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The use of funds from Tetrix bugs and reviews about it

Знакомимся со средством от клопов Тетрикс

Judging by the reviews found about Tetrix from bedbugs, those who are faced with the invasion of these insects in the dwelling, consider it almost a panacea in the difficult matter of getting rid of bloodsucking parasites. Let's understand, is it really the product produced in the Netherlands, has such a wonderful effect, and can its negative impact on its high efficiency?


We live in a family hostel, so recently the red marks began to appear on my husband's hands. For a long time they could not believe that they bite bugs, because he was actually allergic, there was not enough reaction. Until one night they switched on the light and did not see these parasites. In the morning their nests came in again. We decided not to waste time on trivialities and bought Tetriks on the Internet. The effect was simply otpadnym - shriveled not only bedbugs, but even flies, and then found dead cockroaches. The main thing is not to overdo it, because the remedy is rather vigorous.

Olga, Saratov

Who buys Tetriks and why?

Information on the Tetrix label from bedbugs suggests that it contains two strong poisons for insects: cypermethrin and the methyl analogue of thiophos (metaphos). Due to this, the agent has a pronounced effectiveness against any insects, combining both contact and intestinal action. Particularly well suited to destroy blood-sucking insects, which include bugs.

Благодаря метафосу Тетрикс хорошо уничтожает кровососущих насекомых и их личинки

Buy Tetrix can be in metal or plastic canisters (differ in different shelf life), as well as in glass bottles. The preparation is realized with large packages (capacity of canisters - 1 liter and 5 liters, and bottles - 250 ml). Considering the fact that the price for a remedy for Tetrix bugs is high enough (about 2000 rubles per bottle 0.25 liters), it is not always possible to use it in a separate apartment for the owners.

Тетрикс реализуется в больших емкостях

Accordingly, this preparation is mainly interested in professional pest control for large areas. Judging by the reviews on the Tetriks preparation, it can also be useful for residents of an apartment building who decided to combine their efforts in fighting bugs, or residents of remote settlements where there is no possibility to call a team of pest control centers, and even owners of animal nurseries for the purpose of fighting mites and fleas.


Despite the high cost, buying Tetrix from bugs was more profitable than calling a team to handle all the apartments of our entrance. Bought a tool on the recommendation of the service "Ecopest". After a two-fold treatment, the bugs no longer appeared in either us or the neighbors.

Oleg, Khimki

Where to find the tool

To begin with, buying an original Tetrix from bedbugs is not an easy task, as it is almost impossible to find it on a free sale. Somewhat puzzling is the fact that it is not in the register of products that passed state registration, unlike other common means from bedbugs (for example, Medilis Ziper, Fufanon).

Хотя Тетрикс снискал себе славу эффективного средства от клопов, однако купить его непросто

For those who are still seriously decided to buy Tetriks, we will show that it is easier to find it for residents of such cities as Moscow and St. Petersburg. Buy in Moscow, a remedy for bedbugs Tetriks can be on highly specialized sites like, or, which without any problems will deliver an order for the city and region.

You can buy Tetriks in St. Petersburg on the site I must say that the price of Tetriksa in all these organizations is approximately the same.

Now let's see where you can buy Tetrix residents of the regions of Russia and other countries? In the regions of Russia it is delivered (by prepayment) all the same organizations that were mentioned above. But in Ukraine to buy this drug from bedbugs is quite difficult. The only organization offering it to purchase throughout the country is at Proposals for the sale of this product "on tap" should be treated with caution, since in that case the likelihood of forgery is too high.

It is interesting

Before the pyrethroids were synthesized (in the 1970s), in the agriculture after the Second World War organophosphorus compounds (FOS) were widely used. Sufficiently unsafe for humans, they still differed more sparing effect on the environment than the previously used organochlorine compounds (DDT and hexachlorane). FOS also includes the poison gas sarin, which the Germans opened in 1938, trying to create a new pesticide. The main disadvantages of FOS are the increasing resistance of pests to them, as well as the high level of toxicity for mammals.

How safe is Tetrix?

If you carefully review the label of the remedy for Tetrix bugs, you can easily see a red square and the inscription "Danger". These signs, as well as the names of the poisons that make up it, are in fact not simply indicated - the remedy is very dangerous for non-professionals to use.

Although for cypermethrin, the composition of the preparation is characterized by relatively low toxicity in relation to humans and animals, nevertheless, the methyl analog of thiophos is a strong poison of the organophosphorus group. Thiophos and similar substances (metaphos, methylethylthiophos) can be compared to toxicity with hydrocyanic acid or strychnine. And they are absorbed into the blood very quickly.

Формула метильного аналога тиофоса - метафоса (иначе метил-паратиона)

They can only be poisoned by inhaling their vapors or after getting a large dose of poison on the skin and mucous membranes. If you do not take urgent measures for poisoning, you may even develop seizures and other unpleasant consequences. Accordingly, if used incorrectly, Tetriks is a poison not only for bed bugs, but also for people.

