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A remedy for Cucarach bedbugs and feedback on its use

Средство от клопов Кукарача

A remedy for the bugs of Cucarach is a rather effective and quite affordable insecticide, which is often used even by professional pest control services. The drug is available in liquid form in 50 ml and 1 l bottles.

The product has a bluish color and a not very pleasant sharp odor.

Composition and principle of action of the preparation

Cucaracha from bedbugs can rightfully be called a potent agent, because in its composition there are two time-proven and well-proven insecticidal substances that complement each other's action:

The first component is cypermethrin (20%). This chemical substance of the pyrethroid group has a contact-intestinal action against parasites. Entering the digestive tract or the chitinous cover, it blocks the nerve impulses of the affected insect, after which the parasite dies.

Циперметрин входит в состав многих эффективных средств от насекомых

Cypermethrin lasts for quite some time, having been applied to the surface: about 20-30 days. It is insensitive to ultraviolet radiation and the action of high ambient temperature. Studies of cypermethrin have shown that bed bugs, as well as many other insect parasites, are practically incapable of developing resistance to this drug.

The second active component of Cucarach's remedy is malathion (10%). It is also a poison of nerve-paralytic action, which is capable of completely disrupting the functioning of the insect's nervous circuit and making it impossible to transmit nerve impulses.

Малатион обладает нервно-паралитическим действием и нарушает работу нервной системы насекомых

Unlike Tsipermetrin, malathion has a high volatility and does not stay on surfaces for a long time. In some cases, insects can develop resistance to malathion: in their organisms, enzymes that split it begin to be produced. However, in practice this happens only with prolonged use of malathion in its pure form. Being combined with cypermethrin, malathion supplements and intensifies the action of the latter, causing a quick enough death of all insects in the house.

Сочетание двух мощных инсектицидов в средстве Кукарача позволяет достигать высокого отравляющего воздействия препарата на клопов

The maximum effectiveness of Cucarach's remedy against bugs is preserved for 3 days from the moment of treatment. This is quite enough to destroy the bug population in the apartment.

Instructions for using the product

Before using the drug, it is necessary to prepare an aqueous solution from it. To do this, take 2.5 grams of Cucarachi and add this amount to 1 liter of water at room temperature, stirring continuously. After that, the solution becomes ready for use, it is not necessary to insist.

Перед использованием средство Кукарача нужно развести водой

The consumption of the product is approximately 50 ml per square meter, and if the surface has a high absorbent activity (for example, untreated wood), then the consumption can be increased to 100 ml / m2.


"Girls, now I'll tell you everything, I work as a watchman at the hostel. We even when we kill all the bedbugs, in a couple of months someone will bring them. So I managed to try 12 different things. The most reliable is Tetrix, but it can not be found anywhere, its Sanitary and Epidemiological stations are used. We bought there. It stinks terribly, it can be processed only in the summer, when there are no students. There is also Cucaracha. It smells tolerable, also displays well. Well, that it is enough for many rooms. One liter for 1850 rubles kills bedbugs on three floors, but this is only if it is properly diluted. "

Zhanna Mikhailovna, Nizhny Novgorod

A ready-to-use solution of Cucarach's agent is placed in a conventional household spray, which greatly simplifies the application process. First, those places in the apartment where bugs or their nests were found are processed - in furniture and pantry, under wall panels and skirting boards.

Готовый раствор можно поместить в обычный пульверизатор

Then you can start splashing all hard-to-reach places where these insects can also hide. It is worth paying special attention to the following areas:

  • back and side surfaces of furniture
  • bed frame or beds
  • space under the windowsills
  • crevices under the skirting boards.

Do not neglect and the final stage of treatment from bedbugs, which helps to avoid danger to people and animals living in the house. After finishing the treatment, you need to open all windows and ventilate the apartment for at least three hours. Then you have to rinse all surfaces with a soap solution, which neutralizes the action of active poisons.

The next treatment should be done in two weeks - this will help to destroy those bedbugs that have not yet hatched from eggs during the first baiting.

Precautionary measures

Cucaracha is a fairly toxic remedy for bedbugs, the instruction of which requires strict adherence to safety rules during work. The drug belongs to the second class of hazard according to the international scale and can have harmful effects on human and animal health.

Не забывайте, что средство Кукарача может быть токсичным не только для клопов, но и для человека

Although cypermethrin and malathion are effectively neutralized in the gastrointestinal tract of humans and animals, but the action of large doses of them can lead to an allergic reaction and mild intoxication. Symptoms of poisoning are nausea, dizziness, reaction disorders, uncoordinated movements, convulsions and inhibition. Studies have shown that malathion can accumulate in the body warm-blooded and cause cancer - but only with constant exposure.

In accordance with the instructions, after using the means of Cucarach for the control of bedbugs, in no case should you pour the rest of the composition into the sewerage or water bodies. This poison is very toxic to fish and can disrupt the balance of life support of water bodies.


I was recommended to my neighbor by Kukarach - he has the same "bug" problem, and by that time I had already tried one completely stupid tool. The impression of the first treatment is only positive: a minimum of stink (not at all comparable to market shrubbery) and is divorced quite economically, although given the small price, this is not the main thing. From my experience I can say that it is better to warm the water slightly at the dilution - so the chemical substances will quickly pass into a dissolved state.

