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Ultrasonic scarring off bugs

Ультразвуковой отпугиватель

Ultrasonic scarers today are sweeping the market. Successfully applied against several groups of parasites, they acquire a wide popularity among consumers and begin to be used in general against all pests. It is not surprising that ultrasonic radiator from bedbugs today is an extremely popular thing.

But whether this deterrent works in real conditions is a separate issue, which few people seriously ask before buying.

Principle of operation of ultrasonic repeller

Initially, ultrasonic scarers were actively and very successfully used in the fight against mosquitoes. The idea behind the development of such repellents was based on scientific evidence that mosquitoes actively use the hearing for both communication and retrieval of a partner for reproduction, as well as for hazard recognition and safety. Such an alarm system in the animal kingdom is a common thing.

Thus, a mosquito pursued by a predator emits a squeak during flight, more subtle than, for example, when caring for a female or feeding. Accordingly, other mosquitoes who hear such an alarming squeak are swiftly scattered from a dangerous place.

Some of the sounds produced by insects are within the ultrasound spectrum and are not audible to humans. For mosquitoes, they are a normal communication tool.

It is interesting: similarly, mosquitoes react to ultrasound, by means of which the hunting bat probes the space. Since mice eat including mosquitoes, its ultrasonic screams are also an alarm for these insects.

Accordingly, to create an effective ultrasonic repeller was for engineers a matter of time. The frequency of mosquito anxiety was measured, after which a device capable of generating sound of the desired height was seen.

And this device really proved to be effective. But only against mosquitoes. With other unpleasant neighbors, the situation is quite different.

Why bugs are not afraid of ultrasound?

Bedbugs do not communicate with ultrasonic signals. Bed bugs have no wings that they could hum, like mosquitoes, and they do not have any other sound generation tools.

Постельный клоп и его личинка

For bed bugs in communication, finding food and avoiding dangers, the sense of smell is much more important. It is the smells in them that cause clear and unambiguous reactions. To the sounds they are quite indifferent. And ultrasound - including. Science has not been tested yet, but it is possible that the bugs do not hear it at all. As, for example, a person does not hear the sound of a bat.

Therefore, ultrasound against bedbugs does not work, and to buy an ultrasonic bug repeller is like throwing money away.

Ультразвук действует не на всех насекомых

To the note: some theorists have tried to explain the indifferent attitude of bedbugs to ultrasound in that these insects settle mainly in the sofa mattresses and under the beds. Say, ultrasound is absorbed and dulled by a mattress, and therefore does not reach bedbugs.

But recent experiments of American scientists, in which bugs directly exposed to ultrasound, showed that the presence or absence of ultrasound does not affect the behavior of parasites. Bugs ultrasound simply ignored.

Moreover, ultrasound has practically no effect on the activity of cockroaches and ants. And all for the same reason - for these fellow human co-habits, high frequency sounds are not alarm signals.

But rats and mice are sensitive to powerful ultrasound, but few devices that really help get rid of them are few.

The response: "In our laboratory, a serious company (I will not call, in order not to advertise) ordered tests of the maximum number of ultrasound agents for pest control.

Money was allocated more than the state allocates for the maintenance of the laboratory for six months. We bought rats, bought out all the instruments that we could find, conducted tests at a special test site.

By results it was found out, that from more than 30 repellers of different brands and manufacturers only 3 have appeared really effective against rats. Against bedbugs, these scares do not work. The main part of the devices is frank trash, the sellers of which use the fact that the population can not test its effectiveness before buying ... "

Nevertheless, ultrasound from bedbugs continues to be actively advertised and used by unenlightened citizens until parasites start to seriously disturb them. And it is used by manufacturers of numerous devices, actively promoting them, for example, in online stores.

Ultrasonic devices on the market

Ultrasonic devices from bugs are manufactured by Russian, Ukrainian, European and Chinese manufacturers. The most famous and popular ones are the following ...

