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Aerosol and dust Clean House for the destruction of bed bugs

Чистый Дом - средство от клопов в форме аэрозоля

Means from bugs, produced in the form of aerosols, have gained immense popularity by their convenience. They do not need to be diluted in certain proportions, mixed or activated - just spray the infected areas.

The preparation Clean house from bedbugs is also produced in the form of a spray and works even when the bedbugs, it would seem, seriously and permanently occupied the apartment. And today there have already been numerous reviews of people who have managed to apply the Clean House and test its effectiveness.

Remedy for bedbugs Clean House: composition and principle of action

Concentrated emulsion in the form of a spray Clean house has in its composition the following substances:

  • Cypermethrin, 13%. A means of the pyrethroid group having excellent insecticidal characteristics. It affects the nervous system of an insect, leading to paralysis of muscles, including muscles of internal organs. After a very short time, the insect dies.
  • Tetrametrine, 2.5%. A powerful multi-purpose pyrethroid that paralyzes the insect's motor apparatus and blocks nerve impulses. As studies show, in tandem with Tsipermetrinom Tetrametrin works particularly effectively.

The Clean house is effective enough to kill bedbugs , and a convenient spray form allows you to quickly process even hard-to-reach places in the room. The product is approved for use in most European countries, but it can not be called completely harmless. It is known that active substances can cause allergic reactions, irritation of the mucous membrane of the eyes, nose and mouth.

Naturally, when using the drug should be used individual protective equipment - gloves, cotton-gauze dressing and glasses. Judging by the feedback, such protection measures are always necessary.

При работе с инсектицидами нужно использовать ватно-марлевую повязку

In the air, the active components of the spray quickly decay and within hours after application it can not harm either people or pets. Therefore, for the treatment of the premises of all warm-blooded inhabitants from it, it is necessary to remove literally for several hours while spraying is being carried out.

The drug is toxic to fish, reptiles and amphibians, so if there are aquariums and terrariums in the room, they must be tightly closed, and turn off the compressor in the aquarium.


"When bed bugs started at the dacha, the neighbor advised to poison with dust. But we already managed to buy a clean house from bedbugs, aerosol. The seller said that this should help. We processed the entire room, closed the windows tightly and went to the neighbors for a day. When they returned, they all aired, looking for bedbugs - they found only the dead. Very good tool! Only now I think that the treatment must be repeated several times: it is very volatile and does not last long on the surface. So after a while our bugs from eggs hatched and started to interfere again. "

Oksana, Uman

Other forms of the drug

Remedy Clean house from bedbugs is produced not only in the form of an aerosol, but also in the form of a long-beloved people's dust, which has a lot of reviews about the effectiveness against cockroaches. Its composition is somewhat different from the composition of the spray, as is the appearance. Dust is a grayish powder, which needs to be sprinkled with the area affected by bedbugs.

Чистый Дом в форме аэрозоля

Чистый Дом в форме дуста

Composition of dust Clean House:

  • Cypermethrin, 0.2%
  • Tetramethrin, 0.02%.

As you can see, the active substances are the same as in the spray, but their concentration is much lower. This means that to achieve the same result, the dust will need several times more. However, there is one more component in the dust:

  • Piperonyl butoxide, 10% - the substance is not very effective in itself, but it is an excellent synergist for the substances of the pyrethroid group, significantly prolonging the period of their activity. This means that the treatment can be carried out once, so the dust will act for a long time and will surely destroy the entire population of bedbugs.

As for toxicity, the dust is even more toxic than aerosol: first, because it needs much more, and secondly, there is a risk of inhaling the powder.

Still, it should be borne in mind that the dust is less effective against bugs than aerosol, and therefore is used mainly in the fight against cockroaches and ants.


"My son, when he returned from the army, brought with him a few bedbugs, here they have bred us, just ran across the bed. We read on the Internet that the aerosol cleaner from bedbugs clean house should be a good help. Only here in the store they told us that the same firm also produces dust, and the dust is more convenient. We bought it, scattered everywhere for furniture, behind skirting boards, between the mattress and the bed. The powder was good: a day later, corpses of parasites were collected, all these hordes were dissolved in the air. Since then, at least one has come - there is no one. "

Anatoly Gavrilovich, Moscow

How to use the Clean House tool and where you can buy it

Aerosol from bedbugs A clean house is not difficult to buy: the drug is sold in most specialized stores, as well as on the Internet.

