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Sprays and aerosols from bedbugs: which remedy is better?

Разбираемся с особенностями работы српеев и аэрозолей для уничтожения клопов...

Aerosol and spray from bedbugs are not fundamentally different from each other: both means are a liquid solution of an insecticidal substance that, when sprayed in a room, gets into respiratory tract of bedbugs or on a surface with which insects will contact.

На фотографии - гнездо клопов в мебели

Sprays and aerosols from bugs differ from each other in the form of release and the degree of readiness for use:

  • Sprays are usually not sold in ready-to-use form, but are concentrated in small vials of 50-100 ml (for household use) and cans (for industrial use). For treatment of the room, such concentrate should be diluted with water and sprayed with special devices. In everyday life simple atomizers are used for this purpose from household chemicals, and in professional services - cold mist generators and aerosol units.
  • Aerosols from bedbugs - already diluted to the desired concentration of solutions of insecticides, filled under high pressure in cylinders for spraying with a valve. These funds work on the principle of "bought and work" and do not require any preliminary preparation.

Many sprays from bedbugs are means of professional pest control. They are used in SES, in insect fighting services, in agriculture. As a rule, they are more effective and economical than aerosols, because they use the most effective insecticides without a correction for safety and ease of use.

Зачастую в концентратах для спреев используются более мощные инсектициды, чем в готовых аэрозолях

Aerosols against bedbugs are almost always means for domestic use, which are made with ease of use and maximum safety when used by a layman. These funds are optimally suited for breeding bedbugs in houses and apartments by the forces of the tenants themselves.

However, today there are many sprays intended for use by the owners of the premises themselves, as well as aerosols for professionals. From all this diversity for each specific situation, you need to be able to choose the most suitable means, let's talk about this in more detail.

При выборе средства от клопов важно суметь правильно подобрать оптимальный препарат применительно именно к своей ситуации


"Bedbugs we had only once in a rented apartment. It is better, of course, not to meet with such a thing again. When I saw them once, I could not sleep for a few nights. We are probably all the mistakes that could be made. They began to poison Mashenka and some powder, they thought to get off with a little blood. These pencils and powders do not work against bedbugs, at best they give a respite for a couple of days. The only thing they can safely be taken out of is a good aerosol. We managed to take all the bugs off with Raptor from the creeping insects, but at the same time we took 3 bottles to the living room, to the nursery 2. The strangest thing is that the bugs when handling were climbed out of unpredictable places in general. For example, they were in the computer of the son and on the bookshelf, so you need to process everything in the apartment. "

Tatyana, Voronezh

Means for professional and domestic use: features and characteristics

And among the sprays, and among the aerosols there are preparations that are targeted at users with different levels of training.

Those who have never previously baited the bedbugs themselves, from sprays, you can pay attention, for example, to concentrates Get, Executioner, Dobrohim Micro, Delta Zone and some others, and from aerosols to Raptor, Combat, Dichlophos-Neo, Clean House ... All these tools are designed for home use, and when working in accordance with the instructions are sufficiently safe.

Современное безопасное средство от клопов Get (концентрат для разведения и распыления в виде спрея)

Аэрозоль Раптор от ползающих насекомых - эффективен в том числе и против клопов


"We had to poison the bugs with Geth, because there were too many of them and there was a risk that the ordinary Combat commander could not cope. We bought a bottle in an online store, the benefit to us it came in two days. One such bottle is enough for the whole apartment, if it is properly diluted. We did not have a sprayer, so we had to buy a new one in the garden store. I wonder how the bugs feel this stuff. I just started to process the skirting on one side, and they already started to climb out with the other, and there were so many of them that I was already surprised that we did not suffer so much from them. We deliberately decided to go to the dacha for two days, so that the apartment would stand this time and the effect would be more pronounced. But when we returned, there was a real thrash in the rooms. Dead bugs lay everywhere, even in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Two times I had to shake out the bag from the vacuum cleaner, until all of them were removed, and then another couple of hours washed the apartment and washed all the clothes. In general, Get from bugs works great, but you need to spend time and effort on such a struggle. "

Arkady, Kaluga

Professional means also require compliance with increased security measures in work, but are extremely effective. Such means include, for example, Tetriks, Sinuzan, Clovoron. To apply them without preparation is risky enough, but they in most cases guarantee the breeding of bedbugs at a time.

Sprays from bedbugs: a range of products, rules of use and effectiveness

Sprays from bedbugs use a wide range of modern highly effective insecticides. The most popular among them are malathion, permethrin and its derivatives (cypermethrin, deltamethrin, tetramethrin), chlorpyrifos, fenthion, piperonyl butoxide, etc. All these substances affect the nervous system of bedbugs and lead to rapid paralysis and death of the parasite.

Пример распыления спрея от клопов на матрас кровати

При контакте с инсектицидами у насекомых быстро наступает паралич, после чего они погибают

Some of the sprays are not available for free sale, and only special pest control services use them. Such, for example, Clovoron - it is available in the form of a powder, which must be diluted in water for use.

