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Forsyth from bedbugs

Средство от насекомых Форсайт

From the appearance of bugs no one is insured - the reasons for the "invasion" of these insects into the house are quite a lot, and not always the fault of the dishonesty of the owners. Bedbugs live in very old homes or can come from neighbors, but in any case they need to be taken out using a variety of methods, including insecticides.

The main disadvantage of insecticides is their toxicity, since such preparations contain potent substances harmful to humans and domestic animals, but this is overlapped by high efficiency.

Nevertheless, the use of less toxic means - for example, such as Forsyte - from bedbugs may well be justified not only in terms of price / quality, but also in terms of efficiency.

Foresight: chemical composition and properties

The drug is a multi-purpose tool for the destruction of bedbugs, flies, ants, mosquitoes, fleas and other synanthropic pests, as well as their larvae.

Insecticide is widely used in medical practice, as well as in large and small objects of various categories (warehouses, farms, etc.) and in residential buildings.

Composition: Forsyth (Forssayt) is a preparation based on the organophosphorus fentione compound of 25% concentration. As auxiliary substances contains stabilizers, antioxidants, as well as perfume and solvent.

Consistency: a concentrate of light golden color with a pungent odor, which quickly disappears.

Форсайт продается в виде концентрата

Action: insect-acaricidal, aimed at fighting insects. To achieve the best effect, it is necessary to directly contact the insect with poison (eggs do not destroy).

When used from bedbugs, the residual efficacy of the Foresight tool persists for three to five months, creating a protective barrier. The effect is due to the paralyzing effect of synanthropic insects, which arises from the contact of the individual with the active substance of the preparation.

Toxicity of the drug Forsyth:

  • Due to the absence of fumes, the emulsion concentrate is classified as a Class IV hazard (moderately or slightly hazardous). With a single contact with the skin surface can cause flushing in an easy stage. When exposed to the mucous eye has a pronounced irritant effect.
  • By the level of exposure to the body warm-blooded when ingested, it has a third hazard class and can cause severe chemical poisoning.
  • Vapors of the working emulsion belong to the II class of danger, and with prolonged inhalation may cause allergies, dizziness and fainting, up to severe poisoning.

Storage conditions: Insect repellent Forsyte must be stored tightly closed, in a dry indoor environment in the temperature range from minus 30 to +40 ° C.

Instructions for using the Forsyth tool against bedbugs and other insect pests contain rules for the use of the drug, which will help to avoid unpleasant consequences and completely get rid of parasites.

So, how to apply Forsyte correctly?

Features of the use in controlling bugs

Before using the product Forssayt from bedbugs, fleas, cockroaches and other insect pests, it is necessary to prepare a working emulsion at the rate of 1 bottle of the drug per liter of cold water - a low temperature will reduce the severity of the odor of the drug.

Постельный клоп

  • To process the room from bedbugs, ants and ticks, you need 2.5 liters of a working emulsion per 25 sq. M.
  • To process the premises from cockroaches, it will take 1.5 liters of a working emulsion per 15 sq. M.
  • Destruction of fleas is carried out using 5 liters of water emulsion per 50 sq. M.
  • When destroying flies and their larvae, as well as mites at large objects, it will take from 20 to 50 liters of a working emulsion for every 200-500 square meters, respectively.

It is important to remember that for the treatment of an apartment from bed bugs Forssayt it is enough to dissolve from the calculation of 50 ml of funds for 1 liter of cold water and to properly treat the habitats of insects, after having dismantled the furniture. Especially carefully it is necessary to process:

  • internal parts of sofas and beds;
  • cushions and mattresses;
  • the external side of furniture, including the parts facing the floor and walls;
  • accessories and all mechanisms.

With a small number of bugs in the apartment, processing of clothing and bedding is not necessary. After 5-7 hours after treatment and airing the room is habitable.

Bedbugs can get out of their habitats for a while, but there will be no bites. Over time, all individuals of bloodsuckers should disappear.


If you really want to get rid of bedbugs, do not be lazy and go to your district SES. Buy there Forsyte from bedbugs - it helps a lot, by the way, and not only from bedbugs, it is checked on personal experience. For prophylaxis, treat all then again.

Natalia, Ekaterinburg.

In the case of a large and long-lasting accumulation of insects, the places of their resettlement are subject to additional processing: plinths, slots, corners, joints of wallpaper, cracks in the plaster. In addition, to achieve the best effect, Foresight is best used in conjunction with barrier preparations (such as Clovorone or Chlorophos) - so you can achieve an effect for up to 2 years.

Using a remedy for bedbugs and other insects Forssayt at home, it is important to observe the safety measures that lead the instruction:

  • Carry out treatment using personal protective equipment: special gloves, goggles, RPG-60 gas mask or a respirator providing 2 degrees of protection against aerosols, organic compounds and nitrogen. При работе со средством Форсайт нужно использовать респиратор
  • The treatment should be carried out in a well-ventilated room, from which all animals and plants are previously removed.
  • After using the drug wall is recommended not to wash - this will provide a prolonged effect.