Для эффективного уничтожения клопов нужно придерживаться инструкции по применению средства

Instructions for its use:

  • Before processing the room, it must be vacuumed and wiped off dust, open all windows and doors wide to make a draft. The house should not have children and pets. When using the drug, individual protective equipment must be worn: a coveralls or a robe, rubber gloves, tight fitting safety goggles, a respirator. If there is a need to handle a large area, you should use a gas mask.
  • It is necessary to push furniture away from the walls so that it is possible to spray its rear walls (there often nest bugs), remove the soft parts of the bed or sofa. All food products and personal products should be covered with film, bags, or hidden.
  • The bottle is shaken with the preparation, after which the room is treated directly: all places of possible habitation of bedbugs are sprayed abundantly with a spray (about 3-5 seconds per 1 square meter), then crevices and plinths are processed. You can spray the product and just into the air, in the middle of the room, however this is undesirable. So you can act if there is an opportunity for a couple of days to leave the apartment.

If you plan to use dust, then it should be scattered in a pure form, or diluted in water at a rate of 10 grams per 1 liter.

After two hours after treatment, all surfaces (except for hard-to-reach places) should preferably be washed with a soap / soda solution.

The agent in the aerosol does not leave stains on the upholstery, but can make stains on the glass or polished surface. These divorces are easy to clean.

Аэрозоль Чистый Дом не оставляет пятен на обивке мебели и матрасах

On a note

Bedbugs have a sufficiently high resistance to insecticides, so to destroy them usually need about 4 times more drug than for the destruction of other insects.

Customer Reviews

"Two years of suffering from bedbugs in the apartment. Have tried everything, that is possible. These parasites left for some time, and then reappeared. Already thought to call SES together with neighbors, but someone recommended the house Clean house dust. I heard that the dust is very harmful, but we do not have children and animals, so we decided to try it. Dust is a powder that is bred in water, very convenient. I took a paint brush small and blotted out all the corners, behind the sofas, I even missed the wallpaper, the bedbugs there like to sit there. I worked in a mask, but by evening my head was spinning anyway. I think it's from the Clean House. Although for the sake of the effect, I was ready to tolerate anything, and the effect struck me: there were no bedbugs at all. I did not even hope for such a miracle that everything went away at once. Now I advise my neighbors. "

Anna Petrovna, Gelendzhik

"On the advice of a friend bought from the Bedbug Spray Clean House. We brought them from the hotel recently, now we suffer. Needless to say - the remedy helps, but what terrible consequences from it. I did everything according to the instructions - I opened the window, put on the mask, sprinkled it, walked for a couple of hours on the street. When he came back and began to wash off the remains of the substance from the surfaces, he almost choked. Then my throat went terribly shut, as if the sore throat was starting. Nausea and talk is not worth it, my eyes water. In general, there is a strong poisoning. So why then the instruction, if it does not work ??? Yes, there were no bedbugs, but I did not agree to risk my health! "

Peter, Moscow

The practice of using the means Clean house shows its high effectiveness against bedbugs, but at the same time it is quite toxic to humans and animals.

It can be concluded that it is good to use this drug if there is an opportunity for a few days to leave the apartment or when the room is being treated before the vacation or the long absence of residents in it.

If you have a personal experience of using the clean house means when fighting bugs - be sure to leave your feedback by writing it in the comments field, which is located at the very bottom of this page.

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  1. Maria :

    They tried to use the Clean House on the advice of friends who for many years suffered from these malicious pests, the effect was not bad, Z times treatment and bedbugs were defeated, I personally could not spray, even in a mask, immediately from the concentration in the air means, I was sick, this despite the fact that I was wearing a mask and not in one, but the effect is really good. Today, a year later, these infections were again noticed, so again we will use this tool, we will probably test the dust, if we find it in the store.

  2. Vic :

    A week ago, under the carpet in the bedroom found bugs! I bought the Clean House, sprinkled it, I do not see it for three days, today I found three crawling in the hall, I sprinkled it! I closed the door, then ventilated ... I put on a medical mask, but the smell is still killer ... I'm sitting sneezing now, I hope it's worth it ...

