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Сегодня существует несколько разных типов электрических уничтожителей насекомых, о применении которых мы далее и поговорим подробнее...

Today, electric insect killers continue to gain popularity and are actively used not only in domestic conditions, but also in restaurants, cafes, grocery hypermarkets, livestock farms and greenhouses. And the main reason for this popularity is the high efficiency of the devices in combination with their safety for humans and animals (for example, when a lamp electric insect killer is used, no poisonous insecticides are used at all, which are so feared by many opponents of all "chemistry").

При работе ламповых уничтожителей летающих насекомых вообще не используются инсектициды.

In general, it can be noted that consumer reviews do confirm the effectiveness of the devices, and this applies not only to household applications, but also in public places and industrial conditions.


"The chip of our restaurant is that it is on board a ship moored to the pier. Visitors are simply delighted - right next to the tables splashing water, and bread can be fed gulls. But in the summer there is a real problem - customers simply gnaw mosquitoes. The manager once bought some hanging tapes, but it was a nightmare when such snot with dead flies hang in a well-decorated room! And then we bought such electric destroyers of insects, which lure mosquitoes with the light of a lamp, and already inside they burn on a special grate. It was real salvation! These lamps look good and generally do not produce the impression of means from mosquitoes, but as if disinfection of air in the room and taking care of the client. I do not remember the model, but really help. Every day a full tray of dead mosquitoes from them is shaken out. "

Evgeni A., Volgograd

Такие вот уничтожители насекомых на ультрафиолетовых лампах нередко используются в магазинах и ресторанах.

Generally speaking, insect killers, depending on their design, can be oriented not only to the destruction of flying insects, but also crawling. On different types of instruments and the principles of their work, let's talk more ...

Types of insect killers and the principles of their work

Today on sale there are electronic destroyers of insects of several types:

  1. Bulb annihilators (they are most often referred to, also called lamp-traps). In this group are produced as devices for home, small and economical, and industrial devices used, for example, on farms and warehouses. Such devices effectively attract and destroy insects in the premises, as well as in outdoor areas - verandas, restaurant terraces, balconies. На фотографии показан пример лампового уничтожителя летающих насекомых (так называемая лампа-ловушка).
  2. Electric traps for cockroaches (and ants), inside which is a grid of electrodes. In such kind of houses, insects are attracted by the smell of bait, or simply crawl, in search of shelter. Touching the metal electrode and closing the chain, the cockroach gets an electric shock, from which it immediately dies. Пример электрической ловушки для тараканов.
    Таракан, прикасаясь к металлическим электродам, погибает в результате удара электрическим током.
  3. Fumigators, in which a chemical substance, toxic to insects, slowly evaporates on the heated helix, but relatively safe for humans. Industrial fumigators are very effective in fighting crawling and flying insects in warehouses, but household appliances give the desired result usually only in the fight against moths and mosquitoes (but also not always). The disadvantage of electrofumigators is the need to breathe fumes of insecticide all night long while the device is plugged into the network. Следует учитывать, что при включенном электрическом фумигаторе придется дышать парами инсектицида...

It is important not to confuse electric destroyers of insects with ultrasonic repellers. The latter are more or less effective against mosquitoes, but absolutely useless against cockroaches, bedbugs, ants and most other insects.

Ультразвуковые отпугиватели, в отличие от электрических уничтожителей, неэффективны против тараканов, клопов и большинства других насекомых.

And the most important thing: before you buy an electric destroyer of insects, you must take into account the peculiarities of your "enemy". For example, the fleas and bedbugs described above destroy it is almost impossible, because these parasites simply can not be trapped. Such devices will be effective against insects attracted by ultraviolet light of a lamp - in the case of a lamp-like device, or against cockroaches, ants and woodworms - in the case of buying an electric trap-house.

Ламповые уничтожители будут наиболее эффективны против летающих насекомых (мотыльков, мух, комаров и др.)

А вот электрические ловушки-домики подходят для уничтожения ползающих насекомых (тараканов, муравьев, мокриц и др.)


"We at one time very effectively destroyed domestic cockroaches with the help of electric destroyers, we bought 3 pieces at once. Inside the houses put a melted candy, close them and plug them into a socket. A couple of days shook out of the boxes of dead insects. We cockroaches were dark, but we all caught them so in a couple of weeks. Then for a few more months the detectors stood in protection mode and caught the guests from their neighbors. "

Irina, Moscow

How effective are electric insect killers?

Lamp electric destroyers do allow very effective destruction of flying insects in a room, provided that the device is chosen taking into account the area to be protected.

With a low number of cockroaches and the constant renewal of the bait, the electronic destroyer-house also shows good results, but a noticeable effect of population decline may not appear immediately, but only after a few days.

