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Lamps for the destruction of flying insects

Сегодня ультрафиолетовые лампы от насекомых (называемые также уничтожителями) приобретают все большую популярность - но действительно ли они так эффективны, как о них отзываются потребители? Давайте разбираться...

It should be borne in mind that lamps from insects are very effective means for destroying flying insects: mosquitoes, flies, moths and other midges. Such devices are now widely used against various pests and parasites in living quarters, on livestock farms, in cottages and gardens, in gardens and in kitchen gardens. Often, they are also bought to protect the premises of grocery stores, restaurants, cafes, to destroy pests in warehouses.

Довольно часто лампы от насекомых покупают для защиты помещений магазинов и ресторанов.

In this case, the lamp for the destruction of insects - a tool not universal, it will be ineffective against cockroaches, bedbugs, ants and other creeping insects, as well as against some day butterflies. And the reason for this lies in the special principle of the operation of such devices - let's look at it in more detail ...

The principle of the operation of insect lamps

It is known that mosquitoes, various moths and flies have the property to fly to the light at dusk and at night - with the same desire they will fly and the light of the trap-lamp. Moreover, ultraviolet light emitted by the lamp of the device attracts these insects even more than the "ordinary" radiation of the visible spectrum.

Ультрафиолетовый свет привлекает большое количество летающих насекомых.

The ultraviolet lamp in the device is enclosed by a fine grid, which is under high voltage. When an insect attracted by the ultraviolet tries to approach the light source, it inevitably hits the grid and immediately receives a deadly electric discharge (therefore, the instrument is sometimes popularly called an electric shock lamp from insects). After that, the remains of the insect fall on a special tray, which during the operation must be periodically cleaned.

На фотографии показаны останки уничтоженных лампой насекомых.

On a note

Some types of flying insects do not attract ultraviolet radiation (for example, certain types of day butterflies). Accordingly, UV lamps will be ineffective against these insects.

It should be noted that in spite of the ultraviolet radiation emitted, insecticide lamps from insects are completely safe for humans: the wavelength of the emitted light is chosen so as not to cause ozonation of the surrounding air and damage the eye tissue, even if you look at the device for a long time (very soft ultraviolet). In addition, the energized grid in the device is insulated with a protective grill through which even the child can not thrust his fingers, but at the same time insects freely penetrate.

В уничтожителе насекомых есть специальная защитная решетка, чтобы человек не смог прикоснуться к электрошоковой металлической сетке.

In some insect killers, special fans are installed next to the lamp, which are tightened onto the grid of closely flown insects. This increases the efficiency of the device, but at the same time slightly increases the consumption of electricity.

On a note

The power consumption of household lamps from insects is usually from 8 to 30 watts, and the number of lamps in the device can be different. Household devices are designed to destroy flying insects in separate small rooms. In industrial traps, the power of the lamps reaches 80 W, and they can be used in rooms up to 200 m² and even outdoors.

Types and brands of destroyers

Despite the general principle of the action of ultraviolet lamps from insects, they are classified by the method of destroying insects and by the field of application.
So, for example, there are devices in which insects are destroyed by an electric discharge, and there are also models in which glue is applied to the grid.

A lamp for the destruction of flying insects on an adhesive basis is intended for premises where, according to the requirements of fire safety, it is prohibited to use devices with an electric discharge - for example, in warehouses, dryers, silos. In such a lamp, the grate with glue is removable and requires periodic replacement (usually every few days).

On the field of application distinguish:

  1. Household appliances used in living quarters. Among them are Energy, Samurai, Mo El, and others. Примерно так может выглядеть бытовой уничтожитель летающих насекомых.
  2. Lamps designed to fight insects in public places. They are produced by Mo El, Well, Hilton. А вот такие приборы часто используют, например, в продуктовых магазинах.
  3. And also industrial destroyers of insects, which are used in warehouses, in cribs and on cattle-breeding farms. The largest assortment of such lamps is produced by Well. На фотографии показан промышленный ламповый уничтожитель летающих насекомых.

Before buying a lamp from insects, you must first estimate the area of ​​the territory, which it will have to protect. If the area is large, several devices may be required.

Rules for the use of insect lamps

Ideally, every anti-insect lamp should be placed in a place in a room or territory in which it will be clearly visible from any of its points. After that, the device is connected to the outlet, the operating mode is selected and the lamp is switched on.

Чем лучше будет видно ультрафиолетовую лампу из разных точек помещения, тем эффективнее уничтожитель будет работать.

It is very effective to place a lamp between the ultimate goal of insects (for example, a sleeping person) and the place of penetration into the room. For example, if mosquitoes fly into the window, then the insect killer must be between the window and the bed. Otherwise, the mosquito will first bite the person on the bed, and then will fly to the mosquito lamp.

