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Remedy for bugs and cockroaches Delta Zone: description and reviews

Знакомимся со свойствами препарата Дельта Зона и особенностями его применения против клопов и тараканов.

Delta Zona is a modern microencapsulated insecticide that has a very high effectiveness against bugs, cockroaches and some other synanthropic insects. A special feature of the drug is the almost complete absence of its odor, which is important in the case of its use inside living quarters.

Delta Zone is produced by the Korean company Kukbo Science Co., LTD. The product is adapted for household use, and is sold in 50 ml vials, in which a specially prepared insecticide is contained in a highly concentrated form. Before use, the preparation should be diluted with water in the required proportions according to the instructions: one bottle, which can be bought for about 650 rubles, enough to handle about 100 m² of area.

Микрокапсулированный препарат от насекомых Дельта Зона м.к.

Due to its rather high efficiency, the Delta Zone allows you to reliably get rid of bedbugs and cockroaches by the occupants of the room. You do not need to be a professional disinfector or have special equipment to use the product - enough of a conventional household spray.

Средство позволяет эффективно избавиться от клопов своими силами, не прибегая к услугам профессиональных служб дезинсекции.

Препарат эффективен и против тараканов, позволяя полностью уничтожать их популяцию в квартире даже в тех случаях, когда другие средства не дают результата.

Judging by the responses of those people who have already observed the drug in action, often the fight against bed bugs and cockroaches ends after the first treatment. In this case, the expressed protective effect of the remedy is noted for a long time after its application.


"We had just sentences with these cockroaches - they were all over the house, crawling even right on the child! They tried to poison with all sorts of boric powders, gels - all to no avail, cockroaches are very tenacious. As a result, we bought Delta zone on the Internet, diluted and after the first treatment they asked the parasites to heat so that they were pushed out of all the cracks. Strewed from the walls like shell-shocked. Then the scoop they collected for a long time. All ventilation was closed with a grid, so that neighbors did not come. It's been three months now. "

Irina, Ekaterinburg

The active substance of the preparation of the Delta Zone and the mechanism of its action on insects

The active substance of the drug Delta Zone is a very potent insecticide deltamethrin. This substance has a contact and intestinal poisoning effect, which makes it possible to effectively destroy both blood-sucking insects (bugs, fleas) and those that do not feed on blood (cockroaches, ants, beetles, etc.)

Инсектицид дельтаметрин, химическая структура

The contact mechanism of the action of deltamethrin is based on its ability to penetrate quickly enough through the chitinous integument of an insect. Therefore, for a successful poisoning, for example, a cockroach or a bug, it is not at all necessary to force the insect to eat the drug - it is enough that the product gets on the feet or on the surface of the body. After that, the insecticide penetrates into the inner tissues of the insect and leads to its poisoning.

Contact poisoning effect of the drug Delta Zone is especially important in the fight against bugs that do not eat anything but human blood and make them eat poisoned bait simply impossible.

На фото показан постельный клоп, сосущий кровь

Penetrating into the inner tissues of the victim, deltamethrin disrupts the functioning of the nervous system, resulting in rapid paralysis and the subsequent death of the insect. In this case, the substance is not dangerous for warm-blooded organisms (and for humans as well), as it is quickly destroyed by the corresponding enzymes.

Thus, for effective destruction of bedbugs and cockroaches, it is necessary to ensure that the insecticide hits the surface of the insect body. To solve this problem, the principle of microencapsulation of the active substance was used in the development of the Delta Zone preparation - deltamethrin is in a colloidal solution in the form of microscopic capsules, which, after surface treatment and evaporation of water, remain here in the form of the thinnest layer.

With the naked eye, the active substance on the processed materials can not be seen, however, insects, running through such a surface, "get dirty" in microcapsules that adhere to the feet and body of the future victim.

In the photos below, this effect of sticking microcapsules on insects is clearly demonstrated:

Микрокапсулы инсектицида на обработанной поверхности

Микрокапсулированный инсектицид хорошо налипает на лапки, усы и тело насекомых, что сильно повышает эффективность средства.

On a note

In the instructions for use and in some catalogs the name of the drug is indicated as "Delta Zone mc." The last abbreviation just means microcapsule.

In the case of cockroaches and ants, the Delta Zone has a double effect (in addition to the contact poisoning effect is also intestinal): these insects constantly clean their paws and antennae with jaws, and the drug additionally enters them into the digestive tract. Bedbugs do not do this, however, as practice shows, their flat wide body collects much more insecticide than the cockroaches' feet, therefore, bugbin poisoning also occurs quickly enough, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

На фотографии хорошо заметно, что тело голодного клопа является очень плоским.

On a note

As already mentioned above, one 50 ml Delta Zone vial bottle after dilution is sufficient for processing approximately 100 square meters. However, it is important to understand that under the surface of 100 m² is meant not the area of ​​the apartment, but the total area of ​​all the surfaces to be treated, which includes the walls of the bedside tables, the surfaces of the sofas, the interior spaces of cabinets, etc. In general, for a typical two-room apartment, you should usually buy just two bottles of the Delta Zone. It is useful to take into account the individual features of the case: if cockroaches are present only in the kitchen or, for example, bedbugs are only in the bedroom, then sometimes there will be enough and less amount of the drug.

