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Reviews about the tool Executioner from house bugs

Палач от клопов и других насекомых-паразитов

No matter how efficiently the agent from the Bludgeon bugs is promoted in the Russian market, the real people's comments about him always cause the greatest confidence. Indeed, due to its effectiveness, this insecticide has already won a certain popularity. And given the low toxicity and ease of independent use, he has every chance to become the main weapon against bugs for most Russians.

Below are a few reviews of ordinary people who used the executioner to combat bed bugs.

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"And in our summer cottage cooperative bugs are poisoned in the old fashion, denatured or vinegar. I did not start mocking myself and at the beginning of the holiday I brought the box of the Executioner. Fifteen bottles were enough for the whole cottage with beds and an attic. Treated, corked everything, went home, a week later swept with a couple of kilograms of bedbugs and spent the entire holiday without a single bite. Now almost all the neighbors have also been put to death by themselves. "

Review by Evgeny Popov, Moscow

"A good remedy, it helps. Before this, they raided Reid and somehow without much success. And with the Executioner instantly, all the bedbugs rest. True, he was four times more expensive. "

Review of Marina Us, Nizhny Novgorod

"They summoned a brigade of pest control to the house. Half an afternoon they were splashing the apartment. They said that the Executioner. Previously, we used Microfos, and now we switched to the Executioner. They say that's why it's so expensive. But bedbugs really did not remain. "

Review by Eugene, Saratov

"This fellow brought me this muck in a suitcase. One night he stood by me, but the parasites managed to reach the sofa. In short, a real tin started in a month, I walked like a windmill. I bought the executioner, dissolved, as stated in the instructions, poured a bottle of spray into the bottle, went around the whole apartment, worked the sofas, bed, carpets, a closet. Then, just to be faithful, he just popped into the air, closed the windows and left for four days. All died, even cockroaches. He took them out, cleaned them up and for several months had not seen a single bug. To the comrade who brought them to me, he advised me, he also put them to death by the executioner. A good remedy ... "

Review of Alexander, Vinnitsa

Домашние клопы в матрасе дивана

"The executioner is very expensive. Carbofos or Tetrix is ​​much cheaper. But the Executioner does not smell and after a few hours loses toxicity. So on the package it is written. When I worked on my mother's apartment, I was still surprised by the lack of smell. The same Carbophos stinks impossible, but this one is like water. But when the sofa splashed bedbugs from there in crowds ran out. I poisoned them, and my daughter picked them up with a vacuum cleaner. "

Review by Alla Mironova, Melekino

"In my trips I took several different drugs, and the Executioner of all proved to be the most effective. In Tae there is still a vigorous thing with an incomprehensible name in a small yellow bottle, so it is not that the bugs - butterflies per kilometer mow. But it stinks so much, so that it does not give you any sleep. A hangman does not have a smell at all. "

Review of Dmitry Pastushenko, Moscow

"A very good agent of the Executioner. Only once he poisoned them. More bugs were not ... "

Review of Anna, Pushkin

" Trapped the executioner at home with bedbugs . Everyone was breathless, even a moth in the closet. Mother said, so she now sprinkles her roses with parasites. He says it turns out cheaper than some imported Polish drug. "

Review of Mikhail

"The hangman was working on two apartments simultaneously, his and his neighbor's. Everything was done according to the rules, as written in the instructions. Only neighbors have bedbugs, but we do not. Rather, they appeared, but in a month. On the Internet they wrote that after the execution of the Executioner eggs can remain alive. I had to poison again, only with us. More bugs were not seen. I recommend this drug. "

Review of Anna K.

