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Modern means for the destruction of bed bugs

Выбираем эффективное средство от клопов

It may seem strange, but bed bugs are today not only one of the most unpleasant insects in the apartment, but at the same time one of the most common. The reason for this is their unpretentiousness and ability to dwell even in very clean rooms, in which cockroaches and ants appear rarely.

But the ability of bedbugs to adapt quickly to various insecticides causes manufacturers of such drugs to constantly develop and release more and more new products from bedbugs. Thanks to this, the assortment of such products on the market is large enough, and the buyer will always be able to find the optimal drug for his case.

Almost every modern means of bugs contains one of the insecticides that affect the nervous system of the bedbug. But at the same time, constantly appearing in the apartments of the population of bugs that are resistant to this or that substance, they force consumers to find the most effective drug effective in a particular situation.

And therefore, in case of necessity to buy a remedy for bedbugs it is always useful to know what preparations exist at all, so as not to limit yourself to only one option.

Within the framework of this article, the most popular and proven means for killing bugs will be considered.

Carbophos against bedbugs

Carbophos is a very popular, now outdated, but quite effective tool against bedbugs. Known also under the name of Malathion, it was synthesized and first produced by the American company American Cyanamid Company as an alternative to the very toxic insecticides that existed at that time, dangerous for humans and warm-blooded animals.


The advantage of Carbophos is its relatively low toxicity for birds and mammals - thanks to the peculiarities of the molecular structure. In concentrations used to control bugs, it is quite safe, but certain precautions should still be taken.

The principle of the action of Carbophos is nervously paralytic. Getting into the body of an insect, the substance paralyzes his muscles, and then causes a quick death of the parasite.

An important feature of Carbofos is its stability in air. When applying this means of fighting bugs on furniture and other surfaces it will retain its properties, and can be dangerous for pets and children. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the substance has a strong unpleasant odor, which can be very long in the apartment after its treatment (sometimes months).

It is recommended to use Carbofos as follows:

  • plan the release of the apartment from all residents and domestic animals, food and medicine.
  • Dissolve Carbofos in water in a ratio of 1:50 (if you use an emulsion, sold in cans).
  • Wear gloves, closed clothing, cotton-gauze dressing and, if possible, glasses.
  • Using a spray or a wide brush, spray the product in the apartment on as many surfaces as possible.
  • After 4-5 hours after treatment, the apartment should be ventilated, and the most frequently used surfaces should be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • After 2-3 days, it is desirable to repeat the treatment of the apartment, and after 2 weeks - to clean the house.

Response: "We tried a lot of drugs from bugs in the country. Bedbugs constantly move to us from neighbors, and before each holiday they have to be poisoned. So far, the most effective were Carbofos and the Executioner. But Carbophos is cheaper. "

Anna K., Voronezh

Buy a remedy for bed bugs Carbophos can be found in almost any hardware store or online. It is represented on the market as:

  • remedy for bugs in ampoules of 10 ml. The cost of this ampoule is about 20 rubles, and for processing an apartment of 20 square meters. About 50 such ampoules will be needed.
  • Powder for dissolution in water. One packet of 30 grams of powder costs about 60 rubles and is sold in stores for gardeners. Карбофос в виде порошка
  • Ready emulsion in cans. The price of the facility depends on the volume of the canister, but for processing one apartment you will have to spend all the same 800-1000 rubles.

Today, Carbophos is gradually being replaced in the market by drugs based on pyrethroids, continuing, however, to retain 20-30% of the funds from bugs used in everyday life. Its main advantage is a combination of relatively low cost and efficiency.

The Executioner is a popular and effective

The executioner is a very powerful remedy for bedbugs, surpassing the effectiveness of Carbophos and some other drugs. At the heart of its composition is fenthion - a powerful insecticide of a neuro-paralytic action, which is not dangerous for humans and warm-blooded animals.


Like many tools from bedbugs, the executioner is quite unstable in the air, and therefore already several hours after its application on the surface it disintegrates and ceases to present any kind of danger to the inhabitants of the apartment.

In general, compared to obsolete organophosphorus drugs, the Executioner can be considered a very effective remedy against bedbugs, relatively harmless to humans and giving a quick and powerful result.

The executioner was developed in Germany, but it is produced and manufactured under license by Russian chemical industry enterprises.

On the bedbug, the Executioner acts quickly, destroying larvae and adults (adults), however, the insect eggs are weak, as, indeed, most other insecticides.

The execution of the Executioner almost does not differ from this process for Carbophos.

