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Agent Executioner for the destruction of bed bugs

Средство против клопов Палач

At the market of household insecticides today there are at least fifty drugs that are effective enough in the fight against bugs. Each of them has its own merits and demerits, which provides certain problems of choice for customers who first encounter the need to bug bugs. And of many drugs the remedy for the bugs The hangman today is, perhaps, one of the most popular.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. The drug is a modern remedy. Executioner from bedbugs appeared on the Russian market only in 2013, and thanks to its effectiveness and advertising, the manufacturer has gained popularity among consumers.
  2. Means against bugs The hangman is really effective. He has more powerful competitors, but when choosing a poison for insects, you need to consider not only the effectiveness of the active substance. After all, ease of use, safety for people and animals - these factors are also very important.
  3. The drug from bugs The hangman is harmless to humans and pets. Not absolutely, of course, it is safe, but still has not caused poisoning.

In addition, the manufacturer and its Russian distributors have tried their best to make the Executioner available. The price of one bottle of it is 70 rubles, and this amount will be enough to handle, for example, one sofa.

Флаконы препарата Палач

To fully process the apartment will require a greater amount of the drug, but in any case, buy the product in virtually any major city or, even more, via the Internet - not a problem.

Structure of the preparation

Composition of the product The executioner was developed by German manufacturers, and was tested in the laboratory before being put into production.

The basis of the drug was a 25% solution of a complex organophosphorus substance called Fention, which is one of the most effective insecticides. Getting with the air into the body of an insect, it paralyzes his nervous system and in a few minutes leads to death.

In relation to humans and domestic animals, Fenthion is far from toxic. It can be characterized as a medium-toxic substance.

Use the product Executioner from bugs should be followed with the necessary security measures.

Instructions for the execution of the Executioner

One bottle of the Executioner is designed for breeding in 0.5 liters of water. Since the executioner is released in liquid form, the water temperature for breeding does not matter.

Dilute the drug preferably immediately in the vessel from which the spray will be made. In the stores for home goods, you can buy a special small spray for these purposes.

Простой пульверизатор

Besides, the manufacturer of means of the Executioner offers the same capacities with small pumps connected to them and sprinklers. In general, they are convenient enough and are most adapted to fight bugs: they have a long and thin tip that allows you to inject the drug solution into the openings between the furniture or the folds of the sofa.

However, in the domestic environment, there is no need to buy a whole set of equipment for one-time treatment of the premises. The executioner is enough to dilute in an ordinary bottle from any windshield wiper. From Mr. Muscle, for example, or Wedge. From the bottle, the cap is removed, water is poured and, in accordance with its volume, the required amount of the Executioner dissolves. After this, the cap returns to its place, and the tool can be used.

If necessary, to handle 2-3-room apartment should take just 20-25 bottles of the Executioner, which is enough for careful processing of all rooms and furniture.

Палач от клопов

One bottle of concentrate (or 0.5 liters of ready-made solution) is enough to process approximately 5 square meters of surface.

When buying a wholesale consignment of the Executioner, the cost of each bottle will be lower. Therefore, it is very convenient to cooperate with neighbors who also suffer from bedbugs.

Before processing the room, it is necessary to close all windows and doors in it. This will ensure a more pronounced effect of the remedy. It is also desirable to use a gauze bandage on the face or a respirator.

Beginning to process the room is necessary from the places where the insects are most likely to hide - beds, sofas, plinths, spaces behind cabinets and bedside tables. Furniture is desirable to move from the usual places and process the floor under it. Also processed are bedding, mattresses, blankets and pillows, carpets (especially those that hang on the walls).

Клопы на матрасе

It is advisable to spray interior spaces of cabinets and clothes, which after such treatment will be enough to wash once. It can contain eggs of bedbugs, and without treatment it will later become a source of repeated infection.

For complete confidence in the effectiveness of self-disinfestation Executioner it is desirable to process balconies, even if they are not glazed, sockets, having previously turned off electricity in the apartment, and window sills. Spray the ventilation holes and the vestibule well.

If an apartment is infected with bugs, they will start to appear from shelters already during the processing. They can not be pressed at this time, as they will still die from the drug, and the mechanical struggle with them will only take your time.