Determined to take care of the destruction of bedbugs with the help of Tetriks, you need to equip with interchangeable clothing, gloves and a respirator without fail, and preferably with glasses for protecting the eyes. After treatment of the surfaces affected by insects, remove the used protective equipment, wash with soap and rinse the mouth.

Перед обработкой поверхностей обязательно нужно надеть средства защиты


On the second floor we have such a family ... just horror! How the bugs got from them, it's not like sleeping at night, I can not sit on the couch. Everywhere on the Internet write about the super drug Tetriks, like he kills the bedbugs instantly. Only now it is on sale in Moscow sites, and delivery, too, must wait. In general, we did not wait, we called in our desesluzhba and signed up for processing.

Daria, Novosibirsk

How to apply Tetrix correctly?

At once it is necessary to tell, that to conduct processing of a premise should only healthy people with observance of all safety rules. Children and pregnant women can not be in the room at this time.

Лучше всего доверить обработку помещения здоровому мужчине

It goes without saying that during and immediately after spraying the drug, you should not eat or smoke. Prior to work, the spray guns should be checked for proper operation so as not to contact the poison again.

On a note

If the product does get on your skin, you should wash it off with warm water and soap, then treat the skin with a solution of ammonia (5 percent), then rinse again with water. Before washing, clothes used during processing must first be soaked in the economic (in extreme cases, food) soda, and then thoroughly rinse until the water is clear. The greenish color of water arises from the decomposition products of metaphos, which is destroyed by the action of an alkaline solution of soda.

Breed Tetriks should be strictly according to the instructions that go along with the bottle or canister. The treatment itself is carried out with a sprayer or atomizer by spraying poison on the walls, under the beds, sofas, carpets and mattresses, in all kinds of cracks and holes, ventilation grilles, on the back surfaces of cabinets, paintings, etc.

After applying the product, it is necessary to properly ventilate the room and try not to go there without a respirator for several hours. Then you need to wash the floor with water and soap and other surfaces with which you can contact a person or pets.

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  1. Sema :

    You can not find anything more powerful than Tetriks! Believe me, I live in a hostel, I know a lot about bugs and cockroaches. :)

  2. Angela :

    Long fought with bugs! That only did not try, there was a real panic, depression, apathy) "Tetrix" etched the first time, it turned out all quickly and simply. Super powerful poison!

  3. Ivan :

    Tetriks is banned for sale and use on the territory of the Russian Federation, after frequent cases of poisoning, just for information.

  4. Vasilisa :

    Tell me, Vanya - how do you know such stupid things ?! Do you sit somewhere and specially fix such poisonings ??? Nukas, at least one case to voice. And then we have already harvested our own tetris for five years - and nothing.

  5. Denis :

    Where can I buy this tetriks?

  6. Anonymous :

    Just got started, help. Need an address or phone.

  7. Shred :

    Tell me, please, where to buy it?

  8. Andrew :

    Only Tetrix! No sanepidem will help (we 4 times invited them). Do not skimp on this. Bedbugs very quickly multiply and they are extremely tenacious. About 4 months, we could not get these parasites out. I bought all sorts of superdichlophos, raptors and other means! Have thrown out a sofa. They mutilated the apartment. Nothing. NOTHING, except Tetrix will not help you!

  9. Summin A.V .:

    Etched somehow tetriksom, dropped by the entrance (except for two apartments, which in principle do not need anything, if only they were not touched). They bought a liter keg of aluminum (it's like it was not a fake, they said it was in an aluminum container). In short, enough of this liter behind the eyes and I think even on the floor of the entrance is enough. Bedbugs as the wind blew! Neighbor also found a dead manock, the wife is more faithful, says a little consciousness did not lose))

  10. Anonymous :

    I'm selling tetrrix 0.5 l as superfluous, a great tool, etched all the critters from the first time.

  11. Irina :

    Where to buy this Tetrix? The whole Internet rummaged (

  12. Elena :

    Where can I buy?

  13. Inga Shabanova :

    I really want to try this tool for the destruction of bedbugs (Tetriks).

  14. Vakhtang :

    Good day! I want to order Tetriks in a large capacity. How much does it cost, how to do it?

  15. Kira :

    It is very necessary such a miracle means. Tell me where to buy?

  16. Tanya :

    Tired already to fight, money wasted in the SES. Also waiting for an answer, where to buy Tetrix. Please help, who knows!

  17. Svetlana :

    Everyone writes about a miracle remedy, but where to buy are silent.

    • Natasha :

      Through the Internet, there you pay and mailed. Good luck!

  18. Zarina :

    Where and on what site can I buy?

  19. Zarina :

    3 times called a specialist, does not help (

  20. Svetlana :

    I never thought that I would "get" into such a batch ... Neighbors from the 3rd and 4th floors all inaudibly followed the bugs in turn. I was horrified when there were bites, I thought, an allergy, I took pills a week in a row. Then she found a bug on the wall, it turned out to be a bug. Horror, the 21st century! I talked to my neighbor and found out that this was in the whole house. Those who withdrew, just used the means "Tetriks", SES did not help!

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