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Smoke grenades for the destruction of insects and feedback on their use

При правильном применении инсектицидная дымовая шашка позволяет избавиться от насекомых в весьма сжатые сроки...

Smoke grenades from insects are quite inexpensive and very convenient means for mass extermination of insects in industrial premises and in open spaces. They are best known to hunters and fishermen, but products of this type for industrial use (for example, for processing of warehouses and greenhouses) are almost bestsellers and are purchased, though not often, but in very large batches.

Smoke grenades from insects can also be used in residential multi-storey and private houses, but their use here has a certain specificity: sometimes automatic fire extinguishing agents react to the smoke from the drafts, and neighbors can be alarmed. In addition, it is necessary to poison cockroaches and bedbugs in apartments with checkers in full compliance with safety requirements , which in this case are much more stringent than, for example, when quite harmless chalks or insecticidal gels are used.

In general, the main areas of application of checkers are as follows:

  • Basement rooms.
  • Agricultural buildings - greenhouses, greenhouses, as well as open areas in the garden and garden farms, country sites, campsites. On the last smoke bombs are usually used against wasps, mosquitoes and horseflies.
  • Warehouses, hangars and garages.
  • Private houses and apartments - in the fight against cockroaches, bed bugs and fleas.

Часто дымовые шашки применяют в теплицах для уничтожения насекомых и грибков

Accordingly, most of the insecticide smoke bombs available today are divided into products for personal use in open spaces and backyards and options for residential and industrial buildings.


"If you are going to handle large areas, and you have little time, then smoke bombs will help to do this quickly and with minimal effort. Only protection should be reserved in advance, because the smoke really corrodes eyes and lungs. Need at least a good respirator, well, or quickly run out after you light this thing. We use the usual sulfur checkers to get rid of fungi and insects in vegetable stores, before harvesting. Three years in a row, everything works fine. "

Arsen Ivanov

Active substances in smoke chips

The composition of smoke bombs from insects can vary greatly, depending on the intensity and the intended target.

Most often, these products use the following substances:

  1. Sulfur compounds that are transferred during combustion of the gum into sulfurous anhydride are highly toxic compounds for antifungal, insecticidal and bactericidal treatment (in other words, this substance is suitable for disinsection and disinfection of rooms). Generally speaking, sulfurous anhydride is widely used in livestock production as a preparation for the prevention and destruction of mites, fleas, lice, and sulfur beads are used for disinsection and disinfection of farm premises. Из таких вот таблеток состоят некоторые серные шашки, выделяющие при горении ядовитый для насекомых и плесени сернистый газ.
  2. Hexachloran is a systemic, contact-intestinal insecticide of the neuro-paralytic action. If necessary, it can be used to control soil-dwelling and wood-eating insects, caterpillars of some butterflies (scoops), locusts. Ineffective in combating coccids and herbivorous mites. Гексахлоран также применяется для уничтожения многих вредных насекомых
  3. Dydecyldimethylammonium bromide is a substance with high fungicidal and bactericidal activity. Effectively helps to combat bacterial and fungal infection in agricultural stores. This substance is also effective in controlling pests of orchards and orchards. Дидецилдиметиламмоний бромид эффективно воздействует на самых разнообразных вредителей огородов
  4. Permethrin is a contact-intestinal insecticide with a nerve-paralyzing effect. Checkers with a concentration of 10% permethrin help to frighten away and destroy both flying and crawling insects-synanthropes (cockroaches, ants, fleas, bedbugs, mosquitoes, moths, flies). They can be used to handle large spaces in non-residential premises - warehouses, hangars, cellars, cinemas.

Инсектицид перметрин также часто включается в состав дымовых шашек от насекомых.

Most smoke bombs for private use and repelling mosquitoes and flies as an active substance contain exactly permethrin. In the drafts used in living quarters, other substances from the family of pyrethroids are used.


"We had to drive the mites out of the old chicken coop. He worked with the usual sulfuric saber Climate. Previously, all the litter was taken out, and the walls and floor were sprinkled. In general, the result was good. But how big a role I played in this complex Climate I can not say. "

Alexey Gennadievich, Kursk

How effective are the checkers?

Given the high penetrating ability of smoke, the insect pest can be effective where it is difficult to treat all parasite shelters with conventional aerosols. In greenhouse farms it is advisable to use them on loose ground where full cleaning is impossible, for example, in agricultural premises (greenhouses, greenhouses), and also where it is required to process a large area with minimal effort - in warehouses and hangars.