After processing the entire room, it must be closed and left for 6-8 hours. After returning, you should arrange a draft, a good airing of all rooms and wash clothes. If the room is processed intensively, it can smell the Executioner, which disappears after airing.

Use the Executioner repeatedly is usually not required (enough re-processing after 4-5 days after the first - to destroy the larvae emerging from pristine eggs). Unlike many other drugs, the Executioner does not lead to the development of resistance to it in bedbugs. What this means: insects regularly encountering small doses of insecticides, for example - living near neighbors and not deceased after one treatment of the room, develop mechanisms for neutralizing the substance in the body, and after a certain time many means can cease to act on them. Therefore, if once the apartment has not been processed carefully enough, or the insects have returned from the neighbors, it is necessary to carry out a second treatment by another means. With regard to the means of the Executioner - resistance to it in bedbugs is not produced, so the use of other drugs will not be required.

Security measures when using the Executioner

The drug hangman has some toxicity and for warm-blooded. Not very significant, but enough to lead to a deterioration of the handler's state of health when the safety measures are not taken.

On a note. The daily dose of the main component of the Executioner, Fenthion, for a person is 0.007 mg per kilogram of body weight. The fatal dose is about 250 mg per kilogram of body weight.

When processing a room with the help of the Executioner, all tenants, except for the handler, need to leave the premises. The treatment itself lasts 2-3 hours, and in addition to 8 hours the apartment or house will have to stand with closed windows and doors without tenants.

The handler should wear gloves and a respirator (or a cotton-gauze dressing) before starting spraying the apartment. It is not recommended to stay in this room without special need until its full aeration.


Dressed clothes and bed linens must be washed before re-use at the highest possible temperature. Those things and household items that have not been processed, preferably before the fight with bugs should be attributed to dry cleaning, and after it - to pack in hermetically sealed packaging. Unpack them should be after the fight with the bugs.

Pets must also be removed from the premises for the duration of the treatment. At the end of the treatment, they can be run into the house, after washing the floors.

The active components of the drug hangman are quite unstable in the air and with good ventilation the rooms disintegrate within 24 hours. Therefore, airing the apartment will protect all its residents from the possible toxic effects of the drug.

Despite the novelty on the market, the drug hangman has already been tried by many residents of Russia and CIS countries. Their feedback is the most reliable source of necessary information and answers to many questions. Therefore, it is worth to get acquainted with them separately.

Reviews about the preparation of the Executioner

I do not know how we got bugs. At first she sinned on an allergy, but when her daughter had typical bite marks, she began to look for them in the apartment and found several colonies at once. I tried to poison them with various sprays, but this did not give a special result. I was advised to order a remedy for the bugs The executioner, immediately bought 20 bottles. This was enough to the first time to process 4 carpets and three sofas in an apartment for 64 square meters. meters, as well as things from cabinets. By the way, after processing I put things in plastic bags, tied them, and after a few hours I took them out and loaded them into the washer. After 4 days, I processed the sofas and carpets, this required 8 bottles. After that, I never saw bedbugs in the apartment and no one bites us.

Olga, Ufa

As soon as we began to process the apartment with the Executioner, the bugs came literally from all the cracks. The apartment had a slight smell, but we opened the windows and it quickly disappeared. Before that, tried Carbofos, different aerosols, but the sense of them was not special. And then after the first time there were no bugs in the apartment at all. A great tool!

Inna, Kharkov

I have never seen bedbugs until one client brought me a system block with this infection. Already on the first night they povylazili and began to bite me. I thought that mosquitoes, and therefore missed the moment and they multiplied. I tried almost everything, and the most expensive, and the cheapest aerosols and all kinds of stains, but they did not act on bedbugs at all. Then he bought a hangman in the garden center and, with a simple splash from Mr. Muskul, processed the whole apartment, closed the windows and doors and left the sauce for a day. After that, he only ventilated the apartment, and for almost half a year, he had never seen bedbugs. By the way, I advised the Executor to the client who brought me the system man, and he also helped him. So I advise him and you.

Ilya, Pushkin

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  1. Catherine :

    Please tell me where you can buy this product?