Пример бытового уничтожителя насекомых на базе ультрафиолетовой лампы.

In that season, when electric insect lamps are used constantly, they need to be cleaned regularly. To do this, the device must be disconnected from the outlet, then a special tray for insects is removed - it must be simply shaken out and if necessary wipe with a damp cloth.

In lamps with a glutinous grill every few days, you need to change the grate itself.


"Neither fumigators, nor any ultrasonic scarers helped us. The problem with mosquitoes was solved with the help of ultraviolet lamp Hilton. This lamp has a night mode from insects, when it practically does not shine, but attracts mosquitoes. For the sake of interest, in the morning I took out a bowl, on which dead mosquitoes fall. There were fifteen of them there! And this is for one night. It is not clear how we used to manage to sleep at such a large number ... "

Olga, Kandalaksha

Lamps Well: prices, specifics and reviews

Well company specializes mainly in the sale of sufficiently powerful industrial insect lamps, although there are several household models. In the lines of its instruments there are lamps with a power of 8 W and a price of 4,000 rubles to destroyers with an output of 80 W and costing more than 10,000 rubles.

Компания Well выпускает достаточно мощные приборы, которые часто используются на промышленных предприятиях.

Household lamps from insects Well are represented by three models of relatively bulky, but quite effective devices. Their prices fluctuate within 4000-6000 rubles.

Industrial lamp-traps of this manufacturer are designed primarily to protect warehouses from moths, livestock farms - from dung flies and horseflies, household plots - from pests of garden and garden crops.

С помощью лампы от насекомых можно бороться, например, с мухами и слепнями на фермах.

Well can buy both insect killers themselves and accessories to them - spare parts, replaceable grilles, UV lamps.


"We bought Well WE-150-2SW for protection of goats in our small private household. The blindfolds and gadflies simply pestered them, and two kidneys perished from gadflies in the nasopharynx this year. Lamps work perfectly, the barn is constantly supported by weak illumination, so that flies fly to the light immediately. Shake them all the time, every day the tray is full. "

Alexey Petrovich, Moscow

Mo El and the destruction of insects with their help

The products of the Italian company Mo El are oriented, first of all, to domestic needs: the lamps for home use are well represented in the company's catalog. Models at Mo El are many - more than 35 - and in many of them original technical solutions are used.

For example, MO-BUTTERFLY 700 is designed to destroy night butterflies. The trap is a wide pan suspended horizontally, on which is placed a sheet of glue and a lamp:

Такая вот лампа-ловушка от фирмы Mo El позволяет ловить бабочек и других летающих насекомых на клейкий поддон.

MO-PLICK 398 works on the same principle, but in it the lamp is closed with an inclined panel with glue, so that in the room the trap works in a night light mode:

Пример лампы для уничтожения насекомых MO-PLICK 398, которую можно использовать в качестве ночника.

Also, Mo El has many devices that destroy insects by electric discharge. And it is this company that has lamps in the INSECTIVORO line equipped with a fan for sucking in insects:

Приборы линейки INSECTIVORO засасывают насекомых с помощью вентилятора.

Prices for lamps from insects Mo El vary from 1500 to 10,000 rubles.

Hilton Lamps

Simply put, Hilton is a German insect lamp. The company produces lamps for apartments, houses and restaurants.

The simplest device Hilton Black Monster GP-4 has a power of 4 watts and costs only about 400 rubles. It is enough to protect one small room.

Лампа Hilton Black Monster GP-4 подойдет для защиты от насекомых небольшой комнаты.

The largest Hilton lamps type Power Insect Killer BN-30W are about 2000 rubles and are intended for placement in cafes and small warehouses.

А такой прибор вполне можно использовать в помещениях магазинов и кафе.


"Do not pursue powerful insect lamps, it's pointless. We bought a small hanging Hilton, a black one for 350 rubles, turned on and after that no mosquitoes were seen at home. In general, the device works amazingly. From him even there is almost no light, and he does not interfere with sleep. "

Olga, Krasnoyarsk

In general, lamps against flying insects are one of the most convenient and effective means. For comparison: hanging sticky tapes are prohibited for use in some types of rooms, and in the same restaurants and cafes they can not be used because of unaesthetic.

В ресторанах и кафе использование липких лент от насекомых нецелесообразно из-за неэстетичности.

Aerosol preparations are sometimes undesirable for use in living quarters, especially when allergic-prone children live here. Also, not all are ready to breathe evaporating all night (and every night) from an electrofumigator with insecticides.

В ряде случаев использование электрофумигатора будет не самым лучшим решением - особенно для тех людей, которые не хотят дышать разной химией...

In all these cases, it is the lamps that can come to the rescue and ensure the reliable protection of the premises from flying insects.

If you have personally used such devices - be sure to write your own review at the bottom of this page.

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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