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Choose the best remedy for bed bugs

При выборе лучшего средства от клопов нужно обращать внимание не только на его эффективность, но также на безопасность применения, отсутствие запаха, экономичность и другие важные параметры

Strangely enough, many people think that the best remedy for bedbugs is that which has the most effectiveness. However, such views can easily be understood: when a person constantly suffers from bites or finds a nest of bedbugs in the mattress of his bed, he wants to think only about how to quickly destroy these parasites, and almost at any cost.

Неправильный подход - стремление избавиться от клопов в доме любой ценой, даже ценой собственного здоровья.

It even happens that fighting at home with bed bugs, tenants use almost everything they can get, from fire-dangerous kerosene to very poisonous pesticides from the nearest store of economic goods.

The reasons for this rush are clear. But let's calm down a little and pay attention to a number of important points that will help to choose the really best remedy for bedbugs, using which you can not only get rid of parasites in a short time, but also make it as safe as possible for your health.

Generally speaking, a good remedy for bedbugs should meet several criteria:

  • Efficacy - a remedy for bedbugs should at least destroy adult parasites and their larvae, and ideally also act on egg bugs. Нужно учитывать, что не все инсектицидные средства воздействуют на яйца клопов
    На фото показаны яйца клопов на матрасе
  • Safety for the person - the best means from bed bugs do not cause at correct application of intoxications at the handler;
  • Ease of use - for self-use in everyday conditions, the best tool against bugs, which is either ready for use, or can be used with, for example, conventional household spray guns; Лучше всего, когда средство от клопов или уже расфасовано в баллончики, или его после разбавления можно распылять при помощи обычного пульверизатора
  • The absence of a persistent residual odor after treatment is often overlooked, and it is not uncommon for people to simply throw out the furniture after the treatment of furniture because of the stench of strong stench that is characteristic of a number of insecticides.
  • Availability in the acquisition - the facility must be in free sale. Some strive to contrive and bypassing to acquire "something more casual," and eventually they themselves are harassed.
  • Acceptable cost - a good remedy for bedbugs should be affordable at the price of an ordinary consumer.

These criteria do not correspond and therefore can be safely discarded scaring agents (herbs such as wormwood and tansy, ultrasonic and electromagnetic bug repellent agents), individual drugs sold only for disinfestation services (for example, Tetrix), tools used only in installations for the creation of hot or cold fog, as well as some preparations from insects, extremely dangerous for humans (for example, DDT).

Яд ДДТ хотя и воздействует на клопов, но крайне опасен и для человека

In other cases, you always have to make certain compromises, but you must always take into account each of the above criteria.

It is interesting

One of the strongest means of bugs is DDT. A few millionths of a milligram of this substance, which fell just on the chitinous cover of a bug, is already enough for his death. But in this case, DDT causes severe poisoning in humans, can lead to the development of cancer tumors and mutations in the body, and therefore apply it today against any insect is strictly prohibited.

As a result, the problem of choice, which can appear in an unprepared buyer in the store, practically disappears - if bed bugs are found in the house, the best means for their destruction in a standard store are represented by two or three drugs. Let's figure out which remedy is better from bedbugs and on what it is worth to choose.

The most effective remedies for bedbugs

As a result of the long experience of using various drugs, it turned out that the most effective means against bugs are drugs that have a so-called ovicide effect, that is, they can destroy not only adults of bedbugs and larvae, but also eggs.

Некоторые препараты от клопов обладают овицидным действием

One of these drugs, although not the most modern, is Carbophos, it's Malathion, it's Fufanon. Such drugs quite effectively kill eggs of bedbugs and adult insects, while they are sold in almost any store of household goods and are relatively inexpensive. Carbophos also has drawbacks - a certain toxicity for humans and animals, which requires increased attention when treating the room with this drug, and an unpleasant smell.

Средство от клопов Карбофос достаточно эффективно, но имеет неприятный запах


"No matter how much money is released today, the most effective remedy for bedbugs is Karbofos. This is an analog of Dichlorvos, only slightly less smelly. I've bitten ten bugs for my life in flats, at the dacha, at my daughter's apartment, in the commune, and everywhere, Carbofos worked perfectly. And with these modern drugs, some problems - they either do not work, or cost so much that it's cheaper to buy a new apartment. "

Konstantin Petrovich, Krasnodar

On a note

A powerful remedy for bedbugs was the old Soviet Dichlophos - its active ingredient poisoned adult insects and destroyed eggs. The funds released today with the name "Dichlorvos" contain completely different components (usually pyrethroids) and egg bugs do not work.

Современные аэрозоли с названием Дихлофос не имеют практически ничего общего с советским вариантом, а потому не действуют на яйца клопов

Of modern drugs from bugs, microencapsulated agents are very effective , for example, Get, Lambda Zone, Delta Zone. They are produced in the form of concentrates, which before use should simply be diluted with water and sprayed from a conventional household spray. Get and Lambda Zone, in addition, can be attributed to the best means of bugs without a smell - used in them chlorpyrifos and lambda-cyhalothrin really do not smell.