  2. nsns :

    The drug Palach must be bought only on official websites ( or, in order to avoid fakes and always check the holograms on flakonchikah. You can order on the site http: // Addresses of shops and contact numbers of representatives are indicated in the paragraph: "Where to buy" in the header of the site - http: // After applying the remedy, leave your reviews.

  3. Eugene :

    The hangman bought, he coped well with the task. Klopov for a long time did not see, processed 2 times under the instruction. Before that than just did not poison, did not help. Thank you hangman. Super means. I advise!

  4. Maria :

    It's just salvation, and in my opinion, it's the only one that is affordable and effective. I ran into bugs 7 months ago. They appeared suddenly and in large numbers. At me one-room apartment in which I live with the small daughter (1,6 year). They attacked with the onset of darkness and before dawn. I did not sleep for 8 days and 9 nights, I fought them manually. Overnight killed from 30 to 250 individuals. Until I found this site and ordered the Executioner. Tried other means, but the effect is zero. Very pleased with the understanding and care of employees. All the time they called and worried received or did not receive the facility. One bottle was enough for processing one room. But even the cockroaches in the kitchen disappeared. Now I remember this all as a nightmare. Thank you, my dear, that they saved me and my daughter from this horror !!!

  5. Sasha :

    Hello. During the processing of room indoor plants, plants where to remove or you can leave?

  6. nsns :

    Hello. The drug is safe for plants and pets.

  7. janar Kazakhstan :

    Thank you guys. Super means. But we bought in Kazazstan in a hardware store and the bottle was plastic as on the site. In the beginning I doubted I was afraid that there would be a fake. MEANS OF PALACES helped. THANK YOU…

  8. Tee :

    Can you find this tool in Paris? If so, where? Thank you.

  9. denis :

    hello and the technique to clean or not when the room is processed

  10. nsns :

    Hello! Technique and flowers are not necessary to clean.

  11. Ivan :

    Hello, is it possible to spray the inside of the mattress to wash it accordingly, not to succeed, can I use it after this?

    • nsns :

      Hello! Inside the mattress, there is no point in sprinkling, treat it superficially. Wash the mattress is not necessary.

  12. Cadria :

    Thank you, the tool is super, it helped us a lot. We tormented for half a year, how to buy an apartment. The apartment was processed by the executioner, and they were not like them. Now we sleep peacefully.

  13. aygul :

    Hello, you can process the child's things and you can still splash your head and body because all the time it seems that the bug is running around the body. there are bugs at home.

  14. nsns :

    Hello! Aigul means to use it for its intended purpose. You can not splash on your head and clothes. Bedbugs do not run around the body, do not wind yourself. Make the treatment of the apartment according to the instructions and get rid of the bugs 100%. Buy or order the tool The executioner can be found on the site http: //

  15. Aydin :

    This is just a super tool, I used to be using all means against bugs, I already stopped believing that someday I would get rid of them but the hangman saved me from bedbugs believe and use I am very happy thank you

  16. back :

    hangman, yes hangman

  17. Dina Zilberman :

    Lived up to 30ty years old called. The apartment was completely renovated, cleaned everything under concrete, in general, in an updated apartment, in which there was not a single parasite, brought soft furniture with new tenants. Paradox. But they only bite me. The guy, his mother and grandmother did not even believe me, until I caught them and did not show these bloody bedbugs. In general, every day I wake up in bites, how it got sick, it all itches. They poisoned some thing from Auchan, it was naught. The executioner advised me, tomorrow I will poison. I hope that helps ...

  18. Fanya :

    Everything splattered The executioner did not find a single living thing! I collected corpses all over the apartment! Thank you!

  19. Anara :

    Hello! We processed a 3-room apartment with 15 bottles of executioner. In a week I will process repeatedly, but the result is already on my face - there are no bites and found a dozen dead bedbugs. The executioner is really very effective!

  20. Lyudmila :

    I can not wait for the execution of the Executioner to eradicate these reptiles.

  21. Anastasia :

    Sister raised a panic, they say, bedbugs on the couch. I inspected the sofa, pushed the pillows away - I did not find anyone. Tell me, can you somehow know the presence of bedbugs? They did not bite me, did not see me in the eye, the cat on the couch was sleeping peacefully. What should I do?

