisoned baits.

On a note

A classic example of the poisoning "trap" used against cockroaches is balls from egg yolk and boric acid . Few people know that the poisonous effectiveness of such baits can be significantly increased if instead of boric acid mix with yolk insecticide preparations - for example, Delta Zone, Xulat Micro or Get.

Шарики из яичного желтка и борной кислоты сложно назвать ловушкой, так как они не ловят тараканов, а просто отравляют их.

Высокоэффективные инсектицидные препараты Get, Дельта Зона и Лямбда Зона.

Any trap for insects, including electronic, can now be manufactured with their own hands - the benefit of appropriate schemes and descriptions on the Internet is plentiful. It should be borne in mind that the simpler the operation of such a tool, the more effective and reliable it works.

Lamp traps for flying insects

Almost all electric traps for flying insects - butterflies, mosquitoes, flies, moths - are based on attracting pests and parasites with the light of a special lamp and destroying the victim when it hits the electrodes located near the light source. The voltage on the metal grid is usually 500-1000 volts, but the current at the discharge is very small, so that the devices are completely safe for humans and animals.

При прикосновении к металлической сетке насекомые убиваются электрическим разрядом и падают в поддон.

Lamp electric insect traps are used not only in apartments and houses, but also in suburban areas (gazebos, verandas), as well as livestock farms and warehouse complexes.

Of fairly effective electronic traps for insects today are quite popular, for example, the following brands:

  • Traps for insects Well, produced both for household use and for protecting large industrial complexes. The principle of operation is classical for such devices - the lamps are surrounded by a grid, to which a high-voltage current is connected. For a human, the design is safe: the light of the lamps corresponds to the sanitary standards, and the metal grid can not be reached by the fingers due to the protective panel. Buy traps for insects Well for domestic use can be priced at about 7,000 rubles, and industrial - about 15,000 rubles; Пример мощной электрической ловушки насекомых Well с четырьмя ультрафиолетовыми лампами.
  • Traps for insects Mo El. Below in the photo, as an example, an ultraviolet trap Mo El is shown, which attracts its victims with the lamp's light and, moreover, has an additional catcher in the form of a fan that ensures the sucking of insects flying close to the device. Ловушка для насекомых Mo El с всасывающим вентилятором.
  • Ves Electric - electric traps for insects, adapted for home use. Compact, light and relatively inexpensive.

Lamp electric insect traps are suitable for the destruction of mosquitoes, midges, flies, moths, butterflies, scoops, flies and gadflies. You can buy a suitable model today via the Internet, and when choosing it is necessary to take into account the area that will be serviced by the device.

For those who want to make an electric trap for insects with their own hands, it is useful to keep in mind that the cost of components can significantly exceed the cost of an industrially manufactured device.


"We in the rabbit farm had to buy four electric traps from Well to fight insects, although we did not even expect that we would encounter such a problem when everyone started. It's just to attack some! On animals, flies-mites began to parasitize, the flies simply tortured, even the grids did not save. We had to hang 4 WE-100-2 in the workshop with the area of ​​220 squares. The traps work flawlessly, the burned insects have to be shaken out of the pallets every three days ... "

Grigory Vitalievich, Barnaul

Sticky tape against flies

To catch flies (as well as moths), hanging adhesive tapes are effective enough. Such traps are inexpensive, easy to use and very reliable. Buy them can be almost everywhere, while the eminence of the manufacturer here does not play a key role - will be effective and Chinese sticky tape from flies, and more expensive German production.

Липкие ленты эффективны не только против домашних мух, но и против бабочек пищевой и платяной моли, а также против мелких мошек.

However, a significant drawback of sticky tapes is their low aesthetics, which does not allow the use of such traps in restaurants, cafes and various public institutions - you will agree, the tape with the dead and still alive flies adhering to it will not add to the visitors of the restaurant.

Недостатком таких лент является их непривлекательный внешний вид...


"I can not go to my parents' summer kitchen at all. There, under the ceiling, there are six sticky tapes of these, fly traps, completely covered with dead insects. So disgusting. I do not understand why not to take them off and not hang new ones, if there is no living place on these! "

Irina, St. Petersburg

Traps for cockroaches and ants

Against cockroaches and ants, more or less effectively, virtually any trap installed on the floor - it is important only to choose the right place.

