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A remedy for Soder bugs and reviews about the use of this drug

Давайте посмотрим, действительно ли средство Зондер эффективно в борьбе с постельными клопами и как отзываются о препарате те, кто уже успел испытать его на практике...

Insecticide means Sander is a Dutch drug intended primarily for the destruction of bloodsucking insects, such as bed bugs and fleas, but no less effectively used also against cockroaches, ants and other domestic insects. Due to some features of its composition and mechanism of action, the drug Zonder, relatively recently appeared on the market, quickly gained popularity not only among ordinary owners of bugs infested with bedbugs, but also among professional pest control centers.

However, is this drug really good and is there no pitfall in its application? Is the relatively high effectiveness of the remedy against the Sodder bugs with its increased toxicity to humans and how do those who have already experienced it in practice respond to the drug? Let's understand ...

Perhaps, in the first place, it is worth bearing in mind that Sounder is positioned as a preparation for professional killing of bedbugs. In other words, it is intended, first of all, for use by employees of special disinsection services dealing with the destruction of harmful insects.

Препарат Зондер позиционируется как средство для профессионального уничтожения постельных клопов.

Соответственно, препарат предназначен, прежде всего, для использования сотрудниками служб дезинсекции.

From this, two important conclusions can be drawn:

  • The drug was originally developed with an emphasis on maximum effectiveness in relation to bed bugs and other synanthropic insects. Professional disinsectors are very sensitive to the choice of drugs with which they work, and would not use an inefficient product. Each self-respecting company will use only those drugs that work for sure, and the remedy for bedbugs in this respect continues to actively gain popularity in a professional environment;
  • And the second important conclusion - the use of the drug Zonder is somewhat more laborious, rather than the use of any fully adapted for household use. Simply put, it's not Dichlorvos or Raptor popshikat in the apartment (which, by the way, often does not give a stable and lasting effect after treatment). You will have to dilute the concentrate yourself, observing the ratios specified in the instructions, and then you will need to intelligently treat the room with an atomizer. On how to properly handle the apartment from bedbugs and what nuances in this case should be taken into account, we'll talk just below.

On a note

The insecticide Zonder is produced in Holland, where the requirements for the preparation of working solutions differ slightly from those for the Russian realities. In other words, in order to persecute "Russian" bedbugs and cockroaches, in practice, a more concentrated solution of the drug is often needed, in view of the insect populations having some resistance to certain classes of insecticides.

Composition of the Sounder and its effect on bugs and other insects

A very important point from the practical point of view is the fact that the composition of the remedy from the bugs of Zonder includes three different active substances in the chemical nature:

  • Insecticide from the group of pyrethroids;
  • Insecticide from the group of organophosphorus compounds;
  • And also a substance-synergist, which enhances the effect of both of the above insecticides, while being an independently pesticide of intestinal contact action.

As a consequence, the likelihood that bugs will be resistant to three components at the same time is negligible.

В состав препарата входят сразу три инсектицида, поэтому вероятность привыкания клопов к средству Зондер практически исключена.

The insecticides used can have a contact and intestinal poisoning effect on insects. In the case of bed bugs, it is the contact action that is important, since bedbugs feed exclusively on blood, and it is simply impossible to get them to eat any poisoned bait. Meanwhile, a pronounced intestinal poisoning effect makes it possible to effectively use the Sonder tool for the destruction of cockroaches and domestic ants.

As for the contact poisoning effect, insecticides, even with simple contact with the chitinous cover of parasites, enter the hemolymph and have a nerve-paralytic effect. As a result, the bugs quickly die, and the speed of the onset of the effect to a certain extent depends on the amount in which the active substances hit the body of the parasite, which in turn directly depends on the quality of the treatment of the room.

Компоненты средства оказывают нервно-паралитическое действие на клопов...


"We had no life in the hostel from bedbugs. What only did not try, these reptiles do not take anything. At first they seem to disappear, and in a few days bites again. Sander tried, we do not have him in the city, he was taken from Moscow. Handled very carefully, watered all the cracks, where the bugs could hide. The stench was not very pleasant, but the next day everything was fine. And the bedbugs really disappeared! At first I did not believe for a long time, I thought everything would start biting again, it happened many times already. But no, it's been two months already, but you can not see bedbugs ... "

Kristina, Chelyabinsk

It is also worth noting that the Sonder device refers to so-called microencapsulated preparations: the active substances are not simply dissolved, but are in the form of minute disjointed particles forming a microemulsion. And although advertising often exaggerates the dignity of microencapsulated insecticides, it is nevertheless worth giving credit - with other things being equal, the drug works much more efficiently in this form than when the insecticide is in a true solution, without microparticles.