    • nsns :

      Hello! Anastasia, in order to make sure that you have got bugs, they need to be found. In your case, I would advise you to carry out prophylaxis with a means against the bugs of the Executioner. The product does not leave stains, quickly erodes and perfectly destroys bedbugs. Buy or order a remedy for bugs The executioner can be found on the site http: //

  22. eva :

    We moved to a new apartment, a week later the child woke up with bites, I had a panic! What to do? On the Internet I came across a means "executioner", called, I was explained how to breed, poison, in general, a week later, the remedy came by mail. I poured almost a sofa on which I was biting a child and very carefully processed the entire room, the rest of the room was processed according to the instructions. The smell is there, by the way the husband did not even cough, but I just turned out, BUT for the sake of the calmness of the child you can tolerate! Today the fourth night the child wakes up without bites! I'm afraid to jinx it, but in my opinion we got rid of these reptiles! Thank you very much for the tool and understanding, I called both during and after processing! There are two more questions: do I have to process again and how do I process a non-residential, contaminated apartment? (The second month there nor who does not live)

  23. Tatyana :

    Tell me, how much is the executioner? I found one bug on the couch, processing in all rooms or in the one I found?

    • nsns :

      Hello! Tatiana, the cost of the means The executioner is listed on the site http: // , in the contacts section there are cities in which you can buy the product, you can also place an order in the mail.

  24. Victoria :

    Thank you Palacio! He saved our family! All done as it should. They left for the night. In the morning on top of the sofa found dead, under the sofa on the floor, too, were corpses. We processed everything very well, after a week we made a re-treatment, and now we no longer have bugs. Thanks again! Very effective drug.

  25. Misha :

    Where can I buy a hangman in the city of Atyrau Kazakhstan please tell me?

  26. Alexey :

    Hello, on Saturday carefully processed the whole apartment, hoping, as promised, that we will not see them anymore, but within three days we find half-dead bugs of different sizes. Tell me, why does this happen?

  27. Vitaliy :

    Bedbugs are. I tried the Turkish aerosol, garbage, povylazili from the cabinets on the walls, live. By the way, I caught one and dropped a drop of medical alcohol on it with 96%. The cloak immediately went to sleep. Who prompts, will the effect be from alcohol?

  28. Tatiana :

    In the room there are 2 cupboards with books. How to handle them?

    • nsns :

      Books need to be reviewed for bugs, then to process the cabinet.

  29. Vladimir :

    Good afternoon!

    A couple of weeks ago, my girl began to complain about the itching pimples on her body. I several days claimed that this is an allergy, because At me all was excellent or different. In three or four days, tears began ...
    After talking with the neighbors, I found out that the former neighbor had been hawking the bedbugs on the sly, she called her neighbor - she told me how she spent nine months with her husband and children at night and they tried a lot of money and several times called for service. As a result, she said that the only thing that helped them was the tool "Executioner". I bought 23 bottles, poured a room around the perimeter (with a sprayer) and a sofa, in addition, with the same solution (3 bubbles per 1 liter of water) injected "vnutremyshechno" on the sofa. Treated all surfaces to the maximum.

    A day passed - we spent the night without bites. Today the second one - without bites. At the weekend I will re-process - to destroy newly hatched larvae. Oh, yes, before laying out the clothes, I laid them out on the bags before splashing every thing and tied it for 8-12 hours.

    Question No. 1: What is the duration of the execution of the executioner, do bugs die after contact with the dry surface treated?
    Question number 2: in my room the floors are arranged as follows: the floors are lagged, the Soviet parched wood is parquet, the fiberboard pieces and then the linoleum. Will the "Executioner" kill these creatures with a surface treatment of the floor, because? I did not find other places of their dwelling.

  30. nsns :

    Good afternoon. Vladimir, means The executioner has a prolonged effect for 2 weeks (residual effect). In the parquet you need to process all the cracks. Re-treatment is carried out 5-7 days after the first, as bedbugs leave eggs.

  31. Eugene :

    I do not have a camp for these bedbugs! In addition, I brought it to my mother and now she also has this contagion! Help kv 1 room where do not spit everywhere bugs :( How to find you? I live in Yekaterinburg. Last hope for the Executioner.