Feedback on the application of the means of executioner in the fight against bugs:

"They looked for a remedy for bedbugs in a pharmacy, but they ordered an executioner via the Internet. The store manager advised us to take a lot, and we cooperated with neighbors who also needed to poison the parasites.

Bought in the amount of 100 bottles, it cost all this in 6000 rubles. The poison was enough to process three apartments on the site and one - a floor below. Well, a powerful thing! Bedbugs died within an hour, only swept them out for almost half a day.

While the apartment was insisted, the children and the dog were sent to friends, but already on the evening everyone was returned. I can say for sure that the remedy for bugs The hangman is safe for animals and children, but very effective against insects. "

Inga, Togliatti

Means against bed bugs The hangman is sold in shops and the Internet in vials, the contents of each of which must be dissolved in 0.5 liters of water. This mixture is poured into bottles from ordinary household chemicals with an atomizer and sprayed on various surfaces in the room.

Палач, 10 мл

On an ordinary two-room apartment it is necessary to spend about 20-25 bottles. One bottle, depending on the total volume of the purchased lot and the place of purchase, costs from 70 to 100 rubles. The most advantageous is to order this remedy from bugs and cockroaches directly from the manufacturer's representatives or in a large online store.

Remedy for bugs Combat Superspray

Combat Superspray is an insecticide preparation of Korean origin, manufactured in Russia and CIS countries under the license of the manufacturer.

Аэрозольное средство Комбат Суперспрей

Sufficiently effective and easy to use: while other disinfectants from bedbugs require dilution in water and special preparation, a remedy for bedbugs and fleas Combat Superspray is sold in a spray can with the type of deodorant, and immediately after the purchase can be used.

In addition, almost all obsolete chemicals from bugs are characterized by an unpleasant odor. The battalion commander is out of competition: in different variations the manufacturer adds aromatizers with a smell of lemon or mint to it, so that Combat can easily be combined with normal living in the room.

Feedback on the use of a remedy for domestic insects Combat Superspray: "Bedbugs started in the winter, they hit with clothes from one hotel. We did not even have time to notice how they multiplied. Tried to buy funds from bedbugs in the pharmacy, but there they are very expensive. Friends from the village advised to buy Combat Superspray, we took just two cylinders and processed furniture, clothes and plinth. After that, several times they swept the dead bugs with a broom, and they stopped disturbing us "


Fufanon is a Dutch drug used both in everyday life, and in agriculture and floriculture as an effective insecticide. In its composition contains a somewhat out-dated today Malathion and auxiliary components.

Средство от насекомых Фуфанон

In its effect is similar to Carbophos. It has a specific, rather unpleasant smell, because of what does not stand competition with modern drugs. In addition, the order of work implies the same security measures as when using Carbophos.

Fufanon is widely used as a home remedy for bedbugs in rural areas, where private house owners actively use it to process fruit trees and flower beds.

The price of liter Fufanon is about 1500 rubles.

Like many agents for breeding bugs with a similar composition, Fufanon has a long residual effect: when processing the room, adult bugs die right away, and larvae emerging from eggs die out as they appear. Perhaps this is the main advantage of Fufanon: once you have processed the room, you no longer need to repeat this procedure every week.

This drug is also produced in ampoules.

Фуфанон в ампулах

In the shops you can find a variety of the drug - Fufanon-Super in bottles.


Buy Fufanon can be in hardware stores, stores for gardeners and on specialized websites on the Internet.

Pyrethrum: natural insecticide

Pyrethrum is a rather unique insecticide. Its difference from other means lies in the fact that it is based on a natural component - an extract (or powder) of camomile flowers, which has a strong effect against bedbugs.

Инсектицид Пиретрум

Pyrethrum is released in the form of a powder, which must be treated places of congestion of bugs and their nests. Due to the fact that Pyrethrum is a remedy for bedbugs that is safe for children, it can be used for a long time without resorting to removing the residents from the house. Nevertheless, it is necessary to avoid getting powder on the hands of the child and keep it out of the reach of children.

Response: "They were looking for a safe remedy for bedbugs for processing a room in a kindergarten. We stopped at Pyrethrum. Although there were not many bugs, sometimes they disturbed the kids, but after applying the powder, they were never seen. Rassypali along the skirting boards and behind the furniture. "

Vladislav Moroz


In the market of disinfectants, Klopomor is also considered to be quite effective against bugs. While many means of combating bugs are being developed with an eye to maximum safety for humans, manufacturers have put efficiency at the center of the development of Klopomor.