"Our problems started right after settling in a hostel. I do not know how they disinfected it, but the bedbugs went there, like on the boulevard. Every week I poisoned them, but they crawled from the neighbors. Always used the executioner, my mother used it once. Four jars are enough for the room. It turns out, on a jar from the person. Even swore with neighbors, persuaded them to drain. But we have guys on each side, they are all on the drum, and on top - the Chinese, so they do not understand anything at all, what are you saying to them. In short, they wrote a complaint from several rooms to the commandant, he gave permission for the pest control, only demanded to do it on their own. I wrote the order on the hostel, everyone bought the banks, they put them down. Now it's been six months since there are no bedbugs. I hope for the summer will not get hold of. "

Review of Alena, Kemerovo

"We tortured the Sobdepov base camp with the executioner. Investors bought out the whole camp, and we cleaned up. 17 houses of 6 rooms, and ALL with bedbugs! Old mattresses stupidly burned, parquet when raised, they are there, as the ants swarmed. A nightmare, as people in this is not what to rest, just could live! I was sick when I saw these pictures. 20 thousand spent on the Executioner, several packages were taken. The sanitary service in general bent 60. In a week five people processed all the houses. It was two years ago. After that, neither tourists, nor cleaners bedbugs have not met, but in the winter in the prevention of permanent freezing rooms. If it were not for the Executioner, maybe the base would not be raised. Money really was the last. "

Review of Julia, Saki

"They called the sanitation service three times !!! The money was huge. And the last time together with the neighbors. And to sense? Bedbugs return in a month. When there was no money left for them, they bought the Executioner, etched, and generally forgot about bedbugs. Very good tool. To whom these insects spoil life, do not even try something else. Just remember, immediately pshikaite entire apartment, furniture, even curtains. Now I'm trying to get money out of the ambulance station ... "

Review of Oksana, Zalenodolsk

Edit Warnings

No matter how effective the Executioner is from bedbugs, reviews about him do not provide an opportunity to fully compose a picture of its use and even more so - security measures.

To use the executioner it is necessary to dissolve it in water in the ratio of 1 bottle of hangman to half a liter of water. For surface treatment with a ready-made mortar, it is convenient to use any container from home chemistry, on which there is a sprinkler - dishwashing detergents, windshield wipers, cleaning agents for toilets.


  • The product must be treated as many surfaces as possible, including underwear, clothes, books, carpets, rosettes, plinths and linoleum edges. On how carefully the apartment will be processed, it depends on whether the bed bugs are completely destroyed.
  • It is advisable to use rubber gloves, as much as possible closed clothing and a cotton-gauze dressing during processing. In general, the Executioner is quite low-toxic to humans, but in some cases it can cause allergic reactions and breathing disorders.
  • All inhabitants of the apartment, including pets, must be removed from the premises during the treatment. Aquariums should be covered with coverslips and turn off the compressors.
  • The execution of the Executioner is carried out with closed windows and doors, as the drug is rapidly decomposed in the fresh air. After processing it is advisable to close the apartment and wait a few hours. Then the room is thoroughly ventilated, wet cleaning is carried out, the remains of dead insects are removed from the sofas and mattresses, and clothing and bed linen are thoroughly washed.

And the last thing: if bedbugs are in the apartment, you need to find out how it happened. If the parasites came from neighbors, then the executioner should be carried out together with them, which guarantees protection against repeated contamination of the room with insects.

Leave also your opinion about the use of the remedy against the Bugabooer Executioner.

To the note "Reviews about the tool Executioner from house bugs" left 48 comments.
  1. Elena :