Электронный уничтожитель-домик работает неплохо, но довольно-таки медленно.

But against ants such an electric trap usually turns out to be not very effective, since it destroys only the working individuals who are looking for what they can profit, while the uterus in the anthill continues to actively lay off all new eggs.

В то время как рабочие особи находятся на кухне, матка домашних муравьев откладывает яйца в гнезде...

It should also be borne in mind that with a large number of midges, for example, in the evening on the terrace, even a powerful lamp annihilator can not cope, and you can still be bitten by mosquitoes - in this case it is useful to combine electric destroyers with scaring agents, for example, mosquito spirals.


"The insect killer lamp did not help us. I do not know, maybe we had some special conditions. They bought good, Italian, hung in the bedroom, just to protect themselves from mosquitoes, their darkness in the evenings. But they gnaw at her, and in the morning they do die in the destroyer. It ended with buying a branded mesh on the windows and forgetting the problem. "

Anna, Kostroma

As for electric fumigators, in general, they are doing their job well, destroying flying insects in the room. And if you include such a fumigator in a closed cabinet, then this will help get rid of not only moth butterflies, but also of its larvae. However, for cockroaches, fleas, house ants and, even more so, for bugs, fumigators in most cases have almost no effect.

Application rules

The main advantage of electric destroyers of insects (in addition to their high efficiency) is the simplicity of their use. All that is needed for the device to begin to exterminate insects - to plug it into a socket and install it in the optimal location.

На фото показан пример бытового лампового уничтожителя насекомых.

The choice of location depends on the type of insects to be destroyed. So, for example, to destroy moths, mosquitoes and flies, it is enough to hang a lamp fighter in a clearly visible place, in which the device is visible from all points of the room (remember that the light spreads rectilinearly, and the insect sees it only if the device is not obstructed by elements interior).

Electronic destroyers of creeping insects (in the people they are also called electric shocks destroying cockroaches ) are usually placed in the following locations:

  • next to the stove;
  • next to the refrigerator;
  • near the trash can;
  • in the corners of the room;
  • and at night you can leave the device right on the kitchen table.

Электронные уничтожители тараканов нужно располагать в местах перемещения насекомых - в этом случае эффект от работы прибора будет максимальным.

It is undesirable to use fumigators in the kitchen (for example, fighting a food moth), because the chemicals that are evaporated by the device can be absorbed by food. When used in warehouses, powerful industrial fumigators are used, each of which serves a certain area and, depending on the design, is either suspended from the ceiling of the room or installed on the floor. Small household fumigators can be included in any conveniently located electrical outlet, as chemical evaporation will still fill the entire room (but still it is advisable to choose a socket away from the bed).

The most famous brands of insect killers

Below are listed the most well-known companies producing electric destroyers of insects with ultraviolet lamps, both for household use and for industrial and commercial facilities:

  • Company Well, in the assortment of which there are 24 industrial devices and 3 household appliances. The company produces both traps with a mesh, to which electrical voltage is applied, and with a sticky grate on which insects simply stick. The latter are suitable for warehouses of dry and flammable products, where it is forbidden to use devices potentially capable of creating a spark. Промышленный уничтожитель насекомых от компании Well.
  • Mo El is a well-known Italian manufacturer of home appliances. The company produces more than 35 models of ultraviolet insect killers, among which there are the famous Insectivoro, sucking mosquitoes and flies through the use of an additional fan, the Frog model for installation in children's rooms, and the original MO-BUTTERFLY hanging on which night butterflies gather on the street. Подвесной уничтожитель насекомых от фирмы Mo-El используют, например, от ночных бабочек, мух и комаров.
  • German manufacturer Hilton, producing, perhaps, the most inexpensive destroyers - for example, a lantern from insects Black Monster costs only about 400 rubles, while having a fairly high efficiency. В ассортименте компании Hilton есть довольно недорогие уничтожители для бытового применения.

Manufacturers of electric fumigators today are also quite well known and, as they say, on hearing:

  • Mosquitol;
  • Raptor;
  • Raid.

На фотографии показан пример электрофумигатора Raid

But the producers of electronic trap-houses are little known, and the Russian market mainly represents the products of Chinese companies, and also not very widely. However, folk craftsmen make up for this disadvantage by collecting electronic destroyers of insects with their own hands - many such schemes can be found on the Internet.


"We ordered two devices at once for ourselves. I bought a daughter at some foreign auction, they are Chinese and are worth a penny. But despite the cheapness work fine. In my kitchen every day, fifteen Crescents are caught, in general they are not visible at all in the house. "

Polina Grigorievna, Svatovo

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If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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