I did not think that I would run into them, but, unfortunately, I had to. In the summer in the house he found them everywhere, even in the kitchen, he took up the persecution himself, used Forsyte. But one of the old sofas still had to be thrown away. And the bugs never came back - it's been a year already.

Peter, Moscow.

In case of contact with the eye mucosa, rinse the affected area with cold water and consult an oculist. Redness of the skin of the hands due to contact with the drug, usually passes through some time on its own. If this does not happen, you should consult a dermatologist.

If ingested, Forsyte can cause poisoning and vomiting - in this case it is necessary to immediately call an ambulance.

Price overview for Forsyth

If the destruction of bedbugs is actual for you, then you probably already asked: where to buy Forssait and how much it is worth about.

Specialists of pest control services say that the drug is unavailable to private individuals, and this is not surprising: the remedy is professional and sold in cans of 5 to 10 liters at a rather high cost: from 2400 to 10,000 rubles per canister.

Nevertheless, you can buy Forsyte for independent use both in construction and garden hypermarkets, and directly in the SES itself. To such, for example, belongs Forssayt-Fighter in a bottle of 1 liter. The price of the product varies from 600 to 800 rubles.

Let's sum up a little. The fight against bed bugs should be carried out using high-quality effective means, as far as possible safe for humans and animals. To the number of relatively safe to use drugs can be attributed and the tool Forsyte.

It is important to remember that, like any other insecticide, Foresight requires caution in handling and a detailed study of instructions - only in this way can unpleasant health consequences be avoided.

Pay attention to what places in the apartment you need to treat from bed bugs first.

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  1. Ivan :

    Only processed, terribly smells ... I hope to help =)

  2. Stasik :

    I hope that it will turn out.

  3. Olga :

    All sprinkled. They began to get out of the sofa to the surface. I hope that helps. It smells quite tolerable.

  4. Anna :

    At us this agent processed in a kindergarten territory from ticks, my daughter was poisoned with steams next day after processing. In the hospital barely saved, began pulmonary edema, and now 3 months of her already sick, pershit in the throat ... What could be more remote consequences? What should I wait for? Damn you!

  5. Nina :

    The remedy is elegant. How much money was spent before him, nothing helped. Finally got rid of these creatures!

  6. Olga :

    Nina, wait rejoicing, we have been fighting for 8 months already. We pour it all down with Forssayt. And again climb. Neighbors say that they do not. Maybe we miss their nests somewhere?

    • Catherine :

      The eggs do not work. They themselves deduced this: sprinkled Forsyte, and all the seams, corners, creases on the furniture were ironed. + Cloaks washed at 90 degrees. For the second year, there is no one.

  7. Paradise :

    And where to buy it, to process it yourself, tell me.

  8. Sergey :

    Where to buy foresight?

    • Tatiana :

      If you live in Tver, you can buy at ul. Darwin, Sanitary and Epidemiological Station. Today I bought a present for these creatures. She tortured the executioner three days ago, disappeared for 2 days and again got out. I'm at a loss.

    • Okay :

      In whatever city you are in, find the main point, there you will find. 50 mg costs about 300 rubles.

  9. Inga Shabanova :

    As I was tortured by these creatures, in general I will buy Forsyth.

  10. Natasha :

    I summoned the services, poisoned with carbofos, xulat with 25, did not help. Caused another service, we were wasted.

  11. Denis :

    We are also struggling for a month, nothing helps. Maybe something is wrong, I do not understand.

    • Vladimir :

      Try cypermethrin. I bought in the store Our garden, with instructions. Proportion increased by half. Bubble costs 100 rubles.

    • Anonymous :

      Denis, for 5 liters of water 50 grams of Forsyte. Everywhere miss, for a three-room apartment 500 grams gone. And then he closed all the windows and doors, attached a good stove - in the apartment somewhere from 50 degrees, maybe more. Hours 8 then ventilated and more than a month the floor was not washed. Result from one time. More than 10 months ago got rid of.

  12. Alina :

    They carried out 2 treatments, one independently and one with the help of a pest control service. It helped exactly for 6 days, by 7 our little guests brought out a new offspring, which bitten us for the night so that it was scary to look at.

  13. Stas :

    And from fleas helps?

  14. Anonymous :

    5 years ago, we were bullied by foresight, the effect was excellent. In recent years, has become ineffective, does not work foresight - weak, or bed bugs have become stronger.

  15. Zulia :

    How many times processed - did not help. Then foresight with whiteness usual processed, a year I live quietly.

  16. Inna :

    Called the service of disinsection, processed 2 times. As bugs were, so it is. We bought a steam generator, unrolled the sofa, walked the ferry across all plinths. Destroyed completely!

  17. Sarvar :

    Good people, help me buy Forsyth, in such a huge city I can not buy Forsyth.

    • Anonymous :

      In the online store you can, they are full, you can order at home.

  18. Lydia :

    Yesterday I went to bed and went to bed with my friend. We'll see tonight, whether these creatures have died or not.

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