    A removable room in a communal apartment, practically in the center of Moscow! a few months of quiet life, and now .. started ... !!! spring .. It all began with me, woke up with incomprehensible bites, my husband did not even have a hint of any bites! originally sinned on an old sofa in which someone was wound up .. until she found a black-and-brown insect, splashed with blood, when she crushed .. the sofa was mercilessly thrown out, the room was washed, and everything was examined, but more insects were not found. a weak hope for extinction)) but it was not there .. she began to see bedbugs (and that it was they who did not doubt the doubts, collided in children) more and more often .. tried, of course, to fight with sprays, different, contagious, some were given a short-term result! a natural desire-a cause SES, or another service, just to end this nightmare! But here again, BUT! if you call a service - you need to poison the whole apartment! turned to neighbors, neighbors have no bedbugs! AS????? If I even find a nest from time to time, already in a new couch !!! The call to SES was also not happy .. Not only should the apartment be left for a few days, so also the house is an old, communal apartment, they give a guarantee only when processing all the risers !!!! And what's the point of poisoning the entire riser, if we can not even process the whole apartment !! I searched for exits on the Internet .. I was ready to buy a tool, pour it all the room, but no one gave a guarantee for the result! And somehow I came across a forum where they said - in the Gardener you can find everything! ... I do not know the name of the seller, and even more so the numbers of the pavilion where the Executioner was sold to me, at what was sold at an overpriced price, and assured that 5 bottles - it will be enough to process a one-room apartment ...))) Confidently grabbing the purchase, even without reading the instructions, flew home ... The processing was afraid of no less than sleeping at night !! how to be in the apartment? (And we have nowhere to go) and that but it turned out not so scary)) it turned out that the remedy was almost odorless, can be processed with open windows .. only it was very small .. but I had enough to complete the treatment of the sofa, and the back of the prerevolutionary wall, to which we divided the room into a bedroom and an antechamber .... I did not expect such an effect .. in half an hour after the treatment they got out so much ... and big and small ... and absolutely crumbs! It was really scary! BUT! The first night in half a year I slept almost peacefully! Since then 4 months have passed! I did not do the re-treatment, during this time I saw only one half-dead bug, and then, literally a week after spraying! While this horror resembles only black specks on the couch))) even if this rubbish reappears in my life - I know how to fight them! EXECUTIONER!!!!

  2. rustam :

    I'm with Aktau. What just did not try. how much spent to get rid of bedbugs, for a normal sleep. an acquaintance sang the executioner. bought 5pcs for interest, and first used 2pcs. and from the rezulutata I was in shock. they just climbed half dead with their necks. we just podmitta collected them in a heap. I am pleased with the executioner

  3. tamine :

    the executioner must be processed as written. each mm. and all that is in the house. will breathe to the great joy of 100%. I almost danced with happiness after returning home in the morning and seeing a bunch of corpses. but at night they began to bite me back and on the bed I found a couple of dozen of these reptiles. It was said that I did not spray my baby's couch with a clamshell (1 room) and I found them in the metal of the clamshell pipes. I naively thought that they did not live in iron . They live everywhere. WORK ALL. AND PALACER WILL BE THOSE PREPARATIONS WHICH YOU CAN WELCOME TO THE SIGN TO FIGHT THESE GADS. EFFECT 100% .verified. I recommend.

  4. irina :

    you will not believe!!! still recently read reviews and did not believe. but I wanted so much that it would be true. And now I am writing a review myself. I do not believe that they are not. it was some kind of horror! Two children at home, as I felt sorry for them. Means are not just good, magical !!!!!!!! processed the rooms in turn. First the nursery in days 5 hall. Three days could be met half-dead, and then they did not become. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. If only they knew about the executioner, they would not throw out the sofa and armchairs. but it is now not important the main thing of these creatures is no more, but we will buy a sofa. KAMCHATKA

    • Alevtina :

      I very much want to hope that your response is truthful. Bugs are found in our house, like and for the time being. But the fact is that soon a child will appear in the house, and then it will be not that not up to normal treatment from bedbugs, but in general the first 6 months you will think only about one day and a half. I know, because I've experienced it twice already. And now I think, whether already to buy this miracle-tool and to process normally an apartment now, but whether it will be possible to finish completely with these parasites? Or already move somewhere for a long time, so that in our absence this problem was taken up by the husband or with the tenants in the entrance talked?