Дымовые шашки могут весьма успешно применяться для борьбы с насекомыми на большой площади


"They saved their swords from moles and scoops. Miraculously managed to find hexachlorinated. In general, an unpleasant thing, the eyes only eat away so much, but it worked effectively. In all holes penetrates into the ground - even where normal means do not fall. True, now my wife complains that it is toxic, but I hope that before planting the crops it will erode and do no harm. "

Ivan, Murom

In residential premises, insecticide smoke without effort from the handler easily penetrates the plinth, in the furniture slots, under the cabinets and sofas, where it quickly poisons insects. Against bedbugs and cockroaches, smoke bombs are very effective, but they are usually destroyed by ants, as these insects have nests often outside the apartment.

Содержащий инсектициды дым способен эффективно уничтожать тараканов и клопов в обычных квартирах.

Высокая проникающая способность дыма обеспечивает уничтожение клопов даже в труднодоступных местах, например, внутри дивана, под плинтусами и т. д.

А вот против муравьев дымовые шашки могут оказаться неэффективными, если муравейник находится вне квартиры.


"If you have a lot of cockroaches in your apartment, I will advise you to use smoke bombs against insects. With them there is no such trouble as with all the executioners-Cucarachs. Nothing should be planted anywhere, do not splash every inch. Sold in the central market, such checkers are Chinese, blue, or on the Internet you can buy. Water is poured into the jar from the saber, this thing is put into it and that's it. The main thing is to quickly escape from the apartment, and then the smoke is poisonous. Yes, and neighbors say that they do not worry. We so poisoned the mother in the apartment before repair. There was, gently say, a mess. The wallpaper was half torn off, the carpets had not been removed from the wall since the war, in the cupboards dust lay half a meter high. Refrigerator when the wall was pushed aside, his wife fell on a chair - there were thousands of cockroaches, probably. Two such checkers were put, one into the room, one in the kitchen, etched - and that's it. True, the smoke has already left on the platform, but we warned all neighbors and there were no problems. But then workers when repair did, cockroaches buckets carried out from the house ".

Konstantin, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

It should be remembered that the checkers from insects-Sinanthropus most do not destroy the eggs of bedbugs.

Дымовые шашки, обычно используемые для борьбы с насекомыми, слабо воздействуют на яйца клопов.

This means that in the fight against these parasites, the treatment of the room with smoke will have to be repeated two times with an interval of 2-3 weeks or combine the checkers with other means.

In addition, the smoke from the checkers has no residual effect and destroys the insects only for several hours after the burning of the product. Practice shows that it is the means with prolonged action that can kill bugs in one treatment.

In cases where in the room the bugs were destroyed by the checkers at a time, pre-treatment with other insecticides usually took place. Very often tenants of an apartment try to poison bedbugs by one means such as an aerosol or a spray, the basic part of parasites perishes, but in some weeks there are young larvae from survived eggs.

Зачастую для полного уничтожения клопов обработку дымовыми шашками придется провести несколько раз

Handlers believe that the tool did not work, buy smoke bombs from insects and successfully poison young growth. Although in fact and double processing the original tool, and it, but only with checkers, would have the same effect.


"We raped rabbits three times with Raptor, but then we could not stand it and bought Chinese checkers with smoke. As you disfigure with these balloons, the bugs still survive somewhere. Of course, the drafts surprised us. It is difficult to use them, five hours after one such lit, in the apartment was able to stand, that the walls were not visible. But the bugs are completely extinct. Half crawled to the middle of the room, another part we swept out from under the beds. But for seven months now, not one, pah-pah, is not visible. By the way, one geranium has wilted after such treatment, although I took out all the flowers on the open balcony. "

Valeria, Vladivostok

Manufacturers and models of drafts

Today, the industry produces a large number of checkers from insects. Among them there are both domestic developments and imported products.