    • nsns :

      Good afternoon. Eugene for the processing of your one-room apartment, the expense of the executioner will be approximately 15 bottles taking into account preventive treatment in a week. To buy the original tool The executioner in your city, as well as in other cities, you can on official websites - http: // or http: //

  32. Elena :

    They rented a room in a communal apartment after finishing their studies at the University and long dwelling in a student dorm. Half a year on the new site was all good. Although, the room, of course, so-so - the old foundation, parquet cracked with huge slits and ancient wallpaper. Half a year everything was fine. And then began the nightmarish invasion of these insects. In the next room, they made repairs, removed the floor and, I think, it was the reason for our torment, which lasts for the second month. The bugs began to crawl. First, they liked the sofa, they were found by a "specialist" from the SES, immediately called the master from this office. He etched the room (12 square meters) in 5 minutes. and the same night we again began to eat, summoned again and retired to spend the night in a hotel. We returned in a day, and these reptiles are sitting on our mattress and kicks. But we were told that, they say, within 10 days bugs can appear. And they appeared not dead and not even half-dead, but quite cheerful, active and biting. We decided to buy PALAC. They got it in St. Petersburg. We bought 10 bottles in our small room. Sprained for 2 hours. With a fright they were literally flooded with the whole area: floors on the cracks, skirting boards, wallpaper, ceiling, rosettes, everything is shorter! All things - clothes, books, computer with speakers. Things are over packages and sour for a few days. It took 5 days, live bugs can not be seen, but the dead found pieces 10 under the sofa and near the baseboard. According to the instructions they must be etched repeatedly. We, of course, will process the room again, but the result is already on the face. The tool really works.

  33. Roman :

    Hello. Wanted to find out whether this product is safe for pets? It's just that my half-year-old cat lives, but there's nowhere to put it, so I'm worried. Where can I buy it?

  34. Alex :

    I have a few questions:
    1. Does the hangman kill cockroaches?
    2. How many vials for treatment and prevention of a house of 6x8 with a veranda a little less are necessary? And do I have to work on the attic?
    3. How many flasks are needed for treatment and prevention of a 3-room apartment?
    4. In the house is not painted board, it is normal then the impregnation will lie down?
    5. Dishes then something special to wash or ordinary dishwashing will go?
    6. Aquarium with fish should be removed for the duration of treatment? Do not die?
    Thank you in advance for your answers, it is also advisable to number them.

    • nsns :

      1. The executioner destroys bedbugs, cockroaches, ants, ticks and other insects.
      2. Your house will need 15-20 bottles with 2 treatments.
      3. For the complete destruction of bedbugs or cockroaches in a 3-room apartment you will need 20-30 bottles of the executioner.
      4. The executioner will not leave a trace after processing.
      5. Dishes at the time of processing, put in closets or cover. Conventional funds are suitable for washing dishes.
      6. Always close the fish tank with fish, if possible, clean it in another room.
      There will be questions, please contact.

  35. Ilya :

    Spent bedbugs, it took three days, found a bunch of dead bugs, 20m2 took seven bottles. I will repeat the treatment after 5 days as indicated in the instructions. The tool works.

  36. Natalia :

    Hello, and we too were caught in such trouble. I ordered Palach waiting with impatience, I have a question - we have a dog, and to give it is not where will this drug affect it?

    • nsns :

      Hello. The drug is safe for pets. Before using the executioner, be sure to read the instructions.

  37. Hope :

    We bought a hangman to see how he works from bedbugs. We really hope for it!

  38. Irina :

    Thanks for the responses!
    We moved to a rented apartment and there was a problem with bedbugs. I will try your drug. Be sure to write a comment.

  39. Irina :

    Hello!!! As promised I write your review! They ordered the executioner's tool, honestly thought that it would not help and, as always, such an advertisement. BUT hangman coped with bedbugs from 1 time even to repeat did not have a dressing. The smell is not strong, there was nothing left on the furniture, if the bugs were sprayed on the bug, when they came home from the treatment, no trace. All perfectly! They found dead bugs under the couch. It's been 3 weeks, no more bugs, no bites either. In general, the result is very satisfied. Bedbugs are more with us !! Hooray!!! This tool really does not regret it.

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