  5. Denis :

    They worked them sections in the student hostel - it works 100%. the best of what they tried

  6. Olesya :

    We have been tormenting this living creature for 4 years already, but we fought with them with the help of steam, ie, we all spat around with our fingers, but this only had a temporary effect, and even after processing, we found a dozen of just-drunk blood "friends" ", Two friends treated with vinegar, but just not for long. A friend of the "Executioner" and forgot about them, but I did not believe that they had disappeared, she said that she was happy sooner, they would soon appear, but six months had passed and she did not meet a single one. and two more families were also "tortured", while so far no one, only the dead are swept out. Today I have processed my apartment, I'm waiting for the effect, I really hope for this tool.

  7. Jabor :

    The executioner in St. Petersburg?

    • nsns :

      The drug Palach must be bought only on official websites ( or, in order to avoid fakes and always check the holograms on flakonchikah. You can order on the site http: // Addresses of shops and contact numbers of representatives are indicated in the paragraph: "Where to buy" in the header of the site - http: // After applying the remedy, leave your reviews.

  8. Scalewinged :

    At one time, the old apartment had a problem with bedbugs. About a year, they tried to etch out widespread dichlorvos (I will not tell producers, etc.), however, everything was useless. Yes, it was possible to spend a night or two quietly, if you sleep near the bed before going to bed. There were many recommendations for a steam generator, a professional treatment. Then the comrades with similar problems recommended the Executioner. I honestly did not even think that for such an acceptable price it is possible to solve the problem of bedbugs! Costed a dozen times cheaper than the notorious professional cleansing and never before the move (more than a year) the bugs no longer bothered us. I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from similar problems. Really helps!

  9. Aigerim :

    Thanks first of all to the Almighty and to those who produce this remedy, I do not believe that I got rid of bedbugs. We were infected with a rented apartment, 2 months I suffered from bites, bites did not pass for months. It's been 4 months since I got rid of them, but the bite marks have remained. We moved from this apartment, but unfortunately also bugs, too, then read the reviews in the internet and decided to buy the executioner, disinsection did two times, but there were not enough of them, only 9 bedbugs, but large ones, were found. Thanks to the executioner, I now have a quiet life, quiet quiet sleep!

  10. Yanat :

    My response is short - THANKS.
    Ugrebla after processing almost a handful of corpses and for two months I sleep peacefully. And I thought about going to a psychiatrist.

  11. Irina :

    super how many years could not get rid of bedbugs and helped the executioner half a year already almost and there are no uraa

  12. yuriy :

    Too to struggle tired have bought the executioner tomorrow we will check up

  13. Elvira :

    I today poisoned, when cleaning did nothing found, I hope to get rid of them: (

  14. Olya :

    Help I do not know how to cope with them then they are there are none! We all sprayed on many times with different drugs and not what did not help!
    The hangman is just a good tool ???

  15. Elena :

    Good afternoon, I also did everything today and I'm very happy !!

  16. rolling :

    Thank you!

  17. Tanya :

    I also want to buy

  18. Olga :

    A good remedy .. for a year they could not bring up bedbugs .. They called out a sanpedimistantium and no reason whatsoever .. It's more horrible .. From the Internet I learned about the hangman's office in Mytishchi, bought processed, then after 4 days, easy processing on the plinths and God they disappeared .. good tool ..

  19. light :

    If it's so good, then I'll buy it tired

  20. LIGHT :

    Finally, my hands leave a review! Just want to say the tool is really super-good take it will not regret it! More than a month has passed and there is no rumor about the bugs! My joy was not a side-chapel when we began to sleep peacefully without a night patrol! Thank you once again for your article otherwise I would have gone mad if the bugs had bitten me to this day

  21. Kolyan :

    The executioner, the executioner and only the executioner, no other means help, the main process every millimeter. PS Irkutsk was less fortunate, only in Mamonakh.

  22. Elena :

    Hooray!!! I got rid of this muck! PALACO SUPER! Two etchings and bugs came to an end. THANK YOU!!!