Especially effective are insecticidal "traps" for insects. In them, pests are attracted with the help of a fragrant edible bait mixed with an insecticide (in the case of homemade baits this may be, for example, borax or boric acid).

Инсектицидные ловушки для тараканов и домашних муравьев легко можно изготовить своими руками.

Some such traps destroy insects on the principle of "chain reaction": the cockroach eats poisoned bait, runs into the nest and dies. It is eaten by other individuals. Also die. They are also eaten, and the chain continues (although with a significant extinction of the poisoning effect).

Отравляющая ловушка (приманка) для тараканов Globol

Ants also drag poisoned baits into their anthill, where they are poisoned by other members of the colony, including the uterus, which is fed by working individuals brought by food.

Good work against cockroaches and ants glue traps. The same, for example, cockroaches with a small number of them in the apartment you can catch absolutely everyone. With ants, the situation is usually more complicated, since only foragers come across, while the queen in the anthill continues to relentlessly replenish.

On a note

To combat cockroaches produce so-called houses in which insects are destroyed by electric discharges. Such traps operating from the outlet are safe for pets, as insects do not creep out of them with poison in the body (cats can poison themselves if they eat several poisoned cockroaches, especially if the insecticide belongs to the class of pyrethroids).

To maximize the effect of the traps for cockroaches and ants should be installed in places of congestion and possible movement of insects: next to the trash can, in the kitchen next to the sink, behind the stove, behind the refrigerator, etc.

Для получения хорошего эффекта важно установить ловушку в правильном месте (места скопления и перемещения насекомых).

Traps for bed bugs

Despite the fact that bed bugs are still one of the most common synanthropic parasites in megacities, it is almost impossible to buy specialized traps for them in stores. The reason for this lies in the specific nature of feeding bugs - they feed exclusively on blood, and, accordingly, they can not attract any tasty food smell, nor the light of the lamps.

Личинка постельного клопа, пьющая кровь.

Meanwhile, in the United States, for example, Bedbug Beacon, a bedbug trap , has been tested and already in use. It is a device consisting of a saucer-catching chamber in the form of a saucer, a vessel with carbon dioxide, and a connecting hose. Carbon dioxide vapor enters the chamber and gradually separates from it, attracting bugs (the same CO 2 excretes the person with breathing). After the bedbugs gather in a saucer, they are shaken out from there and destroyed.

So far, such industrial traps for insect-bloodsuckers in Russia in practice are not used: in fact, bedbugs are almost always destroyed by treating the premises with insecticides.

On a note

As mentioned above, bugs can be caught with simple glue traps in the form of unfolding envelopes with a sticky base - you can buy ready-made ones, or you can also make your own hands from cardboard and glue for insects "Alt" or "Kapkan".

Клей от грызунов и насекомых Alt

It is important only to make sure beforehand that the bugs have not yet had time to prove their nest in bed. Then the traps put under the legs of the bed will save your sleep from the night bloodsuckers.

Клеевые ловушки, установленные под ножками кровати, остановят клопов и не дадут им покусать спящего человека.

Такие ловушки для клопов легко можно сделать самостоятельно.

How can you catch insects in the garden?

In the gardens and gardens, the types of traps used for insects are most diverse. So, for example, beetles, medvedok, lice and slugs are caught here by simply digging into the ground the lower halves of plastic bottles. A separate moquard can be collected under the halves of potato tubers laid out in the garden.

To catch rapeseed weevil, special traps are used in the form of yellow flowers and saucers. Beetles are attracted to them at the expense of yellow color, imitating the color of fodder plants. Every day insects are shaken out of them and destroyed.

Hornet and stop using plastic bottles, in which the upper third is cut off, turn the neck down and insert into the lower part. There, pour beer with sugar, or water mixed with fermented jam. As a result, attracted by the smell of insects fly into a trap, and find a way out of it already can not. For reliability, boric acid is sometimes added to the beer.

Ловушка для шершней и ос

Если добавить в приманку инсектицид, то эффективность конструкции дополнительно увеличится.

In general, it should be noted that, despite its effectiveness, traps do not allow quickly and completely to destroy insects in the selected territory or in a separate room. In the same cases, when an instantaneous effect is needed and there is no time to wait, it is advisable to use aerosol treatment with modern insecticides, and traps to be used for the purpose of prevention - to protect the premises from the penetration of individual insects.

If you have personal experience using any type of trap to fight insects - be sure to leave your feedback at the bottom of this page (in the comments field).

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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