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Remedy for bugs and cockroaches Xulat, as well as feedback on its use

Попробуем разобраться, насколько эффективен препарат Ксулат Микро в борьбе с клопами и тараканами...

Xulat (aka Xulat Micro) is a modern combined preparation for the control of synanthropic insects: bugs, cockroaches, house ants, fleas, etc. A special feature of the drug is the use of three quite powerful insecticides in its composition, which makes it virtually impossible to apply Xulat habituation to it of insects.

Produced by the Spanish chemical company Quimica de Munguia and distributed in Russia through a network of dealers. In an ordinary store, for example, household goods, it is almost impossible to buy Xulat, but it is actively sold in online stores. The price of the product is approximately 450 rubles per bottle of concentrate with a volume of 30 ml. Such quantity after correct breeding will suffice for processing of the order of 40 m ².

На фото показаны взрослая особь постельного клопа и личинки

Одного флакона средства Ксулат хватит для обработки от клопов примерно 40 квадратных метров

Ksulat - a means for home use, gained popularity and good reviews, especially when killing bugs and cockroaches by the occupants themselves. That is, it is not necessary to be a professional fighter with insects (pest control) in order to get a good result and not be poisoned yourself. The manufacturer has specially adapted the composition of the preparation and the form of its release for maximum convenience when used in everyday life.

Today, you can also buy a product with a similar name - Xulat C25, which is a specialized preparation for professional disinsection and is usually sold in large cans. This is a completely different tool than Xulat Micro, with a completely different composition and other properties.

If at the destruction of bedbugs and cockroaches you decided to confine yourself to the boundaries of your apartment (and sometimes also in the neighborhood), then the optimal option would be buying Xulat Micro in easily recognizable vials with a bullet image.

Ксулат Микро м.к.

The composition can also be purchased in a larger container - for example, if you need to process large areas:

Ксулат Микро продается также в крупной таре - на случай необходимости обработки больших площадей.


"We could not buy Ksulat in the store, because he was not in the shops in Ekaterinburg at all (I do not know how now, maybe he did), and none of his acquaintances used it. We ordered simply through the Internet, 400 rubles cost a bottle. One such bulb was enough for us, because we had to poison only two rooms, and in the kitchen and on the balcony we did not find bedbugs. But in fact the solution was enough for us to process a balcony. In general, the remedy is good, it does not stink, it does not stain anything, you can even sprinkle it and forget it. But the instructions for the application say that cleaning is necessary, we spent. Bedbugs rest after the first treatment, climbed out of the slots inadequate, then we caught a couple of more small larvae for a week, but no one was biting. Now almost a year has passed, and no parasites. As for me, then Xulat is much more effective than Dichlophos of all kinds. "

Maxim, Ekaterinburg

The composition of the agent and the effect of its components on insects

The composition of Xulata consists of three quite powerful insecticides:

  1. Cypermethrin, which rapidly affects the nervous system of insects at all stages of development (except for eggs). Has a good effect against insects resistant to organophosphorous insecticides, has an intestinal and contact effect. It is due to the contact action of Xulat is so effective against bedbugs, which, unlike cockroaches, it is impossible to force to eat any poisoned bait, since they eat only blood. Химическая структурная формула циперметрина
  2. Tetrametrine - like cypermethrin, is an insecticide from the pyrethroid class, has a contact effect, causing paralysis in insects and rapid death. Химическая структурная формула тетраметрина
  3. Piperonyl butoxide is a substance with insecticidal properties, which at the same time enhances the effect of pyrethroids and provides a synergistic effect (a dramatic increase in efficacy in the joint presence). Piperonyl butoxide improves the penetration of pyrethroids through insect cover, increasing the overall effectiveness of the drug up to 5 times.

Пиперонилбутоксид - обеспечивает синергетический эффект при сочетании с пиретроидами.

Such a combination is very effective against cockroaches, bedbugs, as well as other parasites and pests due to the fact that the probability of insect resistance at once to the three active components is negligible. For example, even populations of bugs that are resistant to cypermethrin, after being treated with Micro Cyular, die from tetrametrin and piperonyl butoxide.

It should be noted that Xulat is one of the so-called microencapsulated agents: insecticides are encased in tiny capsules, which, after drying the solution on the treated surface, simply remain here in the form of the thinnest invisible layer. Running on it insects "get dirty" in such microcapsules, and the active substances adhere to their chitinous cover, gradually penetrating through it and leading to poisoning.

Микрокапсулы инсектицидного средства под электронным микроскопом

Микрокапсулы препарата легко налипают на хитиновый покров клопов, тараканов и других насекомых.

Due to this, Xulat is a prolonged-action agent, and when properly applied, it destroys insects even a few weeks after application. Also, the drug provides a barrier effect - protection against the penetration of insects from neighboring rooms.