  3. Lyudmila :

    I had such a case, my late husband after the stroke lay for 13 years, during this time we once had CLOPS. For a long time I could not understand why my husband started to develop redness and became restless. I was confused, went to SES, they said such a recipe: acetic acid and Corvalol in equal parts. Since my husband could not be touched, he did not even sit, with this solution I almost every day processed the places where I found these parasites. Of course, this is longer than the aerosol Clean house, but it is safer. Now, thank God, you can not see bedbugs.

  4. Maria :

    I got rid of the bedbugs with the "Clean House" dust. For a long time I could not understand who bites me, there were 8-12 bites and that surprisingly during the day I was bitten no less, that's why I could not understand who ?? Everyone said that bugs bite only at night (people, you know it is not!) And one evening, spreading the bed saw a "bug", the husband ran up and immediately said that it was a bug (I did not even know what kind of parasites).

    In the morning I went and bought a spray "Clean House". Trapped 3 times: the result was zero, it felt like they were even more gluttonous. I did not sleep at night, because they just ate me (my husband and daughter did not touch), I even slept with the light turned on and they did not stop it, I still woke up all crocheted and they croaked crawling on the pillow and blanket.

    Then I bought a dust, I was advised by a saleswoman, I took a simple brush for drawing and missed all the joints and seams in the couch, the back wall and the bottom, then sprinkled the plinth and painted it behind the sofa on the wallpaper. On the room, I took 2 packs. Everything was done with the window closed, then closed the room and only on the second day went there, cleaned up, only on the plinths left a dust. I slept quietly for a week, then there were three bites-I was waiting for this, since I read that eggs do not take anything and new bugs may appear. I again made the treatment, only with one pack, just washed the baseboard and sprinkled with a new dust and walked around the seams of the couch. This time they did not even go to sleep in another room, there were no more bites. Dust lay on the baseboards for a month! URA, it's been almost two months now!

  5. Anonymous :

    The whole house was treated with aerosol. The result is no: how to bite, and bite. We think to call SES.

  6. Tanya :

    We have been suffering with bedbugs for 4 months and have themselves been poisoned with everything and a cheap and expensive drug, and the aerosol Clean house tried it - it did not help. Now she has dusted everything with a dust Clean house, now I'm waiting for the result. I hope it will help, but the neighbors have been poisoned - they say it helped.

  7. Julia :

    I treated with carbophos, but firstly, from it there is a terrible smell, which is long eroded and secondly, a month later they reappeared, although I twice etched with a break in a week. Now I decided to try the "Clean House" dust, I hope I will get rid of these parasites! And what is the harm of a dust for a person, because I have a small child?

  8. Lyudmila :

    We have bugs in the couch. One week it was impossible to sleep. Kusali mercilessly. I could not understand what it was? And at night I saw this rubbish on myself. In the morning I ran and bought a Clean House spray. She removed all the animals from the house and processed the whole room, a sofa, a plinth. Now we sleep peacefully. But I do not know for how long?

  9. Michael :

    I do not understand how you can handle furniture? Since it contains fat, processed, thanks, now on the wallpaper traces of greasy remained.

  10. Ruslan :

    Dust is a bomb for bedbugs, I do not see them for three days, I've covered all the plinths.

  11. Lesya. :

    It's just a horror of some kind, something biting, and that - it was not clear. Me and my son did not bite, and my husband and daughter a few times a week just attacked, so much so that it does not seem too little. At first they thought an allergy, bought a new sofa for the New Year, and thought, apparently, the material is of poor quality, that's the allergy appeared. But then, two months later, I saw a beetle crawling. I even did not attach any importance, I killed and threw it away. But when somewhere in a month the allergy began to increase, I started looking for information on the Internet, and I saw this reptile I found in the apartment. And yes, it was a bug. Of course, I started looking and moving everything in the apartment. I tried everything with acetic acid, walked everywhere with steam and iron.
    It seems that everything became normal, but after a week, my daughter was so bitten that I realized: everything here can not be done without the help of professionals. I decided that as soon as it became warmer, we would go to the dacha and call the SES. But this morning the child and her husband woke up so bitten that I was horrified)) I thought, well, where they are the same, and decided to look at everything again with a flashlight. And what do you think, I was in such horror that my hair stood on end when I nevertheless found the nests right behind the couch (new), at the very head where the daughter is sleeping. Well, let's all handle the Clean House.
    I do not know what will come of it, but. SES must be called exactly. Judging by the reviews, these parasites are not so easy to destroy, and the child is sorry! And now you think: how to buy new furniture, if together with it you can buy yourself and hemorrhoids!