  23. Zhazira :

    Than just did not handle the apartment, all without result. Help what to do I do not know. Executioner original where to sell? Thank you.

    • nsns :

      The remedy for bedbugs of PALAC needs to be bought on official websites ( or, in order to avoid fakes. You can order on the site http: // Addresses of shops and contact numbers of representatives are indicated in the paragraph: "Where to buy" - http: // After applying the tool, leave your feedback.

  24. Ira :

    Hello! They used the means of Palach, helped with cheers. I advise everyone! You will not regret!

  25. Ellen :

    Also ordered on an Internet this tool. I do not know how much it will help to get these freaks out, but let's hope! I ordered a three-room apartment. 30 bottles, yesterday all sprayed.

  26. Tatyana :

    And yesterday we processed all the executioners, and today I found several dead bedbugs under the couch. The executioner is still really an Executioner!

  27. irina :

    I bought the Executioner today, now I'm thinking through various options, there is a cat in the house, I can process the kitchen for the night, and in the morning a room.

  28. Lily :

    Thank you very much for the miracle remedy. It helped with the first time!

  29. Latif :

    Tell me where you can buy in Almaty?

    • nsns :

      Hello! Means for bugs The hangman can be bought at the site http: // In the contacts section there are numbers and addresses where you can buy the "PALACCH" remedy.

  30. Red-haired :

    Oyy help !! my psyche is broken due to these creatures, biting uhhh afraid to sleep ... and day and night bite

  31. Tatyana :

    Books how to handle?

    • nsns :

      Treat them superficially. Spraying money on books and bookshelves. Before processing it is desirable to look at the presence of bedbugs.

  32. Nurik :

    I bought this environment for bugs I really helped thank you

  33. Maria :

    I have never written reviews, but this time I have promised myself that if the Executioner helps, I'll write. The tool really works. I do not know where the bugs came from, but then I heard that they appeared in the house. When I found them in the apartment, I did not immediately recognize it, because I had not seen it in my life. I fought all I could, but I could not manage it. It was done less for a few weeks and then all over again. Once I bought one Executioner's vial in a small kiosk, where I still made the keys. Tried to treat the sofa - really die, but the drug is not enough. I wanted to buy more, but it ended at the kiosk. I began to search on the Internet - I went to the official site. Ordered more. Brought and I began to process the entire apartment - three rooms. I first processed the room a day. I have old parents, a child and guinea pigs. And it was in the winter - it's cold to walk. I can not name the agent I do not smell, smells like that, but I bought a RPG respirator in the shop of Overalls, which I advise you to do, since you have to process everything very carefully. A week later I agreed with my friend to take all my gambling in my room for a day. And processed the entire apartment once more. And that's all! It's been five months already. No bedbugs, no cockroaches.

  34. Elena :

    At first they tried to get the bedbugs out of bedbugs, even changed the furniture. And after a while they still appeared (((bought this tool from bedbugs and it helped

  35. Maria :

    I have two little children one thoracic, these comrades have appeared in the house, I want the hangman to order I hope that he will help, very much afraid for the children.

    • nsns :

      Before using the Executioner's Tool, you should carefully read the instructions for use and precautions. The treatment should be carried out in the absence of children and animals. After processing, close and leave the apartment for 5-8 hours. On arrival, ventilate the room well and carry out a wet cleaning. When the smell disappears you can enter the room.