Advantages and disadvantages of the drug

Perhaps the main advantage of the Delta Zone is its high effectiveness against bedbugs, cockroaches and many other insect parasites and pests. Moreover, the tests of the drug by professional disinfestation services in the most severe cases of infection of apartments showed that the Delta Zone often significantly exceeds some of the analogues available on the market, and the drug can be successfully applied even in those rooms where other drugs did not have an effect on insects.

Дельта Зона уничтожает даже тех тараканов, которые успели выработать устойчивость к некоторым другим инсектицидам.

Нередко препарат применяется профессиональными службами дезинсекции при обработке жилых помещений от клопов.


"Tell me where to buy the Delta Zone in Tver? My sister from Yaroslavl called me, she says, they took all the bedbugs out of the old Mama's apartment at once, and then the mole disappeared immediately. And I have run away from all our shops and have not even heard of such a tool anywhere. And I'm afraid of ordering something via the Internet ... "

Yana, Tver

Also, the Delta Zone differs from most traditional insect control products in the absence of an odor - even immediately after the treatment of the apartment, there are no toxic aromas at all. In this case, there are many cases when apartment tenants had to simply throw out furniture that for months can store an unpleasant "medical" smell after processing the apartment by some disinfestation services or SES.

Other advantages of the drug:

  1. Prolonged action - in places where the product is not washed off during wet cleaning, it retains its effectiveness for several months. This means that even if, for example, a month after the treatment, the larvae are released from the surviving bug eggs, then they will not survive for several days with high probability.
  2. Barrier effect - the drug provides a reliable protection against the penetration of insects from neighbors (more precisely, the insects penetrate, but crossing the corresponding "barrier" in the form of a surface treated with a preparation, for example, ventilation, quickly die shortly afterwards).
  3. Absence of stains and stains on furniture in the places where the drug was applied.
  4. Safety for humans and pets. Of course, the Delta Zone is not water, but a poison for insects, however, if the instructions for use are observed, the preparation does not lead to any unpleasant sensations or signs of poisoning in humans and animals.

Барьерный эффект средства Дельта Зона обеспечивает гибель тех насекомых, которые приходят от соседей.

As for the shortcomings of the remedy, then, perhaps, the main drawback of the Delta Zone preparation from the point of view of the consumer is its price. The bottle, which is enough to handle a one-room apartment, you can buy for about 650 rubles. For many it encourages the use of much less effective, but not so expensive, such as boric acid or old fragrant Carbophos.

In addition, deltamethrin is ineffective against egg bugs (however, like all insecticides belonging to the class of pyrethroids). Although in practice this is not so important: larvae hatching from the surviving eggs quickly die, as the drug's microcapsules retain their activity on the treated surfaces for a very long time.

На фото хорошо видны яйца клопов - на них дельтаметрин не действует

Обычно через пару недель из яиц выводятся личинки клопов

Длительное остаточное действие средства Дельта Зона приводит в дальнейшем к гибели всех вылупляющихся из яиц личинок - сразу же, как они пробегут по ранее обработанной поверхности.

On a note

One of the drawbacks of the Delta Zone may be considered some difficulty in purchasing the drug. Buy it can only be through the Internet: in Moscow or St. Petersburg, the buyer will receive an order within 1-2 days, but in other regions of Russia the drug can be delivered more than a week. People who need to take out bugs as soon as possible are not always ready to wait so long.


"We tried to buy it in Rostov - it's useless, there's no Delta Zone, only by mail they send it from the store on the Internet. Well, God be with him, we do not burn. Ordered, arrived. Dissolve strictly according to the instructions, processed so that not a single millimeter of dry was left. And no smell, but really a bunch of dead cockroaches collected. Three months was beauty! So what? Then the neighbors became something of a smelly poison at home, so the cockroaches from them to us from despair crawled. They die quietly, but it seems that the war is not over yet. "

Valentin, Rostov-on-Don

Despite certain shortcomings, the set of consumer characteristics of the drug Delta Zona makes it currently one of the most preferred options in those cases where bugs or cockroaches need to be withdrawn as quickly and reliably as possible, without the unpleasant odor in the room and without the risk of poisoning yourself.

Instructions for use Delta Zone

Depending on what kind of insects are supposed to be destroyed, the Delta Zone concentrate is bred in different ways:

  1. Cockroaches, flies - 50 ml of funds for 3.5 liters of water;
  2. Bedbugs, fleas, ants - 50 ml per 5 liters of water;
  3. Mosquitoes, moles - 50 ml per 10 liters of water.

The resulting solution can be poured into a conventional household spray gun (nebulizer).

Для распыления приготовленного раствора можно использовать бытовой пульверизатор.

