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Are there any remedies for bugs without smell?

Выбираем средство от клопов без сильного неприятного запаха

Means from bugs without a smell to find on sale to the unsophisticated consumer happens difficult enough for the reason that such preparations as a whole are not so much and not always they happen on store shelves. The overwhelming majority of the means from the bedbugs disgustingly smells and the main reason is the strong smell of the insecticides themselves, which are part of the corresponding preparations.

However, without insecticides, the remedy for bed bugs will not work, because the insecticide is the poison that poisons the parasites. Many quite effective means from bedbugs, which allow really quickly and often - at one time - to get them out of the apartment are truly fetid. Among them - Tetriks, Carbofos, Cucaracha , Clovoron, Klopomor.

Пример: средство от клопов Кукарача имеет довольно высокую эффективность против паразитов, но при этом обладает весьма неприятным запахом

Средство Клопомор от постельных клопов также относится к разряду сильно пахнущих

Even the famous Dichlophos, which is now used very rarely, is both smelly and still effective in fighting bugs, as before. However, new versions of Dichlorvos with a much lower odor level appear on the market, but their effectiveness has not yet passed the test of time.

Indeed, many modern insecticidal odorless products, which are sometimes used from bugs, in fact do not pass the effectiveness test. Let's look at this in more detail.

Means without odor

Generally speaking, a lot of money that theoretically can destroy bedbugs, and which almost does not smell at all.

В целом, существует немало инсектицидных препаратов, имеющих минимальный уровень запаха

Among them:

  • Poisoning insecticidal gels used in the fight against cockroaches and ants. They attract insects, contain poisonous substances and natural bitterness. The latter are needed so that any other resident of the room - from a cat to a man - could not even swallow a drop of such a gel. Against bedbugs, they are absolutely useless in the first place because bedbugs are simply unable to eat even a small part of a drop of such a gel: the bug's mouthpiece is intended only for piercing the skin and sucking blood. In addition, the parasite "and does not come to mind" to try to eat drops with gel - bugs attract only the smell of the human body. Therefore, such funds from insects without smell against domestic bugs will not be effective.
  • Dusts such as "House", "Clean House", "Pyrethrum". They either do not have a smell at all, or they smell very weak and unobtrusive. Against bedbugs, they are medium-effective, but they can give a definite result when used: most dusts, when accidentally ingested on the bug's body, can have a contact effect, penetrating the chitinous cover and poisoning the insect without even getting into its digestive tract. However, they do not attract bugs themselves, and therefore getting rid of them from all parasites in the room is difficult - in the apartment there will always remain a certain number of parasites that do not hit the scattered dust.
  • Meloch "Mashenka" and its Chinese counterparts. This remedy for odorless bedbugs works in the same way as dust, but thanks to the possibility of applying to vertical surfaces it can be used on walls, backs of beds and sofas. As a result, "Mashenka" destroys on average a larger number of bedbugs than powdered products, but it is also problematic to remove all insects from the apartment with it, so that a sufficient amount of poison enters the bug, it needs to be thoroughly dirty.

Дуст от насекомых Чистый Дом имеет слабый запах, но, к сожалению, лишь умеренно эффективен против клопов

Всем известный мелок Машенька тоже не пахнет, но вряд ли им удастся полностью избавиться от клопов

Thus, not every remedy for bugs without a smell is effective enough in practice. And it is because of their low efficiency that the industry is forced to produce other products that combine both the absence of smell and the effective destruction of bedbugs.

Effective remedy for bed bugs without smell

Somewhere at the junction of aerosol preparations and dusts is the Get-microencapsulated preparation, which is actually a water concentrate of finely dispersed chlorpyrifos. Insecticide microcapsules can remain on the treated surfaces for weeks and easily adhere to the feet of bedbugs, after which the substance will penetrate into the parasite's organism and lead to its poisoning.

Микрокапсулированное средство от клопов Get

On a note

The active component of Get (Get) is Chlorpyrifos, which exerts a nerve-breaking effect on insects. This insecticide is known for its ability to contact action, due to which it is effectively used in those cases when it is not possible to force the exterminated insects to eat the bait.

Due to the absence of volatile components in the Get, it practically has no smell (except for a faint odor of orange flavor) and is not felt in the room after application. To quickly and effectively eliminate bedbugs in an apartment, Get's product must be applied not only in the places of their shelters, but also on those surfaces over which the bugs can potentially move.