On a note

No matter how effective the drug, the effect of its use will largely be determined by the correctness of the treatment of the apartment. For example, if bedbugs live next to the bed and, in addition, penetrate from neighbors through ventilation, then by treating only the floors and skirting you are unlikely to destroy all parasites and certainly will not be able to prevent them from re-entering the apartment. Careful adherence to the instructions for use will relieve such problems.

Unlike many other preparations from insects, Xulat Micro has a very faint odor. If, for example, Tetriks and Carbophos smell so that after processing the room, people sometimes have to throw out furniture that for months retains a "hospital" smell, then using Xulat is much easier. Partly because of the lack of odor Xulat Micro is so quickly gaining popularity and collects good customer reviews.

Личинка постельного клопа пьет кровь


"We were recommended by a comrade from Moscow to use this remedy. They lost their legs when they pressed it - in the apartment bugs appeared. Nowhere could not buy it in St. Petersburg. Only after the phone call it was found out that even in Moscow it is bought only in the online store. For a jar of 30 ml, it seemed to me that the price was a little too high. But when we tried it, then all the claims have disappeared. The tool does work, and we have not only bugs, but also all the cockroaches. Insects die right after treatment, know only have time to sweep them out from behind the bedside tables. At the same time there is no smell, and there are traces on the furniture too. A good remedy ... "

Ekaterina, St. Petersburg

Advantages and disadvantages of Xula Micro

It is the combined composition - the main advantage of Xulat Micro in front of such (quite good) drugs, such as Get, which acts due to chlorpyrifos alone, or the Delta Zone, which also includes only one insecticide, deltamethrin. As noted above, the combination of just three effective insecticides with different chemical structures practically does not give the insects the chance to develop resistance to the drug.

Использование в препарате Ксулат Микро сразу трех инсектицидов не дает возможности выработки в популяции насекомых устойчивости к средству.

In comparison with simple aerosol insecticides, Xulat Micro is good, firstly, by the absence of an odor, and secondly by the microencapsulated form. The first advantage greatly facilitates its use in everyday life, and the second provides a prolonged action and overall increased effectiveness compared, for example, with aerosols from insects Raid, Raptor, Dichlophos Neo or Combat.

Of the disadvantages of Xulat Micro, it should be noted:

  1. Ineffectiveness of the drug against the eggs of bedbugs, that is, the lack of ovicide effect - even after hitting the eggs of parasites, the particles of cypermethrin, tetrametrin and piperonyl butoxide do not destroy them. This sometimes necessitates the re-treatment of the room about 2 weeks after the first procedure, when the larvae of the parasites will hatch from the surviving eggs. However, in practice, re-treatment is not always required, since the prolonged action of the agent ensures the destruction of young larvae immediately after they leave the eggs. Ксулат неэффективен против яиц клоповЧерез некоторое время из выживших яиц вылупятся маленькие личинки, которые с высокой вероятностью погибнут при контакте с обработанными поверхностями.
  2. Among the shortcomings of Xulat Micro, one can also relate to the relatively rapid loss of efficiency when exposed to direct sunlight.

And finally, the price: compared with, for example, such a somewhat outdated, albeit highly odorous, but affordable means, like Carbophos, Xulat Micro is still expensive. On the other hand, compared to the prices of some other modern means of disinsection, the drug even looks quite economical option.

In some cases, you can replace Xulat Micro with Get, Delta Zone or Lambda Zone if you need to maintain the same level of safety for humans and animals, as well as the absence of odor after treatment.

Средства от насекомых Get, Дельта Зона и Лямбда Зона


"I was very fortunate that I experienced Get at the first apartment, still detachable, and already on my own - Ksulat m. For the first time cockroaches were much larger, the situation was worse, but Get worked as effectively as Xulat. In addition, the Geta bottle is larger and they can process a large area, and Xulat still needs to find where to buy, since it does not exist in stores. Well, the effect on cockroaches, these drugs are about the same, although I liked Xulat more. "

Denis, Khabarovsk

Instructions for use

To prepare the working solution of the drug Xulat Micro contents of the vial (30 ml) is dissolved in 3 liters of water and thoroughly mixed. After that, the solution is poured into the pulverizer, for example, from the window cleaner, or into the garden spray.

После разбавления препарата Ксулат водой, приготовленный раствор следует залить в обычный бытовой пульверизатор.

The product is sprayed with furniture, interior surfaces of cabinets and bedside tables, skirting board, edge of carpets and linoleum, places of possible movement and habitat of cockroaches (bedbugs).

On a note

The area of ​​treatment specified in the instruction is precisely the area of ​​the surfaces to which Xulat is applied, and not the area of ​​the room in general. It should be expected that one bottle of the product is approximately enough to process one furnished room.

Since the components of the drug Xulat are able to maintain high effectiveness against cockroaches and bedbugs long enough after treatment, it should not be washed off from surfaces that people and pets do not touch in the room. For example, the back surfaces of sofas and bedside tables, the interior surfaces of kitchen cabinets, the walls behind carpets, it is better not to wipe after the treatment. Within a few weeks after treatment, those cockroaches or bedbugs that run through such a surface will die.