The thing is that after drying of the treated surfaces, the microcapsules of the preparation remain on them (provided that they have not been erased during wet cleaning). And if a bug runs over such a surface, the microcapsules very effectively stick to the paws and the parasite's body, causing after some time its poisoning due to the contact action. Moreover, often the bug manages to return to its nest back: here it contacts its "fellow", including the larvae, thus providing a kind of chain-effect poisoning effect.

На фото показан пример гнезда постельных клопов.

Thus, it can be noted that unlike some other insecticidal preparations, Sondher does not only work directly at the time of treatment, when the solution of the agent sprayed on the surface and in the air settles on insects, but also for a very long time after the treatment of the room, provided that the treated surfaces are not washed.

When processing, there is a characteristic specific odor, which, however, quickly disappears when the room is ventilated (for several hours).

On a note

It is useful to bear in mind that the remedy for bedbugs Sounder is far from being the only microencapsulated drug. These include, for example, insect agents Get, Delta Zone, Lambda Zone and several others. However, the combination of microencapsulation and combined composition is a rather rare feature of the Zonder drug, while, for example, the above preparations are single-component, that is, they contain only one insecticide (chlorpyrifos, deltamethrin and lambda-cyhalothrin, respectively).

Зондер является довольно редким примером многокомпонентного микрокапсулированного препарата.

According to the manufacturer, the residual effect of the drug Zonder persists for 5-7 weeks. This is enough not only to destroy parasites already present in the apartment, but also to provide a certain level of preventive protection of the premises from the penetration of single individuals of bedbugs from neighbors.


"We took out bedbugs with Zonder. Before this, they unsuccessfully poisoned Fufanon, they did not corrode. And when they bought Sounder, he destroyed the bedbugs at one time cleanly - only the corpses were swept away by a broom. Bedbugs start to breathe at once, while still splashing. Straight under the feet creep, behave strangely, it is clear that they are bad ... "

Pavel, Togliatti

Instructions for the use of the preparation Zonder

Generally speaking, the instruction on the use of the remedy against bedbugs Sounder looks quite standard for this type of medication. And, perhaps, the most important thing to keep in mind is not to rely too much on the formulations about the safety of the drug for humans and animals and it is absolutely necessary to use personal protective equipment (respirator, gloves). After all, no matter how the drug is safe to handle, with the active inhalation of any nebulized insecticide spray, you will not be sure of this.

При работе с любыми инсектицидными препаратами следует обязательно использовать средства индивидуальной защиты...

Further. First of all, on the basis of the purchased concentrate Zonder it is necessary to correctly prepare the working emulsion. Professional disinsectors cope with this without problems, but with the domestic application, taking into account the different levels of education of people, problems can not be ruled out: normally the product is diluted with water in a ratio of 5: 1000, that is, 5 ml of concentrate are added to a liter of water.

But how to measure 5 ml? Do not try to do this by eye glass or a teaspoon - not only will the error be too great, so there is also the risk of forgetting to wash the dishes after that. You can, for example, use a normal plastic syringe or a measuring cap.

The photo below shows a bottle of a remedy for bedbugs Sondar, just bought and not yet open:

Инсектицидное средство Zonder

Concentrate has the color of weak tea, has a characteristic specific odor. The finished solution has milky white color:

Так выглядит раствор средства Зондер после разбавления концентрата водой.

Professional disinsectors note (and this is indicated in the instructions for the use of the drug) that because of the high resistance of populations of bugs in Russian cities to insecticides, to increase the reliability of treatment, the drug should be diluted in increased concentration. Namely - use 15-20 ml of the drug, in some cases, bringing the concentration up to 30 ml of Zonder per 1 liter of water.

After the concentrate is added to the water, the solution needs to be thoroughly mixed, after which it can be poured into a regular household spray - you can use the simplest household sprinklers, including various detergents, to apply the preparation.

The resulting mixture is evenly applied from the spray to all surfaces where bugs can be hiding and through which these parasites can move. In particular, for the effective destruction of bedbugs in an apartment, the Sonder remedy should be applied in the following places:

  1. Frames of beds, sofas and armchairs;
  2. Cracks in the walls;
  3. Plinth, the bottom surface of the windowsills;
  4. Tears of wallpaper and places where they are peeled off the walls;
  5. Books on the shelves;
  6. Back walls of furniture, paintings, shelves;
  7. Carpets hanging on the walls, especially their backside;
  8. Internal surfaces of cabinets and bedside tables;
  9. Boxes of doors;
  10. Ventilation grates;
  11. Sockets.

При уничтожении клопов в квартире особое внимание нужно уделить обработке каркасов диванов, кроватей, а также кресел.

При обработке не стоит забывать про задние и внутренние стенки мебели - нередко гнезда паразитов находятся именно здесь.

Нужно также уделить внимание обработке розеток, так как гнезда клопов могут находиться и здесь.

If bedbugs were found elsewhere in the apartment, you should also apply the drug.