Наносить средство Get нужно на все места обитания и перемещения клопов

In general, on the basis of the efficiency-odor ratio, Get is now one of the optimal means for combating bedbugs .


"I never saw the bedbugs before and on the first day in the new apartment I thought that there were a few cockroaches under the sofa. Only then I realized that it was bedbugs when they started biting me at night. A nightmare. I bought the next day a remedy for the bedbugs of Cucarach, a little himself did not die, while she processed one room. Such stinky stuff, that it's easier to suffer bugs. The most insulting thing is that after Kukachi they did not disappear, and somewhere in a week they started to slowly bite me. In the store, I found out that there is a Geth remedy that does not stink, but it kills bedbugs well. I ordered it via the Internet. Normal was the drug. I propshikal bed, wardrobe and sofa, just left the rug under the carpet. And the bedbugs have disappeared. Three months they are gone and I do not think they will. "

Rostislav, Penza

Chlorpyrifos is also used in professional preparations for the extermination of bedbugs such as Zindan and Baigon, and it is also used in Raptor gels and traps. The latter, however, are very ineffective in controlling bugs (unlike cockroaches, bed bugs do not attract poisoned baits).

Means with pleasant flavors

Some manufacturers went the other way and instead of eliminating the smell in the drug decided to disguise it with another, more pleasant and strong flavor.

So, for example, the line of Insecticide Combat means there are aerosols from bedbugs with the smell of mint and lemon. The active ingredient is pyrethroids, smelling less strongly than flavors.

Аэрозольное средство Комбат Суперспрей имеет приятный запах и при этом неплохо уничтожает клопов

In general, such tools are quite effective against bedbugs and allow them to be destroyed without involving specialists. To do this, it is enough to spray the area where the bugs can hide - beds, sofas and cabinets with things, and then for a few hours, close the windows and doors in the apartment and leave it.

On return, you should do a wet cleaning. For the most reliable result, this treatment should be repeated after 8-10 days in case the larvae emerged from the surviving bug eggs after the first treatment.

Из яиц клопов могут вывестись новые личинки, поэтому обработку стоит проводить несколько раз

Raptor aerosols from creeping insects have a pleasant smell of mint and contain as active ingredient Cypermethrin, one of the most popular insecticides today. They are applied from bedbugs in the same way as preparations of the Combat line.

Аэрозоль Раптор - популярное средство для борьбы с клопами, имеющее приемлемый запах

Raid products are flavored with lavender and citrus aromas. Nevertheless, after application they leave in the room a rather heavy smell of the insecticide itself.

Средство от насекомых Raid широко используется в быту и против клопов


"We were looking for some cans from the bedbugs in the hostel, so as not to be very smelly. On the market, we were advised to buy a remedy for Reid's bedbugs. We took it, sprinkled the whole room, even clothes. At first the smell was pleasant, some smelled of flowers, and then it disappeared and there was such a typical stench of Dichlophos that it was already sickening. But the bedbugs do not stop. "

Mikhail, Odessa

In general, aerosol products with flavors are the most affordable - you can buy them in any store and in the markets, such drugs are most often used in everyday life by ordinary citizens. But, as practice shows, they are considerably inferior to professional smelly drugs by their effectiveness.

Offensive means - the effectiveness you need to suffer

In those cases when bugs are disinfected by professionals, usually very effective products with a strong odor are used. Among them - Tetriks, Sinuzan, Cucaracha, Tsifoks, Forsythe and others.

Профессиональное средство от клопов Тетрикс (Tetriex) имеет сильно выраженный неприятный запах

Средство от клопов Цифокс

Their main advantage is the possibility of completely destroying bedbugs in an apartment in a few hours. After this parasites can appear in the dwelling only from neighbors or from miraculously surviving eggs of bugs, and then only after a few weeks.

Such efficacy of these drugs is more important for most people than absence of odor, and if you want to get rid of bedbugs as soon as possible, you should prefer them - it is better to smell a couple of hours and then ventilate the apartment, than suffer for weeks, until bedbugs will die several times on dust and crayons.

Most folk remedies for bedbugs, used primarily for the prevention and temporary scaring of parasites, also have a smell. In this case, the sharper the concrete substance smells, the more effective it is.

For example, turpentine and vinegar scare off bugs better than decoction of tansy.

Скипидар, иногда используемый против клопов, имеет сильный запах, который можно считать приятным лишь в слабых концентрациях

It should only be remembered that folk remedies will not allow to completely remove bedbugs from the apartment, and therefore it is better to use modern insecticides for effective control of parasites.

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