На обработанных поверхностях еще долгое время будут сохраняться активные частицы инсектицидов.

The same surfaces and elements of the interior, for which people are often taken by hand or on which rest pets, you must wipe.

Safety when applying XULAT

Even though Xylat Micro is odorless and almost invisible after application to the surface, it is still an insecticide and will not add health when ingested by humans or pets. Therefore, when using the product, the standard safety rules should be observed:

  1. When processing a room from it, you need to bring out all pets and people.
  2. Dishes and food before processing should be packed in plastic bags.
  3. All work should be done in rubber gloves, a respirator, goggles and clothing with long sleeves.
  4. After processing the room and keeping it in that condition for a while, it needs to be thoroughly ventilated, and then wet cleaned.

Все работы с любыми инсектицидами следует проводить с использованием средств индивидуальной защиты.

If suddenly the product has got into the eyes, they must be thoroughly rinsed with clean water. If signs of poisoning appear during the treatment, you need to leave the room for clean air, swallow a few tablets of activated carbon and drink them with water.


"We already lost our feet, while we were looking for this Xulat in Moscow, eventually bought through the Internet. Bought, dissolved, flooded. What can I say? The product is normal, odorless, color-free, but not the kind that directly burns all insects. Most of them, of course, died, but we squashed some small bugs a week after the treatment. But we strictly according to the instructions all the back walls of the furniture and the floors under the beds did not rub, as a result, the second treatment was not needed. In general, if you take Xulat, be prepared that the small bugs are running around for the first time, and then they disappear ".

Tatiana, Mytischi

Particular attention must be paid to the treatment of premises in which the cat or cat permanently resides - these animals are quite sensitive to pyrethroids.

In conclusion, we note that for urban apartments of a small area with the need to quickly remove bedbugs or cockroaches without creating an odor in the room, as well as in the presence of insects from neighbors, Xulat Micro can be considered quite a worthy tool.

If you have personal experience using this drug, then be sure to leave your feedback in the comments field at the bottom of this page.

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

To the record "Remedy for bedbugs and cockroaches Xulat, as well as feedback on its application" left 15 comments.
  1. Alyona :

    Ksulat works super! Three years ago there were bugs. We tried everything that was in stores - nothing helped. And the online store found this tool and did not even notice how everyone disappeared. A couple of months ago, bugs and cockroaches were poisoned around the house, in the end they all are with us. So now I will order. Even if you do this once a couple of years, it's worth it.

    • Anonymous :

      I found a store in St. Petersburg. I bought Xulat, fortunately there is no limit. Tomorrow I will exorcise all evil spirits.

  2. Sergey :

    Today we brought Xulat micro, diluted, processed everything according to the instructions, I wait for the result)

  3. Olga :

    From the neighbors came bugs, bought Xulat micro, divorced, processed the apartment, waiting for the result. There is no smell at all.

  4. Sergey :

    The result was short-term, there were no bedbugs for four days, today they bitten again and one got caught (

    • Max :

      Well, everywhere they say that eggs in secluded corners survive and then the larvae gradually hatch within a few weeks, so usually a re-treatment is needed to finish off this small evil spirits. And the fact that for four days there were no bedbugs - it's cool, apparently, really died after processing. So, already hatching larvae were biting ... They need to be finished!

  5. Galina :

    Bought on the Internet Xulat 25C, processed, waiting for the result. The smell is terrible.

  6. St. Gregory :

    Bedbugs got out, neighbors did repairs and I got bloodsuckers. Has processed, two days was not, processed repeatedly, I wait for result.

  7. I'm frayed :

    Received by mail from the Internet store Ksulat, processed the apartment (from bugs), we hope for 100% result. After all, the means are not cheap, and children are in the house!

  8. Alexander :

    Treated Xulat apartment, the smell was. We arrived in 3 days, the cockroaches did not disappear. We bought in Eco service through the Internet, most likely, scam.

    • Constantine :

      There is also Xulat S25. He, by the way, smelly to the horror. And you need to buy Xulat micro, it is odorless.

  9. Catherine :

    I bought Xulat through the Internet. Today has processed. I'm waiting for the result.

  10. Anastasia :

    For a year now I can not bring up bedbugs. I tried folk remedies, dichlorvos and other ineffective methods. Advised at work Xulat micro, I went, bought, did everything as in the instructions. In general, a week passed, and they both bit and bite. Dead do not lie anywhere, but the living run if only henna. I'll try again in a week, but I think it's useless.

  11. Sergey :

    I do not know about this remedy, but I was personally helped only by vinegar. He burns out all the larvae, got rid of the parasites for three years. Then I had to repeat the procedure twice or twice. Now, now, 10 years after the last treatment, someone again brought. I will try this chemical, possibly in combination with a proven vinegar.

    • Anonymous :

      From whom get rid of vinegar? And what is the mechanism of the procedure (what% of vinegar)?

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