  12. Yuliya, Byelorussia, Belarus :

    My husband and I wake up for two weeks bitten. We thought, mosquitoes, until we saw bedbugs in bed. What a horror, I'm bitten completely. They wanted to buy a Combatant, but the seller offered us a Clean house and a dust of the same firm. I do not know, everyone did as in the instructions. I hope, help, write off the result.

  13. Julia, Belarus, Bobruisk :

    The question is: who knows when it is possible to sleep after treating the couch with an aerosol and can you sleep when there is a dust in the room? On what day? In advance thanks for the answer.

    • Anonymous :

      We slept peacefully. In the morning they processed it, at night they went to sleep on this sofa.

  14. Michael :

    The most environmentally friendly product is boiling water. Since bedbugs live in sofas, beds, then dismantle furniture and water with boiling water, as well as skirting boards, then repeat the same thing in a day or two. They are not guaranteed to bite, but if they notice it in time and the bugs do not spread all over the apartment.

  15. Julia :

    I bought an aerosol, an absolutely useless remedy. Maybe pieces of 10 (cockroaches) died, and everyone else is running around as if nothing had happened. Just wasted the money spent ((I do not know what to save!

  16. Eleanor :

    Hello. I do not even know what helped ... Immediately, as soon as these monsters were discovered, they threw out a carpet, a rug, bed-clothes. Since at night, when I saw this swarming, I almost went crazy. We bought an aerosol Clean house, then Dichlophos, then the Executioner - all this was poured every two days + every day they were destroyed physically, i.e. examined, found and crushed. Now we sleep peacefully, but our nerves are tense. We continue the inspection. It's amazing that the corpses were not found. And from this I have mixed feelings: people were brought out with scoops, but now there is silence. But we hope that we got rid of it. Although bribed more aerosol. After a week I want to go for a walk because of the incubation period of eggs. Good luck to all.

  17. Xenia :

    I heard that it's very difficult to get rid of bedbugs, so it turned out. Tried different means, but the creatures again appear! Once again I decided to try a Clean House, I did not expect such toxicity, and I hope they do too! I'm waiting for the result, I think that next time I will process with dust, they say that it helps better, only after what time it can be washed off?

  18. Hope :

    I, too, at one time suffered from bedbugs, threw out a lot of money for all sorts of drugs, it did not help. Spit and caused disinfection - more and more no bedbugs. But now the fleas are tortured in the village, and it is expensive to cause disinfection, so I think, maybe this Clean house will help, or already all the wormwood in the district has ripped off.

  19. Eugene :

    In the evening we spray the whole apartment, we sleep peacefully. The attack starts in the morning. We start all over again. And so a day leaves 2-3 bottles. In general, it is necessary to apply to SES.

  20. Maxim :

    The second month I suffer with bedbugs, I do not really sleep, I treated everything with a Clean House, Raptor, Executioner. All this is meaningless. Now I'll try to buy dust. If it does not help, then I'll treat it with carbofos, I'll unsubscribe.

  21. Svetlana :

    Used a spray Clean house, from bedbugs. And dust too. A year later they appeared again. Apparently, the neighbors have? From somewhere they appear.

  22. Stanislav :

    I bought a spray clean house, everything was sprinkled, but still bite, although less. So, we need to do this several times.

  23. Galina :

    The stage of the egg kills only Carbophos.

  24. Galina :

    You should never blame the neighbors: bedbugs wake up in 20 years - it can be old furniture, maybe with a new one, from the store.

  25. Galina :

    You have to fight with fleas. Especially, in a village with rodents - they feed fleas with cats. Be sure to repeat the treatment, it is better to blow dust to a height of one and a half meters.

  26. Allaah :

    IMHO that in the throat is not pershilo, it is necessary to spray at a distance of 20 cm from the surface ...

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