On a note

The instructions for the use of the preparation details all the places that need to be processed. Moreover, there is a scheme of processing in pictures, which is very convenient for self-processing rooms.

At 1 square. Approximately 50 ml of the working solution are applied to the non-absorbent surface, and 1 sq. m. m absorbent - 100 ml. To treat a one-room apartment there is enough a bottle of concentrate with a volume of 100 ml, and 1 liter of concentrate is enough to handle the average size of a private house.

After treatment, it is advisable not to wash those surfaces for 1-2 weeks to which people and pets will not touch - the rear walls of furniture, the reverse sides of carpets, etc. This will allow the agent to show its residual action and to completely destroy the bugs in the room.

Гнездо клопов в мебели.

However, it should be noted that the instruction to the preparation Zonder (as, indeed, to many other means to combat bugs) does not speak of some important points, without which all efforts to kill bedbugs can soon be reduced to zero. Let's look at these points in more detail ...

What is especially important to consider in practice when combating bugs

There are several important nuances that allow for a significant increase in the effectiveness of the use of Sonders:

  1. Even before processing the room, you should find out whether there are bedbugs in the neighbors. After all, if parasites constantly get into your apartment from neighboring premises, even the most careful treatment with an effective drug will give only a temporary result. If bedbugs come from neighbors, then you need to figure out which ones, and the treatment itself should be carried out together, preferably on the same day (sometimes all neighboring apartments - side, as well as top and bottom) are infected. Even if it was possible to agree with the neighbors (and even more so, if it was not possible), it is recommended to change the standard ventilation grille to a fine grid. The preparation of Sonder should be applied to all the ways in which bugs can enter the room - ventilation grilles, boxes of entrance doors, window frames; Зачастую единичные особи клопов проникают в квартиру от соседей...
  2. Bedbugs and their eggs can be in clothes and bed linens - all this should be washed at the highest possible temperature (even at 60 ° C, parasites are already dying). If the thing is undesirable to wash, then freezing helps - in winter you can just take things out on the balcony or on the street (the temperature should be below minus 22 ° C, only then the eggs of the parasites will be destroyed); Следует учитывать, что клопы и их яйца нередко находятся на одежде, поэтому ее следует постирать при высокой температуре.Стирку потенциально зараженной клопами одежды нужно осуществлять при максимально возможной температуре (не ниже 60 градусов Цельсия).
  3. Often nests of bedbugs are in damage and folds of mattresses. If you do not want to process them with "chemistry", then it is very desirable to go through the usual household steam cleaner (steamer). На фотографии показан пример гнезда постельных клопов в матрасе.Для уничтожения клопов и их яиц в матрасе можно провести обработку его горячим паром, например, с помощью отпаривателя.

In general, when fighting bugs, it is important not only to choose the right drug (and Sounder in this respect would be a pretty good choice), but you must also be able to correctly apply the chosen insecticide. And here the unprepared wrestlers with bugs with an enviable regularity make the same mistake.

It would seem that simply enough to process the room a powerful tool once - and all the bugs must quickly perish, and their torment can be forgotten once and for all. In reality, the situation with a strong infection of the room with bugs can be as follows: in the first few days after treatment, the bugs massively die and in fact stop worrying. However, often during the week, nightly bites suddenly return, and residents are perplexed: what is it, does the product not work, or, perhaps, a fake has been bought? And sometimes, they say, they drop their hands.

So, it is important to understand that egg bugs due to a dense protective shell are resistant to the vast majority of insecticides. Accordingly, a few days after using the drug, larvae hatch out of them, which sometimes (if not die) start biting people again. And if, at this crucial moment, no additional measures are taken to destroy the larvae, in a few weeks they will turn into adult individuals and begin to multiply, laying off new eggs.

Яйца клопов могут выживать даже после использования мощного инсектицидного средства.

Из выживших после обработки помещения яиц в течение нескольких недель будут вылупляться личинки клопов.

Личинка постельного клопа пьет кровь.

It is for this reason that in the case of a strong infection of the apartment with bugs it is highly desirable to re-treat the premises 2 weeks after the first. If Sonder is used, then the "young shoots" die to a considerable extent in the first days after hatching from the eggs - due to the long-term residual action of microcapsules remaining on the treated surfaces, but this residual effect is not always enough.

Даже если используется достаточно эффективный препарат, например, Зондер, в запущенных случаях желательна повторная обработка квартиры через пару недель после первой.

If there are doubts, it is better to process the apartment repeatedly or not, rather than relying on "maybe". If bedbugs have a chance to survive, they will definitely take advantage of it.

Can Sander be used to combat other synanthropic insects?