Sergey, Rostov on Don

Before starting work it is necessary to think about individual chemical protection equipment. Disinsectors use a gas mask and a special suit, at home you can choose old unnecessary clothes (which will then need to be thrown away), a respirator, shoe covers, gloves and goggles.

Обязательно используйте средства индивидуальной защиты при обработке помещения

Не забывайте об использовании маски или респиратора

Do not neglect any of the paragraphs of the instruction concerning the safety of carrying out the procedure for processing an apartment from bedbugs by means of Cucarach. Let's note here, for example, that all tenants and living creatures must be removed from the house without fail. Aquariums tightly closed. It is desirable to wrap all food products with a film and hide in cabinets.

Where and how much can I buy Cucarachu

Buy a remedy for bedbugs Cucarach not so difficult, although it is not the most common in the market of household insecticides. Usually it is sold to household shops or special points for the sale of funds from insect parasites.

You can also buy Kukarach through the Internet with delivery. The average price is about 170 rubles for 50 ml and 1500 rubles for 1 liter. Due to the relatively low price and low cost, Cucaracha can be attributed to one of the most economical drugs from bedbugs.

Средняя цена на средство от клопов Кукарача составляет примерно 170 рублей за 50 мл и 1500 рублей за 1 л

If you plan to process an average apartment or a private house, one bottle of the drug (50 ml) should be enough with a large margin. To acquire the same volume makes sense only in those cases when it is planned to process, for example, a multi-storey building, a hostel or an institution. A large volume is bought by professional disinsectors.


"I did not want to call the station, since there is no way to leave the house for a while. On cucarachu reviews were just wonderful, so they decided to try. Especially the ridiculous price of 160 rubles, it is not a pity to throw out. Sprayed all the places where these parasites can hide - and a bed (without a mattress) and behind the cupboards, and behind the skirting boards. To our great surprise, bedbugs disappeared without a trace. On the package it is written that in two weeks it is still necessary to process, but we are already perfectly fine. "

Marina, Odessa

In addition to the Cucarach preparation itself, there are other agents based on the same active substances:

  • Carbophos, Fufanon-super (carbofos is another name for malathion, Fufanone uses a solution of malathion)
  • Mustang, Tetrix, Cifox, Sichlor, Sipaz (contain cypermethrin).

Средство Цифокс содержит циперметрин, так же как и Кукарача

В составе средства Фуфанон-супер также используется малатион


"We live in a communal apartment and we have here just a breeding ground for bedbugs. We will eradicate ourselves - from neighbors run, and so constantly. They wanted to call SES, so neighbors against - they say that they are ready to poison only with their own strength. I looked on the Internet - about the remedy Cucarach well respond, but it is inexpensive. We bought a large bottle and its half was enough to process the entire floor. All the bedbugs have disappeared, but only for ten days. When they appeared again, they sinned on the inefficiency of the means. But it turned out - you just need to process it again. After re-processing the bedbugs are gone and for a year now they have not. Now I think, to buy this remedy for prophylaxis - suddenly they will appear at the dacha ".

Andrey, Kursk

Of course, for self-destruction of bedbugs, you can try different drugs. However, do not forget that professional insecticides are often very toxic and require special skills in working with them. Therefore, it is best to choose a product adapted for household needs, and Cucaracha is just one such example.

To the record "Remedy for bedbugs of Cucarach and reviews of its application" left 11 comments.
  1. Anonymous :

    And where can I buy Kukarach in Ivanovo?

  2. Svetlana :

    Very good remedy Cucarach. One treatment, but thorough - and no bugs.

  3. Maria :

    Hello Svetlana. Tell me, please, I have a 2 bedroom apartment, how much will I need to buy Kukarachi? Do you need a second treatment and is it harmful for a person? Thank you for your attention, very many bedbugs.

  4. Ainura, Tver :

    Cucaracha is a very good remedy. Call specialists for treatment, I have no bedbugs.

  5. Hope :

    Very good tool, I advise everyone.

  6. Arsen :

    This is a dummy, not a remedy, it does not help, bugs like they were, they stayed. Do not buy, money to the wind.

  7. Catherine :

    I agree with ARSENOM. Full of bullshit.

  8. Peter :

    At first it seemed that the remedy was not very effective, but in fact the problem was that the insects continued to creep from their neighbors. Finding and eliminating small gaps in the ceiling, the remains of bedbugs exterminated without problems. To enhance the effect, a little powdered carbofos was added to the solution.

    The tool works, checked many times. Careful treatment with one time kills the entire colony in a room or bed. If it does not help, look for where new bugs come from.

  9. Olga :

    Has potato cucumbers, three days was not and have again begun. What do I do not know.

  10. Catherine :

    Lazha this is your Cucaracha. On the live checked. Do not die from it. We processed the whole apartment, throwing out to the wind 2400 rubles. And the result is that they threw away all the soft furniture. We bought carbophos and tomorrow we will again poison. I'll say right away, we were thoroughly etched: we dismantled all the furniture, the sofa and chairs were dismantled in parts, everything was spilled well. But the sense of zero. A couple of dohlikov were met, but the rest are alive more than all the living.

    • Anonymous :

      2400 ?! How many square meters do you have? On the kopeck piece (49.7 square meters by sex) comes 2 bottles of 50 ml. 200 + 200 = 400 rubles in all!

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