  • EMR-21 is a Bulgarian device, has a plug for direct connection to the outlet. According to the manufacturer, it discourages almost all insects and rodents, as well as woodworms, spiders and millipedes. The price is 1350 rubles.

Response: "We tried then EMR-21. A couple of nights bugs did not bother us, and then again it all began. Maybe they got used to the sound. But that's not the point. I was killed by the fact that after the persecution of bedbugs Carbophos, the largest nest was destroyed exactly under the rosette into which the device was turned on. In short, this is a one-time thing. Really helped only by Carbophos. "

  • Typhoon LS-500 is an ultrasonic device from bugs of Russian production. In it, the developers even implemented a system of constantly changing the frequency of sound so that parasites do not have time to get used to it. The price of the device is 900 rubles.
  • Eco-Sniper 9B LS-989 - is also a Russian development, judging by the reviews - absolutely inefficient. The price is 1350 rubles. Ультразвуковой отпугиватель Эко-Снайпер

Review: "Eco-Sniper - money thrown to the wind. Unscrupulous manufacturers release unnecessary junk and earn on other people's problems. Bought for children in the hostel. Ordered through the Internet.

We were not alarmed that, according to the instructions, he frightened off everyone - and bugs, and mice, and rats. It's like they all are afraid of the same sounds. The agent did not give any result. I had to buy poisons and poison with my neighbors. Do not buy these devices, they do not work, but they are expensive. Only throw money out. "

  • UP-116T - is positioned as a repeller of only creeping insects. According to the manufacturers, it realized the possibility of not only ultrasonic repelling, but also magnetic resonance action on bedbugs. The effect of the latter does not exceed that of ultrasound. The price of the means is 1850 rubles.
  • AR-130 Smart-Sensor, a Chinese ultrasound insect repellent . Works the same as most analogues. By Chinese tradition, it costs less than anything - when ordering through the Internet, you can find offers for $ 10. AR-130 Smart-Sensor

The average price of ultrasonic repeller today is 1200-1300 rubles. For the same money, you can buy 20 bottles of proven means of insect parasites "Executioner", with the help of which the bugs will be literally destroyed, and with the right approach - they will never return.

Therefore, if insects begin to disturb really hard, you should immediately stop all experiments with ultrasound and start to take serious and more effective methods of struggle.

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  1. Yana :

    Reading this all, it just becomes interesting, and who generally consults before buying with specialists selling these devices (I agree that there are few such specialists). In order for the devices to perform their assigned tasks, i.e. banished pests, many factors affect, from the choice of the device for each individual case, the required number of devices, their combination, when to turn on the devices and when they should be turned off, and ending with the correct installation.

    That's just the right installation of devices and is the basis. Our company has been selling scares, traps, etc. for 5 years already. During this time, we have selected worthy device manufacturers, and the sale of the device always begins with the question: "Who cares about you, where do pests come from, the approximate scheme of your home" and some other questions, and only then do we advise the devices. And for all this time, believe it, there is not a single return and censure. On the contrary, the recommendations, as they say, on "word of mouth".
    So, if you are ready to spend money on devices not in vain - just get advice and listen to the recommendations of specialists.

  2. V. Semenov :

    In the world rodents, termites, bugs and other nechmst destroy up to 40% of food reserves, both in storage and in fields. This is a tremendous problem. Can you imagine the volume of losses in dollars? And if ultrasound at least somehow helped against the pests, then in each warehouse there would be generators. Attempts vparivaniya gullible buyers of miracle generators continue with varying success for already 50 years. And yet no device has shown the declared characteristics.
    All sold scarers are just a deception, flavored with pseudo-scientific chatter.

    • Lyudmila :

      Ultra-repellers - it's just cheating and bullshit, until they processed it with Get, and after Reid from bedbugs. Could return this thing to the store, but red tape with sending more, that's lying around ...

  3. Lyudmila :

    Ultrapressor does not help.

  4. Alla :

    Thanks for all the advice. I'll try to hang a plant (wormwood, tansy, air, you can chamomile). If it does not help - I'm looking for a rented apartment more decently)

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