Generally speaking, Sounder is an insecticide that destroys virtually any insect, despite the fact that the drug is positioned primarily as a means to combat bugs . Simply put, it does not matter whether the pyrethroid and organophosphate insecticide works on the bug's nervous system or, for example, a fly or a cockroach: in any case, the insect will be quickly destroyed.

На практике средство Зондер эффективно уничтожает не только клопов, но и тараканов, блох, домашних муравьев и других насекомых.

Understanding this, it is possible to effectively use the Sonder preparation to destroy a wide variety of parasites and pests, taking into account their biology and specific behavior. For example:

  1. Cockroaches;
  2. Fleas;
  3. Ants;
  4. Moles;
  5. Hornets and wasps;
  6. Mokrits (in bathrooms and toilets, as well as in attics and cellars);
  7. Mites (on the site near the house).

And etc.

On the safety of a product for humans and pets

As noted above (and despite any assurances of advertising), Zonder, like most other insecticides, can not be considered absolutely safe for humans and pets. If large amounts of it enter the digestive tract and the respiratory tract, poisoning is possible, and if the drug enters the skin, some sensitive people may experience allergic reactions.

При работе с любым инсектицидным средством, в том числе и с препаратом Зондер, следует соблюдать определенную осторожность.

Лишь при правильном обращении с препаратом и использовании средств индивидуальной защиты Зондер может считаться вполне безопасным для здоровья человека.

Nevertheless, if you compare the Sonder product with some other insecticides targeted at professional use, it is worth acknowledging that for human and domestic animals the remedy with proper handling is relatively safe. At least, it would take a lot of "trying" to get serious poisoning: such cases are quite possible if you accidentally drink a concentrate or do not use a respirator during a long treatment of an apartment.

According to the instruction, all work with the preparation from the bedbugs of Zonder should be carried out using personal protective equipment:

  1. Rubber chemically resistant gloves;
  2. Respirator;
  3. Points that protect the eyes from getting into the drug.

It is also very desirable to work in clothes with long sleeves and a hat to protect against getting the product on the skin and hair.

On a note

Before processing from a premise it is necessary to deduce all people and domestic animals. Vases with flowers are covered with plastic bags, the aquarium is covered by a cover glass. In the aquarium it is necessary to turn off the compressor so that the air with the drug does not get into the water (Sonder's active substances are highly toxic to aquatic organisms).

After treatment, the apartment should be closed for several hours, then carefully ventilated, and the surfaces with which children and pets will contact - wash.

При использовании средства Зондер большая часть клопов гибнет в первые несколько часов после обработки.

Мертвые клопы могут быть на полу, мебели, а также могут оставаться в своих укромных гнездах.


"We used from Soulder bedbugs and were satisfied. The tool helped with one time, although we were ready to have to do the re-treatment. Bought in some kind of eco-service, the name I do not remember exactly. We took only one bottle, and it's good, because it was no longer needed. The only thing - I was a little travnulas them, the whole evening was ill, apparently breathing in the treatment, since they saved on the respirator. But the bedbugs rest all, and this is the main thing. "

Lilia, Moscow

Where and at what price can I buy a drug from bedbugs Sounder?

Buy Zonder today is easiest in online stores, because in physical outlets the drug is weak (although in rare cases it can be found on sale from companies that deal with the destruction of bedbugs and other insects).

Купить средство от клопов Зондер сегодня проще всего в интернет-магазинах...

The price of the Sander depends on the volume of the concentrate bottle:

  • 100 ml cost 1300 rubles;
  • 250 ml cost 2500 rubles;
  • 1 l - 6300 rubles;
  • 5 l (canister) - 28 000 rubles.

In most cases, customers order bottles for 100 and 250 ml. As a rule, 100 ml is enough for processing a standard one-room apartment, 250 ml - for the destruction of bedbugs in a two-room apartment when performing two-fold treatment.

It should be recognized that the price of the drug is quite high: for example, for 2500 rubles you can order disinfestation by professionals (though, Russian drugs). However, as practice shows, a thorough two-fold independent treatment of an apartment with a competent approach is often more effective than using third-party services - personal interest in a good result makes its significant contribution.

If you have personal experience using a remedy for bedbugs Sounder - do not forget to leave your feedback at the bottom of this page (in the comments field).

To the record "Remedy for bedbugs Sounder and reviews about the use of this drug" left 2 comments.
  1. Vladimir :

    In 2015, there was a problem with bedbugs ... After the call of desesluzhivaniya bedbugs disappeared exactly for 2 weeks, and then again the same problem. I read reviews on the Internet and bought Zonder. I worked on the same desesluzhu under warranty, but my drug. After processing the bedbugs disappeared on the same day and did not appear any more.

    There is nothing to compare with anything, but I really helped after another drug (I do not know what was treated).

  2. Larissa :

    A good drug. Finally got rid of bedbugs! Before, nothing helped, appeared again and again. ZONDER helped get rid of bedbugs.

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