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Review of effective traps for flying and crawling insects
Обзор эффективных ловушек для летающих и ползающих насекомых

In many cases, insect traps are indeed a very convenient means of controlling pests and parasites in the premises: cockroaches, domestic ants, flies, mosquitoes, and other flying and crawling animals. It is enough to establish such a trap - and the process of extermination of insects has already begun! However, in practice, the situation is not as simple as it might seem at first glance: all types of insect traps have their drawbacks, and you need to be able to choose the one that will show maximum efficiency in this particular situation ...

Remedy for bedbugs and cockroaches Delta Zone: description and reviews
Средство от клопов и тараканов Дельта Зона: описание и отзывы

The use of insecticidal drugs today is perhaps the most effective way to get rid of domestic insects. However, many tools in practice are completely ineffective, and to some of them pests and parasites quickly get used and become insensitive. For these reasons, Delta-Zone has appeared on the market - a powerful concentrated insecticide for the destruction of bed bugs, cockroaches and other synanthropic insects. Vendors promise the Delta High Efficiency Zone, a complete lack of smell and safety for humans. Is it really how good is the Delta Zone and how do those who have already tested it in action respond to the drug - we'll talk about that later ...

Insecticidal insect repellents in the home: a review of drugs
Инсектицидные средства от насекомых в доме: обзор препаратов

Insects in the house had to be looked for by almost everyone. And very often the first time an amateur disinsector with such a tool makes a mistake: either the drug does not act on those insects that live in the apartment, or it is not enough, or after processing the room, the smell in it remains for weeks so that it is impossible to live normally. Therefore, the choice of an effective insecticidal means for the destruction of insects must be approached carefully and responsibly - let's talk about this in more detail.

About electric insect killers
Об электрических уничтожителях насекомых

Electric insect killers are very popular today, primarily due to the combination of high efficiency and safety for human and animal health (because the device does not use toxic chemical insecticides). However, the practical application of such devices has a number of important nuances and features, without which the destroyer may simply not have the expected effect ...

Lamps for the destruction of flying insects
Лампы для уничтожения летающих насекомых

For the destruction of various flying insects in apartments and homestead plots today are widely used special ultraviolet lamp-traps. Such tools are very effective and easy to use, but before you buy the device, it is useful to first understand the principle of its operation and the accompanying nuances, which can affect the choice of the model that is most suitable for you. So, let's see what kind of lamps for the extermination of insects exist today and what is useful to know about their use in living conditions ...

About ultrasonic insect and rodent repellers
Об ультразвуковых отпугивателях насекомых и грызунов

Ultrasonic repellers are so popular today that with their help many people try to fight almost with all pests in a row: with insects, rodents, and even birds in the gardens. As for the manufacturers of ultrasonic repellents, some of them argue that the device will really cope with almost any “living creature” that annoys people, while others indicate that ultrasound is effective only against certain groups of insects and rodents. Who is right here? Are ultrasonic repellers universal, or do they have their limitations? And finally, how (and against whom) should these devices be used? Let's understand ...

What are insect killers and how do they work
Какие бывают уничтожители насекомых и как они работают

Anyone who has ever encountered unpleasant domestic insects in his apartment would like to have some kind of "magic" tool that allows only to install it in the right place - and forget about himself, and about domestic parasites and pests. Strange as it may seem, such means really exist: special insect killers are produced precisely in order to free a person from the need to spend his time on breeding domestic insects. Of course, there are some nuances and limitations in the operation of these products, but, nevertheless, it is really easy to remove unwanted insects with their help. Let's find out how this is done ...

Remedy for bedbugs and cockroaches Ksulat, as well as reviews of its use
Средство от клопов и тараканов Ксулат, а также отзывы о его применении

Of the modern means of bedbugs and cockroaches, which are quite convenient to use in everyday life and which give a good result, Ksulat is one of the most popular. Yes, this drug is not perfect, it, like any other means, has its drawbacks, but at the same time Xulat really works, allowing you to get rid of insects in a short time even in the most neglected cases. Therefore, those who have decided to fight with bedbugs or cockroaches in an apartment on their own will be helpful to get acquainted with the drug itself, and with the features of its use ...

Smoke bombs for the destruction of insects and reviews of their use
Дымовые шашки для уничтожения насекомых и отзывы об их применении

When it comes to the destruction of insects in large industrial premises, smoke bombs are a good alternative to quite expensive aerosols and sprays. The penetrating power of smoke is even higher than that of aerosols, and arthropod parasites and pests are destroyed even where no man can get with a sprayer - in the crevices of floors and walls, in the floor floors, in equipment. Yes, and on a fishing or picnic, this checker will reliably protect against mosquitoes and midges. We will talk further about how effective smoke bombs are at all, how they work and how to apply them correctly.

If you decide to fight insects yourself, then we recommend using only proven in practice means that have shown their high efficiency:


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