The most known are the following:

  • The climate is a popular sulfur checker for the treatment of greenhouses, vegetable and grain storages, livestock farms. When working, it effectively destroys scabies, fleas, and lice. Серная дымовая шашка Климат
  • FAS is an analogue of the climate, it smells very unpleasant in sulfur. It is worth such a product about 50 rubles. Серная шашка ФАС
  • CITY - a smoke checker based on permethrin, is effective for the destruction of cockroaches, ants and woodworms in cellars, sheds, cellars. Инсектицидное приротехническое средство - шашка СИТИ (перметриновая)
  • Quiet Evening, whose name itself speaks about the scope of its application. The checker is used to protect against bloodsucking insects in the open air, including on personal plots and in the wild. However, as practice shows, the use of such a checker in a normal apartment against bugs and cockroaches also gives very good results. Дымовая шашка от комаров Тихий вечер
    Инструкция по применению дымовой шашки Тихий вечер
  • The volcano, another sulfuric saber, is used mainly for the processing of warehouses of industrial products. Серная шашка Вулкан
  • G-17, a checker based on hexachlorane. Very toxic, it should be used only for processing open spaces - gardens, gardens, fields - with the necessary safety measures.

But checkers against insects for living quarters for Russian-speaking users are still a nouveau. Usually, Chinese and Japanese imported products are used in this capacity, the names of which are not even translated into Russian or English. They use modern insecticides based on derivatives of oxydiazole, carbamic acid and others.

А так выглядит китайская дымовая шашка от бытовых насекомых

The cost of smoke bombs for processing industrial premises and for outdoor use is from 50 rubles per piece and above. Household products are more expensive: for processing a room of 10 m² it is enough to use a checker for 150 rubles, for a room from 30 m² you need a checker for 350 rubles and more.


"Every year I process my greenhouses with sulfur balls. While the result holds. Fungi left a long time, the tick does not live, even the grinder does not touch the wooden support. But in the growing season, all the same, of course, you have to do additional processing just in case. In the complex, I think, a good tool. "

Inna Arkadyevna Serykh, Krasnodar Territory

Instructions for the use of smoke bombs

Smoke has a high penetrating ability, and therefore, when using checkers in any premises, care must be taken not only for the tenants of the housing to be treated, but also for the neighbors. Most formulations have high toxicity, so for the duration of the procedure, people and pets must leave the treatment zone for at least several hours. Also from the room you need to take out indoor plants, cover the aquarium with cover slip, and tighten the slots with food film.

Используя дымовые шашки для уничтожения насекомых в помещении, позаботьтесь о безопасности жильцов


"I started the checker underground, in the garage. I had a vegetable store there. Well etched against fungi, and small insects scavenged. Before, cockroaches, lice, were running now. "

Savelyev IS, Omsk Region

The process of treating the premises with smoke bombs is as follows:

  1. Carefully shut up all the cracks, windows are closed.
  2. Checkers are placed in the center of the treated area on a non-flammable surface (stone, brick, ceramic tile or dishes).
  3. Checkers for domestic use are usually supplied in special banks. On the inner surface of such a jar there is a mark to which simple tap water should be poured. The product itself is then put into the water in a large jar.
  4. The wicks of the checkers are ignited, and the handler leaves the room as soon as possible, carefully closing it behind him. In some household checkers, nothing is needed to fire: they start to smoke just from contact with water.

В некоторых изделиях нет фитиля для поджигания - они выделяют дым при контакте с водой.

Immediately after the appearance of smoke from the room you need to exit. Smoke from one piece can last up to an hour and a half. After that, the room should be kept closed for 2-3 hours, and then ventilate and hold it in a wet cleaning.

It is very important to warn neighbors and watchmen before using the checkers. If the house has a fire alarm, they must be turned off. No way of isolating an apartment will help to prevent the exit of a part of the smoke to the front or to the neighbors through ventilation - at least the smell will be felt by everyone. Therefore, it is important that no one misunderstood caused firefighters.


"I felt very bad when I had to work with checkers. My head was spinning, and after that I got sick. Still, a harmful thing, poisonous. In the next season I want to see something new. In case of emergency, ask someone else to do the treatment. "

Anna Ivanovna, Cheboksary

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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    How does smoke affect things?

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      Horseradish. Stinks all the apartment and things. Within 3 days of stench. I bought two checkers Quiet evening for an apartment of 57 square meters. m. Fired two at once in different corners of the apartment. Result: 4 days of washing things, 5 days of ironing, 3 days of stink, the result is zero. Bedbugs both ran and ran. Although I was smoking for 4 hours.

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    Only the smell remains.

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    Is this effective?

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    Quiet evening, enough for 2 hours maximum ...

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    I lit a checker in the house underground - there were cans of preservatives. What will happen to them - did the poison get into it?

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    Can I treat the basement together with the moth-eaten potato with a sulfur checker?

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