Клопомор - средство от клопов

So, at sale Klopomor is positioned as follows:

  • one bottle is enough to handle the entire three-room apartment. And the bottle itself is equipped with a nebulizer, and the consumer will no longer need to mix anything anywhere and pour anywhere.
  • It destroys bedbugs at all stages of development.
  • Developed in a specialized research institute.

The composition of Klopomora includes permethrin, cypermethrin and piperonyl butoxide. Such a combination has an increased effectiveness against bugs.

But for efficiency it is necessary to pay: to process apartment Клопомором it is possible, only having deduced from it preliminary all inhabitants. It is not recommended to apply it where people who are prone to allergies live.

After treatment with the Clopomore, a thorough cleaning is necessary. Do not exceed the surface treatment standards to avoid the toxicity of the drug.

Klopomor is sold everywhere, where funds are sold from bedbugs: pharmacies, household and agricultural stores. The price of one bottle is approximately 500 rubles when sold in online stores.

Medilis Ziper in the fight against bugs

Medilis Ziper - a drug aimed mainly at combating agricultural pests and mites. However, his tests against bedbugs have shown its effectiveness in this hypostasis.

Медилис Ципер

The active substance in Medilis Ziper is a 24% solution of fenthion. The product can be toxic to humans and pets, and therefore requires certain safety measures to be taken during operation.

Why can the chosen remedy for bed bugs be ineffective?

Often happens that, it would seem, and the tool is bought not the cheapest, and processing is carried out qualitatively, however bedbugs both bite, and continue to bite at night. In part, this may be due to the following reasons:

  1. The bug population already has resistance to the used insecticide. Simply put, no matter how much you poison them with the selected drug, it will not be possible to completely destroy the parasites, since they have resistance to it.
  2. Active components of the agent quickly decompose in air and do not have a prolonged action. You treated the apartment with an apartment, destroyed part of the bedbugs, and the other part remained unaffected by the effects of chemistry (as well as all eggs of bedbugs, resistant to most insecticides). As the active substance of the drug quickly decomposed, the surviving bedbugs will continue to multiply unhindered in the apartment.
  3. Many people forget about the need to re-process the apartment 2 weeks after the first. As already noted above, eggs of bedbugs are almost never destroyed by treatment with insecticide. After about 1-2 weeks, young larvae of parasites are removed from them. At this moment it is important to completely destroy them, without letting them grow and laying off new eggs. This is why re-treatment of an apartment is an important means.

Из выживших после обработки яиц клопов впоследствии вылупятся личинки...

На фотографии показаны яйца клопов.

To simultaneously solve all three of these problems and get the maximum effect when destroying parasites, it is useful to initially focus on modern microencapsulated means from bugs. Among them, one of the most effective is the remedy for the bugs of the Delta Zone - one can say, the drug of the last generation, which has a number of significant advantages.

Modern microencapsulated remedy for bed bugs Delta Zone

The Delta Zone refers to so-called microencapsulated preparations - their feature is that after the solution dries, the active substance is not on the surface as a continuous film, but in the form of microcapsules containing a small portion of a highly effective insecticide (deltamethrin) inside. When bedbugs contact the treated surface, the microcapsules of the agent inevitably adhere to the chitinous cover of the parasites. Considering that deltamethrin is a powerful contact insecticide, this soon leads to paralysis and death of bedbugs.

Средство от клопов Дельта Зона

Additional advantages of the Delta Zone:

  • No odor. After applying many other drugs in the apartment, a specific unpleasant medical smell can last for months. In the case of the use of funds from the bugs of Delta, the Zone of smell is not present initially;
  • Long-lasting action - after surface treatment, the active ingredient retains its activity for a long time (for several months). This means that even if the bugs are removed from the surviving eggs after processing or they come running again from neighbors, they will not last long;
  • Safety means for humans and animals. Deltamethrin is very toxic to insects, while for humans and animals, it does not present a hazard under the rules of operation;
  • High effectiveness against bedbugs even in cases where the population of parasites has resistance to some other insecticides. Tolerance to deltametin in bugs is not developed, so the use of the Delta Zone means a good result even in cases when the use of other drugs is unsuccessful.

In general, when choosing a remedy for bedbugs today, it is worthwhile to choose the modern microencapsulated preparations that are odorless, safe and at the same time very effective. The cost of processing an apartment using, for example, the Delta Zone may be slightly higher than when using obsolete Carbophos, but the use of modern means will avoid an unpleasant smell in the apartment, as well as possible allergies and poisoning of the inhabitants of the room.