  36. Anastasia :

    On the good reviews and recommendations of friends bought the Executioner. Klopov got a randomly a year and a half ago, buying through the Internet store two tiered wooden bed, half a year I thought that I have an allergy and that I went crazy, itched like a wild, my husband worked on a night shift and slept during the day he did not bite, but I have a small child who simply could not say that he too was bitten. That year in the summer, finally found in the bed of the child pieces of 10 bugs and immediately called a special service to poison, half a year, no one bitten us, then again rushed. I was almost not bitten, but more and more children began to give up nerves, there is nowhere to go and there is nowhere to send the child, they were tormented, tortured, tried to eradicate themselves, but everything was in vain, this time they began to find bedbugs much earlier even half a year did not pass, and now 7 days ago bought the executioner 25pcs. They found where to send the child to stay with his father, they persecuted him in the parents' room, they did not find any bugs and their tracks (black dots) were also missing, but just in case the bed was carpeted and the wall separating our rooms, in our (infected) room we poured generously even the ceiling because the ceiling tiles are glued wallpaper and the places where they leave just poured the bed from behind which it all began to spin could not, do not tear off the upholstery unnecessarily. Finance is limited and there is no money for a new bed, but watered by the butcher generously in all the cracks, children's the table, the chair, the plinth, around the bookshelves, behind the cupboard under the cupboard, it did not turn out to raise the carpet because he was under a heavy closet and bed, but the edges were poured, even soft toys were flooded with poison! The treatment was carried out with an open window, so it was written in the instruction that was together with the executioner. After 3 days I arrived and rubbed the baby bed and washed all the soft toys, I decided not to wash anything more so that all 5 dead bodies found only 5 corpses of the bug, today (7 days after the treatment), a half-dead bug on the table got out on the wire from charging the phone. One of these days we will look for where to place the child and the last 10 bottles of the Executor will be spent on preventive treatment because we did not find any nests, but only accumulations of black points on furniture, we will again pour everywhere. There were no bites, but why did this bug survive after the execution of the Executioner and from where did he take it, judged by the reviews that everyone was dying? How to be? What to do? All on the nerves, the child is sorry, he gets the most!

    • nsns :

      Good afternoon Anastasia. The treatment you did was right and the result as written was good. Now you have to re-treat, as bed bugs leave their eggs, which are destroyed only if the drug falls on them. About a week later the eggs will hatch and you will destroy the small bugs by re-treatment. The half-dead bug of which you found, most likely hid under a table or in some other secluded place, after sitting out this time he got out and you noticed it. The Executioner has a prolonged effect within 1-2 weeks. Even the fact that you have not had bites for 7 days is good and the drug is really effective. The main thing is to etch the entire apartment a few times with a periodicity of 1 week. If you have any questions, write, we will try to help and understand directly your situation.

  37. Maria :

    Today, one room was treated, the sofa was dismantled for spare parts, and two small nests were found. The baseboards, the carpet on both sides, the pillows, the floor and the walls were all sprayed with the Executioner. In the process of processing, five pieces got out and died. The windows and the door were locked, left for the night. In the morning I will open the window - to ventilate. I really hope for this remedy, for the first time I encountered these parasites, I was lucky that on the second night, when 2-3 bites began to appear, they assumed that these were bedbugs and immediately processed the room in the evening. I have a child and three cats, now isolated in another room. There is practically no smell. I'm waiting for the result.

  38. Rita :

    Hello! Our story is this: Arrived distant relatives to visit and brought with them bugs, confessed only when I figured out that we started bugs. Fought them unsuccessfully for 2 months and we decided to move to another apartment, but it was not here they were the ones who overcame us here! We have a small one-year-old child and basically bit him. When I moved, I rewound everything, changed it, processed it with a steamer, but all this did not help. After 2-3 weeks after moving to the child, bites appeared again and found 1 living bug on bed linen. Of the furniture, only an armchair and a baby crib were transported, which were passed by the steamer. I read on your website about the tool The Executioner and decided to try. She bought the Executioner, etched only once and the bedbugs disappeared, the dead bedbugs found several pieces near the crib. We live already the second month while we have no bedbugs, no one has bites either! Thanks for the great tool! Special thanks to the author of the article.

  39. Maria :

    I can not believe but the result is on the face! A month has passed and during this time I have not found a single bug! Really good tool!

  40. Sergey :

    Thank you! Super means! Did two treatments and all! I have not seen these reptiles for more than a month ...

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