Then, in the event of the destruction of bedbugs and cockroaches, the following actions are performed:

  1. Access to all places of possible shelter of insects is provided - plinths, walls behind carpets (the carpets themselves should be removed from the walls), back walls of bedside tables and sofas, internal surfaces of sofas, mattresses (in case of killing bugs), shelves in storerooms and closets.
  2. Dishes, linens and children's toys should be hidden in plastic bags.
  3. All people (except the handler) and pets leave the room. If the apartment has an aquarium, then it is covered with glass.
  4. Then, from the sprayer, all surfaces are sprayed, along which insects can potentially move. The approximate consumption of the finished working solution is 50 ml per one square meter of non-absorbent surface, or 100 ml for well-absorbent surfaces. Particular attention should be paid to the boxes of doors and windows, ventilation ducts and plinths, with the removal of cockroaches - the back of the refrigerator and kitchen stove, and when removing bedbugs - mattresses and sofas.
  5. After spraying, the apartment is left so for 2-3 hours, so that the drug is dried and fixed on the surfaces.
  6. After 2-3 hours you can spend wet cleaning in the apartment (in this case, hard-to-reach places to which people and pets do not touch, it is not recommended to wipe - to maintain a long protective effect after treatment).

На картинке показаны места возможного нахождения гнезд клопов в квартире, которые нужно обработать в первую очередь.


"Thanks to the creators of the Delta Zone. Before this tool used a lot of other chemistry, from dichlorvos to kerosene, but the bugs immediately appeared again. We have half of them infected. After the application of the Delta Zone for three months, not a hint of insects, even after that we had already done the rearrangement and many times washed the whole apartment. At the same time neighbors have bugs and cockroaches, but everything is clean. Two banks used the money for a two-room apartment. "

Lyudmila Ivanovna, Kaliningrad

It should be borne in mind that bugs or cockroaches can enter the room from neighbors. Therefore, even if in your apartment the entire population of insects will be completely destroyed, but the neighbors, for example, a real bug, then, of course, the bloodsuckers will visit you regularly. Due to the barrier effect of the Delta Zone preparation, most of the bugs will die right after migration, however, in order to reliably solve the problem in this situation it is desirable to cooperate with neighbors and fight insects together.

Если клопы приходят к вам от соседей, то весьма желательно травить насекомых сообща.

Safety rules when using the tool

Despite the fact that the preparation of the Delta Zone is odorless and its active ingredient is encapsulated in microcapsules, nevertheless, work with the tool, as well as with insecticides in general, requires compliance with standard safety rules:

  1. The treatment should be carried out in clothes with long sleeves, a respirator, rubber gloves and goggles.
  2. During processing, you should not eat in the same room.
  3. If the working solution or concentrate hits the skin or eyes, rinse them with plenty of clean running water.
  4. If the room is very large, then during the treatment every 40-50 minutes you need to take a break for at least 10 minutes, during which the handler leaves the apartment for fresh air.

При работе со средством следует использовать стандартные средства индивидуальной защиты.

Increased attention should be shown to the owners of cats and cats - these animals are very sensitive to pyrethroids in general and to deltametin in particular.

Summarizing, we can say that the preparation of the Delta Zone on the totality of its indicators and characteristics is quite an interesting modern insect repellent that allows solving problems with parasites and pests even in cases when other means do not work.

If you have your experience using the Delta Zone remedy from bedbugs, cockroaches or any other insects - be sure to leave feedback at the bottom of this page.

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice tools that have shown their high efficiency:

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  1. Yuri :

    On which site to buy?

  2. Anna :

    I sprinkled the room with Delta Zona, two days later the bugs bite me, the husband and the child, what should I do? Tell me, please, no more forces.

    • Constantine :

      In all the secluded places in the apartment there can be eggs, from which the larvae hatch at the first time. They are hungry, so they will bite. Here the main thing is not to let them grow up and continue the total destruction, processing again after a week. We processed three times, each corner, and made a solution of a slightly higher concentration than indicated in the instructions. Now clean and quiet sleep!

  3. Andrew :

    Hello. Yesterday I purchased the Delta Zone. There is a suspension in the vial. Strictly according to the instructions made solution. Treated all nests and surfaces from 18-30 to 20-43. Today the wife and son are strongly bitten by bedbugs. How much do I have to endure to the full effect?

  4. Anastasia :

    Hello! We drove into an apartment with bedbugs. Within six months, we periodically process the apartment delta zone and a couple more funds (deducted that they can just get used to one remedy). So, we do not see anyone for about a month, and again they appear. Maybe we are doing something wrong? Bugs initially was not very much, they were seen sometimes at night, clothes periodically look through and overdo. Can, will advise any algorithm?

    • Anonymous :

      From neighbors to you go. Spread all the cracks and place the mesh on the ventilation.

  5. Oleg :

    Here you need to call the masters already.

  6. Faith :

    Today, Delta processed the zone from cockroaches. Everywhere they write that it is odorless ... But I really stank. What could it be?

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