Various folk remedies such as dust, turpentine and, especially, wormwood, Ledum and tansy are not capable of destroying bedbugs, and therefore it is not recommended to use it in the fight against parasites. The only effect from their use is a slight decrease in the activity of bedbugs for several days and a very persistent sharp odor in the room.

Practically odorless modern Dichlorvos is also ineffective against bedbugs, and therefore using it to combat these parasites is a senseless waste of time and energy. In comparison with it, microencapsulated drugs are much more effective.

The choice of a means to combat bugs in your apartment is, first of all, the correct evaluation of the effectiveness and safety of the drug. And therefore, in order to obtain the desired effect, it is necessary to stop your choice first of all on modern and proven means.

To record "Modern means for the destruction of bed bugs" left 18 comments.
  1. Eugene :

    I tried carbofos. First it helped, the bugs practically disappeared, but after 3 months they appeared again. Then the acquaintance advised Get. Although the price is not cheap, but after 7 days they disappeared. Completely.
    Six months have passed since the treatment with the geth. No bugs. I recommend.

  2. Anna :

    Ordered a remedy for bedbugs geth, the girl called from the company "there are no insects" to accept the application you need to pay 200 rubles, as if prepayment. She called it interesting, the phone number of MegaFon. As soon as the payment goes - you will immediately send the drug. BUT BEFORE this time there is nothing for 1.5 months! Full deception. A shame!

    • Constantine :

      And where ordered? Now I looked on the Internet - there are "Insects No" and "Insects No".

  3. Marcel :

    Where to buy carbofos from bedbugs in Moscow, in which subway?

  4. Anonymous :

    In the obi is

  5. Chingiz :

    Where can I buy it?

  6. Anton :

    Unfortunately, only household chemicals are sold in stores, that is NOT professional, that is the one with the minimum concentration of active substances, which is not always sufficient to destroy the same bugs. If, for example, they have already been poisoned by some remedy, then insects have resistance (resistance) to this drug. In this case, it is necessary to increase the concentration, but in household preparations it is impossible, these are ready-made substances. It is best to buy professional insecticides, in the form of a concentrate. There you can increase and concentration if necessary. It is best, of course, to use imported drugs. For example, we used this remedy for bedbugs. Really very strong effect compared to other means.

  7. Anonymous :

    My husband blew Get with the water. Three weeks passed. Will it be effective when used?

  8. Anonymous :

    It will be, only then shake well, and then microcapsules on the bottom.

  9. Lily :

    We've also got bugs, many times tried to poison them, but all failed. Tell me, please, what to do?

  10. Maria :

    Bedbugs are tin. I did not think that I would ever face this infection. I do not know where they came from in my apartment, but when they bit, they could not even think about them. In general, they have bred me specifically. Caused the service of pest control. Processed two times, now called the third time. They still do not go away. No, no, yes, they do. There is already no strength, no money. It seems that there is no salvation from them. What to do?!

  11. Vyacheslav :

    People, do not spend money on any new expensive means, during a year tried almost all new, so to say, safe preparations for a person, spent about 30 thousand per year. Yes, I do not argue, the population decreases, but it still remains. In the end I bought such a muck as Carbophos and Tetriks, they are toxic and harmful. He took a gas mask from a firefighter's friend and sprinkled everything in the apartment, there was not a single untreated surface left, and in all rooms at once. Sprayed richly so that everything was wet. And alternated during the month: one week Karbofos, the next week Tetrix. I performed four treatments, I thought that we would die of these poisons myself, but no, we squeezed out, but there have been no bugs for two months. And so I suffered for almost a year with all sorts of drugs. I write sincerely, because bedbugs are really a war, and it is really difficult to win in it and survive, but it is possible. During the year I stopped sleeping peacefully, I thought, I already have to sell the apartment and buy another. Now I sleep peacefully, but sometimes I have terrible dreams, and they have bedbugs.

  12. Vyacheslav :

    Are there firms that give a 100% guarantee for the destruction of bedbugs?

    • Anonymous :

      No. We ordered, paid 4 thousand, and they both ran and run. I had to do everything myself.

  13. Oksana :

    Caused treatment 3 times, she cleaned the sofa, collected eggs. And all these bugs do not care. Trapped with avarphosis and all sorts of drugs, there is no longer any strength.

  14. Niyaz :

    I already did 2 disinfection, but they come again ...

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