Of the same drugs that can be bought in stores or online, users often buy:

  • The hangman is a German concentrate for a spray, sold in small bottles of 70 rubles per bottle. The main active component is insecticide fenthion. To process a one-room apartment, you will need to buy 15-20 bottles, the contents of each of which is diluted with half a liter of water and sprayed on the surface through which the home spray is sprayed. Средство Палач от клопов разбавляется водой и с помощью пульверизатора распыляется на поверхности
  • Tetrix is ​​one of the most powerful sprays, designed, generally speaking, for professional treatment of premises. One 250 ml bottle is enough to kill bedbugs in two 2-bedroom apartments. The drug has a very strong and unpleasant odor, the apartment after its use should be thoroughly ventilated. In general, it is not recommended to use this drug for non-professionals. Концентрат для спрея Тетрикс не рекомендуется использовать непрофессионалам
  • Cucaracha is an analog of Tetriks, adapted for domestic use. However, the strong unpleasant smell of the original drug has been preserved. Концентрат для спрея Кукарача эффективен против клопов, но имеет неприятный запах
  • Get is a microencapsulated chlorpyrifos-based product that retains high efficiency for several weeks after application on the surface. It has a contact action and destroys even those bedbugs who simply run through already dried up drug. It is odorless and very convenient to use. Микрокапсулированное средство от насекомых Get
  • Sinuzan - another drug, more oriented for use by professional services of pest control. It disgustingly smells and can be compared to Tetrix by efficiency. Средство от клопов Синузан (концентрат эмульсии)
  • Carbophos - one of the oldest and famous drugs for water dilution. It is realized both in a liquid form, and in the form of a powder for dissolution. Has contact action and destroys both adult bugs and their eggs. Carbofos is a very inexpensive and affordable drug. After surface treatment for a long time, an unpleasant odor remains. Инсектицидное средство Карбофос производится как в виде порошка, так и в виде жидкости (концентрата эмульсии)

Concentrates for sprays before use should be diluted with water in such a ratio, which is indicated in the instructions. Then the resulting solution is poured into a spray gun, for example, from a conventional window cleaner and sprayed in places where the bedbugs may be inhabited and moved.

На картинке показаны места в квартире, которые нужно обработать спреем от клопов в первую очередь

On a note

Professional disinsectors fill the ready solution in the installation to create a cold mist and just fill all the air in the room with the drug. After that, the facility will in any case settle on all surfaces and penetrate to where the bed bugs are hiding .

When using any insecticide spray, you should use a respirator (in extreme cases - a gauze dressing), as well as rubber gloves and a special hair cap. You can process only the room from which all people and animals are removed. Before processing sprays from bugs in the room it is desirable to move furniture away from the walls and remove carpets from the walls.

Клопы и их яйца на кровати

After treatment, you need to wait a few hours to allow the spray to act, and then ventilate the room and hold it in a wet cleaning.


"The first time we encountered bedbugs when we rested with our parents. I do not know how it is, or their bugs do not bite at all, or they do not feel, but for them these parasites do not seem to be. And the first night they started to pester us. We did not want to spoil our holiday and decided to cause pest control. The guys worked well, the bugs were withdrawn, but I learned from them the name of the drug that they poison bugs - Tetrix. When bedbugs appeared in our new apartment, I decided to drain them myself. Tetrix buy difficult. It is sold in large bottles just for pest control. Once I found two small bottles, but they were expensive too. But the most unpleasant thing is his smell. It's really disgusting, even after breeding in the water. All the time, while the apartment is being processed and then it costs before cleaning, things are soaked with this stench. But the main thing is that the remedy really works. Bedbugs from him die right away, some do not even have time to get out of the sofa. At the time of cleaning, I sent my wife and children to walk to the city, but I travnulsya and I had a long headache. All the work took a day, while preparing the furniture, processed, waited a couple of hours, washed the apartment. In general, both for money and for time it is better to call pest control centers. "

Oleg, St. Petersburg

Aerosols and their effectiveness

In aerosol containers, the insecticide solution is mixed with the liquefied gas, which ensures a constant pressure inside the balloon, regardless of the amount of the consumed. By the same principle, cans with deodorant work - the tube from the valve in them always reaches the bottom of the cylinder, which ensures the capture of only the insecticide solution when you press the valve itself.

На картинке показан принцип работы аэрозольного баллона

In view of the fact that aerosols are developed for household use, they usually add different flavors, and insecticides use the safest for humans. As a result, aerosols from bugs are usually inferior in effectiveness to sprays, and in the case of a strong infestation of the room with bugs, parasite treatment must be carried out repeatedly.

После применения аэрозоля от клопов зачастую обработку приходится повторять

Usually from bugs apply such aerosols:

  • Dichlorvos-Neo and Dichlorphos-Eco. These funds have nothing to do with the traditional Soviet Dichlorvos, and contain permethrin and piperonyl butoxide as active substances. The preparations do not have a strong odor and, with the most careful treatment, reliably kill bugs. Аэрозоль Дихлофос Нео
  • Raptor from creeping insects, having a pleasant smell of mint. Bugs usually require at least two Raptor treatments at intervals of two weeks - this aerosol does not destroy the eggs, which is why a few days after the first treatment, small bug larvae appear in the apartment.
  • There is also Raptor aerosol for professional killing of bedbugs, oriented, despite its name, for domestic use. Its effectiveness is also not too high. Аэрозоль Раптор от клопов
  • The battalion commander from bugs is a more or less effective remedy, produced in two versions - with the smell of mint and with the aroma of lemon. Аэрозольное средство Combat SuperSpray используется и против клопов

Treatment of the premises with aerosols is carried out in the same way as when using sprays. When working with these funds, people and animals from the apartment are also better to remove.