Концентрат Дельта Зона достаточно эффективен против клопов и прост в применении

Somewhat less effective, but if used correctly, too, you can quickly kill adult bedbugs indoors with aerosol preparations - for example, Dichlophos-Neo, Raptor from bedbugs, Combat (they are most effective only with a small number of insects indoors). If the room is seriously contaminated with bugs, multiple treatments are required.

Аэрозольное средство Раптор от клопов удобно в применении, но будет не лучшим выбором, если клопов в помещении много

На фото показаны взрослые клопы, их личинки и яйца

More effective are the professional poison - Tetriks, Sinuzan, Clovoron - but to buy them to a private person is problematic. In addition, in the living conditions of any of these drugs - it's a radical remedy for bedbugs, leaving a strong smell and requiring the use of a mask, gloves, special protective clothing.


"In my opinion, Tetrix is ​​the best remedy for bedbugs. We took out the bedbugs once to them, they took them out immediately. Then they ordered a detachment brigade for the daughter in a dorm, they also use it. Stinky, of course, disgusting, but it destroys bedbugs right away. After me, they never showed up in the same room. "

Tatiana, Sumy

In cases where it is necessary to use professional tools, it is rational to call the service of pest control or SES - they will take the bedbugs out of the premises and give a guarantee that parasites will not appear in it for a certain time.

Preparations for safe disinsection

Of really effective remedies for bedbugs are absolutely safe. Even the above-mentioned odorless Get and Lambda Zone can cause allergy in a particularly sensitive person.

Современное средство от клопов Get совмещает в себе и эффективность, и относительную безопасность для человека.

And as far as professional drugs like Tetriks or Xulat are concerned - they require compliance with increased security measures.

Means such as sticky traps for bedbugs can also be effective, but they do not allow you to remove parasites quickly and do not completely destroy the population. Similar to them, the carbon dioxide traps that are gaining popularity in the US and Europe are absolutely safe, but they only allow reducing the number of parasites in the room.

For those who value simplicity

The use of all the best tools from bedbugs presupposes a certain expenditure of effort and time for quality processing of the premises. Ideally, the poison should be applied to all surfaces on which the bugs move. Ready-to-use aerosol preparations such as Reid and Combat in this plan benefit from concentrates that require dilution and subsequent spraying in the form of a spray.

Аэрозоль Combat Superspray очень прост в применении

Significantly easier to use traps for bedbugs and repelling folk remedies such as wormwood and geranium. But the result of their application will not be practically: they either destroy only a part of the bugs (sticky traps), or they will be scared off for a while (wormwood, tansy). Ultrasound and electromagnetic bug repellent, actively advertised on the Internet, in fact, are absolutely ineffective.

А вот ультразвуковые отпугиватели практически не действуют на клопов

Поэтому ультразвук вряд ли спасет вас ночью, когда клопы выйдут из своих укрытий

The best choice for those who want to get rid of bedbugs without much hassle is the challenge of pest control. All that is required in this case is to thoroughly wash the apartment after removing the parasites.

The most inexpensive remedy for bedbugs

If you are looking for the best remedy for bedbugs, then be prepared for the though not exorbitant, but quite tangible cost of the drug. Still, this is not kerosene, but some more complex product. For example, one bottle of Get agent per 100 ml, which is enough to kill bedbugs in a room of up to 100 square meters. m., costs 720 rubles.

And the amount of Carbophos (which, however, has an unpleasant smell), sufficient for processing the same area, will cost about 150 rubles.

При обработке значительных площадей полезно также учитывать и цену препарата

One bottle of a more modern microencapsulated drug from bedbugs Lambda Zone will cost about 600 rubles. This amount is enough to handle about 100 square meters. m of the room. Unlike the use of Carbophos in this case, you can not worry about the unpleasant odor in the house after treatment.

The most inexpensive means from bedbugs are folk. Kerosene, methylated spirit and turpentine have long been popular in the provinces, but in efficiency these preparations are much inferior to modern insecticides, not allowing to withdraw bedbugs completely. In addition, their use is associated with a bad smell in the room and high fire hazard.

Хотя скипидар и обойдется недорого, но его неприятный запах и высокая пожароопасность не позволяют считать его лучшим средством от клопов, даже среди народных

Wormwood, tansy and geranium help to scare off parasites for a few days. If bedbugs really need to be withdrawn quickly and for certain, these funds will not help.

To not have to process the apartment again ...

And, finally, the ability to withdraw parasites in a short time - a characteristic of a really better remedy for bedbugs. Considering drugs with ovicide effect, we have already met with Carbophos. But in cases where the apartment is not infected with too much, most insecticide sprays and aerosols will also allow the destruction of bugs in one or two applications.

Clearly determine whether the second stage of treatment is required or not, it is almost impossible - sometimes bugs can hide in huge quantities where no one even thinks of looking.

Сложность борьбы с клопами состоит в том, что они могут скрываться в самых неожиданных местах.

And vice versa, sometimes it seems that there are many bedbugs in the room, and actually only a few parasites are bitten. Therefore, choosing a remedy for bedbugs, it is better to initially rely on the most difficult situation.

In any case, according to most parameters, modern insecticide preparations that do not have an unpleasant smell today can be considered the best means of bugs.

Successful you fight with bugs!

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