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Remedy for bed bugs

Действительно ли спрей Комбат эффективен против клопов?

Appearing in the apartment, an unpleasant smell and small red dots on the bed often indicate that bed bugs have settled in the house. If, on the other hand, in the morning on your hands and feet there are traces of bites, then the search for an effective drug for killing bugs becomes obvious.

According to many customers, aerosols of the Combat brand are very effective against bugs. However, are the Combat Sprays really effective against bed bugs? How safe are they for humans and pets? The answers to these and some other questions are given below.


We stopped at a rented apartment with his wife and immediately realized that it was inhabited not only by ubiquitous cockroaches, but also by bed bugs. I bought Combat Multispray from bedbugs and etched properly flat. As a result, got rid of both bedbugs and cockroaches.

Alexey, Voronezh

Why is the Combatman considered an effective remedy for bedbugs?

To combat bed bugs, Henkel (Korea) suggests using two types of aerosols Combat:

  • Combat SuperSpray or its modification Combat SuperSpray Plus, which is aimed at the destruction of creeping insects, including bed bugs.
  • Combat Multispray, which has a universal effect on creeping and flying insects. It can be used not only against bedbugs, but also for getting rid of cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, wasps.

Комбат Мультиспрей можно применять не только для уничтожения клопов, но и тараканов, блох или комаров

Both agents are already fully ready for use, unlike concentrates, which still need to be diluted with water.

Both aerosols contain modern insecticides. As part of Superspray - imiprotrin and tsifenotrin, possessing an effective intestinal-contact action on insects. In contact with the covers of bed bugs, these insecticides cause their rapid paralysis and subsequent death. In the composition of multispray - permethrin and tetramethrin, which also have a powerful intestinal-contact action.

Имипротрин в составе средства Комбат эффективно воздействует на клопов

It should be noted that Super Spray and Super Spray Plus sprays will have a more pronounced effect on bed bugs than Multisress. After all, the range of their application is narrower than that of Multi-Spray, and the insecticides included in the composition are calculated specifically for creeping insects.

Инсектициды, входящие в Комбат Суперспрей, вызывают паралич и гибель клопов

It is also worth noting that, judging by the feedback from consumers, Combat Multisress has a rather strong specific smell, although the manufacturer speaks of it as a pleasant lemon scent.

The above mentioned products are presented in different dosage, they differ and in cost. So, the price for Combat Superspray from bugs will be about 220 rubles. for a can of 500 ml, and the price of the Multi-Spray aerosol (400 ml) will average 160 rubles.

Another undoubted advantage in aerosol Combat Superspray used to combat bugs is its antibacterial and antifungal action (fungi and pathogens often accompany bed bugs).

Аэрозоль Комбат Суперспрей может оказывать также противогрибковое действие

It is interesting

To confirm the decontaminating activity of the Super Spray aerosol, special studies were carried out. Various pathogens of fungal and bacterial infections have been placed on such familiar materials as linoleum, tile, wood. Then the Combat Superspray was sprayed onto them. After 15-20 minutes after spraying, it turned out that the overwhelming number of harmful microorganisms (more than 90 percent) died on the types of surfaces presented.

Combat Superspray is quite economical in use. Convenient in this tool from bedbugs is that it has a flexible nozzle. Accordingly, the aerosol can be gently sprayed in places behind skirting boards, behind paintings, in cracks of walls and floor (if any).

Гибкая насадка позволяет аккуратно распылять средство в труднодоступных местах

The use of the nozzle also makes it possible during processing to leave no noticeable spots on the light color of household appliances or on absorbent surfaces like wallpaper.

Although the price of Combat means is not the lowest in the market, but the sufficient effectiveness of this aerosol justifies it.


I used to kill the bugs Combat Superspray. It was not easy, because not all bedbugs died the first time. I had to work on the floor once more under the bed, under the mattress and behind the photos on the walls.

Valentina Ivanovna, Saratov

How safe is a remedy for humans and animals?

Aerosol Combat Super Spray refers to the 3rd class of danger (ie to moderately hazardous substances). In its composition has a new generation of insecticides from the group of pyrethroids. The characteristic features of this group of substances are a high toxic effect on insects combined with low toxicity with respect to warm-blooded animals (animals and humans).

The lower degree of harmful effect on humans compared to other groups of insecticides is due to the fact that even if they get into the warm-blooded organism they will be quickly removed from it, unlike the insect organism.

It is believed that the toxic doses of pyrethroids for dogs and cats may differ. And that amount of insecticide, which by chance accidentally got into the dog's body (for example, when licking treated surfaces or inhaling poisonous fumes) and did not cause harm to it, can be significant for a cat.

Для кошек и котят слизывание яда с поверхностей может быть весьма опасным

It is important to know

The problem of the resistance of bedbugs to modern insecticides is very serious today. According to the American scientist Gangloff-Kaufmann in 2005 in the US, only about 6% of the disinfestation companies claimed that they would get rid of bedbugs in one visit, but more than 60% of companies guaranteed the destruction of bedbugs for only a few visits.

How correctly to use Combat aerosols?

According to the instruction, Combat from bugs to spray at some distance from themselves (about 20-30 cm). It is necessary to try to process not only the detected habitats of bedbugs, but also places where they could supposedly move or where they could lay eggs.

Распылять аэрозоль Комбат нужно на расстоянии 20-30 см от себя

The battalion commander needs to process the sofas, armchairs, carpets, beds, places behind the paintings and crevices on the walls indoors. Do not use the aerosol in the presence of children and pets in the room. When spraying is mandatory use of a respirator.

При уничтожении клопов средством Комбат используйте респиратор

15-20 minutes after spraying the product should be well ventilated housing. It is also recommended to wash all bedding in hot water and carry out thorough cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.


From bed bugs Combat Superspray helps only so! The main thing - do not be sorry for the remedy, all the slits need to be sprinkled, but best of all, two or three times!

Elena, Minsk

It should be understood that almost always from bedbugs it is not easy to get rid of yourself. First, they hide very well in secluded and hard-to-reach corners. Secondly, bed bugs can already develop resistance even to the most modern insecticides.

От клопов непросто избавиться самостоятельно

Finally, bugs reproduce with incredible speed, so if the treatment did not destroy all the laid-off bug eggs, and no timely re-treatment was performed, the risk of getting a new colony of bed bugs in your home becomes very large. Remember this.

To the record "Remedy for bed bugs Kombat" left 3 comments.
  1. Sergey :

    I'm a very big fan of this wonderful tool! From the bedbugs delivered instantly. Klopov corrodes like sulfuric acid. Moreover, even after processing half a year in the apartment did not run anything alive. Flies after a visit to the apartment, after staying half an hour, fell dead. But ... The battalion commander orphaned me on 3 rosettes)) After the treatments, they cracked and fell apart. But that sockets. In comparison with these parasites-bugs. None of our animals and ourselves were harmed. The battalion commander has a very pleasant orange smell. The real Batian-Combat. Peace to you and LIFE WITHOUT PARAZITES!

  2. Natalia :

    Me too, this remedy helped with the first time, but the infection was not strong!

  3. The world :

    In my apartment this remedy for bed bugs did not help. Insects entered the roomer, worked Kombat, for a while the bugs disappeared, and then bred and scattered throughout the apartment.

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