Since aerosols from bedbugs are initially created with an emphasis on minimal toxicity for humans, it is recommended that they be used for the treatment of living quarters, schools, hospitals and kindergartens.

It should always be remembered that one aerosol canister in the fight against bugs is usually very small. Typically, for effective treatment of a one-room apartment will require at least 5-6 cylinders, and most likely, this treatment will have to be repeated more than once.

Spray or aerosol: what and how to choose?

When choosing a remedy, you should always remember about the safety of everyone's use and pay attention to various nuances. The same Tetrix, for example, can not bug bugs without special personal protective equipment, and the Sinuzan will leave behind such a smell that the hotel room can not be used for tourists reception several days after its application.

As a rule, if you need to process the cabins, cottages, chicken coops, seasonal housing or shelter, apply sprays in such a way that at the time of operation of the room the smell has already disappeared. However, there is always the possibility to use drugs with a minimum level of odor, for example, the same Get or Dobrohim Micro.

Do not be mistaken, comparing directly the prices of sprays and aerosols. So, a 50-ml bottle of Delta-Zone spray concentrate costs about 600 rubles, and a 300ml Dichlofos-Neo balloon costs about 60 rubles. Such a difference can immediately scare away from the spar of an economist fighter with parasites. But in reality, with proper dilution, the Delta-Zone bottle will kill bedbugs in 1-2 two-room apartments, and the Dichlofos balloon is at best on one infected couch.

Микрокапсулированный концентрат для спрея Дельта Зона

In any case, when choosing a remedy for bedbugs, preference should be given to household sprays - Get, Delta-Zone, Xulat, then - to aerosols such as Dichlophos-Neo or Raptor, and only then to professional remedies.

Microencapsulated preparations and their features

Microencapsulated preparations differ from the rest of the sprays with a special form of insecticide administration into the solution: the active substance here forms microcapsules which after spraying the agent settle on surfaces and even after drying retain the ability to adhere to the legs and bodies of bedbugs. Since the insecticides used in these products have a contact effect, they penetrate through the covers of the body of the bug in its body and begin to act on the nervous system of the parasite.

Микрокапсулированные средства от клопов быстро действуют на нервную систему паразитов

Among the microencapsulated agents, Get (Get), Xulat, Delta-Zone, Lambda-Zone and some others are the most known. All of them cost on average more than simple insecticidal sprays.

Safety: what is important to remember when buying and applying sprays and aerosols

When buying a spray or aerosol from bedbugs, always carefully read the instructions on the package of the drug. It usually indicates all the precautions that must be followed when using a particular tool.

Universal safety rules for the application of insecticidal sprays and aerosols are several:

  • Do not allow the product to enter the skin, mucous membranes and the respiratory tract. Even with relatively safe aerosols, this rule must be adhered to.
  • It is necessary to remove all animals and people from the treated area. Especially sensitive to insecticides cat - the same permethrin for them is extremely toxic.
  • All processed textiles must be thoroughly washed, in the room you need to do a wet cleaning after barking.
  • If you have any symptoms of poisoning when using sprays and aerosols from bugs, you should immediately see a doctor.

При обработке помещения от клопов хоть аэрозолем, хоть спреем важно соблюдать правила безопасности

In addition, if there is an aquarium in the treated area, it must be covered with a cover glass during treatment and the compressor is switched off in it - the fish are very sensitive to poison from insects.

Frequently asked Questions

Is it possible to treat clothes in cabinets with sprays and aerosols?

Yes, it is possible and even necessary - bedbugs often settle among piles of old things. It is important only after handling to wash all clothes and wash the cup thoroughly.

I saw on sale some Chinese yellow can from bugs, I was very praised, but it's all in Chinese and there are no reviews about such a tool. Can it be used from bedbugs?

You can, but only at your own risk. It is not known what insecticides are contained in the can and how toxic the product is to people. As practice shows, in Chinese media, in a number of cases very powerful, sometimes forbidden substances are used. The use of such a drug can, although it does give a good effect on bedbugs, but be dangerous to health. Read carefully in the description, whether there is in the composition of DDT (DDT) - if this abbreviation is available, the drug is definitely not worth buying.

Is it possible to replace aerosols and sprays from bedbugs with powders? They in fact well help from cockroaches ...

No, the powders from bedbugs in most cases will not save - these funds are calculated on the fact that insects (the same cockroaches or ants) eat them or run around them. Bedbugs can not eat anything but blood, and hide usually right next to the feeding place - under mattresses and in beds where it's difficult to scatter powders. Therefore, such funds from bugs will be useless.

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